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Hi friends and happy Wednesday evening.  A few times a year I update you when there is a lot to talk about and today is such a day. We have so much happening for spring, I cannot wait to share it all with you! So many amazing items are coming in and the best part is of course that they can only be found here! In fact, only when I put the finishing touches on this post did I realize just how many new products really are coming in.

My line has grown a lot, and it has grown with my own personal desire to help make other people’s homes more beautiful and  being able to do so affordably. I create what I truly love and what I want to see in my own home which often coincides with not being able to find these things in the marketplace.  A few examples would be the Chinoiserie tole- there was one place that makes it who is prohibitively expensive. A few years ago, I bought a pair of lamps and they were nearly $1000. I now make them for a fraction of that. And to boot, I love my own line even more:)

Etched glass, almost could not find it anywhere. I wanted to replace my large antique etched hurricanes after they broke when we moved,  which is how my etched collection started! And it has grown leaps and bounds since then. My love or porcelain needs to explanation, and my developing of the tulipieres was born out of not being able to fid them except from Holland where there price tag corresponded to the distance!

Silver, you rarely see beautiful new pieces which is how and why I created this line of silver. I wanted stylish melamine and gift wrap so I created it! And the list goes on…….I also have a few quick polls to ask you to participate in as your feedback is always incredibly helpful. To thank you, the entire shop site is 20% off today and tomorrow and there is a fun porcelain giveaway (details on bottom) !! Nothing held back. So here we go with all that is new and exciting-



TOLE We have a truly remarkable shipment on it’s ways and due here in about 3 weeks. This is the biggest chinoiserie tole shipment ever and it is filled with so much beauty, it makes my eyes pop and of course has me dreaming of all the exciting possibilities!! Here is a peek at what is coming, and we will be holding a presale on all the new chinoiserie tole items next week.


How fabulous are these collections, offered in four colorways! These items can be bought as a group of four or individually. LOVE them:)














Getting in this new style of chinoiserie wasterpaper baskets with matching tissues and some new colors!

Getting in our best selling quarterfoil planters addling pale green and pale pink:)


Then feast your eyes on these most beautiful chinoiserie handpainted murals in a gorgeous fretwork frame!! Of course a few of these are immediately coming home with me-

Just in time for spring, we have a huge assortment of our very popular Provence planers coming in. Overall the paneled style has been our most popular, its a very classic style, so we are getting in a lot of these in four sizes-

FLORALS We will be adding some stunning new arrangements in anticipation of spring and summer around the corner.

Here are three lemon topiaries that have already been receiving rave reviews! More being added in the coming weeks. These are now on line. Few things as pretty and lemons and blue and white!! These are now available, click here to see.


MELAMINE We are very anxiously and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our incredible new melamine pattern to add to our growing line. This is so fresh and pretty, my mind gets a little carried away with all the many possibilities of the tablescapes I could and will create with this!

We will hold a presale on this new melamine with special presale pricing in about 2 weeks!

ETCHED GLASS COLLECTION I so love this collection!!! Adding large centerpiece bowls 15.5″ wide, perfect for the center of dining tables, or on a chest, console or center table. How beautiful are these? These will be here in about 7 or 8 days and we will as always hold an arrival sale so stay tuned-

ARTWORK  Yes, you read right, artwork as in original paintings! SO incredibly excited over this new project. We are working on a grouping of paintings (will be four in each grouping) that can be purchase separately or together.

We will start with four collections. These are all hand painted works of art and I could not be happier! Stay tuned for a few fabulous sneak peeks soon!

PLACEMATS Also just got the samples of the new embroidered scalloped place mats and coasters that are in the works! I adore and feel they will really up the style factor anywhere they are used especially outdoors this spring/summer!

I will introduce two accent colors to start, all on natural backgrounds. So the choices are  navy accents, mossy green, aqua (as shown) or white. Here is where I need your opinion!

BELLJARS And how about those belljars!! I cannot wait fo them to arrive and have two spots in my home where they will go!! I think they will be a hit.

Fours sizes, three gorgeous styles. We will hold an arrival sale in about 2 weeks when they arrive!

