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Hi everyone, so who could use a laugh to lighten the mood at a very dark time? I know for me, laughter is very important. There are only a few constants that we have control over and those are important for me to maintain. Seeking beautiful things, finding humor, working on my business and blog, being in nature are all things that have not changed and frankly are helping me cope with this surreal situation of our world right now.

I. know many of us are preparing for Easter tomorrow, though for nearly all of us it will be likely a very very different holiday than what we may be used to. For us, it’s normally our entire family with my sister and her family and my parents. This year it’s three of us…..and it’s my sons birthday! The one who is with us 🙂 It will not quite be the Easter nor birthday that we normally would have planned but we are going to make the absolute best of it and focus on all that we have to be grateful for. Onward to todays funnies….



And finally a funny video/parody that you might find amusing…


Hope by this point, you are laughing as I did,  putting this together. And yes, that even includes laughing and finding humor in things I might not ordinarily find so funny….all this being inside can make you feel a little giddy. I am sure I am not the only one:)  Every day feels like Groundhog Day but as long as we continue to all do our part, this will be over and we will soon get back to resuming normal ad previously scheduled lives!

I do think there will be changes that will take place in terms of how people socially interact, precautions within businesses and offices and more, think the changes will be far reaching. I can only hope that this will happen sooner than later but of course only when the doctors and scientists  deem it safe in keeping the well being of Americans at the forefront. Thanks our stopping in, let me know how you are doing! Until next time……

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Joan Richards on

Thank you for these! They are the highlights of all the emails!

Eve B on

Thanks for the laughs! Happy Birthday to your son.

Kathy M. on

Love the laughs, we can all use them. Our family runs on humor most of the time. We are a military family and it has come in play several times. Stay safe and healthy, Hug your loved ones just a little tight this Easter. It will get better soon.

Mary Ann Frasher on

Thanks so much for the laughs. While these are sad times, a little laughter goes a long way.. Have a blessed Easter.

Hildred Sullivan on

Tina, Thanks once again for the laughs. I am especially blue today. It is my husband’s birthday and I don’t have a decent gift for him. The kids are all scattered and it will be the first time we will have no one home for his birthday or a Easter. Intellectually I know there are many people worse off but the endless days of bad news have added up to a funk. Your blog is certainly a needed antidote. Keep those funnies coming!

Linda Ewald on

As always, but even more in these times, I was so excited to see a post from you!!!! Can’t believe it contained ALL new jokes I have not seen yet!!! the video was the best!!! Have fun with your son on his birthday, thank you for taking the time to send this, its was perfect for today!!!! XOXO L

Roxanne on

I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face! Thank you, Tina. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to your son!

Linda Wall on

Good one! Loved the video. Yup, that’s us!!!

Ingrid Yardley on

Thank you! Was smiling and laughing out loud reading today’s blog 🙂

Susan K on

Love seeing Teddy in his bunny ears!

Dana on

Thank you so much! Always laugh at your funnies. Truly you have been such a bright spot. Happy Birthday to your son. Like you I was planning on having family for Easter, but that is not happening. On a happy note, by the time I got up my husband had done the grocery shopping for several week; he got paper towels and toilet paper YEA! He also got flowers for me (haven’t had any in weeks). Strange times when I am more excited about paper towels and toilet paper than flowers. LOL

Marvin on

Thank you Tina. You are keeping us connected through humor. Happy Easter!

Sydney85 on

Thanks for all the laughs this morning! I see myself in many of these.

Cindy J on

I seen some really funny quarantine jokes on FB You found a couple I haven’t seen. You are lucky to have husband and a son around a table this Easter. For your widowed readers, it’s really different too. Setting my good dishes out for my solo Easter dinner

Teresa Hatfield on

Too funny! Quite a few I hadn’t seen!

Jo Shafer on

The funniest for me was the story about the child who called his mom from his room (I assume he’s old enough for his own cell phone) to explain that he missed the bus and wouldn’t be in that morning. Ha! I sent that one to my daughter who, like countless other mothers, are home-schooling. She replied with a full-face laugh emoji.

Kate on

Happy Easter to you and your family. Happy Birthday to your son. ??

Joyce Buchs on

Thanks for the funnies-really enjoyed them–especially the video.

Fran W. on

Every one of these had me laughing out loud!


Really you are doing a GREAT service. I’m still laughing.

Linda Fazende on

You’re the best! I have created my own ” Corona” board on Pinterest and I don’t have a lot of these funnies! I will be thinking of your family tomorrow, and now especially since I now know your son and I share the same birthday! Please tell him “Happy Birthday” from Lake Charles, Louisiana!!! I have 67 candles to blow out and one more for your son!! God bless you all and again, ” Happy Birthday” to your son!!!!

Celia Becker @ on

I’m dying laughing. LOVED the Hello video!!

Donna Baker on

Thank you so much for continuing your blog! I love all the beauty in the world you share with us and appreciate the humor. It certainly brightens my day! Hope you have a wonderful Easter and good wishes for your son on his birthday. Thanks again!

Norina on

We need comedic relief in desperate times! Keep them coming!!

carolyn wilson on

The best ever!!!!!! THANK YOU

Deanna on

Loved these all so much! thank you for the laughs which are much needed these days.

Elizabeth Yingling on

Thanks for the laughs! Happy Easter… and Happy Birthday to your son.

Rose on

Cindy J, you will not be dining alone tomorrow. I am right with you. It’s certainly not the same when you are by yourself, but you put out those good dishes and know that others of us are doing the same. You go, girl! I will raise a glass of sweet tea to all of us tomorrow. Happy Easter to everyone and Happy Birthday to your son, Tina!

Michel Cohagan on

Thanks Tina, loved the video!!

Karen on

If you think the toilet paper conundrum was a problem, wait until 3,000,000 people want to get a haircut at the same time.?.

Mitch Rhoades on

Dear Tina, Well said …………”deem it safe in keeping the well being of Americans at the forefront.” God Bless us All!

Mary Lynch on

Thanks so much for making my day. I laughed so hard I had to redo my makeup! I don’t know why I had makeup on because I’m not going anywhere!

Charlene on

More good ones?Easter blessings to you and yours?

Betty Shelley on

Funny! Shared the parody of Adele’s song! Happy Easter!

William on

Loved it

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