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Hi friends, seems like my humorous posts are helping a lot of you get through this unprecedented very tough time, myself included. I hope you are all are doing OK, I know how hard this has been for everyone. Some of us have been affected more than others but there is no denying the gravity and seriousness of this for our entire country.

While I feel blessed to be healthy, have a roof over my head and to have the  comforts that everyone needs, I don’t for a minute take it for granted and in fact think regularly about those who are not so lucky. All those in the hospitals, sick and scared, the families. All the doctors, nurses and medical care givers, my God the lists goes on.

So many doing their part, I am in awe of these selfless people. Every day feels more grave than the previous but I keep reminding myself that this will pass, and we will come out of this stronger. And we are in this together!! I love hearing from you, so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you are doing. My daily walks and bike rides are quite theraputic, being surrounded by nature as the one constant I can rely on strangely keeps me centered. Onwards with something fun and light…..hope you enjoy!



These gave me such a good laugh. When you hear the news, come back, to these posts to try and keep things in perspective. It will help lighten the heaviness of the mood. Hope you enjoyed and it gave you a brief fun respite from everything going on around us.

These are as important to me, as  they are to you reading me! Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a “good” day (all things relative). Stay safe, stay informed and please please please stay home!! We all want to get back to living our best life and this is the only way we can. Take good care of yourself!  Until next time……

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Eileen on

Priceless. Thanks so much for the laughs out loud I just experienced!!!! Humor is a great medicine.

Jo Anne Jones on

Love starting the day with a smile! Thank you…

Vicki on

The Mayor of Hilton Head was on tv last night asking people from NY to not come down till this is under control. The Savannah/Hilton Head Airport is now testing people arriving from there & asking them to self-quarantine for 14 days.
We’re on an Skidaway Island & some visitors from NY are in quarantine with the virus.
Are y’all having any problems with Bluffton?

Piper B on

All hysterical, Tina!! Thank you!!

Marvin on

Thanks again. This is helping us all realize we are in this together. Stay well Tina and family.

Kathy Chandler on

Thanks for staying in touch through your wonderful blog! I live in Vermont and have been laid off, hope to go back in May, but that remains to be seen. A daughter in California had the virus, was very sick, but recovered. It was painful not to be able to be with her through it. Another daughter is in NYC, now praying that she will stay well. God is still sovereign, still is in control and loves us deeply.

Teresa Hatfield on

Love the funnies!

Sandy smith on

Have to say, I laughed hysterically through these. Thanks for sharing something funny in a not so funny time. It does help, especially when it was a real belly laugh!!

Rose on

Thank you. I needed that.

Dianne D on

Tina….your posts make me smile
Keep the funnies coming !
Stay safe & healthy!

Alice Genzlinger on

Week number four and I’m looking for excuses to bake. Found a new recipe for baking a four ingredient loaf of bread. It’s in the oven rising staying out of our cool house. It’s suppose to snow again today and it’s cold. So now soup is calling me. Thanks for the light moments. stay safe.

Faith Boggio on

Oh! Thank you Tina!

Michel COHAGAN on

These are great,I laughed out loud many times reading them,thanks!!!

Mary on

Much needed…thank you for doing this!

Sandra Yagodich on



margie tillotson on

These are all so funny…..Thanks for posting and giving us a laugh !!!!!

Jody on

I think my favorite was “counting the peas and finding you were shorted by a few”!!!

Lisa on

Hilarious! My favorites are counting peas and the voodoo doll! Thanks for the laughs

Michelle B on

Love these posts 🙂 Thank you for the smiles. <3

Shelley Humpal on

Good Job Tina thanks for the laughs.

Tiffany on

I’m surprised that you would stoop to this level. My friend is a teacher in NYC and one of her kids parent died tonight. She, her two older brothers and her Dad had to FaceTime her to say goodbye. I think it’s time to put some things in perspective. Imagine if that was your family.

Marcia on

Thank you Tina for continuing your posts, they are so very welcoming and comforting to so many of us !Stay well ?

Susan Yuditsky on

Thanks for these…we need all the humor we can get right now as we face the next month of pain for our country! Stay in and stay safe…and God bless all of our front line workers who put their lives on the line everyday!

Charlene on

Thank you for the funnies! They’re all too real…….

Sandra on

Thank you so much for the funnies. They definitely brightened my day! And I have a question…….
How are your parents doing during all this? I keep thinking about them and am praying they are doing well.

Elizabeth Yingling on

Thank you for a few laughs at such an incredibly hard time. I’ve been trying to stay busy — organizing my home better, cooking, writing, making art, going for long mental-health walks. I am holding fast to my faith, and not an hour goes by without stopping to pray for all of us. God has a plan for each of our lives, and everything will play out according to His plan and His infinite wisdom. Everyone is terrified (or perhaps even mourning) right now, but enjoying a little humor is a good thing at times like this because it helps to keep us from falling into despair.

Amber on

Oh my gosh, I laughed until I cried at several! Gotta laugh to keep from crying…

Marilyn on

I’m a little behind on checking in on your blog, but wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your postings, especially this one! it’s been terrible in Florida, with the beaches closed and social distancing is NOT what Florida stands for!!! Thank you and stay safe and know that you’ve put smiles on faces even though you can’t see them thru the masks!!!!

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