PORCELAIN I am SO excited over our new Staffordshire dog figurines!!! Coming in the most scrumptious pastel colors in addition to bringing back our ivory/gold with a few sublet improvements, new and improved!

These have been a long time in the making but oh, so worth the wait. Will be. in here mid to late April and will hold a presale so stay tuned-

And check out how fabulous the pastels are!

Pale green-

Pale pink-

Pale blue-

Our new pastel ginger jars have been a huge hit, they are simply GORGEOUS. I am excited to announce we are now working on a matching garden seat…stay tuned!

Pink is really on my mind these days and here are my long awaited samples of the pink/white garden seat and the pink/white tulipieres!! Would love your pinion, I am tickled pink about both (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

Say hello to the new garden seat in pink/white

And how about these!! Say hi to the  new pink/white tulipieres. To start will probably introduce in medium and small. I can see a beautifully laid out summer table with these and lots of white, pink and pale green flowers:) Thoughts?

They will NOT have the pink feet, cannot stand that part:) They will be white!

Thoughts on new pink/white tulipieres?

FLATWARE/SILVER Have a number of our sold out mint julep coming back and introducing two new flatware styles!! How pretty is this new silver plate scalloped flatware? Really love it and took a set home (of course to give a trial run)!

And introducing our new cherry blossom flatware!!I cannot wait for it to come, think its a match made in tabletop heaven with our new melamine:)


RUGS! Last but not least,  over the moon excited to announce we will,  as of tomorrow be carrying a full line of RALPH LAUREN RUGS!! You heard right!

This is a huge deal for us and we think their line of rugs aligns beautifully with our line of products so it feels like a match made in home furnishings heaven:)

They will be available as of tomorrow and the 20% will even apply to the new Ralph rugs!! Here is a sneak peek-


Check back tomorrow to see this exciting launch!



Yes, you could say I have been mighty busy on the creative front:) My absolute favorite kind of busy!! 2020 is going to be a great year at Enchanted Home! I could not possibly say which item I love more as they are all born out of what I love and how I love to decorate. How about you? Anything here really excited you? Which is your favorite?

To celebrate all that is new and upcoming and to thank you for taking part in my mini polls, I am offering a giveaway AND a 20% site wide on every single item on my shop today and tomorrow (ends tomorrow night at midnight)! Great time to get something you may have had your eye on.


One lucky winner will win a porcelain flat top from our wonderful flat top collection!

To enter, you need to leave a comment on this post with your favorite item(s) and what here excites you most! I will announce a winner on Sunday.

As far as everything shown here, we will hold presales on everything so stay tuned! To celebrate we are offering 20% off SITE WIDE. Applies to everything!!

Click here for shop!

Thank for stopping in and following along on my journey, it is a thrill to be able to share it with you:) Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together so I could share all the excitement with you! Until next time……



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Stunning new items! I LOVE the new place mats and coasters! Also the green mural is fabulous — would love to have a set on my staircase.

Oh how I love those little lemon trees! Great idea to carry the Ralph Lauren rugs. I love everything you have, but I am really into the etched glass right now!

Never thought a waste-basket could bring me so much happiness, but oh the simple joys of life! I’m in love with the navy blue waste-basket. It’s just so classic and makes my heart smile……I love all blue and this is total eye candy! 🙂

You have such wonderful taste. I am so envious of your creativity and high standards that create such a beautiful home. I can’t wait until it warms up a little and we are all outside enjoying the weather and your wonderful mealamine dining sets.

As usual, there isn’t much I don’t like. The rugs are beautiful as are the new etched bowls.

Your site and you posts are my favorite things to look at online! Thank you for all that you do and for keeping your items so affordable! I am super excited about the chinoiserie murals! I have been looking at similar pieces for a long time and have a perfect spot for a pair.

Love the black bathroom accessories. They would look fab in any bath. Especially like the tissue holder. My absolute fav are the lemon topiaries. They are so fresh and fanciful.

I’m fairly new here and I’m so happy I found you! I love anything white/blue, the topiaries are soooo nice!!

