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Hi there and good Sunday morning to you! Hope this finds you doing well, as well as can be expected.  Can you believe its been over a month since we have been socially isolating/staying home! This is a month-ish,  I don’t think any of us will ever forget. I know I won’t and it will make even the smallest events in life feel like a celebration. Makes me pause and think about life “pre Covid-19” and I have to say I find myself daydreaming of just getting back to normal, even if it’s a new version:)

I know this is going to be a very gradual process and it will not be like a switch that just goes on but I am looking forward to at least beginning the process WHEN it is deemed safe for the American people.

In the meantime, trying to keep things on schedule here and making them pretty!  I hear from a lot of you that you are really enjoying reading my blog posts to help  get through this life changing ordeal. Believe me, its as cathartic for me as it is you reading it:) Here we go with this weeks Sunday post-



1 COMMERCIALS CHANGING WITH THE TIMES I was talking to my sister and we both commented on how quickly various companies were able to change their commercials without skipping a beat to reflect this new life we are living. It was pretty impressive.

Don’t know if its because I am feeling unusually emotional due to the tremendous sadness of this but some of them make me cry,  they just stir up so many emotions. A few below are some of the ones I found particularly poignant and touching.




2 REESE WITHERSPOON AND HER KINDNESS I have always loved Reese, she seems so real in a world of many fake celebrities. She is a refreshing change, then when I read her book, she really won me over for life.

I recently read how she offered via her company, Draper James,  every teacher a free dress, what a southern peach:) The response was understandably enormous and it’s nice to see celebrities using their platform to do such good things, love Reese!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Another incredible round of my Instagram faves of the week. So many beautiful things, definitely a highlight of my week! These beautiful images inspire me and give me hope for getting back to surrounding myself and creating beauty again….


4 ONE BEAUTIFUL PALMETTO BLUFF WEDDING Another gorgeous wedding to get your mind off of what is happening right now. Let the beauty of this gorgeous wedding in Palmetto Bluff take you away for a few minutes. Another simply gorgeous wedding by Easton Events, they really are a master at their craft!!

If you want to see more of this gorgeous affair, click here

5 NEW GOODIES.  We have had some exciting and very beautiful new things happening behind the scenes. Say hello to some beautiful new linens…we will hold a monogram linen sale sometime in the next week, where we have several fabulous new styles as well as new fonts. Loving the ginger jar and trellis font, stay tuned. Just love these!!


Then we miraculously got a large container from India that we were waiting on, it was a thrill. I was SOOOO excited to see this finally land. After being stuck in the middle of the ocean for a few weeks, it arrived safe and sound. We were able to gain access to the warehouse for a few hours to have the guys unload it and had them take a few pics to send me.

For your eyes only! All presale orders will ship starting this week (we will be given limited access to our warehouse).  Heres a look at some of what arrived from our recent tabletop container…we will hold an arrival sale next week so stay tuned.

And I cannot tell you how excited I am for the pink and white tulipieres to arrive!!! Look how beautiful  with flowers! We will hold our presale on these in the next two weeks.

6 A BOOK YOU MUST ADD TO YOUR DESIGN BOOK COLLECTION I cannot tell you how magnificent this book is. When I LOVE a book, I want to share it with you and this gorgeous tabletop book currently ranks as one of my top four of all time! Say hello to You’re Invited by Stephanie Booth Shafran.

The cover alone made it worth it, but upon opening it and turning the pages, its one delightful surprise after another…..front to back, this book is a feast of beauty. So gorgeous, filled with a plethora of entertaining ideas, recipes, and more. Run don’t walk to order it… here to buy on Amazon.



7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  So it’s been about 5 weeks. About 4 weeks ago I did a poll asking for your present state of mind and how ou were doing overall. Now its about a month later and I am asking the same. I recognize depending on where you are, this can be widely variable.

Some places have been spared and have seen very few cases whereas other areas have been ravaged. I go back and forth between doing as well as can be expected to feeling anxious for what lies ahead. It surely makes you realize just how vulnerable the human race is.


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, tried to include as many uplifting, positive and pretty things as I could. Because I recognize we are surrounded by plenty of negative, sad, depressing news. But again, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this. It might be a new normal at the end of the tunnel but we are a perseverent nation and will rise again!

Thank you for stopping in, always love hearing from you. Hope you and your family are doing well, staying safe and staying home so that we can all get back to living our best lives! Until next time….

PS Unadvertised special… we are in the spring and let’s face it the melamine is not only beautiful but so easy and convenient, we have a special gift with purchase!

With every purchase of $40 or more of melamine, receive a free large serving bowl. We have also added new listings for services of four in addition to the individual listings. Click here to see our beautiful melamine collection.

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Eve B on

Always look forward to Seven On Sunday. Thank you. Please stay safe.

Lesley on

Unfortunately, Draper James only had 250 dresses to give away. The whole badly executed exercise has backfired on them badly with the resulting bad publicity.

Sharon Simms on

Thanks so much for highlighting the best our world has to offer and bringing an encouraging take on this unprecedented life. Things will improve in time and seeing all your lovely photos and videos reminds us of the good in people and the beauty in our world.

Teresa Hatfield on

Great post. The videos get me every time. Proud to be an American.

Franki on

Ordering that book in anticipation of better days to come…thanx!! franki

Annie on

Hi Tina another beautiful post! My niece was a recipient of one of the dresses donated from Draper James and I thought it was a beautiful gesture!

