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Hello and hope you are well! First it is time to announce the winner of the flat top jar giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#53 Tempie martin on

Love it all! Will be drooling over this post a lot ! Love the orange but am addicted to blue and white.

Please email us at [email protected] with your shipping info so your prize can be on it’s way.


We were supposed to be away this weekend for a nice sunny getaway but my husband had the flu all week and just as he was feeling better, mi started feeling a head cold coming on so needless to say, those plans came to a screeching  halt. It hasn’t gotten worse but not totally better either.

So,  it’s an unexpected low key weekend, and it’s kind of nice to have this block of free time that I wasn’t expecting to have,  so going to use it to tackle some organizational projects that have been on the back burner way too long and probably watch a few movies. Maybe go into the city tomorrow….love a chunk of free time, feels like a downright luxury! Hope you are having a great weekend. On we go with this Sunday’s post which I think is a particularly good one if I may say so myself………..



1 ONE INCREDIBLE WEDDING THAT  HAS ME DREAMING.  You know how much I love and take in every detail of a beautiful wedding. I mean whats not to love, its a celebration of love, family and friends. There is good food, flowers and beautiful clothes. All my favorite things packed into one beautiful event!

The irony here is I had seen this instagram and flipped over these bridesmaids dresses then weeks later saw details of a wedding, and lo and behold, it was one and the same!! Those bridesmaids were at this very wedding….a match made in wedding heaven:)

I am so in love with every detail of this wedding!!!! My husband would be overjoyed as he could fulfill his cowboy fantasies and its glamorous and pretty enough to fulfill mine. This is one amazing wedding weekend, done by uber talented Easton Events. Click here to see the whole enchilada over at Brides Magazine……

This here is what I presume to be the party the night before the wedding with the full super stylish western theme in full display, that invitation alone says it all!

All photos by Aaron Delise


This wedding invitation alone indicates you are in for  treat!

Here is the party the night before the wedding, looks like such fun-


And then the amazing wedding receptions…..picture perfect!

2 A VOICE FROM HEAVEN! Have you seen Marcelito  Pomoy sing The Prayer!!! I forgot how stinking good this is. I have watched this many times, but it never gets old as it is so unbelievable!  Gives you goosebumps, tears  of awe and a jaw drop all at the same time. Simply amazing, the voices that come out of this man!!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of beautiful instagrams to share! Love the round up, something for every taste…




4 A SNEAK PEEK AT SOMETHING I AM INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT This collection has been in the works for quite a while however I didn’t want to say anything until these were actually well into production and they are!!

Introducing my new line of framed hand painted chinoiserie murals!!! Needless to say, I am over the moon excited about there. I have carried something similar which is not hand painted but are giclees and the best part is that not only are these handpainted but will be considerably less so I am thrilled to be able to soon offer these exquisite paintings!

These are the real deal, hand painted with a beautiful fretwork frame. To start they are being offered in one size and five colorways. We will have these by mid March and will hold a presale sometime in Feb. on these so stay tuned:)

Here is your sneak peek, you are the first to see these!

Here are the five introductory mural fields that will be part of this collection…so excited!

navy, pale pink, mossy green, blue/gray, soft green

I would love to know your  favorite color palette (if you have a single standout)-


5 HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE MARIO BUATTA AUCTION! Well, this certainly did not disappoint and was so worth going to see and preview. For any lover of chinoiserie, blue and white and everything classically traditional, this was like nirvana.

There were many things I could have seen myself going for but I used great restraint and knew that there was nothing I really “needed”. That said, I am going to bid on 2 things I particularly loved and though I am sure i will be outbid, if I am not then I will look at it as it was meant to be. Here are some highlights….

Yes, there were even tulipieres! Gorgeous but very pricey……happy to have mine:)

How about that delft fireplace!

There was a large collection of the Dodie Thayer lettuce leaf pieces


6. AN INTERESTING BOOK TO CONSIDER ON PARENTING  I had read a review on this book in one of the newspapers (the title caught my eye) and I was curious about it. Town and Country interview the author who wrote a book on parenting with some content related to the differences of French vs American parenting. I have a relative who lives in Paris and I remember like it was yesterday, we went to this big, wonderful long lunch with their friends and all the kids. We were about 8 adults and maybe 12 kids.

Literally you almost did not hear a single word out of these kids. They were all at one end of the table and you barely heard them, they were talking but incredibly politely and you could see it was purposeful……..whereas here in the U.S. at least at many tables,the kids would have been front and center. I remember thinking even then what a stark contrast it was to the way things are typically done here. A few interesting excerpts-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this is interesting. So many times I am going through my day and something will happen that will instantly make me think of a great idea for my Sunday polls.  This is one such case- I was out to lunch with a friend, we were sitting in a restaurant where the tables are quite close together (NYC). A woman is waiting at the next table and about 20  minutes later, her friend joins her at the table. Almost immediately, there is a somewhat heated exchange about the friend who just arrived being almost 3o  minutes late and the person waiting laments about how this happens all the time, how disrespectful it is, how she wants to leave, etc…““`

It was uncomfortable as we were right there. I have to admit I have a pet peeve when people are late, 5, 10 minutes I can deal with. 15, 20 or more bugs me to no end. Doing it regularly? Um, just no. So while I totally understand and think her frustration was warranted, not sure a small NYC intimate restaurant was the right venue in which to start “lunchgate”. From what I observed, until we left about 25 minutes later was quite tense with both of them not talking for a few minutes at a time, yikes!

So you know what’s coming, I am curious as to what you think is and is not acceptable regarding being late once in a while vs frequently and what for you, crosses the line?


