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Good Sunday midday friends, hope this finds you well. We are back in NY and it’s always nice to be “home” but a part of me definitely is back on my beautiful peaceful porch in PB:) The weather has been unusually cool with too many gloomy, rainy days for my taste. All those house projects have yet to begin so today I am hoping to make some headway. Two closets are begging to be organized and a huge box of thousands of pictures needs sorting through. I have a stack of books on my nightstand and a battalion of movies titles I would love to watch so hopefully today will be a balance of work and play:)

Definitely requires some adjusting getting used to this new life. I realized lately how much I miss little things like getting up and dressing to go into my office, surrounding myself with all my beautiful things, getting my creative energy flowing, seeing friends, making plans, going to a theater, traveling, so much to miss! There is almost this weird mourning that I feel like I am going through. Not to mention my out of body experience yesterday at the market, so much that it brought me to tears, (thankfully I had my mask to hide them behind). It’s a whole new world and yes, it’s overwhelming. I am trying my best to take it one day at a time but when life in general feels canceled it’s a lot to take in.

Yet, I am fully aware that I am one of he lucky ones in all this. We are healthy, together have a roof and food. There are so many who don’t. I thank you for your suppose in helping me make a nice donation to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry. Working on another campaign for next week.

Then those true warriors, the front liners who wear so many hats from doctors and nurses to truck drivers and store stock clerks. So many putting their lives on the line. I just hope this all ends soon, this degree of suffering is heartbreaking and hard to watch.  All I can do is cling onto hope and pray. OK switching gears, onto this Sunday post for a pretty little break, which I think we all need.



1 SETTING THE TABLE I decided that even though we are home every night and eating casually I would start setting a pretty table mostly because it just makes  me happy and everything tastes better when you get to sit down at a gorgeous table.

Plus it gives me a chance to bring out all my favorite things and USE them. Not saving for a special occasion but just enjoying them NOW. Here are a few recent table settings. Found the white flowers at my local supermarket, got what I could find!

Above is our new wicker flatware, click here and new monogrammed ginger jar napkin, click here (plates are from Blue Canton and chargers are from Juliska) Tablecloth is the Chloe from my shop (click here)

And here is another night where I had a reservation in my dining room:) Used my favorite tablecloth, favorite Mottahedeh plates, our gorgeous new silver scalloped flatware (click here) and chargers (click here)

2 AN EASY AND INCREDIBLY YUMMY BOLOGNESE SAUCE! When I was in PB, I started having to brainstorm  to create easy but delicious dinners. One thing I had not made in ages was a good Bologneses sauce. We have an Italian specially shop in NY where I pick up fresh made marinara. So I decided to try my hand at one without my “go to” sauce. And surprisingly this came out AMAZINGLY good.  I sauteed ripe tomatoes with garlic and onion as a base then added the Rao’s jar sauce. That is the only jar sauce I like. Here is what I did-

one medium onion

4-6  gloves garlic

one large carton fresh tomatoes on vine

olive oil

one large jar of Raos Marinara

Fresh basil

Lean hamburger meat (I buy 90-93% lean)

About 1/4 cup of white wine

Freshly grated parmigiano  (to taste, I personally LOVE it)

Olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic salt

Sauteed the garlic, celery and onion until well done.

Added tomato cut in half and sautéed together, then added 3/4 of the fresh basil chopped.

Put it aside and browned the hamburger meat well.

Added salt and pepper.  Added hamburger meat to tomato sauce mixture. Added Rao’s sauce. Cook for about an hour on a low heat, stirring occasionally.

Serve with very al dente pasta (as it will continue to cook when the hot sauce is placed over it) and of course fresh parm and a few basil leaves chopped…bon appeitit!

