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Hi there everyone. How are you doing? I say it over and over but this is still just so surreal….I cannot believe what is happening and how life has changed in a mere 10 days. Our world has changed forever and this will undoubtedly leave a mark on all of us. It could end up being a positive mark (and I very much hope it will)…… it is my opinion, that something this life changing will fundamentally alter us and how we live I and I think it could end up being a good thing:)

I surely have a new found appreciation for the simplest things, the people in my life, my family and so much more. I have heard many people saying this time is allowing them to reevaluate things, life, priorities, how much they work, time spent with family,.etc….You know I always say we need to seek those silver linings.

I am trying to stay positive and hopeful, but some days it feels really challenging to do that. Yesterday with those sobering numbers and the highest death rate to date, left me feeling incredibly anxious, overwhelemed and very sad. I. know many of us are going through the same gamut of emotions. But we really are in this together and will come out of it together so I hope you are managing OK and finding ways to find joy even in small things. For me, working on my blog and still trying to manage my shipments coming in from afar have kept me very busy along with my daily walks and bike rides.

Would love to hear from you too about how things are going for you and how you are occupying your time. In the meantime, think we could all use a good distraction for a few minutes and focus on something pretty. So today is all about my favorite flower……one and only glorious peonies.

I could not love them more and we are lucky to have a wonderful farm about an hour and a half away that I greatly anticipate visiting every summer every late April/May. Nature will not be thwarted by Coronavirus..thankfully! So here’s a look at some of my peony binges from last year, hope you enjoy!



A visit to a peony farm ranks right up there with my most favorite things to do ever!

Obviously I had a hard time saying no:)

Got home and started to immediately arrange


Love these in my giant grand raised dot jar for my center hall table, wish I could have kept it looking like that forever

More arrangements placed around the house

And used them in beautiful outdoor settings too-

Proof that pink peonies go so beautifully with EVERY color!

This next batch of pictures are from an impromptu intimate dinner I threw my husband for his birthday. We got so lucky as the weather was spectacular and it called for eating outside. I set up my table with the peonies from and center-

I kept them in the garage refrigerator for 2 days and they looked incredible for the day of the dinner

First arrangements being made….LOVE them in my wicker hurricanes (these are the medium) Click here for our wicker hurricane collection

And of course you know I could not be more in love with my etched hurricanes, they just “make” a table and when lit, the gorgeous  etch work illuminates so beautifully (click here to see them)

Arrangements done and ready to be put out on the table!

All done! Ahhh….cannot wait for these types of celebrations again


This was such a cathartic post for me to put together….gave me a much needed break from the darkness around us and brought me to a happy place. I cannot wait to visit a peony farm again and host a beautiful dinner, just because. I don’t need a reason….life and normalcy will be reason enough and I cannot wait!

I hope you enjoyed the post too and that it gave you a little respite from all that is going on around us. Please take good care of yourself, leave a comment and say hi. Would love to hear from you, where you are and how you are doing. Stay safe, stay informed and please do stay home, everyone has to do their part!! Until next time…..

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Louise Gorham on

Between the lovely peonies and your positive attitude my day is brightened! Thanks ever so much.

Eve B on

What a beautiful post–Thank you!
I am staying busy. Got a jump start on my Spring cleaning. Reading, talking on the phone with family and friends. My husband and I like staying home, so this has not been too much of a hardship for us. We went to our Parish Church on Sunday to pray. The church remains open during certain hours but all masses have been canceled. It was peaceful and we left feeling so much better. Wishing you and your family safety and peace.

Mary on

Years ago, my Aunt had a lovely peony garden in her tiny, city backyard. I have a special memory of her showing her prized flowers to me, explaining how they grow and how she planted her garden. From that experience, peony arrangements have always been one of my favorites. Thanks for this post, such lovely photos. Be at peace.

Cindy G on

Thank you sweet girl to continue to bring beauty into our lives. You have no idea how much we look forward to your beautiful and thoughtful posts, more now than ever. I think we all continue to pray for our country, the world, the sick ones, and those medical professionals who care for them. Their families I worry about the most. This has been a most peaceful time at home. and I feel guilty for feeling that way. But it’s like living in the 1940’s or 1950’s when people stayed home, ate home cooked meals for every meal, and entertained themselves with family. I am loving having my two grown sons come here for meals every day. We are all avoiding getting out. Most families will be creating a new normal for themselves, and may be much better for it. When driving to tend our elderly parents, we see more young families outside playing and taking their babies for walks, then we’ve seen in the last 40 years combined. It’s heartwarming to see. Let’s pray the cure or preventive vaccine will come about soon and no more people become ill from this virus, or any other hideous one in the future. Thanks for the beauty and optimism you give us Tina. YOU make the world a more lovely place!