The bell jar lighting is just beautiful! So incredibly classic and timeless…..

I love the bell jars and the second one in particular! My mom had one similar in her entry and it was her pride and joy.

Thank you for expanding your inventory and for the collections that you have created! I can’t wait to purchase the new melamine!!!

My absolute favorite (if I have to pick just one!) would be the lemon topiaries. Nothing like blue, white & yellow to brighten up a room and my mood!

I love the Belljar lights and am excitedly awaiting the sale. I have been wanting to update the light in my breakfast area and when I saw these today I knew instantly they were perfect!

I absolutely love the cut glass centerpiece bowls. They are elegant, sophisticated and would work for a variety of uses year round. PLUS, I haven’t seen them anywhere else!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for the new Melamine collection – it looks wonderful and unique! Also excited about the new placemats – in green. Thanks!

The melamine pieces, the lemon topiaries, the rugs…THAT GARDEN SEAT!!! Where do I begin? I love, love, love everything. ??

I adore the new tole pieces AND the floral art! If I win, I want to send to my friend Mary Ann who is recovering at a rehab facility and needs some good cheer. I love your Seven on Sunday

Love all your new products especially the chinoiserie tole!!!
Tina, everything is just beautiful !

Tina, I loved it all. The artwork is stunning, and I am excited to see the new rugs as well. Like you I am looking forward to entertaining outside as soon as the weather warms up.

I think my family would agree that I am rarely speechless but this entire post has me completely agog with how simply beautiful every single item is!! Thank you for keeping beautiful classic accessories alive and well and mostly affordable!

I have my sister-in-law to thank for discovering you and I have since acquired many of your beautiful products.

I literally want every single thing on this page but dying for the murals, melamine, and those pink and white porcelains- be still my heart!!

Beautiful Tina

I am so excited to see your carrying the Ralph Lauren rugs! I love them all but the navy is really tripping my trigger!

A definite on the rugs. I have the hardest time finding rungs that will work. Also, I love the Asian panels, however, not too crazy about the landscape portions of the panel. I think they would look great without it. I find it distracting. Please don’t take this as a criticism as you have wonderful and sophisticated taste. I just think they would look so much better without the pond and the bottom trunk of the tree.

Choose one or two? Impossible! I am in love with the new tole, the pink tulipiere, the gorgeous paintings and murals! Heck I LOVE IT ALL!

Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for your exquisite taste and always inspiring posts. Your enthusiasm inspires us to refresh our homes with lovely, new ideas! I’m so excited your new offerings, especially the etched glass collection and the chinoiserie handpainted murals!

Can’t wait to see the RL rugs! Lemons and topiaries are the very best! Will the topiaries fade outside?

We just moved into a new house and are just starting to decorate, so I am so happy to have discovered your sight from Instagram!

Absolutely love your new pink porcelain pieces, the murals, the paintings and that melamine is amazing.

Love the art work that will come four to a set. Also, Love the lemon topiary which I will be ordering. Thanks for a great post!

The new items are lovely. And the adding of the Ralph Lauren rug line is a wise move. Choosing favorites? Hard to do, but love that tole!

The original artwork is my favorite. The painting, with the corresponding mat, is gorgeous and unique.
It would look great in any room – living, dining, powder, etc.

So excited about it all – you have a wonderful “eye” and it’s exciting to see the expanding ideas!

Wow! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many beautiful things that speak to my taste as I have here today.

Those chinoiserie murals are incredible! The green one belongs in my dining room and yes to offering them as a pair.

The other paintings that will be offered as a group of four are exquisite, as are the topiaries, the tole and the pink porcelains.

You have really found your calling and we are all very lucky for it!

The Ralph Lauren rugs are a great addition and will compliment the Enchanted Home line so well. Congrats!

Love all your new items! Favs are the bell jars, the pink garden seat, pastel gingers jars and the hand painted chinoiserie murals!! So much to pick grom!

I absolutely LOVE the new lemon topiaries as well as the pink garden seat!!! Georgeous!

So much to love! And those pink and white garden seats and tulipieres are really unique and most gorgeous! It is obvious that you love what you do!

