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Hello to all my blue and white loving friends.  I vowed to keep on blogging as though nothing is going on because i feel we need to remain with the constant in our life that bring us peace and joy. I know how much of a respite it is for me, to visit instagram, see beautiful pictures, hear funny stories….so I hope I am that same diversion for you. These are very uncertain times to be sure, but we have hope and we have each other! We are in this together:)

This meeting is a virtual meeting for all of us incurable blue and white lovers. We may be homebouond but it doesn’t mean, that we need to stop seeking the beauty! Each time I do this post, I focus on a particular way to use blue and white……suffice to say, this combination has stood the test of time and is still revered and enjoyed as much as it has ever been.

My own home is a testament to that! If you have missed previous blue and white club meetings, you can see them all by clicking here. Be prepared to put whatever you are doing on hold…it might keep you busy for awhile:) On second thought, most people have an abundance of time…so maybe it’s a great time to look at the archives!

So today we look at using blue and white fabrics in a room. Could be window treatments, a sofa covered in blue and white, maybe a rug or even a headboard upholstered in our favorite color combo. No matter how or where it’s used, it is arguably always beautiful! Let’s take a look at some of the examples I have found and all the many beautiful ways to use blue and white fabrics-


A big fat yes to this gorgeous blue and white upholstered headboard, Cece Barfield

Sometimes a simple chair or piece of furniture done in a beautiful blue/white print is all you need, Lynn Morgan

A blue and white rug is a great way to introduce our favorite combination into a room

Isn’t this pretty! The upholstered blue/white banquette is a perfect compliment to the wicker/beachy feeling of this wonderful breakfast room, Jenny Keenan

A blue and white window treatment in a kitchen is an easy way to add instant impact to a simple white kitchen, Stephanie Kraus

A classic way to use blue and white fabrics in on a grouping of chaise lounges, such as in this beautiful setting Ashley Whittaker

Such a thing as too much blue and white? I don’t think so! Susan Kasler shows us how its done with solid blurs and a pretty blue rug in this dining room

Love this, Heather Chadduck

Love the navy/white geometric outdoor drapes here, AGK Studio

Love the idea of this toile blue and white canopy for this darling nursery, Creative  Tonic

Fabulous bunk beds in this crisp white nautical feeling blue/white stripe, Starr Sanford

I love this type of window treatment, a simple white pull down roman with a contrasting navy, classically beautiful! Mixed in with the assortment of pretty blue fabric here, this shows the power of blue wand white upholstery,  3 North

Geooff Chick carried the blue/white drapes onto the decorative pillows on the bed in this inviting coastal bedroom

Blue and white fabrics in the outdoors is a sure thing, Martha O’Hara

Always thought this was such a pretty and inviting bedroom, like the fabric used on both the bed and window treatment, Sarah Bartholomew

Think this is a beautiful use and balance of blue fabrics in this pretty city apartment,  love the impact also of the chionsierie navy screen, Ariel Okin

Beautiful soft blue geometric drapes frame this pretty little sitting area by Kara Hebert

Beautiful soft tonal blue/white rug in this pretty living room, Citrine Living

Another take on using blue and white fabrics in the outdoors, Lynn Morgan


What a pretty round up of seeing blue and white fabrics used in so many beautiful ways. Have a favorite here? I lost count of all of mine.  Do you have a room where you used blue and white fabric? Maybe it’s on your radar?

Shockingly I only have blue and white fabric in one space, my kitchen window treatments! But as soon as it’s time do a room over, you can be sure I will be on the prowl for some new blue and white fabric!Hope you enjoyed, would love to hear your say on the matter.

Please stay safe, practice social distancing, SPEAK TO THE YOUNG PEOPLE in your life (especially with the new research showing a larger group of 20-50 getting this than previously thought and a good number of young adults who had to be hospitalized having permanent lung damage as a result). They think they are invincible but are not…..everyone needs to do their part.

I don’t want to sound like doom and gloom but we need to talk about this! Good luck and be well. Until next time…..

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Susan K on

Thanks Tina for continuing to post during this time. Love the blue and white club!

helen johnson on

With all that’s going on it nice to see some pretty things. A nice break

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Thanks for continuing to post Tina. It brightens all our days!

Nancy Carter on

I now want to change every room in my house! Lovely. Thanks Tina for the nice diversion from thinking of the present day circumstances we are facing. Leave it to you to bring some beauty and peace to all of us.

