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Hello….first I want to announce the winner of our giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

I love the Tole collections. I cannot wait to see full line of RL rugs that will be available.

Please email us your name and shipping info to  so your prize can be on it’s way!


We are starting to feel spring in the air and I am loving every minute of it. Before i know it, I will hopefully soon be able to fling open my windows and take in that smell of fresh cut grass!

But there is no mistaking the seriousness and gravity of the situation in our world right now with the coronavirus. I realize some states have thankfully had very little of it (hope it stays that way) but here in NY, the  numbers are climbing every day and the city is at a virtual standstill.

In one week, we got cancellations to a wedding, 55th birthday, a big fundraiser and an engagement party! Life as we know it has changed. We can only stay vigilant, informed and pray that this will not peak as some have speculated and that we can keep it under reasonable control. Stay safe and wash those hands!


1 FABULOUS NEW COLLECTION AT THIBAUT This is such a teaser but I am madly in love with the looks of this collection, The Ceylon Collection (coming in April)  This could inspire me to start doing a little redecorating! That fabric on those drapes has me dreaming of a new spring project:) Thanks Thibaut!

2 A FAVORITE EASY GREEK CHOPPED SALAD. I have been making this a lot. With the warmer months ahead, I think instantly of juicy ripe tomatoes and this is a constant around here in the summer.

It is so easy, and super delicious. Can be paired with anything, fish, chicken or even eaten as a meal (just make plenty)! The key is very ripe tomatoes. Even  if you buy them, let them sit on your windowsill for a few days to get nice and ripe.


3 very ripe tomatoes or 2 cartons of Campari tomatoes (or something comparable)

2 English cucumbers

1 large green bell pepper

1/2 Vidalia onion

Extra virgin olive oil

A good feta cheese

Dry oregano

salt and pepper to taste

Red wine vinegar

Chop up tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and bellpepper. Chop up small cubes of feta, gently mix. Add oregano, salt and pepper to taste. Add olive oil and a TBSP or two of red wine vinegar. Mix gently and serve. Can be refrigerated but I personally think it tastes best when served room temp. Bon appetit!


3 INSTAGRFAMS OF INTEREST Clearly had a hard time this week narrowing these down, so there are a few more than usual…when it’s good, you just have to give in and go with it:)

4 NEW GOODIES COMING SOON! The gorgeous lemon topiaries are here!! They are simply spectacular..couldn’t love them more. Click here to see them on the shop.

The really large tablecloth fabric drying and ready to be cut and packaged (now on the way)

How gorgeous is this new style flatware we just got in! Will be added to shop site by tomorrow….love it.

And here is our newest color pagoda lantern, just arrived will also be online tomorrow…screams summer!

And one of our best selling pierced rimmed silver etched planters is now back in stock. Click here to see

5  INSPIRING VIDEO OF THE WEEK There was nothing that could top this, this  Sunday in light of what is going on. Despite Italy’s very stringent lock down, the spirit of their people prevails,  warms my heart and just restores my faith in humanity.

This makes me tear up and be inspired all at once. Simply amazing! The irony in this country, is if I opened my windows and started belting out a tune, people would think I have lost my mind (and that includes my family) lol.

May we learn from the spirit of these amazing people…viva Italia!

6 TO MAKE YOU LAUGH In the wake of an unprecedented time for all of our world, you need to find the laughter and humor to diffuse a serious situation..looking for the light in darkness. Hopefully these will give you a chuckle, they sure made me and my family laugh out ;loud:)

7  SUNDAYS SURVEY  In the course of just about 10 days we have entered a new norm, a new way of living, like it or not. It is frightening and could even be panic inducing to someone like myself who can be paranoid. I am finding myself going out a lot less, rethinking every time I get in my car if it’s somewhere I need to go. Paying close attention to those around me. How can you not think about it! I had a super market trip that warranted its own instagram post lol.

Yes, taking about the coroniavirus. Within a week, we got word that four events we were invited to were canceled- a big engagement party, a large scale fundraiser and a 5oth birthday dinner party and as of yesterday, a wedding. Imagine having to cancel a wedding for 300 people 10 days before it is scheduled to happen!