Elegant chinoiserie wastebaskets, fabulous lemon topiaries AND Ralph Lauren rugs?!?
Be still my heart.

I love the Melamine and the flatware coming in and I’m very excited about the wooden planter boxes and the pretty Scalloped metal tables coming out later

The etched glass bowls and RL rugs peaked my interest. Where I live it is hard to find similar pieces to what you offer. Very fun to follow you!

I want it all but am especially fond of the bathroom sets, the placemats, the lemon topiaries,& the Staffordshire dogs!!

I cant tell you how excited I am that you are going to carry Ralph’s Lauren rugs. Have had my eye on one for years!

I love the pop of pink in a room now. I think you are headed in the right direction as your products can take pink easily.

I see a lot of enchanted home boxes in my future!

Because I am just completing a remodel I have very specific things that I’m in the market for and you have answered some on my list!

The grouping of four paintings are so beautiful, the murals, the melamine, and that pink and white tulipiere steals my heart! When will it be available I am planning a bridal shower for my niece in May- would love to have those for the tables!

We are about to build a beach house and I’d love to add to my Enchanted Home Melamine collection. I have a set of navy and green!

That dark blue trash can makes my heart sing….soooo pretty….and the R.L. Rugs are great . Looking forward to more info on them.

Oh my goodness!! The new lemon topiaries are AHHHmazing! I love them. I must have them! They will look so smart in my kitchen. xoxox

All very pretty but especially find the new melamine to add to what I bought last year when my RA flared and my pottery/china became too heavy to use….Loved having a light and pretty table setting which I continue to use after regaining my strength! Hoping this post will help others in need.

The new lemon topiaries are wonderful! So impressed by everything you’ve shared so far.

Lemon topiaries are my most favorite. Just received Ralph Lauren small vases in the mail yesterday. They are gorgeous. also love the Ralph Lauren rug line. Congratulations on your expanding products.

So many beautiful items – hard to decide what I like best, but I find myself always going back to your lovely etched glass pieces

The etched glass hurricanes and the matching bowl have caught my attention. I miss shopping for beautiful decor. Thank you for re-introducing it for your customers.

So happy you will start carrying RL item! Classy and elegant, both RL and Enchanted Home!

I am personally excited about your new selection of Ralph Lauren rugs. And I have my eye on those lemon tree topiaries as well … they are just fab!!

Love the bell jars! So beautiful. Also love the addition of rugs. Your shop has everything!

I own a Ralph Lauren 9’ by 11’ rug, and it is gorgeous. Almost identical to the last one shown. Very excited that you will be carrying them. I am a huge RL fan, especially his home decor. I definitely own a set of your RL vases!

Am so intrigued about the new “Cherry Blossom Flatware” – but on another note – the Pink/White Tulipiere looks awful with those pink feet – IMHO. Anyway – love, luv – LOVE – Enchanted Home 🙂

My favorite is the flat top you are giving away…no kidding! But I also love the beautiful artwork and etched bowls…they are just stunning!! Thanks for always keeping everything fresh and new by trying new colors and sizes – and then asking our opinion. It makes a difference!!

The original artwork is stunning. They have such a sweet and fresh feel. I also can’t wait for the Staffordshire Dogs!

I love everything! But that cherry blossom flatware is to die for! This would look great on my blue & white table.

I love the Provence planters and hand painted murals! You certainly have expanded and have so many beautiful things.

Everything is just gorgeous! I love the pink and white garden seat- will look absolutely beautiful in my guest room. Love the lemon topiaries, the Ralph Lauren rugs, and am extremely excited about the art work!

I can’t WAIT for the bell jar light fixtures!!!! They are so classic and lovely.

Lovely choices and I do hope you have lots of orders. Especially love your blue and white pieces, etched glass bowls, placemats and coasters, and your waste paper and tissue holders. You can’t go wrong!

Dear Tina,
I love the Greek key bell jars! I also love the province planters. Beautiful.

You had me at blue and white porcelains, but rugs are also a weakness of mine!

How to choose one item? Everything is fabulous! If I had to choose one thing, however, it would be the new lemon topiaries. Just gorgeous!

