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Hi friends, time to slowly get back to doing what we love…..we are working remotely with access to our office/warehouse once a week for a few hours. When I featured some of these linens on Instagram many inquired about them so we decided to go ahead and hold this sale now. Beautiful diversion can be a good thing right now:)  We got a huge shipment of our incredible linens during the chaos and what a sight for sore eyes!

Our monogrammed line of linens is growing and we are so happy to add several new styles and some new fonts. A monogrammed napkin or guest towel is a time honored beautiful and elegant expression of taking things to the next level. Few things can elevate a setting as a monogrammed linen can.

Every season,  we hold a 2/3 day linen sale.  All of these items will be added online in the next week or so at their regular selling price (still less than most custom monogrammed shops) but today’s prices are a special flash sale pricing.

Great time to take advantage and do something nice for yourself (or makes one heck of a great gift)! Just a few rules to go over before placing an order. Details on how to order are at the end of the post-

  • At this time, we are only accepting your order request via email (since our offices are not open at this time) Email all orders to
  • Please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number and email address
  • Please order using item number and tell us quantity, font style, color(s) choice and your monogram (how you want it to appear)
  • A sample of what you order should look like is at the bottom of this post as well as ordering instructions
  • Limited numbers of each item shown
  • It would be a good idea when submitting your order request to also consider including a second choice style of napkin
  • Prices include monogramming (except placemats which are not monogrammed)
  • Once we have your order with all information, we will send an invoice to you which is payable online
  • We will invoice you by end of day for your order (taking a little longer since we are working remotely)
  • ALL invoices due within 12 hours
  • Approx. lead time is 2 weeks to process these orders
  • Shipping is extra
  • International shipping? Please email for a shipping quote
  • For anyone looking to order more than 24 napkins please contact us for a large quantity discount at
  • This sale will send on Friday, after that these will go online to our online shop and will be offered at their regular selling price



ITEM 1 These incredible dinner napkins are a classic and are a best selling style just got this style back in. The simplicity showcases the monogram beautifully. Featuring an elegant single oversized open hemstitch, which are 55% linen and 45% cotton and measure 21″ x 21″. (coordinating place mat on bottom)

Sold in sets of 4, 8 or 12

4 monogrammed napkins-$130.00

8 monogrammed napkins- $220.00

12 monogrammed napkins- $310.00

The napkin below is the exact napkin except does not have the two outside border just the single open hemstitch border in center

ITEM 2  NEW STYLE A brand new addition, a classic napkin with an open weave border with flowers…love this!   An elegant understated napkin indeed with such pretty details.  These beautiful napkin are 55% linen and 45% cotton and measure 21″ x 21″ (matching placemat on bottom)

Sold in sets of 4, 8 or 12

4 monogrammed napkins-$140.00

8 monogrammed napkins- $240.00

12 monogrammed napkins- $330.00

ITEM 3 NEW STYLE These new piped scalloped napkins are so beautiful. A new addition to our growing line of monogrammed napkin. These stunning napkins measure 20″ x 20″ and are 100% linen.

At this time we are offering white on white, white with navy piping, white with beige, white with red and white with green

Sold in sets of 4, 8 or 12

4 monogrammed napkins-$145.00

8 monogrammed napkins- $240.00

12 monogrammed napkins- $335.00

Navy shown below on left (did not have it for above group photo)

ITEM 4 NEW STYLE Another new addition are these fabulous linen napkin with 1″ colored flange. Measures 21 x 21, 55% are linen and 45% cotton.

At this time we are offering white with light blue, white with tan (top row), and white with soft green (last row right)

4 monogrammed napkins-$145.00

8 monogrammed napkins- $240.00

12 monogrammed napkins- $335.00

So beautiful for spring!

ITEM 5 These amazing scalloped Swiss dot napkin are sensational looking and a top seller, they were sold out for months but just came back in. Measures 21 x 21, and are 55% linen and 45% cotton, features spectacular details! (offered in white only at this time)

4 monogrammed napkins-$145.00

8 monogrammed napkins- $240.00

12 monogrammed napkins- $335.00

ITEM 6 Another customer favorite are these intricate embroidered napkins, looks like something from a bygone era. This is one of our three best selling styles. These are 55% linen and 45% cotton. (placemats to match on bottom)

4 monogrammed napkins-$150.00

8 monogrammed napkins- $255.00

12 monogrammed napkins- $350.00

ITEM 7 NEW! Guest towels are an easy way to add instant elegance to any room, especially great for powder rooms and guest baths. Such an elegant personalized touch. These are 55% linen and 45% cotton

These measure 14 x 22

2 or more guest towels $28.00 each

4 or more guest towels $ 26.00 each

6 or more guest towels $24.00 each




ITEM 8  NEW! Placemats, these incredible intricately detailed placemats are sold in sets of 12 only.

ITEM 8A To match our napkins (item 6) , this intricate stunning placemat measures 14″x. 20″ and is 55% linen and 45% cotton.

$135.00 per set of 12

ITEM 8B Our triple hemstitch which matches the napkins (item 2) measures 14″x 20″ and are 55% linen and 45% cotton. Works great with item 1 (single oversized hemstitch)

$105.00 per set of 12

ITEM 8C A new style, love this lace cutout with floral detailing..fabulous! Measures 14″ x 20″ and these are 55% linen and 45% cotton. The single hemstitch (item 1) is a great match to this.

$125.00 per set of 12

ITEM 8D Another new style, these crisp white placemats feature beautiful colored hemstitching. Measures 14″ x 20″ 55% linen 45% cotton.

At this time we are offering the pale blue or medium green.


ITEM 8E Fabulous mosaic open floral weave border placemat. 14″ x 20″, 55% linen and 45% cotton

Set of 12 $120.00



Ginger jar


Current fonts-



So once you email your order, it should look like this (this is completed and what we need in order to send you an invoice). Thank you!


Well, this was an instant mood lifter and though I have quite a stash I decided to order myself a new set that I will break out post quarantine for a celebratory dinner:) Please follow the simple ordering instructions above to place your order and send in your order to-


Thanks for stopping in, hope you are doing well, staying safe and staying home so we can all get back to living our best lives. I am thinking about you all and can’t wait until we can virtually celebrate putting this behind us. Until then I pray for all who have been affected and of course all our those heroes on the front line from many walks of life. Stay well! Until next time…

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Karen on

so gorgeous but these days anything that requires hand wash and ironing–just cannot fit into my life…maybe one day in the future…with the Virus and Stay at Home and all these new people who have come back to roost…it is wash and wear for napkins and wipe surfaces for placemats…sigh..

Susan on

I got some of the napkins last year and cannot tell you how much I love them I just sent you my order… The quality is going to that and love all of the styles! Hope and your family are well.

MaryE, McKellar on

Do you monograms when the last name begins with Mc?

Randie Miller on

Could you tell me where your linens are made.

Linda Cashman on

I would like to see chinoiserie tole floor lamps in navy blue and ivory, black and gold, red and gold, green and gold and ivory and lighter blue (like the blue on the chinoiserie tole lamps). It would be nice to have the shades chinoiserie tole and the option of getting a fabric shade (like your new printed shades in different colors). I think the traditional tole lampshades are great.

Linda Cashman on

Can you get the ginger jar design on #6 the embroidered napkins? I think that would be really pretty.

Sarah Freed on

Hello, if only one initial is used is the cost the same? If I put F In middle of the monogram what are your suggestions for the other two letters? My first initial and my husbands?

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