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Hi everyone, hope this finds you doing well and if you are anything like me, getting a little stir crazy after a long 6 weeks quarantine. This might brighten things up a little, our fabulous new spring gift wrap collection is here!

It was a long time in the making then when all the craziness happened, it prolonged things by a good 6 weeks. But thankfully my patience and power of positive thinking paid off, and we got our order in and it looks even more spectacular in person. Just LOVE these papers, cannot choose a favorite!! They are all reversible and of the highest quality. Talk about a way to wow your gift recipients! I think you would have a hard time finding prettier papers:)

I created my gift wrap line because I was tired of looking for beautiful gift wrap paper and never finding what I loved, so I created my own line and I have never looked back! We introduce new patterns every spring and holiday. This time I collaborated with fabulous Giddy Paperie on two of the patterns.

We did not hold a presale but are holding an arrival sale with special pricing before these exquisite papers go online. They are available as single rolls and reams. Just a few rules before you place your order

  • Please email your order to (we will also be in the office 10-12:30 on Thursday if you would like to call)
  • If emailing your order, we need- your full name, address and phone number in order to send you an invoice that is payable online
  • Please use item numbers, you can mix and match papers but all of them are sold by 2’s (we cannot process an order with a description must use item number)
  • Reams are sold individually
  • We have limited numbers of reams so subject to availability
  • Spend $250 or more and get a free box of gift toppers and 2 bonus rolls!
  • International shipping? Please email us at for a shipping quote
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours
  • Everything in stock and ready to ship
  • Wholesale? Contact wholesale@enchantedhome or if you have not yet registered, click here to register
  • Questions? Email us at



ITEM 1. Pink pups with reversible floral trellis (in collaboration with Giddy Paperie)

single rolls 30″ x  8 feet

reams 30″ x 204 feet

ITEM 2 Blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis- (in collaboration with Giddy Paperie)

single rolls 30″ x  8 feet

reams 30″ x 204 feet

ITEM 3. Our boxwood topiaries and reversible blue/white trellis- (our exclusive pattern)

single rolls 30″ x  8 feet

reams 30″ x 204 feet

ITEM 4. And say hello to our fabulous new signature logo gift wrap- (our signature gift wrap)

We will soon be offering custom gift wrap on certain gifts to make gift giving even easier!

single rolls 30″ x  8 feet

reams 30″ x 204 feet

ITEM 4 Our fabulous 3.5″ gift toppers! We have limited numbers of our fabulous glass gift toppers, they also make wonderful Christmas ornaments!

We only sell the gift toppers with the purchase of gift wrap

Staffordshire dogs- blue/white, pink/white, ivory/gold or black/white

BOX OF 4- $24.00

ITEM 5 We have very low stock on our ginger jar and pagoda toppers, a beautiful way to finish a gift that is sure to wow your gift recipients!! These also double as Christmas ornaments.

We only sell the gift toppers with the purchase of gift wrap

3.75″ pagoda or ginger jar

Box of 4-$24.00

ITEM 6 We just got in our blue/white 2″ gingham ribbon back in! Makes a perfect touch to all of these papers.

33 yard roll $20.00


One lucky winner will win FOUR ROLLS of his/her choosing. Simply leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite patterns and you will be entered. Will announce a winner on  Sunday!


And that friends is a wrap, pun intended:) If you want to place your order simple email or call (today will be in office 10-1). This sale will be on until Sunday and then these papers will go online. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day. Stay safe!! Until. next time….

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Dana Munoz on

Tina, these are all so beautiful! ? My favorite is #2 with the pretty blue & pink!!

christine e on

Spectacular! I do like them all, but the pink pups with the reversible trellis are my favorite! Yes everyone, please stay safe, we need each other to beat this thing!

Cheri P on

Love them all, so pretty. My favorite is the blue boxwood.

Marlene on

#2 is my favorite. So bright and cheerful

Mary on

All so beautiful. All things….pink

Jeanne on

I love the introduction of incorporating pink. My favorite is the pink and blue tulipieres. Second fav is the blue & green tulipieres.

Susan K on

Love the pink pups!