We had tickets to go see To Kill A Mockingbird last night and dinner, as Broadway is now dark, we opted to  not go out to a restaurant and instead ordered take in and had a cozy night at home with friends. These changes came about so quickly, 9 days ago life was really quite  normal. So, I am wondering where you stand on this new (but temporary) norm? I am trying to walk a line between being informed and vigilant but not too paranoid either, not easy~


And that friends wraps up this Sundays post. I tried to share beauty alongside reality…because yes, right now our country is shifting into a new reality albeit temp9rorary. Best thing we can do is stay strong, remain vigilant, become informed and keep positive (just look at the Italians)!

I, in the meanwhile will continue on with my posts as I recognize the importance of finding the beauty in times of crisis and uncertainly. So rest assured plenty of pretty posts coming your way! Take good care, until next time….

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Dianne D on

Tina…thanks for this uplifting blog today & we do need to find some humor in these times …thank you for making me laugh this morning ♥️

Decorative Interiors on

Thank you Tina for bringing beauty, great recipes, smiles & design inspiration to a complicated & sometimes illogical world! God Bless

Sherry T on

Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️ the flatware! Beautiful design – can’t wait to see it!!

amjean on

Every year over 20,000+ people die in this country from the flu. The media had little to say about it. NOW, they have identified the coronavirus as a pandemic. 24/7 fear mongering. Be safe out there; wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and cover your
mouth when coughing; all pragmatic steps flu or no flu. I fear this is an attempt to use a virus to tank the economy for political purposes; and, if so, it is a most despicable act. Make sure you purchase products whether at this site or somewhere else to
keep the economy going. Thus far I purchased new steak knives at William Sonoma, purchased many stocks at good prices
and plan on going to Antigua for spring break with the family. I plan on purchasing Southwest Airlines stock on Monday in
order to help them out (and, of course myself with lower pricing). Last week in Chicago I attended the opera and it was packed; my daughter
was at the Chicago Blackhawks game and it was packed; yesterday, in Wisconsin, we were at a restaurant with a waiting line.
Unfortunately, I heard from the asst. mgr. at the grocery store that their distributors were not shipping in enough product for
their shelves and there was a near mini riot at the local Walmart over toilet paper.

In my neighborhood in Illinois, neighbors on NextDoor Digest are offering to watch children home from the closed schools
while their parents work to pay the bills. They are also offering to run errands and shop for seniors. So, with the bad also
comes the good. President Trump wants us to manufacture in America. The public/private partnership with government
and big business (drug companies, Apple, Google, etc.) will come together to defeat this terrible disease (or overblown for
political purposes situation) and the drugs made in China will come back to the US. We always prevail no matter what the
situation for we are great Americans. Stay safe out there!

cheryl p on

Thank you Tina for keep lifting our spirits with your beautiful posts. Yours are part of “my daily routine” and I look forward to them. Stay well!

Cynthia on

Hi Tina, your post was such a sight for sore eyes today. With three kids home for at least the next three weeks I’m going to be looking for as much comic relief as I can find!

The Memes were hilarious and worth sharing. Things have changed dramatically for our household, I feel like I have more information than many because my husband is a surgeon and works for a large city hospital.

It frightens me to see some people not taking this as seriously as they should. I think what the average person doesn’t realize, is that even if you are young, healthy and asymptomatic, you are potentially caring it on to someone who could be weakened due to underlying health issues, elderly or otherwise health compromised.

A lot of those in the medical field feel that a lockdown such as what has been done in China, Italy and now Spain is going to be necessary sooner than later.

The most important thing is to get credible information and stay alert for the changes that are happening day today to know how best to take care of yourself and your family.

PS love all the new products, that flatware is beautiful!

BP on

Thanks for finding the beauty and bringing the humor in what is increasingly becoming a serious situation.

Yes our life has changed dramatically in the last week, everything as you outlined has been canceled which I’m happy about because it doesn’t leave me with the dilemma of whether I should go or not!

My niece had a destination wedding planned in Spain for July which has just gotten canceled and they are now planning a wedding close to home. This is a new way of living and will be by most accounts be this way for at least a few months.

She has become very close to her wedding planner who lives full-time in Spain and she said that the Spanish people in general are absolutely shocked at the lack of preparedness on the United States part. They are stunned to see that people are going freely into restaurants, gyms, many other gatherings. This is where I think our government is failing in a big way.

I think many businesses and even our own government should follow Apples lead, closing down stores for a minimum of two weeks. You know that this comes at a tremendous financial loss but it’s supposed to be the American people over money correct? The government should take note!

