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Hi everyone, whether you have followed me for a month of 2 years, you know I love sitting a pretty table. I do it as much for myself as I do others because there are few things as enjoyable as sitting at a beautiful table! With this new lifestyle that finds so many of us at home, there’s nothing wrong with making small simple meals pretty. I think food might taste just a bit better when you are lucky enough to be sitting at a beautiful table:)

Why not take out all your favorite entertaining items, that gorgeous crystal, beautiful linens, favorite china that’s being saved for a “special occasion” and treat your family to a beautifully laid out table. Every day should be a special occasion:) I actually started taking things out yesterday and plan on practicing what I preach!

I am as guilty as the next person as to why in the world we don’t use and cherish using those fine pieces that sit in their storage areas 90% of the time! Kind of like the living room and dining room:) So maybe this contest will inspire to go and play “dress up” with your table and enter this contest! You can submit 1-2 pictures (must be different settings) and it can be of a previously set table, party, event, holiday, etc…as long as it’s yours. Please read the rules below before sending in your pictures(s)-

  •  Please submit 1-2 pictures to
  • Please put CONTEST on subject line
  • If submitting 2 pictures, must be 2 different table settings
  • The theme is table settings
  • Size, quality and clarity count! Please see examples below, if we cannot take your picture, we will let you know
  • We are taking submissions today through May 2nd or until we have 80 pictures
  • There will be a cap of 80 pictures
  • The contest will begin on or around May 5th/May 6th
  • The winner will win an amazing bundle pack of various tabletop items from our exclusive line of products (hurricanes, flatware, serving pieces, etc…)
  • This contest is open only to those in United States (so sorry to my wonderful international readers)
  • Questions? Please email us at


Here are a few examples of what a good picture looks like, preferably taken in natural daylight, at least 400 x 600 (bigger is better), crisp colors, in focus and no glare or reflections.


I cannot wait to start getting your pictures!! Here is just a recap of what you need to do to enter. Of course if you have any questions email us at

Thank you for stopping in. Hope you are staying safe and are well. I know it’s been a incredibly surreal almost 6 weeks as we try to grapple with a new reality.I have learned I do best when I take it one day at a time. When I think too much into the future it creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety which I most certainly do not need.

I know one day we will be celebrating when this is all over and I eagerly await that time. In the meantime,  I keep all those who have passed away, their families and all of the heroic front liners who wear many different hats for doing the job they do every day. There are so many remarkable people out there. Until next time….

PS Last day of monogram linen sale is today!! So many beautiful new linen napkins and guest towels. Click here to visit the sale.


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Barbara on

I have actually done this once or twice since this whole thing we are living through started-the surprise and gratitude on the faces of those I love has been very surprising and touched me deeply-people are trying their best to put a brave face on everything and go about their business but when an effort is made like that and it reminds people of their humanness and the wonderful things of life, their gratitude is very heartfelt and makes all the difference in dinner time conversation and feelings of cheeriness-it’s been wonderful. I don’t always have the time but it’s worth it when I take the time

Susan on

What beautiful examples! You set the bar high, I will be sending in pictures from a 50th birthday dinner I hosted a few months ago. Great idea!

Lynne Hampshire on

Disappointed it’s only for USA, I was all excited ??

Carmen on

What is the brand of those beige and gold dishes – they definitely look like an antique but wanted to know the brand and pattern – they are beautiful

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