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Hi friends, hope this finds you doing well all things considered. It certainly has been a surreal almost 10 days, hasn’t it!  Never in my lifetime, could I have imagined going through something like this.

Recognizing that laughter now is more important than ever before… I bring to you. my latest round of comic relief. We all process stressors in life differently. For me its finding beauty and things that inspire me along with laughter. Laughter is the best medicine! I hope you enjoy these and hope you are safe, healthy and heeding the increasingly loud refrain for everyone  to stay home….we need to take hold of this and not let it get even worse.

Seeing and hearing the stories of those on the frontline is nothing short of heartbreaking and devastating, all we can do is hold onto hope, do our part by staying home and making sure we are being vigilant about social distancing. It is the ONE thing we all can do to help flatten the curve and with the numbers being what they are, this needs to happen!! OK onto lighter, funnier subjects……




Ahhh this was good for me to put together, had me laughing all over again, desperately needed!! Appreciate you stopping by and trust me, putting these posts together is as cathartic for me as they are for you  reading them. A very needed diversion indeed. I miss being in my office, working and being around all of our beautiful things. But that time will come, and hopefully sooner than later. I hope you are safe, healthy and mostly, staying home!

Would love to hear from you, how you are doing, what things are like in your state…hope this gave you a laugh. Which was your favorite? Until next time…..


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Constance Windham on

Laughter IS the best medicine. Thanks for my “dose” this morning. Wishing health and safety to all ?!

margie tillotson on


Roxanne on

Enjoyed the laughs! Thank you!
I consider how fortunate we are to have technology that allows Face Time with the grandchildren, on line ordering take out , “window shopping”, and staying in touch with family and friends near and far! Even daily in home workouts are available! Counting my blessings and hoping you and your followers stay well and keep your sense of humor!

Gedie on

Those are great! This one describes me:
So after this quarantine…,will the producers of My 600 Pound Life just find me… or will I call them… or how will this work? ?

Bunny Martin on

Love your comic relief. My husband always checks out what is in your daily email and this has been great for him also!!!

Janice on

I have been sharing your posts – this laughter is welcome. Thank you. You have blessed many during this time.

patricia valentine on

Haven’t had a screamin’ good laugh in a long time! Thanks so much for these – absolutely terrific.

Linda Yost on

this is the first lugh I’ve had in a week.
We had a tragic death in the family last Sunday(my grandson),and I haven’t been able to even smile –but–reading your blog today actually made me chuckle.

Barbara Rash on

Oh, gosh, Tina-these were so funny and I am very thankful for your jokes and the care you show your customers-so little is funny now and hard to find-thank you for sending these

Eve B on

Thank you! Laughter is the Best medicine! Please stay safe.

Nancy M on

Oh, my gosh, do we need that!!! Thank you, Tina, for keeping our spirits up!! Sadly this is our reality for a lot longer and humor will prove to be our salvation!

Teresa Hatfield on

Funny, funnily!

Teresa Hatfield on

Funny, Funny!

Marcia on

Thank you for your humorous post today ! We all need a little joy right now and you kindly did that ! ?

Alicia on

Thank you!!

Janis Molberg on

I laughed the hardest at the dog on top of the kitchen cabinet….soooo true…I have seen more people walking there dogs than ever before…and I was so lucky I went through my collection of older videos yesterday and found a Robin Williams one…..laughed till I had tears running down my face….and that was needed ..wish I could share it with everyone…even the raunchy parts …at this point…I will take laughter anyway I can get it….keep up your wonderful posts…look forward to them everyday!

Jane Giallonardo on

This are great, keep them coming!

Kathy M. on

Enjoy your sense of humor, a good laugh will always keep us going in the roughest of times. My dad used to tell me “Honey, one day you’ll look back on this and laugh” most of the time he was right. Your humor today brought that laugh. What we are going through now is very serious . Take care everyone.

Susan K on

Take me to quarantine at the spa and winery! Thank you Tina for posting these laughs and helping us get through these times!

Eileen on

Priceless! Laugh out loud!! Thank you Thank you

dina on

I have been reading these daily. They are the funniest. Just enough wickedness to make them hysterical. Thank you for the distraction. Be well.

Susan Kayden on

Hilarious!!! Thank you!

Sarah Boone on

Literally LOL….thanks!!!

Jo Shafer on

Perfect timing, Tina, as I woke up feeling a bit teary. Much better, now. Still chuckling. Thanks!!! ~ Jo

Karen Coulter on

Loved it.

Alice Genzlinger on

The one and only reason I won’t be a size larger when quarantine Is over is because I gave up cookies, cakes , pies and candy for Lent. So to soothe my sweet tooth I baked a cake and gave it to my neighbors.

Norina on

Imagine a world without laughter or music……..Thank you for sharing, God bless you!

nedra on

Thank you!

Linda C Wolf on

Fantastic, laugh outloud funny! Keep them coming!THANK-YOU, Linda W

Patty on

Thank you Tina….these surely put a giggle in my heart this morning! God bless you and your family ?❤️?

Sandy on

Thank you for making me laugh! My very best to you and your family.

Joanne Michalec on

You put a smile on my face, thank you…

Sue on

Hilarious!!!!! Thank you!!!! Stay healthy!

Mitch Rhoades on

Mitch here in Sacramento,California—everyone is staying in and waiting for the “wave” to come.Raining here today which makes staying in a little easier—-now the bad news————–we are down to one roll of toilet paper! I’m too lazy to get up at 5:00 AM to go to Target or Safeway to stand in line to get a 4 pack of toilet paper. In the depression there was a song with a verse that said “buddy can you spare a dime?” ——–Today its ” buddy can you spare a roll of toilet paper”! Take care everyone! Thank-you Tina! Best Wishes, Mitch

ayra on

locked up, laughing, eating … that’s me rsrsrsrsrs

Shelley Humpal on

Tina: Thank you for the good laughs. We’ve been in the throws of a reno since before Covid 19 so being quarantined hasn’t effected me too much, yet. Oh my husband went to Office Depot to p/u file boxes he’d ordered. I started to send him a text to tell him to p/u zip ties, then remembered Only Drive Thru. Shoot! When he came home I told him I almost sent him a text about zip ties. He said the store is open. Go figure. Strange Days

Cheryl on

Thank you for the laugh!

Maria on

Luv- Luv-Luv these “Let laugh takes two” quips?? They sure put some laughter in my life.

Judy Walters on

These are so fun! Thanks for putting them out here! My favorite has to be the Kardashians – what an eye-opener. THANKS for the giggles!

Judy Manus on

Thanks for ALWAYS being a bright spot in my day! And thanks for sharing and making us laugh. Prayerfully hoping this scary virus will go away soon. Bless you!

Lisa on

Thank you Tina for the comic relief, and keep it coming. And yes please do a flash sale!! I voted!
God bless and keep everyone.
Xo Lisa

Myrna on

Tina, best laugh in days. Thank you. BTW If things don’t get better soon, the women who haven’t seen a hairdresser in days will fix that ! Wait til Congress can’t get Botox and see what happens.


You are the best thing on my computer! You do such a great service to everyone. I am not a computer person. I don’t even have a cell phone and don’t want or need one. But I follow You and always will. Another big fan. Diane

Pamm on

Thank you! Much appreciated!

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