Marsha on

I LOVE all of the beautiful papers but #1, the pink pups with floral trellis is sooo sweet and girly-think “baby girl, BFF, and girl graduates”!!
I look forward to your emails as they put a smile on my face, especially now in these uncertain times!
Have you ever considered gift bags? I have been baking for gifts for neighbors and your gift bags in these beautiful prints would make wonderful presentations!
Thank you

Claire on

Lovely, my favorite is the Boxwood Topiary. That is such a classic. ❤️

Robin on

Wow! I wish I could wallpaper my powder room in #3!!! Hmmm…

Helen on

Your new pink pups gift wrap is so beautiful.
I’m having my first granddaughter soon and can’t wait to wrap beautiful presents for her .

kesha on

I love the Blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis and the Staffordshire dog pink gift toppers. This is the most beautiful giftwrap I think I have ever seen. I love it!

Nancy on

WOW! You hit this paper shipment out of the park. Stunning coordinating patterns and collection! So hard to pick a favorite. Perfection.

Deb Harris on

What says spring more than the pink pups with the reversible trellis? Flowers and puppies!

Ashley on

They are all beautiful but my favorite is the pink trellis wrapping paper!!

Elizabeth on

I Absolutely LOVE all of the beautiful papers! My favorite is probably the boxwood topiaries and reversible blue and white trellis. I do also really love the pink and white floral trellis!

Catherine O on

I LOVE the blue white topiaries/blue white trellis wrapping paper. I can also envision these patterns as wallpaper in my new home…

Beverly Rowntree on

Oh,my! All papers, ribbons, and toppers are so gorgeous! I seem drawn to the blue and pink tulipieres.

Tim F. on

I love the boxwood topiary and blue/white trellis wrap.

Catharine on

I love the Giddy tulipieres! Think it is just fab! Brightened my day seeing all the choices…Love, love, love!!

Vanessa on

I have to hand it to you, all are beautiful. But my favorite are the pink pups with reversible floral trellis. So Spring & Summer. Love them!!!!!!!

Alissa S on

These pretty wrapping papers would definitely bring a smile to people’s faces! I’m torn between the tulipiere and the boxwood papers.

Kelley Novak on

These papers are so fresh and beautiful. They all speak to my heart, but the blue and pink tulipieres and jars are my favorite ??. So fun and vibrant!!!

Karen F. on

Your wrapping papers are always full of pretty surprises Tina. The pink pups and floral trellis paper (#1) is soft and pretty and fun…it will be perfect for some upcoming baby girl presents!

Carol Mann on

Love all your new papers

Kristen on

I love the boxwood topiaries! This would make fabulous wallpaper as well – maybe that could be your next endeavor?!?

Jennifer S on

All are great I do love the blue trellis pattern. Well done, as always.

Marian on

LOVE the pink and blue!

Tammy Lewis on

The tulipieres would make anyone’s day brighter and happy. Such a beautiful paper to Make the giver and receiver feel special!

Carol Lane on

Gorgeous papers! My favorite is #1 pink pups/trellis!

Anita. on

This definitely feeds my passion for gift wrapping. The blue and white trellis is a must have ??

Julia F. on

Love the boxwood Topiaries and the elegance of your new signature wrap!

B. Woodring on

Normally I am not a pink person, but the pink & blue tulipieres & pink trellis is so fresh. I love??must have!

Anne on

What pretty wrapping! Always blue and white for me – I love the boxwood topiaries and reversible blue and white trellis. I love the care you take in wrapping and how it says, “Look! This is special – you want to see inside!”

Margaret Schutrumpf on

Love, love, love the boxwood topiaries and blue boxes with reversible trellis paper. As I just put navy blue boxes with 3 round boxwood topiaries at my front door for the spring. This paper is a must have for me!!!

Linda C on

I love the pink and blue with the pink trellis, that was very clever to make it reversible

jan on

It’s taking me so long to decide that I’m worried you’ll be sold out before I make a decision! Each has it’s own distinct feel to it. Guess I’ll take one of each!

Marie K Ketchersid on

All of these papers are so beautiful, but pink pups take the cake!

Ginger Reed on

All are beautiful but I really LOVE the pink and blue tulipiere!

Patti White on

Love the pink pups & trellis! Also the pup toppers! ????

Patrice Wallace on

I am obsessed with the blue and pink jars and tulipieres wrapping paper. Would love to wrap my bedroom in that pattern!

Miss CC on

Love ~ Love ~ Love! You are so gifted. ? I choose the blue and pink tulipieres and jars with the reversible pink trellis as a favorite. And how enchanting to send gifts wrapped in your custom signature logo paper.

Kathleen on

They’re all so beautiful! If I had to pick one favorite, I’d go with the tulipieres print because it’s so pretty and feminine. But I love the boxwood pattern too!

