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Hi all, how are you all doing? How are you adjusting to this new albeit temporary way of life? I know it finds many of us homebound without going out unless it’s to a market or to drop things off to an elderly relative who cannot leave (at their doorstep)! That is at least, the way it should be. It is definitely that way for us. It is a confusing, scary and overwhelming time for many of us. Some handle things better than others. It is important to remember to practice self care and do things that make you happy. Finding humor, seeking beauty, whatever that means to you.

This will pass and we will come out of much stronger, more united and with a new perspective on even the most mundane things. A good way to put a positive spin on this is looking at it, like a reset button. So, let’s focus on all the good things that we can anticipate in looking ahead- summer, alfresco dinners, simple celebrations with those we love (and big ones too), travel and more.

In all this spare time, found some time to go back and look at my many many pictures and at least begin to have some semblance of organization with them! Today’s post features my last flower buying trip with these gorgeous lavender and soft green flowers. Funny, I have never been a purple person but absolutely love them in shades from soft lavender to deeper purples when paired with blue and white. It is quite striking. So heres a look at the arrangements I made, from small arrangements for various vignettes to using them as centerpieces for dinner on my dining table.


Above is my little fishbowl which I think makes such a pretty smaller arrangement

The beautiful vase above is our gorgeous “Ralph” vase

Happy to report these lamp are back in production (from years ago) and we have some very exciting new artwork coming in later spring!

Our porcelain bunnies look so pretty next to everything:)

Our medium footed hurricanes double as a most gorgeous vase/vessel for fresh cut flowers

All my favorite things on one table! Our monogrammed napkins, the tall pagoda salt and peppers, silver, china, vertical leaf hurricanes and flowers!


Hope you enjoyed this, flowers are a great diversion for me and I cannot wait until things are “normal” again and I can get back to my flower district trips, which are always such fun for me….they bring so  much happiness. Hope everyone is safe and healthy, take good care and remember to socially distance so that we can all get back to our lives! Until. next time…….

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Alicia on

Thank you for a breath of fresh air! Flowers forever!!???????

Franki on

Yes, yes we are!! franki. ps. It was suggested we “try” & set a beautiful table setting at least one meal…I like that

Jennifer S on

Beautiful flowers and Enchanted Home items. And, just as beautiful, the printed words of Thanks to All during this difficult time.

Dana on

I love the flowers. I think people should be aware that some of us live where we can’t even get groceries. There is no milk, eggs, flour or other basics in the stores. It is unsettling to say the least. There haven’t been paper goods or cleaning supplies in 2 weeks. I have truly needed the humor and beauty you have shared. Hopefully we will all get through this with as much dignity and grace as we can muster.

Anne on

Thank you Tina for your uplifting messages, beautiful pictures, and humor. The message written today for thanking all the that is being done, so thoughtfully written. Thank you

JK on

Beautiful flowers. Just what we all needed.
I think those lamps have my name on them. They are beautiful. Thanks for bringing them back.
Beautiful words of thanks as well.
Take care.

Dinah on

Thank you for your post. It helps divert my mind away from today’s concerns for a little time. Ditto for me for your thank you to our protectors, our caregivers and all others who are keeping this country going. We take so much for granted. God bless us to let this be our time to show compassion and care for others by staying home.

Donna C on

Thank you, Tina, for sharing your lovely flowers! I am watching the beautiful birds at my feeder and listening to them sing. It IS the little things. Praying that all of us learn to be more tolerant and kind.

Mickey on

I love seeing the flower arrangements but I have to wonder if you have any flowers growing in your yard. A great joy for me everyday is walking outside to see what is blooming; iris, roses, hydrangeas, now, caladiums coming soon. Such a delight and no waiting to go to the flower market.

Rose B. on

Always looking for ways to use more blue and white in my home. Can’t get enough. I really enjoy your posts and look forward to them. Thanks so much!

Linda Wall on

What do they do with all the flowers that aren’t being sold now? Just toss. I bet they miss you.

Tempie martin on

Thanks for keeping up your post. Brightens my day.
Can’t wait for the lamps to arrive. I have the perfect bedroom fo them.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

The blue and white lamps and pictures are lovely. Your flowers are beautiful. Time to start decorating with colour to brighten up our surroundings and lift up our spirits. Blue and white would compliment any room. Love your posts! Your “Thank you” note to our workers who have gone over and above their duties during this crisis was heartfelt and sincere. Beautifully written. God Bless them and watch over them. ?

Ann M on

I LOVE those lamps and can’t wait to see the new artwork. Beautiful post today. Thank you.

Susan V. on

Tina, what an inspirational post … just love the pretty floral images! I love what you are doing in encouraging us to look for and see the beauty during this uncertain time. I believe in positivity and thank you for yours.

Doris S Hill on

God bless u Tina, be safe”””

Susan Hayes Long on

Flowers speak to our souls. Thank you for sharing.

Linda Ewald on

Tina, you are so creative in all your new items, maybe think about pictures/frames, like in one of the above shots, not sure which of your rooms they are in, but I think there are four or six, flowers framed with blue and white stripes and gold rim around frame….they remind me of something I had years ago from a place called Bombay Co. but yours are so beautiful, maybe you could put hem into production!!! I’ll wait for them!!! XOXO L

Kate Whitty on

Dearest Tina,
Hello from a lock down UK.
RE Covid 19, I urge yourself and your followers to watch Dr John Campbell on his You Tube channel. He has been giving clear and calm information as well as guidance since Jan 2020. Please follow his lead and keep your family and friends safe. May God bless you, your followers and all those you love. Kate X

Frances on

You love many of the same things I do and you reminded me in your post of so many. I WAS thinking too much about myself. I’m going to buy flowers and polish the silver. Thank you?????

Frances on

I love flowers and you gave great ideas of things I love. I even have the book you showed, Beautiful… by Sikes. I’m off to arrange flowers and polish my silver.

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