Hope you enjoyed the post and hope you are having a fantastic weekend. Not quite the weekend I had in mind as I was planning on sipping a cocktail on the beach but making the best of it, and we may head into the city or might drive out to the Hamptons (I love the beach in the winter, something about it) plus no crowds at the restaurants- major win!

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Thanks for stopping by, until next time…..


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Susan K on

I am very much looking forward to the hand painted murals! I already have a spot picked out for them.

Franki on

Yep…one of your best!! Feel better!! franki

Amy on

A really good Sunday post. Wow a lot yo take in. Those new murals are incredible! I am so excited about them especially the green, I have a wall in my dining room that needs a pair!
And that singer just blew me away, what a talent. Hope your husband is feeling better.

Leslie on

I bet going to the auction was a lot of fun. My mom was supposed to go with a friend of hers but caught a bad cold and had to cancel.
Tina, those murals are to die for!! I need the pale pink for my daughters room. When will they be available? Loved the singer, cannot even imagine one person having just one incredible voice but to have two!
Hope you have a nice day and enjoy your unexpected free time?

Eve B on

One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. May they live Happily Ever After.
So look forward to Seven on Sunday! Thank you.

Celia Becker @ on

That wedding…..SWOON!!!! A true standout from any I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot, having planned my son’s wedding. I can only imagine how much it must have cost!!! A true example of when money is no object. How nice it would be. HAPPY SUNDAY!!

Juliet on

Great post! So glad you shared this beautiful wedding. I forwarded it to my niece who loves this style and will be planning her wedding soon. Hope you and your husband are feeling a lot better. xo

Linda Murray on

What happened with the fabric lampshades? There were supposed to be more patterns and sizes? Was really looking forward to them!

Betty Crow on

I wondered if you bought the beautiful blue and white screen? It was my favorite piece in the auction. It was such fun to see the pictures and prices. Thank you for making that possible.

Eileen on

“goosebumps, tears of awe and a jaw drop”, yes, all of it.

Your murals are just stunning.

BP on

Words cannot describe how excited I am over these new framed paintings! I have been wanting one for so long and could not make up my mind about which color or size to get. I will be patiently waiting for when they become available.
That wedding is amazing, my sister got married in Aspen about six years ago and had a similar theme, it still puts a smile on my face.

Theresa on

Good morning from the West Coast Tina! Thank you for another inspiring Seven on Sunday. I even see a few items in your Mario Buatta wish list that my Mom in Atlanta has her eye on too! All to say though, I love how you end your posts with pics of your beloved Teddy. We lost our beloved Aussie, River, this past week. So very sad to say goodbye to our 4 legged family members. He loved to sleep on the fireplace hearth beside my grande dame blue and white jar that I bought from you last Summer. ?

Norina on

Love reading your posts, especially Seven on Sunday. We have a friend who is always late meeting us at restaurants and at times, does not show up. We let it roll because it’s her loss.

Susan Moore on

Loved this post. The wedding at Brush Creek Ranch was stunning. Hope you are feeling better.

Alice Genzlinger on

Sniffing and wiping my eyes after listening to Marcelinto Pomoy sing “The Prayer”. What a gift he has. I had just learned of the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and prayed that his family would somehow find peace.
I have a question. Is the John Rosselli picture actually a picture of Furlow Gatewoods home in Americus Georgia?
I agree that having to wait on someone who is constantly late is a respect issue. Would they make the Queen wait? Or would they always wait for me if I was late constantly. I parted ways with a friend that was always late because they had a phone call come in from a friend! What was I?

Donna DeMarino on

I think the friend was just upset sitting in a restaurant by herself, not being able to order or to know if her friend was even going to show up. By the time she got there, she was spring-loaded. Probably felt bad for letting her have it later that night, lol.

Joan on

Hope you and your husband are on the mend!
The Buatta auction looked spectacular, am sure my husband is happy that we were away in Egypt last week and that I had no access to cell or wi-fi coverage (thought I’d go into withdrawal at first but after Day 1, did not miss the ‘ping’ of incoming emails/texts one bit). That red Chinoise secretary is a heart-stopper!
Appreciate the post on that parenting book. I can remember reading my mother’s copy of Dr Spock’s ‘Baby and Child Care’, where he theorized that a child’s moral compass/personality is pretty much fully formed by the time that they are seven, and that our job as parents is to raise individuals who can function in and contribute to our communities. We don’t do our children any favors by bulldozing every challenge they may face out of the way. If a young child does not put as much effort into a school project as they could have and ends up with a disappointing grade that reflects that lack of effort, then he/she will learn to put in more effort the next time – and gain confidence when they see that their hard work was rewarded. Better they learn these lessons while in second grade than in high school – or in their late twenties. Children need to know that home is always a soft place to land and that whatever they have done – good or bad – that we, as parents, are there to listen to and guide them. That no matter what, they can tell us anything, and we will still love them. It’s not difficult to raise a child with manners: just start using ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ at home. Children learn what they live, and are happy to live up to your age-appropriate expectations.
One great book for parents of young sons to read is ‘Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys’.
I try and make it a habit to arrive at an appointment at least 15 min early (emphasis on ‘try’). And if a friend happens to be running late, well, to be honest, most will text to let me know, and if I’m already at the table, I will order a beverage and enjoy having a few moments to collect my thoughts (or read a book or magazine I’ve tucked into my bag), especially if I’ve had to deal with traffic coming into NYC! If I am meeting someone I know (and am fond of) who is chronically late, I make sure that I don’t have any important commitments until much later in the day.

Ann M on

I am beyond excited about your beautiful hand painted chinoiserie murals!

michelle l oleary on

The murals are gorgeous. I would love 2 for my dining room or bedroom.

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