Deena Salvatore on

Good morning! This is the bright spot on my day! I can’t wait to receive my gift wrap order. I’m already dreaming of all the beautiful gifts I’ll be wrapping for my beautiful daughters-in-law and friends for Mother’s Day and birthdays. Every Christmas friends and family ask me where I get my gorgeous Enchanted Home gift wrap. The gifts are really too beautiful to unwrap! Tina I know how much work it takes to design and process your wrapping paper, but have you ever thought about doing a line for children? With your talent, it would be amazing!

Mary Tripp on

They all look amazing! I love that they are reversible. My favorite is the Blue and Pink Tulipieres and Jars.

Jacqueline on

They’re all so very elegant (whichnmakesnitndifficuktbtonlick a favorite), but my favorite would have be the blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to see a gift wrapped in THAT??

Kathy M on

All of your papers are so beautiful, and I love that they are reversible. So fun to make a stack of presents alternating the front and back of the paper. LOVE the pink and blue tulipieres, so pretty for summer occasions.

Sandy W on

They are all lovely, but I really love the blue and green topiaries. What a great new wrapping paper assortment.

Karen Wheat on

Sigh —each is lovely however #3–trellis and boxwood topiaries —superb, always in fashion and a gift in itself

BB on

All so beautiful!! Love them for different occasions- the topiary is my favorite for everyday, love the pink pups for showers and baby and the tulipiere for bridal or bridal shower- ALL magnificent!! Bra a to you!

Carol Montoya on

My favorite patterns are the pink pups & the blue and pink tulipieres.

Debra on

Absolutely love the classic look of the potted box woods and the pink tulipieres.

Janet on

My summer favorite “go to” would be the blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis-the pink trellis paper is such a classic!

Victoria on

Boxwoods topiary
Tulipiere and jar
Pink pups
In that order but it’s almost a three way tie as they are all the prettiest papers I have ever seen!!

April on

Beautiful collection. So hard to choose. Presently, I like pink and pups.

Teena Tucker on

I love the pink and green trellis that reverses to the pink pups! I’m a pink and green girl from waaaay back!

Kathy Chandler on

They are all beautiful, but I really love the topiary paper! I’ve always loved topiaries so this one called my name!

Cindy J on

The wrappings are so pretty! Love them all. Have any of us received a gift that the presentation of the gift was so pretty you didn’t want to open it? That’s how I feel when I see these beauties. My favorite is the blue and white paper. I think it is season less. I would be proud to give a gift dressed in this paper . But I would be thrilled to receive one, also!
A nicely wrapped gift shows a lot about a person. I ,for one, like to embellish my gifts

Margie Winters on

Love your wrapping paper. Some of the designs would translate well into fabric! Could that be your next venture?

Marianne on

As a nurse who is gratefully able to work from home but, never the less involved in this terrible disease, your blog is my respite from the reality of this pandemic and its consequences. It is a joyful moment in my day…thank you.
I am a pink person…so vote for #1. Think Pink!

Carolyn on

I ? item 2! I am thinking of surprise gifts to deliver to friends’ doorsteps right now. How awesome they will be wrapped in your pretty pink and white papers. ?

Sally Cain on

Hi Tina,
What a treat and pleasure to read your posts! So nice to view beautiful table settings and gift items! I am ready for normal to return to our lives!
My favorite paper is the blue tuliperes and pink flowers ?, so vibrant and the dramatic blue oriental paper on the reverse. Wish this was a wallpaper, too!
I would purchase it!
Thank you for your time and talent!

Lindy on

Pink pups with reversible floral trellis is so lovely. My favorite by far. A breath of spring.

Jenni Toebben on

Perfect pink pup palooza!!!!

Deborah Taylor on

Love Love Love them all! My favorite is the Blue & Pink Tulipieres & Jars. Reversing to the Pink Trellis, perfection!!!

LindaB on

Pink Pups with Reversible Floral Trellis!!! My favorite!!

Maureen on

I love tulips and so I like the Blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis

Judy Musgrave on

The boxwood topiaries! No contest! Love it.

Elizabeth on

I love all of these beautiful papers!

Tricia Tramel on

Absolutely stunning! I don’t know which one(s) to choose.

Susan Yuditsky on

While I love the floral trellis with the pink pups, I really love the tulipieres and jars with the pink trellis…All look great though!!

Sandy on

All are gorgeous. It’s a tie. Boxwood topiaries and pink pups.

Sandy on

All are gorgeous. It’s a tie. Boxwood topiaries and pink pups.

Joan on

My favorite is the blue and pink tulipieres and jars with the pink trellis reverse. So, so, pretty! Stay safe!

