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Hi friends, so here we go onto week 7. Here in NY, everyone is still home, businesses are still closed (except supermarkets, etc..). Going to a supermarket feels like an out of body experience where everyone almost looks alien like. I don’t think i will ever get used to that. Ever! Finding projects around the house (a good thing) going a bit stir crazy (a bad thing) but there have been some silver linings.

Two of my kids who live in the city are staying at our house and we have had so many wonderful dinners sitting around the table talking for an hour sometimes two. I don’t remember the last time that happened, it was wonderful. My youngest son who has always been a foodie, took up cooking (namely Italian) and has been giving my skills a run for their money:) We have sat down to some high quality restaurant quality meals and that has been a real treat.

On the downside, I miss seeing friends and family, hate that we have no social fun things to look forward to. Every single thing we were invited to from March to August has been canceled. Weddings, engagement parties, shower, birthdays, summer beach party all wiped out. Bummer but as I always say a small problem to have given the suffering that is going on around us. Those frontliners are the true heroes in all this. Truly remarkable people. And then all those who have passed away and their families, really heartbreaking. Almost too much to handle and think about. All we can do is keep them in our prayers and not lose hope.

As far as business goes,  we have been able to get into our office/warehouse once a week for a few hours which allows us to keep up with orders but we do appreciate your patience as everything is taking just a bit longer than usual. We are doing our very best and are eager to get back to doing what we love full time but are must abide by what  NY State tells us to do. We are lucky that our orders are, nothing short of a miracle, arriving now. Our gift wrap just arrived (sensational) and we will hold our gift wrap sale tomorrow. Our long awaited pastel Staffordshire dogs are arriving either tomorrow or Thursday! So, there are some good things happening too:)

We are communicating via email so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any question or inquiry about an order or Here we go with this weeks round of funnies, a little lighthearted humor is a good way to begin a day!


And this video is one of the funniest I have seen, could watch this all day long!


Hope these gave you a chuckle, it had me laughing all over again putting this post together. Granted this is so far off from my typical post however these are hardly normal times. One day, we will get back to “normal” though it will likely be on with a twist.

I hope this finds you doing well and safe. I realize this is quite different for a number of us, depending on where you are in the country but the gravity and seriousness of this is most certainly a nationwide problem and everyone’s actions have a cause and effect for everyone else…we are all in this together and we will come out of it together stronger and hopefully more united!

Stay safe! Until next time….

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Eileen on

Oh boy, did I need that!! I’m in tears belly laughing!! You’re a peach!

Mary Ann Frasher on

These are great, Tina. Thanks for bringing a little laughter to us this morning.

Susan K on

My daughter and I were laughing like crazy! Now I can’t trick her by sending a text to bring me snacks from the kitchen. Thank you Tina!

Vanessa on

Thank you for this. It was needed.

Deborah on

THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Love your posts!!
I really needed this one : )!

Nancy McMullen on

OMG!!!!!! I have loved your previous funnies but this selection is SUPREME!! Where do you get these??? I just saw and HOWLED at all of these after having left my beloved almost 15 year old dog at the vet with pancreatitis (the second time). I never needed mind-altering humor more!!! I’ll hear more this afternoon about my sweet Libby’s condition…and while I know she’s where she needs to be right now…I did the right thing. And coming home to see this and laugh, laugh…makes ME a stronger mama for my babe. Bless your heart for sharing…bless your heart <3 <3 <3

Maureen on

Thank you for the smiles.

Patricia Freeman on

You and The Enchanted Home are are blessing to all of your fans and clients. Be it a funny post, product inventory or images of your beautiful home, I always know your website will bring a smile. And These days we all could and should laugh….. if just a little! Prayers are also on my list for the first responders, medical professionals and their staff, and most importantly, the victims of covid-19.Yesterday I enjoyed doing some Christmas shopping on your website for my daughters with homes of their own…… both blue and white fans.

Thanks for all that you do…..


Roxanne on

Laughing and getting ready to show my husband! Thank you, Tina. I really needed the funnies.

Franki Parde on

LOL!!!!!! franki

Fran W. on

Once again, these had me laughing out loud. I especially love ‘How to Speak to Women During Quarantine.’ Priceless!

Jan Carol Stubblefield on

I am riding in the car with my husband reading these and really laughing hysterically with tears flowing and it’s driving him crazy. I told him he could look while we are in the drive through line! These are hilarious, thank you for giving us laughter during this stressful time!

Patricia Q. Patterson on

Things have been very hard dealing with this pandemic then Mother Nature hit us with a tornado here in Tennessee. We were so fortunate to not have our home destroyed but less than a mile from us is utter destruction. When you think things can’t get worse remember things can get worse! Thanks for the funny things to enjoy today.

Marvin on

These always make me laugh. Thanks!

Sonja Feliciano on

Thanks for the laughs and keeping us halfway sane!

Mary on

This was the best of the funny postings. Got a kick out of this group. Stay strong and relax about this situation, Tina. There is light at the end of this tunnel. My guess is that along with the tragic loss of loved ones from affected families, we will also learn about many heartwarming and miraculous stories from many different places. Thanks for the great posts. Let’s all Pray unceasingly.

Suzanne on

Loved every one of your “let’s laugh”. Hope you keep them coming, it really helps!!

Mitch Rhoades on

Greetings Tina, Do you think Miss. Piggy gave “Kerme” that fancy pair of under ware for Christmas?

Debi on

YES! I loved them all! I needed that

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