I am absolutely crazy about the new garden seat in pink and white. My husband and I are throwing caution to the wind and moving from our ranch and home of 37 years. I just informed my husband that we will design a home around this pink and white garden seat! Funny, the idea did not seem to phase him at all.
I will also be in need of the new pink and white tulipieres. And, thank you, thank you for ridding them of the pink feet. One can only find so much space in their lives for PINK!

I hate to pick favorites, but must say, the thought of adding rugs and different colored garden stools is super exciting. I want everything!

Lauren rugs! What a fabulous addition to all the wonderful blue & white available from The Enchanted Home. Can’t wait!

I’m sorry but there’s no way at all that I can narrow it down to just a few products. Basically I love every single thing here!

The tole, The pink and white bench oand tulipiere are incredible! The melamine, the planters, everything is just breathtaking!

You should be VERY proud!

I wish you would carry beautiful small rugs for back doors and single door entries. It is really hard to find something that is elegant and well made and looking like it matches the rest of the house. The Ralph rugs are beautiful, but I bet they don’t come in small sizes.
Can’t wait for the Staffordshire dogs, love the white and have been waiting patiently.

Love sooo much of it! I’ve picked a rug, been meaning to get some etched glass, placemats are fabulous! Love the topiary melamine and the bell jars also!

I absolutely love the Ralph Lauren rugs! Can’t wait for the final unveiling!!

I love the toile especially in black. I ordered in December. My most favorite is the etched glass. It is wonderful to see quality items being offered. Continue your beautiful wares!

Congrats on your new collection. My favorite thing is the pink tole collection. Would look great in my bathroom

Love the lemon topiaries. The belljars are stunning. Great news partnering with Ralph Lauren on the rugs.

These products are incredible! The shape of the new chinoiserie tole tray is beautiful, definitely will be buying. I’ve been so excited for the mural and I definitely would like a matching pair. I love all of the pink items and am seriously thinking of redecorating a room so I can incorporate those. That would be so much fun! Excited for everything to come in, thank you again for all of your hard work bringing these unique items to us!

I absolutely love everything! But I have to say I am most tempted by the 4 piece tole! Lovely new collection!

I love the lemon topiaries! They scream summer and I am so ready for that! Thank you for offering this great give away!

I’m absolutely over the moon about your new items! They’re so fresh and spring-like, it will be difficult to choose. Your excellent taste is reflected in every piece.

The new etched centerpiece bowls with the Greek key are stunning! I am looking forward to buying them for our new house. I already have the hurricanes and the smaller etched bowls that are fabulous!

Love the etched centerpiece bowls and lemon topiaries. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Love the bell jars as they are so universal and have a gorgeous pattern as well. Would love to see a picture of them lighted! And, I’m probably going to order the new MELAMINE pattern as the outdoor season is right around the corner and I’ll have no worries with breakage. Thank you for the new pattern, esp the topiary/boxwood salad plates.

Everything is so beautiful, some of my favorites are the blue chinoiserie trash can and the light blue art panel. I really love the Ralph Lauren Rugs also.

Love all the new items! I particularly like the Chinoiserie pieces. The murals are a great addition to wall décor. Thanks for your creativity!

Hard to choose from all these beautiful new items coming, the new placemats are my fave!

Love everything, how exciting to see such a wide selection of new accessories. Especially love the Ralph Lauren rugs !

Love, love, love the hand painted murals! I’ve been dying to get something like these.

It is difficult to list my favorite of your lovely items. But since I want to win the flat top, , here goes. I love the Provence planted, the lemon topiaries, anything in your chinoiserie line and the etched hurricanes.
Thank you.

Wow! Can I just say “Wow?!” Everything looks amazing! I haven fallen in love with your bell jars! And I am most excited about your Ralph Lauren Rugs! Gorgeous!! This is truly exciting for us and you!

Topiaries, lemons, blue and white…oh, my!!!
For a fabulous blue and white flat top,
I’d die!!
Fabulous favorites!!!

I absolutely LOVE the new belljar lights! And I can’t wait to peruse the new rug collection!