PiperB on

The pink combination of gift wrap and dog toppers are beyond adorable. All of the paper and toppers are beautiful! I’m praying for the day that I can throw one big birthday party to celebrate those who celebrated this year in isolation. I think we are getting closer.

Sherry B on

Every pattern is absolutely beautiful. How fun it is to be able to wrap a gift in such pretty fashion and to add a topper! Oh my, maybe we need to give a gift to self! I’d be thrilled to win this giveaway and I love each paper. I would say the blue topiary with green accents is my favorite.


All beautiful! A package so delightfully wrapped makes everything even more special.

Patti S on

love the boxwood topiaries, although the pink tulipieres and jars is beautiful too!

Marilyn on

My favorite is the blue and pink .

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the pink and blue tulipieres

Marilyn Cole on

Presentation is everything!
I love the boxwood topiaries and reversible blue/white trellis paper.
What a statement it makes!

sherri mccormick on

Tell you my favorite pattern? Well that would be like asking me to tell you my favorite child. But okay, I love the blue boxwood topiaries with reversible blue trellis

Deborah K on

# 3 is just what I need to use for a bridal gift. The bride’s favorite colors are blue and green. She will love this paper!

Renie on

Love the pink tulipieres and jars!

Susana Lucena on

I love the ITEM 2 Blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis, quite beautiful.


Love all your gift wrapping papers. My favorite is the Blue and pink tulipieres and jars with reversible pink trellis. So lovely with the gingham ribbon. They will be perfect for my mother’s day gift giving.

Jane Frazier on

Love these! My favorite is number 2. My two favorite colors.

Lee on

They are all beautiful, but love #2 and 3. Thank you for being such a bright spot in our days.

Nancy on


Brenda on

I love the blue boxwood

Michelle Erickson on

All of them are gorgeous, but I especially love the boxwood topiaries/blue trellis!

Pam Smith on

I love the pink pups and the reversible trellis paper. It’s so unique, and I can think of many ways to use both sides. Thank you, Tina.

Whitney on

The boxwood topiary with reversible blue lattice is stunning and is my favorite!

Phyllis Martinez on

The wrapping paper is fabulous! Once again, you have come up with beautiful patterns!

Mary M on

I love the signature logo gift wrap. What a fabulous idea!

Katie on

The tulipiere paper is gorgeous! ?

Sandra Miller on

Item 2 Tulipieres and pink trellis bring gracious elegance to any gift, evoke fond travel memories, and hope for future springs ahead. One cannot help smiling and admiring their beauty.

Merideth B on

It’s all beautiful, but my favorite is the boxwood topiary and blue and white trellis paper!

Ren on

It is all beautiful! My favorite is #2! The pink is perfect.

Blair Mott on

Beautiful!! Love the blues!!

Molly on

Adore them all but the pink pups might just be my favorite!

Lisa Kind on

I LOVE the blue and pink tulipieres and jars paper!

Sunny on


Marion Falabella on

Love the Pink Pups Paper!!!

Vicky on

Putting in my order because I have not ever seen such pretty papers!

The topiary paper is my favorite but they are all just beautiful!

Lisa W on

Very hard to choose because they are all so beautiful and unique! I think I like #1 and #3 the best!

Lisa W on

It is hard to choose because they are all so unique and beautiful. I think I like #1 and #3 the best!

Anne on

My favorite is the Pink Pups!!

Amanda Groce on

My favorite is number 1, the pink pups!!! Hard to choose when you love them all!

Sarah pietrowski on

I SWOON over the blue and white trellis and boxwood topiary wrap. I also love the subtle pink floral trellis and stafforshire pup wrap. However, they are all divine!

Lee B on

With number 2, you get the best of both worlds: blue and white chinoiserie but also my favorite color pink! But, I must say that pink staffy paper reversing to a pink trellis is perfection!

Denise on

LOVE Trellis…. tulipieres & trellis & trellis & topiaries!
You have outdone yourself with this collection!

Martha Hibbs on

They all make me smile!! Ahhhhh!

Yolanda on

I absolutely love your gift wrap paper. I would say my favorite would be pick puppies. What a wonderful way to celebrate someone!

Kristen Sayan on

I can’t choose either! They are all so beautiful!

Kim Saba on

I LOVE ALL of the beautiful papers but since I have an obsession with blue and white and I do landscape design, my favorite has to be the boxwood topiaries and reversible blue/white trellis. All are amazing though! Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift wrapped in this paper. I know I would!