Jennifer on

Good Morning,

I loved your peony posting. I’m from Indiana and the Peony is our state flower. I have plenty of the standard pink and white variety, but last year I branched out and planted several coral sunset peonies and this spring they are already 6″ out of the ground! I know it will take several years before I have enough blooms to fill my vases, but I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! It’s the little things…

Annie on

Good morning was this post ever a sight for my sore eyes. My husband is an ER doctor and I have seen him possibly for a total of five hours over the last two weeks, the harrowing tales that we hear from him almost daily (Chicago) are not for the faint of heart. I was touched by your Instagram post yesterday honoring the doctors across the United States and world.

Thank you for your positivity, sharing all the beauty, injecting some fun humor into the mix. You are doing more for people than you might possibly realize!

Yes, our world has turned upside down right now but we all, as you said need to do our part by heeding the warnings and staying home. If I see kids just hanging out I don’t hesitate to walk up to them and let them know what I think about what they are doing and tell them they need to go home! We need to become very proactive during this time and those of us who are a little older and wiser need to educate this young, ignorant, selfish generation. I am only 48 but I am just stunned at the selfishness of the younger generation.

On a lighter note, peonies are my favorite flower too. We got married 12 years ago and we used all peonies and hydrangeas, it was spectacular! Thank you for continuing to post and Tina, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

Susan M. on

Your peony arrangements are stunningly beautiful!!

Kathy M. on

Your beautiful thoughts and lovely floral arrangements and of course the blue and white was just the way to start the day. We keep busy with projects we set for ourselves daily. Our children are grown so it’s just the two of us and we’ve always been each other’s best friend. We look on this as bonus time and make plans for when things get back to normal for whatever normal will be then. Look forward to collecting all the hugs our grandchildren are saving up! Stay safe and healthy ❤️

Linda Cashman on

I love peonies but it’s too hot for them to grow here in Mobile. I’ve been going in to work, because I work for the Corps of Engineers and we have been busy assessing possible locations for battlefield type hospitals in case it gets to that point here. We have assessed various locations in the State. There is a two week turnaround for implementation once we get the go-ahead from General Semmonite. My medical design experience comes in handy, since I designed a new Emergency Department for the Seattle VA a few years ago while renovating that VA Hospital and the one at American Lake. I worked closely with the Medical Director on his equipment needs. When he said he needed a room to store his COWS I was taken aback, and then he told me they were computers on wheels that they could take from room to room and they just called them COWS. So, I learned the preferred manufacturers of various medical equipment, beds, etc. There are sensors on beds that alarm if weight comes off the bed, which was helpful in designing a dementia wing, because patients tend to wander.

Alicia on

Perfect peony post! Peonies are my favorite too! I even have a little pillow that says “please bring me peonies and coffee”. Thank you for continuing to lift our spirits in this time of uncertainty.

Franki on

*SIGH* PEONIES…I recognized “Sara Barnhart.” Out “tree peonies” are about to burst…they are incredible! Our “heritage ones, from family farm, over 150 years old (tubers from Germany)” are “budding out, covered with busy ants” about to put on their glorious peony performance. franki

Eileen on

Stunning flowers. Lucky you to be so close to them.

Faith Boggio on

Hi Tina, Thank you for those beautiful photos. Things are not good in my neighborhood. My next door neighbor has died because of the virus. Her adult children, two daughters and a son, were taking care of her and they are now in the hospital on ventilators. Another neighbor helped them when their mother fell and he now has the fever and possibly the virus. We are keeping and eye on him. My other neighbor, a wonderful friend, was in the hospital on a ventilator and is well enough now to come back home. She needs lots of TLC. Her husband is taking care of her and is in isolation again. Thinking of making some food for them and leaving it on front porch. I am so happy to hear that everyone is okay in your family. My family is also okay at this point. This is so scary and I also suffer from anxiety all my life. Got it from my father! Trying to think about very positive things and your blog helps me! Thank you Tina, Stay well

Rose on

I look forward so much to your posts. They really brighten my day. Thank you so much. BTW, your home is gorgeous! The peonies aren’t bad, either. Can hardly wait until mine bloom. Can you tell us where the peonies farm is?

Susan Hayes Long on

Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photographs of those glorious peonies. Love love love them, even with a few rogue ants coming from the garden.

Barbara on

I so look forward to your posts now. The balance of reality (so sad) and inspiration is wonderful. Thank you so much!!

Deborah on

Keep the beautiful posts coming the pastor at our church has called this the great time out perhaps the time to reflect on what’s really important and how spoiled we have become we’re so used to having everything at the tip of our fingers so the gardening and flowers are beautiful respite thank you

Vicky Shanaman on

I must say it is so nice to wake up to BEAUTY. This Peonie post is exceptional in this time of quarantine. Reading your posts and seeing how lovely things can be lifts me up.