3. INTERESTING ARTICLE ON MENTAL HEALTH DURING THE PANDEMIC I know most of us are dealing with a gamut of emotions from being scared, overwhelmed worries, anxious and all those can manifest themselves into real physical me, I know:) I found this article reassuring and interesting, in case you have a hard time sometimes grappling with this new reality. Read more here

4. A SNEAK PEEK AT NEW PRODUCTS.  Despite  several glitches with incoming shipments due to the pandemic, we shockingly got part of a huge accessories shipment and our new gift wrap.

You cannot imagine what a wonderful surprise it was, it practically had me doing cartwheels! And our new pastel Staffordshire dogs are arriving either tomorrow or Tues. It’s like Christmas in April and at a time where we all are so grateful to have something to get excited about, BELIEVE ME!

Here is a look at the new Staffordshire pastel dogs which I soo love-

And a look at the gift wrap!! I love it so much., my favorite collection yet. Did not take professional shots yet so these were taken on the fly in not very good lighting but it certainly gives you the idea!!

We will hold an arrival sale sometime this week on gift wrap and the dogs above, so stay tuned! Just love these papers, best part is they are all reversible to an equally beautiful coordinating pattern-

These first two were patterns that I did as part of a collaboration with Giddy Paperie This is the topiary/ginger jar signature print with reversible pink trellis…LOVE this. Such a beautiful way yo give a gift.

This is the previous pink spring pupa paper which also reservers to a beautiful trellis floral, such a stunner! The green ribbon is a little strong I would opt for a softer green but it still shows how fabulous this paper is:)

Then there is our topiary and navy trellis paper, adore this and the combination of blue/white/green!

6. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Absolutely no theme whatsoever just whatever struck mt fancy, a little bit of this  and a bit of that….

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK, so this is about our current state of affairs. Granted life is far from normal. I know for us that out of body reality is more extreme than others, depending on what state we are in. The “opening” of states which in and of itself sounds funny, is a precarious dance, and is unchartered waters for all of us. I know some states are easing restrictions and allowing certain types of business to open. Why the rush for a tattoo parlor to open,  escapes me but whatever:)

I have been thinking lately that even when things do open in NY,  and from the sounds of things it’s going to be a while, with definite changes in place to be sure. I am not sure so sure how eager I will be to go into a restaurant or any public space where there would be large crowds. I am thinking there will probably be a return to people hosting friends in their homes…the old fashioned dinner party. I think  for me at least, it will be that way for a while.

So here’s my question,  how long do you think its going to be until things truly feel normal (even with some small changes in place)? Shops fully open, restaurants, all services back to normal, etc……curious as to what you think.


Well friends, that wraps this up for this Sunday. I hope you are doing as well as can be expected. We are due to get more rain today…not quite what I was hoping. I may spend the day going through umpteen boxes of pictures I have that need sorting in a desperate way. Doing that always put a smile on my face because its so cathartic and brings back such good memories.

Also will have all three of my boys home today which is a treat so will make a favorite dinner. Trying to focus on doing the good and positive things and to keep as busy as I can within the confines of my home:) I hope you are staying safe, are well and healthy. Hope everyone is staying home and practicing social distancing so we can get our lives back…I known everyone is anxious to reconnect with the world again. Take good care, until next time….


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Jill on

Don’t you think this would be a perfect time to get a puppy – you are home, it would give you something to keep your spirits up?

Just a thought, we are in the middle of a serious lockdown in South Africa and watching what is going on in the States with interest so difficult not to be down when you look at the death rates.

Take care and be safe.

Franki on

Even though “we” ARE lucky…melancholy has struck…it will never be “normal” as we knew it…this “disease” is here to stay with polio, measles, etc. Now, we acclimate…* sigh* franki

Sandra on

The sun is shining all our healthy yes life’s have changed but it’s still a Wonderful and very JoyFULL life

Susan on

A lot till up here today, your table settings are so beautiful. You look inspired me to set a pretty table for my own family tonight!

Just love the new products, the dogs are adorable and that gift wrapping paper is sensational. Cannot wait to buy some!