Diane Parker on

Love…love all the designs! My favorite is the blue and pink jars/pink trellis!

Jackie C. on

Oh what a delight to see such beautiful wrappings.
My favorite is the logo…The Enchanted Home.
Why? Because my first thought was with all your wonderful items, posts, and photos, we make our homes into an Enchanted Home.
Thank you for sharing such beauty.

Brenda on

I Love all the beautiful paper & toppers.

Victoria W. on

The blue and pink is my absolute favorite, but I love them all! What a special touch to add to a gift!

Susanna on

Love the blue and pink tulipieres and jars / pink trellis ??

Najwa on

They are all gorgeous. So hard to choose. Can’t go wrong with a classic blue-white.

Sandy Woodcock on

Love them all, but the staffies are just darling.

deb harshman on

Hi Tina, I absolutely love Item #2 . Gorgeous. I am planning my trees for next Christmas soon and I have make an order soon.

Julia Whitsitt on

What fun to wrap presents for someone special in any of these but my favorite is Item #2 Blue and Pink tulipieres. Gorgeous!

Dawn on

I love wrapping presents and your paper is always a highlight in my wrapping area.

Laura Koning on

These will make the most beautiful gifts!

Patricia on

I love love love the tulipiere paper!!!

Cindy Terry on

Love ALL these patterns so much it’s hard to pick just one! I have to go with the blue and pink tuliperies and jars. It’s the perfect paper for so many wonderful women and occasions in my life. And the gift toppers set off the paper perfectly. Thank you for making these lovelies and making it so easy to purchase them!

Amy Bridge on

I adore the pink and blue tulipiere paper, how gorgeous!

Barbie on

My favorite is the pink and green. Just love it!

Kelly Authier on

Love the pink puppies!!!

Nancy on

My precious mom taught me her love for blue and white. She passed away last year but I’m finding myself shopping for everything that reminds me of her. ?

Rhonda Hardy on

I LOVE LOVE the topiaries!!! The design is beautiful and the colouring is exquisite!!!

Susan womack on

Boxwood topiaries, in love.

Debbie on

My favorite paper is Item # 1, a close second is item # 3. So pretty!

Penny K on

Oh my gosh! So hard to choose. I’ll have to say the pink pups because I have 4 grandaughters.

Jane on

They are all beautiful but I think topiaries are my favorite.

Marcia on

Beautiful ! My favorite is the Pink and blue tulipieres !

Marge on

All of the designs are so pretty, but my favorite is blue and white boxwood topiaries and trellis. Just perfect for any blue and white lover!

MJ Boyd on

Most beautiful wrap!!

Sherryl Makeever on

I love them all, but my favorite is the #2, blue and pink tulipieres with pink trellis. The blue checked ribbon sets them off perfectly. ???

Jann on

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the blue and white ginger jars and topiaries! Thank you for all your gorgeous posts. I look forward every time to open your post.

Cindy Wilcox on

Love the pink paper trellis and boxwood

Sharon LaRoe on

I love all of them so much?. If I was forced to pick just one, I’d pick the boxwood topiary with the blue and white check ribbon and cream staffordshire dog topper!! So pretty that you almost hate to see someone rip open the package?❤️

Meredith on

I love 2 and 3! So pretty!

Gladymar on

Love all the patterns! They’re elegant, sophisticated and understated. My favorite is the One with the boxwood topiaries. And the toppers just make the gift. Thanks.

Sandy K. on

I would love to open a birthday gift in the blue and pink wrap.

Charlene Halverson on

I love all your beautiful offering of papers, toppers and ribbon?I think the pink toppers and pink trellis with blue and pink reversible are my favorites?Thank you?

BETH Matus on

Love them all, but my fav is #2. So pretty.

Jane Boehly on

Beautiful gift wrap!
My favorite is #3, the classic topiaries.

Elaine on

I love the pink trellis pattern ?

Carolyn on

The boxwood topiairies and blue/white trellis are my favorite!

Molly on

I just came across your lovely website. I am not sure if I am too late, but the blue and pink tulipieres and jars paper is my favorite. I have enjoyed wrapping packages since I was a child and would love to try your paper.

Bonnie on

The pagoda dogs are so elegant and stunning. It makes me smile everytime I look at it… Love, Love, Love

Dona Brinkman on

I love the topiaries and I never saw a fretwork lattice I did not love.

Pamela Hart on

My favorite wrap patterns are the boxwood topiary and the blue & pink tulipiers. Just purchased a
My first tulipier this spring and have been refreshing it weekly with new color tulips. Obsessed!

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