Karen on

Thanks for the blue and white.
And yes the you people need to take this seriously. I’ve been following your for some time and thought of the difficulties your niece faced. Prayers

Eileen A on

Love the photos. The third one with the blue and white rug is from Thistlewood Farms, a wonderful blog with a wonderful woman, KariAnne, an author, speaker and all around funny and wise woman. She and you are in my top five blogs to follow and she’s a huge fan of blue and white.

Shannon on

What a treat to see your post this morning ! Thank you for making me feel calmer during this uncertain time.

Susan D. on

Thank you for continuing to post about blue and white. This was delightful and brought joy at a very difficult time.

Susan Hayes Long on

Love how blue and white serve as a great neutral background. Any added color pops perfectly. Thanks for giving us a happy break and looking forward to the next blue and white posts.

Liz on

Thank you. I needed this! Have four kids and a husband home, day #4 now and going a little stir crazy so will be going back to other posts I have missed.

You have a great eye….also my order of porcelains arrived yesterday. Definitely the highlight of my day- love everything! Thanks for doing what you do, the love and passion shines through.

Louise Gorham on

Such a delightful way to begin my day by perusing your blog. Thanks ever so much!

Kelley Novak on

Well this was just what I needed this morning :). I’m in the process of building a new home and I love all of this inspiration. I have about 50 blue and white wallpaper samples sitting on my table as we speak. I’m new to the club, but now I’m a member for life. Thank you for your dedication!!!

Franki Parde on

Wise words…especially after seeing the News last night with the Florida beaches full of “spring breakers!!!” YIKES!!! franki

Pam W on

Thanks for the beautiful blue & white inspiration! Stay well & safe!

Nedra on

My favorite color is blue but I have never used it to decorate my house. This year I am building a cottage and I am excited to be using blue and white. I do not want it to look coastal. The cottage is small with kitchen, dining and living open to one another. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

Deborah on

I love Sharon Santoni’s description of her days right now. “Serenely secluded”. That’s what I’m doing at Orchardhill Farm check Instagram I make compost and mowing and preparing beds and then walking in the countryside thank you for your beautiful posts I love yours and Sharon Santoni s

Kathy Chandler on

It is such a joy to know I can open up your blog and see beautiful things and to know that we have so many things to be thankful for, even in the midst of this uncertain time. Beauty is still all round us!

Andie on

Thank you Tina for continuing to post beautiful blue and white pictures!! Looking at the pictures brightened my day and made me soooo happy!!

Janet on

Thank you!!!! I often refer back to your posts for inspiration, and especially important now!!!

Liz on

Great post! Love the blue and white. Thank you for keeping things normal.

Christine Kennedy on

Thank you, Tina, for continuing to celebrate the beauty and joy of this wonderful world He has given us even as we walk through this valley! Always look forward to your posts and your pics of Teddy tug on my heart as I remember my sweet pups as well.

Jo Shafer on

My say on the matter of blue and white: Is there anything more refreshing and vibrant than blue and white decor? Only if you add a blue bowl of yellow lemons on the table, a large green Boston fern in a porcelain planter, perhaps a bouquet of pink and mauve peonies.

Susan Kayden on

Stunning rooms – thanks so much for sharing with us!

Carol on

Tina, thank you for continuing to keep us grounded with your blog and daily dose of Blue and White, that so many of us LOVE!!! Blue and White is never old and dated!

Susan Bonfield on

There isn’t much to look forward to these days. Thank goodness for your daly blog!!!

Annie on

Thank you for this much needed break from what’s going on. I am sick with worry so appreciate you keeping things normal for all of us. I hope you are safe and cannot thank you enough for continuing to post on your beautiful blog

Deanna on

The young people do need to take this seriously. My son has been home for spring break, and next week they all are going online for the rest of the semester. My daughter is a nurse working with the coronavirus patients at the hospital floor she is on. So thanks for the blue and white diversion. Beauty is much needed! I love the pics of your beautiful home. Always!!!

Jane Giallonardo on

Thank you for sharing, nice to have pretty things to look at!

Janet Vendetti on

Your beautiful blogs, especially now, bring joy and grace into our lives. Thank you for sharing your fantastic taste! Stay safe and healthy everyone

dale s. on

Love all the pretties during this time.

Mary Reneau on

So delightful!

Arlene on

Love this,post. Thank you for cheering us up

Jeanne Smith on

Sometimes I worry if I have too much blue and white in my home but now I know I’m in good company!

Marie Economus on

I have brought orange and gray into my mix of blue and white ginger jars! Still confused! Love your ideas!

Rose B. on

Just found you on Pintrest. I, too, absolutely love anything blue and white. Thank you for continuing to post. I look forward to seeing more from the Blue and White Club.

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