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Hi friends, happy Sunday and happy Easter to all! It is most definitely not the typical Easter Sunday that we would normally be celebrating but we are making the most of it. It is incidentally also my son’s birthday, so it’s a double celebration and we will make the most of things.

Long bike ride, my son and husband will go fishing and I am making his favorite dinner. Pot roast, satueeed new potatoes, lots of grilled vegetables and for dessert, his favorite, fruit. I know, believe me, I cannot fathom choosing fruit over a real dessert but he loves fruit and doesn’t have a big sweet tooth. I will have to get creative with. how we are putting a candle in fruit:)  Hope you are hanging in there.

Every day feels like Sunday..,,,,,it’s total Groundhog Day over here as I am sure it with you as well. We are taking this day by day, trying to stay hopeful and just praying for all those affected. This continues to feel so surreal despite that its been nearly a month.

I don’t know what the near future will bring so I tell myself just look at one day at a time, it’s too anxiety provoking otherwise. I really miss working, being in my office surrounded by all the things that make me happy. But I am hopeful that we will get back to “normal life” perhaps with a twist, soon!

OK onwards to happier things, my Sunday post. Hope you enjoy!


1 MY EASTER TABLE  Really never had expected to be here so long therefore never planned for Easter. I so wish I had my bunnies and eggs here, but worked with what I had.

Thankfully had pretty placemats and napkins, simple white china, darling little mini jars and found some pretty flowers at my local Publix. Made the most of it and actually really liked the way it came out, my take on a low country Easter table:)

Only thing missing are my bunnies and eggs and of course my entire family family, sister and family and parents! Here’s a look-

The medium cane hurricanes make a perfect centerpiece/vase for my flowers and love my medium etched hurricanes (click here)

Love my ginger jar salt and peppers! (click here)

The mini ginger jars are perfect for a single place setting among many other users (click here)

Love my round pierced silver chargers, which incidentally are 20% off today (click here)


2 A NEW SHORT MOVIE LIST Since like so many,  I have plenty of free time, I have decided to spend less time on the news and more time on movies, documentaries and thinks that interest me and make me happy.  The other Sunday when I included all my favorite movies, cannot believe I omitted two that I love so much, I have seen them at least 12 times!!

A Good Year and Pride and Prejudice are two of my most faves that I have probably seen at least 20 times, never gets old! Plus I love the soundtracks. On top of that,  watched a few others that I forgot are so good (below). A Hundred  Foot Journey was a feast for my eyes. So here is a new list of some you may not have seen, thought it was worth passing along….


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful round up especially with many getting ready for Easter though it will have a very different feel this year and of course much smaller gatherings. A pretty round up this weekend!

4 INSIRING STORY OF THE WEEK. My vote goes out to darling little Zahibb Begg, this 2nd grader is quite the little innovator! He was so touched and concerned about family members getting Covid-19 he started thinking about how he could help. He came up with the very smart idea of going around to local hotels and gathering masks, gloves and shower caps.

He ws able to collect a total of 6000 various protective items and donated them to the local hopisat. What a little champion! I loved when he said how earlier in his life doctors had saved his life, so he wanted to pay back the favor. I see a presidential run in this little guys future:)


5. A PRETTY TAKE ON A NEW ADDITION FOR OUR WARDROBES. Never in a million years did I think I would be talking you about blue and white face masks and actually being serious..but alas here I am telling you about blue and white face masks.

These are quite stylish, or at least as stylish as they can be and of course many are in my favorite blue and white. Hey,  these might be here a while! Thanks Joni for sending me this.  Click here for info

6 AMAZING NEW STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS!!!! These were a long time in the making, I had visualized these long ago and the process to design and have them made was a very long one. But it was so very worth the wait, madly in love with them:)

I so miss sharing all that is new and exciting over at Enchanted Home. Believe me, cannot wait to roll up my sleeves up and get back to work. I was doing virtual cartwheels when I saw these samples that arrived in NY.

My son carefully unboxed them and took and sent me these pictures. I LOVE THEM! They are now en route and will be here (fingers crossed) early May. We will hold our usual presale in a few weeks….which is your favorite color? We are also getting the ivory/gold back in as well.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK I refuse to make this about our quarantine again…it’s getting old and kind of depressing:) So let’s talk about AFTER we are all “let out”!! I started making a little bucket list and I plan on putting it into action as soon as life starts getting back to normal.

By the time things start to normalize, if I am. lucky it will be summer. So first stop will be to a flower farm and my favorite outdoor produce markets, miss those a lot! Then to the NY flower market, which I so love and adore and realize now how much happiness it brings me. Getting together with friends is something else I really miss. I will probably have an after quarantine BBQ with family and friends to celebrate!!

Then there is travel, two places I really want to go back to are France and Italy….we were supposed to go to a destination wedding in Spain in Sept and were hoping to go to Italy after that. Right now, all those plans are very much up in the air. But when the time is right, and all is well again I cannot wait to plan those trips. Lots to do!! How about you? Check all that apply-



Thats a wrap of this Easter Sunday post…hope you enjoyed it. The few constants I have in my life are very important to me as they help life to feel as “normal” as possible, so even working on my blog has brought great comfort to me, and being able to stay connected with my incredible readers/customers.

