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Good morning, who could use a good laugh? I know we all process stress differently but for me, there are two things that help greatly, finding beauty and humor. I think laugher really is the best medicine.

So as we continue to go through this with hopefully some light at the end of this long dark tunnel, I am happy that many of your have enjoyed my funnies. I look forward more than you can imagine to getting back to what I love doing the most, but until then, I am breaking things up with a little humor. Hope you enjoy!


And a funny video to end the post…



Yes, guess I am getting a little delirious in my “shelter in placing”. I do cautiously feel like things will start to improve very slowly but we will graduate to a new normal and this is going to require some serious adjusting. I know for so many of us, life as we know it has changed dramatically.

Things cancelled, special events that we were anticipating have just gotten wiped off the calendar, trips are not happening for quite a while, social gatherings as we know them will be changed for the foreseeable future,  but truth is these are all nothing compared to all those who have died and the families mourning their losses, the number of deaths is staggering.

Then there are the unsung heroes, the medical caregivers and I worry about the psychological effects  down the road on these fearless workers, seeing what they have seen in a such a short condensed period of time. A lot to think about. So if I can take a few minutes to smile or laugh, you better believe I do!

I appreciate you stopping in, hope you are safe and staying home. We really are all in this together and I cannot wait until we slowly start “getting back” as I miss my life, my family and friends, working and being surrounded by the comfort of my favorite things:) Be well, until next time……

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leigh b on

Thank you so very much for the laughs! Much appreciated!!! Stay safe and well…

Alice Genzlinger on

Yikes, this sheltering in place thing is beginning to feel normal!

Roxanne on

Loved the laughs! I would add “new normal” to the list of banned words/phrases!

Dianne Kropp on

Thanks for the belly laughs, I needed that. You’re the engine that pulls this train on so many days, so thank you!! Be well and have a good day.

Franki on

Tell me…………franki

Barbara on

Hilarious! Great thing to see on Saturday morning. You will be surprised at how fast we will re-adjust to normal life again-this doesn’t mean we forget the experience-we couldn’t- or the suffering but the gratitude will overwhelm us and it won’t be long-keep your chin up! And remember the lessons we have learned and life can actually be better-

Susan Hayes Long on

What a great way to start a Saturday when every day is a long weekend Monday. Thank you so much and please keep sharing.

Deanna on

Thank you. I send this on to my family, so we can enjoy a laugh. We all need a break from this virus, and laughing is a good way to start the day. Hope you have a beautiful day…..

Eve B on

Thank you for the much needed laughs. Hope all is well with you and your family. Stay safe!

Amy on

Thanks! I needed that!

Elizabeth on

Thank you for the laughs, Tina. They are so very appreciated. Keep ‘em coming!

Eileen on

I absolutely couldn’t stop laughing, out loud and Loudly!!! The best yet!!! Thanks so much!!

Bebe on

Last year I asked someone if he was enjoying being retired and his response was,””Yes, my life now is six Saturdays and a Sunday.” Now I need to ask him that again since there apparently isn’t even a Sunday any longer.
Thanks, Tina, for the laughs because I know I’m not the only one whose need is to simply resume our usual routines.

Teena Tucker on

Unprecedented is being nominated for the list of words we never want to hear again! If they want to say “This has never happened before” that’s just fine, but please not the Un word! ?

Judy Walters on

Thanks much for the laughs! The video was fun too.
Stay safe – we need you!

S Smith on

I have enjoyed these each time you’ve sent them out. Really helps because it reminds us we are in this together and together we will get through it. The laughter lifts spirits for sure and a reminder to those who deal with this virus more directly how grateful we are for their expertise and dedication

Marie Economus on

Thank you for making my days brighter! I love your blue and white. I collect blue and white vases and Other objects but just lost my zeal to do much. I guess it’s my age 76! Looking at your page makes me wish I had your zeal! Thank you

Pam W on

LOVED the music video!?

Susan Pattengill on

I made a donation to the the NY Flower Market Employee Relief Fund when I read about it in your column. I got an email stating that it is being refunded. I contacted them to ask why, but didn’t get a satisfactory answer. Do you know why? Thanks.

Dina on

You are so sweet to include these really adorable bits. I am glad someone, somewhere is thinking them up for all of us to giggle.

Fran W. on

Laughter is so good for the soul. Thanks for adding some lightness to my day!

Ixora on

Thanks for posting this, it really made me smile…😅

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