Love your blog thank you for sharing all the beauty and good laughs!

Kathy M. on

Thank you for the humor it was very refreshing. Absolutely love the new spring fabric coming out, perfect colors to refresh our homes. Stay healthy and keep the humor, this will pass.

Maria on

My 27 and 30year-old kids live in large cities, husband and I in a semi rural area. Kids are working from home and we’re all socially distancing/isolating to prevent infecting anyone vulnerable. More extroverted kid went “out for drinks” with friends on video chat. They and their peers are taking to heart that even though they may be at little risk, their actions could harm the more fragile or help protect them.

We’re also looking for ways to support those who are taking the hardest economic hit. We’ll shop consciously and support safety nets so that people don’t have to make a choice between avoiding contagion or making the rent.

Jo Shafer on

How am I feeling? Numb, wondering, disbelief — glum. Even Sunday church services are cancelled! What a strange way to keep Lent holy! We may not even have an Easter to celebrate.

On the other hand, we can wake up to a more glorious Easter with bright sunshine, birds singing, gardens bursting in bloom — even if we have to stay home. I think we need a project to work on at home. Those fabrics you show at the opening of your post today inspire me to recover my pillows in blue and yellow, my favorite spring colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mirna on

Loved the TP earrings… I couldn’t stop laughing.


I’m under self imposed ….”HOUSE ARREST”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eileen on

Love the sense of humor with those instagram photos. Couldn’t stop laughing! It felt good to laugh out loud in the middle of this stressful situation. Thanks so much.

Jane Ray on

Thanks for making me laugh today!!! 🙂

Judy Wadsworth on

Thanks so much for the funny things! Everyone needs this stress relief now.

Anne on

Thank you for a much needed laugh! Loved all of those and it’s so important as you said to find the humor in such a shocking time in our world.

We live in Boston and my husband is a physician who works at Mass General in the research dept so we’ve hardly seen him the last two weeks. In the meantime I have three young kids all home for at least a few weeks if not longer so we are spending a lot of time trying to reinvent how we entertain ourselves at home in addition to trying to navigate the whole idea of temporarily homeschooling.

Yes, it is a new normal for sure. My husband doesn’t want us going out unless it’s a quick drive through for something that we absolutely need like medicine or milk. Otherwise we are home and I think every American should heed the warnings of Italy and Spain!

Stay healthy and thank you for continued inspiration.

Karen on

It’s our duty as a US citizen to practice social distancing. You NY governor gave a great example of why in his news conference today. We can only do our Best as citizens to not overwhelm the health care system. Wash your hands.

Liz on

That Greek salad looks sensational I may even make it tonight!

Yes our life has changed dramatically and being in a family of doctors I feel a little more informed than the average person. It is sad that the government is in complete and utter denial of the severity of what is going and this will perhaps go down as one of the greatest travesties and abuses of government ever!

Everyone has to look out for themselves because the government does not have a handle on this. Thank God for our amazing mayor and governor taking charge!

Melissa Hebbard on

Times are certainly challenging. I have had to cancel a walking holiday in France because they have closed everything and their hotels are requesting that we cancel our bookings. I feel very concerned for all the businesses that will struggle to stay afloat because of this. All the hotels and restaurants, the performers and those who work in theatres, art galleries and museums, the conference industry, wedding venues and all those connected to events planning, the shops in tourist towns that rely on visitors. In Australia, we are just recovering lost revenue from the disastrous bushfires that closed regions over their busiest summer/Christmas holiday trading period, and now we have restricted travel over the next busiest autumn/Easter holidays. How can the survive this double whammy? There is an online campaign encouraging people to visit these online shops in hard-hit areas and buy from them. It is called #Byfromthebush. If we all find at least one thing to buy this will really help them. It includes pay-it-forward coffees and cakes from cafes, gift vouchers for hotels, as well as products.

ayra on

I loved so much the jokes…. laughing up to now…
I panicked with covid19 – as i never felt in my life. Not for me ( i have asthma), not for my husbund, love of my life, not even for my brother and two sisters all doctors who work in hospitals, but with father and mother both with 90 years old, i found myself desperate. I had to take a deep breath, change my thougths, shake my faith, remember that I am much bigger than this fear and go on, wait for such a curve of cases to fall fast … WITHOUT TAKING MANY WITH IT…

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