Here in California I think we are going to be in the situation for quite some time and I think even as they start to as they say open up parts of our state, I think many are going to be very reluctant to venture out into crowded places. I know I will be one of them and don’t plan on going to a restaurant for quite a while.

It’s heartbreaking to say that because we love going out and have several favorite restaurants in our area but I just can’t imagine sitting near other people knowing that they could be caring the COVID-19 virus especially because my husband at only 55 isn’t a high risk category.

Stay safe Tina

BB on

What a beautiful post to start my Sunday. Your new products are incredible absolutely love that gift wrap when will it be available!!

Your set table is so beautiful! Thank you for always giving loads of new Instagram accounts to follow.

Ann on

You have inspired me to set a fancy table for our meals. I think your right about hosting dinners in our homes instead of dining out in restaurants when things open up. We try to order from one of our local restaurants once a week trying to help them to keep operating. I know just one family isn’t much, but there are groups of people doing the same thing where they all order from the same restaurant and one person goes and picks up all the meals and drops them off at each home.
Also love your new wrapping paper.

Linda Cashman on

I think everybody needs to get back to work as soon as possible—New York and New Jersey comprise 1/3 of all the deaths in the country and do not represent the country as a whole. People can be careful with hands
washing, sanitizers, etc. I bet the flu season will be light this year after this. EVERYONE of all social classes need to get back to their livelihoods—hairdressers, restaurant owners, tattoo parlors (that’s how some people make a living), office workers, interior designers, bankers, retail shop owners. We were all scared to death by vastly overinflated death predictions. Now that we know how contagious this is we can be very careful until a medication for treatment is approved. Many elderly die in nursing homes every year from pneumonia and the flu because of the very reason they are in nursing homes. We all just need to be very vigilant with our hygiene and actions, wear masks if we are immune compromised or have underlying health conditions, but we need to get back to work—life as we know it cannot survive much more of this quarantine because of the problems quarantine causes—unemployment, abuse, suicide, etc.

Jo Anne Jones on

Love the wrapping paper, but also love the blue and white gingham ribbon. Do you sell it as well?

Alice Genzlinger on

Tina, when given lemons, make lemonade. When I fill anxiety about anything I read Psalms 91 and all anxiousness goes away. Peace and Joy.

Catherine B. on

Tina – I agree with Jill (the 1st comment on this post). We lost our beloved Frenchie unexpectedly a year and a half ago..A house is certainly different without a dog. We are getting two puppies next month!! We figured now would be a good time and we are ready. Certainly worth considering. Enjoy your week!!

Mitch Rhoades on

Dear Tina, I’m feeling some of the same things you are experiencing. I found this on face book a couple of days ago, and I printed it and put it on my wall———–“I walk around acting like everything is OK…………….But deep down inside I want to put up my Christmas Tree.” ———————-and to All a Safe and Good Night!

Diana on

You have a beautiful website with beautiful things . Also, I love to read about all the Holidays and luncheons , and how beautiful you decorate a table.
Where exactly is your location, and store? And you had mentioned moving from another State? I’m assuming a warmer climate! LOL!
Be safe and keep up the good work.
We Thankyou.?

Diane on

Your posts always make me feel better!
Esp. the part today about the boxes of photos!! It has taken me two weeks to whittle down 25 years of
family photos to 20 boxes! (plus 2 more – one for Italy & one for Nantucket!) I will next be sorting them
into the albums I started years ago for my sons…(What happens to the photos on your smart phone?!! I have mysteriously lost so many on mine!) SO I like to have the hard copies! And exactly like you said,
it transports you away so that you can forget for a little while the current state of the world & also feel
so gratful & blessed looking back on the past. Hugs to you Tina. From south Georgia.

linda pederson on

Can you tell me-Are most of your items in your shop from China-I am not trying to be snarky….I am on a mission o buy
items from the USA-our country needs to take back manufacturing in my opinion-Thanks-Linda

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