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Bobette Lerner on

How can I purchase the paper with the bright pink hydrangeas and tulips in the blue and white containers?

Sharon Valentine on

I am sure that I am the only one who has been having trouble bringing up your website. I have been trying to buy some of the new wrapping papers, etc. that are new in your line, but to no avail. I can’t bring up the items I have wanted to buy no matter what I do……I have clicked on the Boxwood Topiary and the Floral Trellis papers, but seem to be locked out. I have even gone to the top of your site where it says I can “Shop,” but find only older papers, none of the newer ones. I guess it is too late to buy any of the package “Toppers, but I have really tried to acquire them, also. I have also tried to buy several rolls of the blue and white Gingham ribbon, but think they are all gone by now. Hope I can have better luck in the future.

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