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****To all who placed a presale order on our new line of bell jars and our new tabletop items, we were lucky enough to get our container! Nothing less than a miracle. A few of our warehouse guys went to the warehouse and started to unload it yesterday (we were given access for a few hours), we are planning to have a small crew go in early next week to start shipping orders out. Your patience is appreciated!****

Hi there friends, hope this finds you well. I think we are all probably about now feeling a sense of “temporary normalcy”. I am getting used to the Groundhog repetition of every day being the same, and just taking a measured approach expectations. Some days easier than others of course! I long for my “old life” and am cautiously hopeful it will be within a matter of weeks, I can only hope.

I want to thank all of your support, I was able to make two wonderful donations to No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels. It feels good to give and I so appreciate your support! Today we shift gears though and delve into one of my favorite subjects, flowers and namely the NY Flower market:)

A little bit about the NY Flower market-

So if you love flowers, you will love this post. But its a long one and filled to the brim with pictures, so take 10 or 15 and grab a cup of coffee and let your mind wander a bit to a special place where flowers are the name of the game.  Whether you have been reading my blog for a month or two years, you know one thing, I love flowers. And I particularly love the one and only NY Flower market….it is a place I go to once or twice a month (in season) and anticipate more than I can explain. Such a palpable energy when there, it is truly infectious.

It starts very early as in about 4:30 am but I normally get there around 9. There you see flower brokers, event planners, wedding planners, retailers, other wholesalers wheeling and dealing at a breakneck pace, it is really something to behold. I enjoy and take in every minute as it is so unique and such a fun kind of organized chaos. I have gotten to know several of the people who work in my favorite stops and can say they are not only incredibly helpful but so hardworking.

I was very sad to hear that one of the workers at one of my favorite places, US Evergreen succumbed to the Coronavirus. Sadly I think when this is said and done, Eddie will not be the last person in the district to have passed away from this. The NYC flower District who has been brought to its knees (not unlike many other businesses)  and The NYC Flower Market has set up a fund to help out those workers who have been most impacted. Most of the workers  in these places are quite poor and rely upon minimum wage salaries while trying to survive in one of the most expensive cities on the planet.

I have gotten to know some of them and can tell you they are some of the hardest working, nicest, most helpful people I have encountered. I always was greeted with a smile and two hands eager to help. I don’t forget that and love that they are trying to help those most in need, as a thank you for their service to this special industry.

I know everyone is helping out somewhere and its the generosity and giving spirt of the American people that makes us such a wonderful country. I am including the. link to their fund in case you want to make a small (or large) donation, any amount is so appreciated as it will go to helping someone very much in need. Onwards to special highlights from various trips over the years to the NY Flower Market-


Love coming home with my “loot”, here are pictures from  various excursions to the NYC Flower market-

And now lets look at some of the pretty floral arrangements I have done over time….


In case you too are a flower lover and want to make a donation, big or small to the districts neediest employees who are trying very hard to make their ends meet, a go fund me page has been set up, there is no amount too small.  You can click here or click on picture below. 

Cannot even tell you how much happiness putting this post together gave me!  This should give you your floral fix for at least a few days:) A very nice reprieve from the darkness and heaviness of the situation around us. I cannot wait till the NY Flower district opens and I can go and support them, I just hope and pray they are all able to get back to where were before this craziness happened. All small businesses need our support!!

Thank you for stopping in, hope you are as well as can be expected. Remember we are all in this together, stay safe, stay informed and hope you are saying home! Until next time….

PS This was a fascinating yet sad article in the NY Times about what has happened to the 7.8 Tulip industry because of what has happened. Click here to read.

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Love it all. Hope you are back at full strength soon.
Blue and white is my favorite.

Thank you for the beauty you’ve shown us today. And thank you for the information on how to help another group of people who are very hard working and so deserving of not being forgotten monetarily. You show us so many things in your posts. It’s not all just beautiful things, but things that tug at our hearts. You’re such a good, kind hearted girl. We are lucky to have you in our lives.

This post has been the bright spot of my morning! My love for flowers must be inherent as my grandmother was a floral designer. Viewing these beautiful pictures takes me back to the times I would visit her shop and open the door of her cooler just to smell all those beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing!

This is such a beautiful post and such a nice break from the gloomy news- I needed this! Our Whole Foods carries a nice selection of flowers but for the last few weeks they’ve had a very very limited selection because of everything going on however even buying just a few small bunches of tulips makes me happy. You are gifted at flower arranging, would you ever consider a video tutorial?

Good morning Tina, a lovely post to start the day with. When I am next in NY I am definitely going to visit the flower market, it looks fabulous. At this time it is a little reprieve from the uncertainty of the day. I am sorry about your flower market acquaintance, I think you might be right when this is over we are going to go back to our life and there will be so many missing that we did not even know passed away because we have been home.

Take care

The quality of your pictures is exquisite. They capture the beauty and hope we need right now. Thanks for sharing. These flower photos should certainly be in a book. Keep safe!

Flowers and more flowers! and snow outside from the latest blizzard. Certainly looks like Easter at your house, Tina. I long for more flowers in my house but I can’t get out to the markets — if, indeed, they’re stocking up. This year we made up with bouquets of old but still “viable” silk florals and leaves. The blue & white porcelains help, thanks to you! Keep safe and well.

I love flowers also and reading this and seeing the pictures brightened my day. You have such a fabulous talent. Thank You for sharing.

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