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Hi and happy Sunday, my Palmetto Bluff getaway will be coming to an end by the time you read this, but better to have happened than not at all:) Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Lots to share over the coming weeks, and will be back at work with my sleeves rolled up before I know it.  Definitely feeling recharged which we all know, we must do from time to time.  I just wish I could do it more often:) Onwards to this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 PRETTY LITTLE PARIS MARKET AT PALMETTO BLUFF If you haven’t been to Palmetto Bluff, you must! If not just to enjoy a little slice of heaven in the low country and step back in time where things move a little slower and with much more civility . It is really a incredible place to go and totally unwind. They opened up a mini version of the Paris Market in Savannah in Palmetto Bluff and it is a beauty! The merchandising is beautifully done and it really is a wonderful addition to Palmetto Bluff, here are a few highlights-


2 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Always love a good story and this one just makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. It is a beautiful and moving story about a father’s unconditional love, devotion and kind heart. Ellen steps in and what can I say it’s a wonderful story which though happens out of heartbreak ends with a  happy and touching ending:)

And then here is what Ellen did

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never a shortage of fabulous Instagrams to share with you. Love this round up and hope you do too.  One of my favorite parts about sharing my Seven on Sunday posts is finding great new instagrams-


4. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So the story of Princess Diana is coming to Broadway. I know I will be in attendance, though I prefer dramas over musicals. I am a huge fan of Princess Diana and have a feeling this will be good.  It will be in preview March 2nd and promises to be super entertaining.  Click here for more information.


5 SNEAK PEEK AT NEW BEAUTIES ON THE WAY!! Whetting your appetite (and mine) with these pictures but they are just too good to not share. For your eyes only….


These below are sconces shades and will also be available in lamp shades (as well as a few other color variations)-

The paneled Provence planters out of production and in time for spring!

Inspired by Palmetto Bluff these oversized trays are excited about them (and they match our cane hurricanes)

Cannot wait to get these very large 16″ centerpiece bowls (will be offered in three of our most popular designs)

The bell jars are coming, the bell jars are coming…and not a moment too soon!

6. A FAVORITE NEW WEDGE Just got these in navy and they are adorable and comfortable. I may have to get the saddle color too.  Looks great with pants or a sundress, love a peep toe plus they are well priced. Super comfortable which is a huge bonus!  Click here for info


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Who watched the Super Bowl? It was a great game even for me, a non football watcher:) A lot of talk about the half time show with Shakira and J Lo. Many I know were very opinionated on it one way or another, so very curious as to your thoughts.

Was it entertainment as it should be or crossed a line? There is no doubt it was a high energy exciting performance and they both showed that age is just a number and Shakira’s hips do not lie:) Always like to hear your take because those in my circle were very split on how they felt about it and I am curious as to your thoughts!



And that my friends,  is a wrap for this Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping by and wishing you a fabulous day and weekend. Until next time….

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Shelia Roberts on

Love your post and your products. I am waiting for your beautiful coffee table book of your beautiful homes???????. If you ever do this please allow me to purchase one of your first copies

Eileen on

I just love your new lamps shades in blue. Can’t wait. I didn’t vote because I didn’t watch the game, halftime or anything. I have no interest in celebrity nonsense anymore. Celebrity fatigue, I guess. Stopped watching tv and have to say, it’s made a positive difference in my life. To each her own.

Greg on

A huge thank you for doing sconce shades – can’t wait!

Patricia Freeman on

Love your posts and looking forward to ordering a bell jar for my powder room!

Mary on

Would love to see the same sconce shades in chandelier size, too. Just have to get to Palmetto Bluff someday soon. Glad that you had a nice getaway.

Theresa on

LOVE the basket trays! Keep us posted! Have a beautiful week ahead!

Roz on

The Super Bowl halftime was an old fashion burlesque show – things that used to be shown in secret. I thought the performances were good, but it was inappropriate for family viewing. I’ll stop there before I get political.

Shirley Craine on

Thank you for posting the story of the father and his two daughters and the Ellen show. I had not seen it , very touching. I just love Ellen! Also, all of the new products are fabulous!

Ellen on

These Sunday post have become a highlight that I really look forward to sitting down and taking my time to read. Love everything that you shared and congratulations on all of those extraordinary new products!
What a touching story that you shared about the father and his girls

As far as the halftime show though it was definitely entertaining I was actually shocked at how sexual it was when you consider that the Super Bowl is something that attracts families from all over the United States with plenty of young children watching. A friend of my husbands actually is an executive with the NFL and said that they have never gotten such backlash about a halftime show as they did this one, no surprise . Thank you for a great read.

Cynthia S on

We are huge football fans in this household and host a Super Bowl party every year for about 50 people . A few thought the halftime show was fine but most thought it crossed the line and honestly I was embarrassed to have my two kids both under 11 watching !

Cannot wait till those bell jars came out they are gorgeous !!

Piper B on

Your Provance planters are so handsome! I wish I had space for them near our entrance.

For the half time show survey, I couldn’t truthfully vote. I picked a category that closest to my opinion which is it just wasn’t good! I thought it was horrible all around. Flat out boring! And to follow with an A-Rod commercial! Totally stroking egos. Give it up you two!

Have a good week, Tina.

Lucia Donahower on

Dear Tina,
I love the shades! I will definitely will be purchasing some. Also love the rest of the products.
Have a wonderful week.

Diane R. on

The mini version of the Paris Market looks like it has many beautiful items. It’s wonderful to know that a brick & mortar store is opening instead of, all too often these days learning that another one is closing.

Mary Jane Strawn on

I love your blog–always beautiful and uplifting!! Regarding the halftime performance, I cannot stay silent. It was terribly degrading to women and set such a low bar for all of the young girls watching. I must ask these performers who give off duplicitous messages of female empowerment, yet the focus is on sexuality rather than substance. We have become desensitized to the messages being sent to our children. On another level of depravity, there were several overt messages of bondage (the rope and white cages) with satanic occult imagery portrayed throughout the entire performance. Wake up America to what is now mainstream in our country!!!

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

Love all new items coming in for Spring. Happy Friday!

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