Your new products are so beautiful and I am dying for those pink tulipieres!! Well done! Thanks for that book recommendation also.

As far as how I’m feeling, with a husband who is a physician and who has been working up to 17 hours a day I am understandably concerned and have a first-hand account of what is going on (we are in Chicago area).

So I would say I’m between a six and a seven on most days! Very concerned however as is almost everyone of the medical community about the loosening of the shelter in place guidelines in some parts of the country… most think this will result in a dangerous outcome.

I hope that you were staying safe cannot tell you how uplifting your blog is and you have such a wonderful way with words! Take care..

Janet on

What a thoughtful post. As someone who worked in marketing for many years, I too have been struck by the shift in messaging in commercials. his is a tough time to promote yourself or your business. PSA’s are everything. For the most part I feel good, the weather is improving here in Chicago, so we can spend time puttering in the yard. We walk every day. I easily entertain myself with cooking, sewing, etc. BUT I am very frustrated with the lack of national leadership and worried about people demanding we reopen the country before we should. I think it will only make things worse, and we’ve come so far.

Susan on

Another wonderful post, cannot tell you how much I enjoy these!

I wanted to say how surprised I was when I got my porcelain order the other day… The happiest surprise I’ve had in five weeks! Everything is just beautiful and so well packed.

All of your new products are very beautiful, how exciting. I feel pretty good on those days, by nature I’m a very positive person but I am very nervous for what lies ahead in the world. And I am particularly feeling so let down by our federal government, there has been zero national leadership. A very sad state of affairs for our country.

Let us all pray and hope that this will end well.

S P on

Reese Witherspoon offered to give teachers free Draper James dresses if they entered her giveaway.
They only had 250 dresses to give away, and there are more than three million public school teachers in America.
Some teachers have since criticized the giveaway and feel it was a “marketing ploy.”

Angela Middleton on

You are always so positive! Love it! Stay well.

Marvin on

Best wishes Tina. Thanks for the humorous posts throughout the week as well as “Seven on Sunday” a Sunday staple.

Jenny on

Tina, your words of encouragement come to us throughout the week and without out your blog, I know loneliness would be an extra word to describe many of us who are sheltering in place and socially distancing.
Thank you for trying to lift the spirits of so many, as we try to figure out the truth about this virus.

One in particular strikes me, as a White House media consultant called the “covid-19 not a big deal because there had been 18 viruses before it”-

I think facts matter, the reason why it is called the Covid-19 is because the virus began in year 2019, not because of a virus number –

She was not corrected, while being interviewed, but, a physician friend of mine corrected me when I repeated what I had just heard from Kelly Ann Conway.

Truthfulness and correct information matters –

I salute those who are working to care for us from first responders to those working in farms, grocery stores, delivery trucks and the Good Samaritans delivery food to the elderly and those in need –

Thank you from the bottom of my heart-

Hildred Sullivan on

Still nervous in NJ but going to add to my melamine collection in anticipation of better days ahead. My daughter is in Georgia where NO ONE seems to be understanding what shelter in place means. Very afraid of opening up the country too soon and having a rebound. Thanks for keeping our spirits up!

Karen Wheat on

Sadly many of us have been “stay home” for much longer than a month—and not in a resort area. We know “normal” is a long way off and will be very different until there is a vaccine…and even then “not so normal”. No need to keep reminding us of how long it has been.
Also, Reese was motivated by good but the execution was a disaster…disappointing some deserving teachers.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Great to read your post this morning! Yes! Reese is a treasure, I love everything about her. So genuine! Thank you for the book recommendation, it looks beautiful.
Have a wonderful week!

Norina on

Thanks for the variety of videos. It shows how we, as a people come together in time of need.

Barbara on

Wish you would make plain white tulipieres as pictured. Those I would buy.

Kate on

Thank you for you uplifting Posts .

I think Resse’s donation came from the heart. 250 dresses is very kind. It could be a collaborative— venture she can’t expect to donate three million. Others should step up & help her.

Linda Murray on

Reese Witherspoon’s company Draper James resented their dress offer to teachers and chose 200 teachers to get a dress and sent all the rest a 30% off coupon on a full price dress which most teachers could not afford even with a 50% off coupon. I am sure her heart was in the right place but a bit disappointing.

linda pederson on

Could you tell me where your items in your shop are imported from? Thank you Linda

Alice Genzlinger on

I read Psalms 91 most days and anxiety flees. This is my 6th week of sheltering and it’s beginning to feel normal. Scary. Keep up the work of bringing beauty into our day. Thank you.

Sherry on

Dear Tina,
I always look forward to all of your posts, they are truly a beautiful departure from our current circumstances. It takes a lot of work to put these together so well, and your words are so kind and heart-felt. I am a furloughed RN, and my husband is a Pediatrician. I feel somewhat guilty because my area (surgical) was shut down temporarily. Here in Dallas, we have been very fortunate with much fewer cases of COVID than in your area. NYC is my favorite city in the world, and I have been praying daily for everyone there. I really appreciate your continuing with this beautiful blog because it has helped me focus on positive things. Although I understand that people are understandably stressed and frustrated, I do wish that posters did not use this beautiful place to foment political disagreements. It is not the place. I can read disparaging remarks about our leaders on every TV channel and newspaper. I come here to escape all of that, and would encourage your readers to maintain that boundary. Be safe and well. xo

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