Always love hearing from you, hope you are doing well and are safe and sound at home. Thanks for stopping in, wishing every a very Happy Easter, be well! Until next time……



Cutest Easter bunny ever!

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I have beautiful blue and white masks, too! I purchase designer fabric samples and create quilts. So I perused my blue and white stash to sew “happy masks”! And yes, I thought of you, Tina!

Your table is perfect. Love the small vases with flowers You always have a great table. Easter blessings to all

First of all happy Easter Tina!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and I must say your table is absolutely beautiful.

Those dogs that are coming in are just gorgeous, cannot wait to snag a few!

In terms of getting back to our lives which I hope will happen by summer I already told my husband we’re going to plan a cocktail party to celebrate life starting to normalize. And like you, I cannot wait to travel. We travel a lot and had to cancel two trips due to this pandemic. One of our trips was to Greece and Turkey which we have rescheduled for October so very much looking forward to that. Hope you have a great Easter holiday and a happy birthday to your son!


Happy Easter Tina!! Your table is so pretty, thank you for including the details I may have to copy for a bridal shower I am planning for my niece in June (we are crossing our fingers that we will be able to still have it)
Happy birthday also to your son- if you have a relaxing day, I have really enjoyed your Palmetto Bluff pictures!

Hugging my kids and grandsons in person tops my post-corona bucket list. Then hosting friends for Sunday night supper at least twice a month. I so miss having friends and family around the table. And then there’s travel. My husband and I had been spending several weeks at a time in Europe, renting a car, hanging out in cafes, tasting wine, taking our time in museums and cathedrals, meeting locals and spending precious time together. Happy Easter!

I would add. to your movie list “ The Other Sister” with Diane Keaton and “Victor/Victoria” with Julie Andrews and my all time fav “Four Weddings and a Funeral “

I look forward to your Sunday morning blog especially in this dark time…Thanks for keeping on….

Happy Easter!

Love your beautiful table and your movie list, The 100 Foot Journey is one of my top favorite movies of all times! In fact I may just watch it today hope you enjoy a beautiful holiday with your family and a happy birthday to your son?

Thank you again, Tina, for sharing wonderful, favorite, happy things on this Easter Sunday –
That table setting is really pretty – beautiful flowers! I have those little ginger jar salt & pepper shakers and absolutely love them!
Hope your day is wonder-filled! “See” ya later !

Thankfully, you posted more movies..Network…even PBS…are “lost causes, IMO. Off to gather more flowers… everything is in bloom!! frank

This “free time” we’ve been given during this crisis have made me do a bit of soul searching and reflecting on my life. It makes me think of what changes need to be made re many issues….. family, .patience, tolerance, self control, hygiene, humor, understanding, appreciation, those who are less fortunate…..the list goes on and on. What are our priorities ? How many times have we been given so much free time to think about the important things that truly matter ? We should come through this crisis with a better understanding of who we are and how we are going to make a difference in the way we live.
Have a Happy , Holy and peaceful Easter ! Also, a peaceful Passover to those who celebrate this holiday.

Paris Can Wait is a beautiful witty movie. A drive from Cannes to Paris for an American woman and her French driver.
The Fall a beautiful movie about an injured stunt man and a little girl who become friends in a hospital in the 50’s. Gorgeous.
The Ref about a thief who takes a bickering couple hostage in their home at Christmas. Hysterical
The Baker about an assassin who hides out in a British town and is mistaken for the new baker.
Dean Spanley about reincarnation and dogs. Fabulous cast, New Zealand, slow start but stick with it.

I thought those face masks were so cute….click on to order and saw that they come from Turkey?.

Love, love, those beautiful Staffordshire dogs and all the items you import. Hoping one day you will ship international orders. I practically swoon over your website! I can tell you absolutely love what you do.

Dearest Tina
A very Happy Easter to you all, and Happy Birthday to your son. I hope you have a lovely day biking fishing and birthday dinner together, sounds delicious. My favourite movie is also a Good Year 🙂 France and Italy
Just counting blessings, this Easter Day and every day
With my love

Absolutely love your table setting. Love the placemats, napkins and white dinnerware. Can you please tell me where I can find them all?

Would not mind being quarantined in beautiful PB!

Just discovered your site loving the beautiful distraction stay safe and well and yes we will definitely celebrate at the end of this !
Sandra from Las Vegas Nevada

Blue and white face masks? Why ever not? Make a fashion statement and coordinate with spring clothes — not that anyone else will notice.

Thank you Tina, the dogs are beautiful.
And so is your Easter table!
Have a wonderful week.

Love the pink dogs. Can’t wait to invite family over for an Easter holiday redo. Any movie with Diane Keaton is great. Recently watched POMS. Funny and emotional.

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