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Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. Things are status quo here, I am an anxious to get back to “normal” but even as I type this I recognize the normal will be of a new variety. I am getting antsy as so any others are but recognize how important and vital it is to heed to the warnings of what to do. So in we stay and hoping that in due time, we will start to get part of our lives back. One thing that I think (at least here in NY) is here to stay a while is the wearing of masks.

I was in the market the other day and I am sorry, but I will never ever get used to it. There is something kind of frightening about it even though I full understand its a public health crisis and we are all doing our part.

OK moving onto happier subjects,  Mothers Day is 10 days away. We have prepared a little Enchanted Home gift guide in case you are wondering what to get the mother in your life. To sweeten the deal, our entire site is 20% off today and tomorrow! We will be doing all of our Mother Days shipping out on Monday/Tues to insure your package arrives on time. If for any reason any of the items ordered cannot be to you on time, you will be contacted on Monday.

Granted, this year Mothers Day will be a bit different. For me, it will be difficult not being able to see my own mom and that makes me so sad. I miss her so much (and dad) and just knowing I can’t go visit makes is upsetting.  I will celebrate remotely and certainly make up for it when all gets back to normal, fingers crossed it’s soon! Sometimes we need a few ideas or some help in finding something unique and beautiful….which is where we come in! Made a Mother’s Day gift guide which may just help you out. Hope you enjoy…..

So, here is our guide-

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Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a beautiful day. I know we are all in limbo with the state of our world right now…… can be frustrating, overwhelming and downright anxiety provoking. But, I think there are some silver linings that we need to find and focus on.

Some days, easier than others. One day (hopefully soon we will hold a little virtual celebration when things are getting back to normal, until then, trying to keep everything “business as usual” as much as possible as I believe it’s important to hold onto the constants in our lives. Until next time….

PS And if you need the most beautiful gift wrap to wrap your gift in, we have you covered!! Our gift wrap sale is in full swing, so happy everyone loves the papers as much as I do. Also be sure to stop by to throw your name in the hat for a gift wrap giveaway (sale ends tomorrow night), click here for sale.

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Happy Mother’s Day to you! I might get something for myself! I’m with you on the masks, I refuse to wear one. People don’t realize that when you wear a mask you are breathing in carbon dioxide and not oxygen and the body requires ample amounts of oxygen for optimal immune health. Everything they are asking us to do is bad for our health, we need to be exposed to become immune. Obviously something bigger is going on…..I hope things return to normal real soon!

I have a question-do you think there might be a time when you could give us a small tutorial, using your products,to dress the tops of cabinets, etc.? I live in the south and there is a lot of space above entertainment and computer cupboards that I would like to fill decoratively-my ceilings are high in my house and I see where the space could be used effectively -I want to use restraint and not go overboard but need some help-you have things in your inventory that seem like possibilities-there are probably others out there who might like to do the same.

I agree wholeheartedly cannot wait to be able to pamper my mom when this is over. Just to give her a hug will ease my soul. Thank you for the gift ideas.

Ordered my gift wrap and gift toppers…soooo pretty! Can’t wait for the new Staffordshire dogs. Hope they are here soon. This mom would love them for Mother’s Day.

What is spectacular guide, your line just gets better and better. I have been so pleased with every purchase I’ve made and this just gave me a great idea for my mother-in-law, a beautiful silver planter piece filled with her favorite flowers., peonies!
And then of course I will need to get something for myself?

I recently bought myself two lovelies from your site and think of them as a Mother’s Day gift to myself! LOL my children are always so thoughtful on that day, but there is nothing like picking out something you just adore and going for it!! I got a planter and gorgeous ginger jar during my lowest point of the lockdown and wow did they cheer me up. The gentleman that helped me was so nice and it was a joy that he and others were working for you during this difficult time. I too feel your pain with the “new” normal. I do NOT like it one bit and I tear that mask off so darn fast as soon as I can. This old dog isn’t too keen on learning new tricks and being, in my golden years, I don’t want them to end in such different and depressing way. Call me a rebel, call me ignorant and some might even say I’m causing others deaths but I want to get on with LIFE risks and all.

Hi Tina
I so feel for America. They have the highest death rate in the world.. I worry that some of your states have opened up too soon and that you are going to have spikes in your numbers. We are so lucky in Australia at present. With a much smaller population and being able to close our borders we have contained it fairly well although not out of the woods yet. Please stay safe. Keep your hands clean. Sending kove x

Hi Tina
How wonderful to have such a great selection of gifts.
Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.
Have a great weekend.

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