Elizabeth on

LOVE peonies and have a few plants in my garden including tree peonies. What I miss most is my 5 yr old grandson and his hugs and kisses. He loves his grandma?

Susan Fulkerson on

Thank you, Tina, for the beautiful photos. When I get anxious it helps so much when I read the Bible. A good place to start is with the book of Psalms. Psalm 91 is a wonderful chapter to meditate on during this pandemic.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Loved your peony post! Putting a peony farm visit on my Bucket List!

Susan on

Would you share the peony farm info. I live not too far from you. Love your blog. And your home.

Kathy on

Beautiful! I am so loving your Instagram and now your blog! Your homes are stunning!

Dotti on

Sending you positive vibes from Savannah. Loved this and all of your posts. Enjoy your stay and the weather! And make porch sitting a daily ritual!

Ruth on

Loved looking at your peony pics. Reading the post has made me smile from ear to ear.

glenda bogan on

This is my first time to visit your blog. I love the peonies; I grew up with them in the Midwest and they are such good memories. Your tables are beautiful. Thanks for lifting me up today!

Rob on

Wonderful photos. I too love peonies. Just planted six more last month. A white collection. They’re beginning to show through the soil. Looking forward to seeing them bloom.

Judy Walters on

So nice to see this lovely, positive, and ever so welcome post! You are helping me and so many others to find a brighter path through this sad time.
I tried peonies before and need to try again – they are so amazing. Sending love, virtual hugs, and prayers for health – Thank You, Tina!

Nancy Kelley on

What a gorgeous display of peonies! You certainly brightened my day with your lovely arrangements, Tina. Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature!

Jean Ann Racamato on

peony is my favorite flower also,I love the smell,the beautiful colors,and the way they make me happy when I see them.I would love to visit a peony farm, where are they?

Phyllis on

Peonies are my favorite. Only problem is they don’t last long enough. Oh and the ants! During this time of uncertainty I am totally at peace. My closest friend in the world is the One who created it and He’s in control of it even now. Ask Jesus to come into your life and he’ll give you a peace that passes all understanding. I promise, Tina. ❤️

Caroline on

Hi Tina
Where is this peony farm?? I love them they are my favorite flower as well! Thx, Caroline Engelhardt

Michelle Felasco on

All I can say is I am so jealous, the Peony’s are so beautiful!! They are my favorite ❤️??. I am going to attempt to grow some!!

Karen on

Thank you so very much. You’ve brightened my day

Karen Jones on

Love the flower arrangement, just beautiful!

Dale Bulger on

Thank you for your lovely post and the pics of the beautiful peonies. My wife’s favorite. Hers are just starting to sprout.

Patti on

I planted peony bulbs this year and it’s my first attempt. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m sure no blooms this year but wondered if you could let me know if I should plan on blooms the following year. Also any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa on

Thank you for the beauty and optimism Tina! I am decorating and making designer boards and designing and decorating rooms for my friends from home. I’m a Retail Manager who is lucky enough to work for a Luxury Brand that is still paying us and so I have the time to relax and enjoy for now. So many are not as lucky so I implore all of us to donate a little that we have to valid charities that help people. Sending food to nurses and docs. Anything little thing you can do to help others out while hunkering down yourself and staying safe makes a huge difference.
Love to everyone xo Lisa

Amy Lowe on

This was a beautiful blog and perfect for today. Thank you and thank you for the peonies – they have always been my favorite flower and your displays were incredible. Look forward to reading more from you soon. Take care and stay well.

ann j on

the peonies are magnificent. what a wonderful post . ann rush

Sandra Sheehan on

My peonies are coming in beautifully. Can’t wait until the flowers bloom. Fortunately for me I can see both plants from my front and back yard windows
From what I saw your home is beautiful. Love the dog!
Thank you for the lovely post.

Rose Lee Josephson on

Dear Tina,
Peonies are my favorite flower, however they do not grow in southern California, so they are too expensive to create the magnificently full arrangements you work like magic. I adore seeing your bouquets. They afford some compensation.
Thank you also for your optimism at this difficult time in all our lives. Since the end of February, my husband and I have been sequestered due to the coronavirus. We are managing okay, however our five grandchildren have our attention and concern. They are great kids and doing amazingly well, but we are saddened by the dramatic change they must endure in their lives. Technology and going to school in their bedrooms is their new reality.

Kandy on

If only we could grow them in Texas!?

Lisa on

Thank you for this bit of loveliness ? I needed that…

Judy on

Positivley,absoloutly gorgous
.I have a huge love for Peonies.It took me years to get to know them,grow them,care for them.As a gift t] myself it makes me feel ve very spoiled.Its ok!

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