Love love love all the pastel beauties, especially the ginger jars and chinoiserie murals!!

Love your creativity! You are batting 1000 on your selections!
The topiary melamine plates, must have! You are amazing! Thank you!

I love the Tole collections. I cannot wait to see full line of RL rugs that will be available.

I think your bell jars are fabulous. Very exciting to see the RL rugs. So many new beautiful things. Fabulous lemon topiaries!

Tina, Everything you are offering for the Spring is absolutely beautiful. First and foremost, Teddy in the convertible is my favorite, but If I had to choose an item or items, I love the lemon trees and the planters. Thank you for offering such stylish items.

How could TEH get better? It just did with murals, artwork, and rugs. The flat top giveaway is a favorite,, classic and stylish. Many thanks for all you do to make life beautiful.

Everything is Glorious!! My most favorite items are the lovely etched glass line. The belljars and pedestal bowls are so delicious as are the wastebaskets. We are so grateful you share your creations with us.

Long time fan of your fabulous taste!!! Love the gorgeous murals and think a pair would be breathtaking!

Everything is gorgeous but I love, love the pink garden seats and tulipieres! So different!

Definitely in love with the new lemon topiaries! I could use a pair on my living room mantel and on a console in my poolhouse!

How to choose, they are all so fabulous and I’d love to have one of each!! But I am crazy in love with the Ralph Lauren rugs! Great choice and thank you for making so many beautiful items available.

I am very excited about the Ralph Lauren rugs! I see one that will be perfect for my home! The bell jars are SO beautiful, I have my eye on one of those too!

Loving the etched glassware collection – especially the bell jars. Nice to see a different pattern on the melamine! Always love the classic look of toleware and the Provence planters are fantastic. Loving the new pastel colors shown on the porcelain. Looking forward to the Spring home!

Everything is so beautiful! I am going to have to get a set of the dogs. Just got to decide on a color. Thanks for sharing your passion with us that love home decor also’

Everything is exquisite Tina! Just placed another order and can’t wait for your Provence planter presale. ?

Loving the lemon topiaries! What a fresh and fun reminder that warmer days and good things are just around the corner!!! Xoxo

Loving the ‘new’ Ralph Lauren rugs – what’s not to love about anything RL does?
The pink & white garden seat is darling, I would use it in a girls’ bathroom by the tub or in a nursery.

So many beautiful things but I was most excited to see the etched glass bowls. I just built an 1800’s reproduction, planters cottage and one of these bowls would look stunning on my antique table. I am leaning towards the Greek key ( but I love them all) design and I am in love with the square bottom. You have fabulous taste in your offerings!

Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for the lovely new offerings! The pink and white garden seats and tulipieres are so fresh and springlike—they’re just the perfect accents to lift our spirits and refresh our homes!

??Favorites, besides blue and white treasures are Staffordshire Dogs, everything toile and your unique silver pieces!

The pink and white garden stool makes me excited for spring. It is so lovely and feminine and would be the perfect accent for inside or outside spaces!

Oh my , it’s all so beautiful. I really love your etched glass centerpiece bowls I can see using it all year long filling it with flowers, fruit, pine cones, ornaments & so many other things. You have a wide variety of exquisite items, I really enjoy your posts.

Wow Tina, you have been busy.I am just sorry I live so far away and there are so many lovely choices to make my home a sanctuary in these challenging times.
I love the rugs, the navy option it would be perfect in my kitchen.
The etched glass is stunning and may well be added to my must have list.

Love the beautiful chinoiserie handpainted murals ( in green)
and the etched glass collection!

The Province planters are perfect. Can see them planted with a topiary and beautiful vining flowers to brighten not just a doorway, but to brighten our spirits.

I love the beautiful chinoiserie handpainted murals. My favorite are the blue ones. I would like to have both,

Absolutely gorgeous things to come!! Love so much, but I would probably vote for the chinoiserie Tole set….one of my personal faves!!

I am excited to see the multicolored Ralph Lauren rugs. I love all the chionoiserie and classic pieces you offer; Timeless pieces and purchases that one would not easily regret.

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