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Hi friends, today is the showdown round for our Tabletop Love contest. We got so many incredible entries, that narrowing it down to four was admittedly not an easy task. But in the end, you have spoken and we have two wonderful finalists.

We got over a whopping 7000 votes between the two rounds. Amazing and I believe a record!! Thanks to all who entered and for everyone else taking part in the voting. Now onto your two finalists-



From Round 1

From Round 2


Vote for your favorite!!


I will announce the winner tomorrow. In the meantime,  here are some honorable mentions that were very very close (by a hair literally)….all winners! Congratulations to all.


Thanks for stopping in, participating and taking part in the voting for this fun contest. Wishing everyone a wonderful day. Stay safe out there. Tomorrow we will crown the grand prize winner and start our new Staffordshire Dog arrival sale! Stay well! Until tomorrow……


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Elaine on

Can you publish sources for the items in the semifinals rounds? Thanks!

Eileen on

What absolute fun!!!! It was such a delight to scroll through the stunning entries and so difficult to narrow the initial choices down to four. Thank goodness we didn’t have to choose just two. I’d still be pondering which beauty to pick.

Nancy Carter on

Thanks for always bringing beauty into our lives through your posts. You make my day with your kindness.
Love your “Which would you choose” posts, especially since we are still not shopping in department stores and
so love your fashion finds. Would love to see more of those during this time. Again, thanks for all you do to make
life beautiful.

Mary Jo on

Such beautiful entries. It was truly difficult to choose. I love these posts…your readers are truly talented.
Thanks for providing us with some beauty during these challenging times

Teri Tobey on

Loved all the entries. Hard to choose but I will always lean to the Wow! Look.

Missy on

The table scapes are extraordinarily beautiful. In a day and age where most people do not devote the time and energy to spend at this level, it is a feast for the eyes. Kudos to all that participated.

Terri Mainwaring on

I love seeing so many creative and beautiful tablescapes! More PLEASE!!

Donna D on

I love seeing how people use their pretty things from your shop. It really gives us ideas on how to more fully use our purchases and things we have but seldom use. I really love the outdoor pictures and the beautiful flowers at table. So unique to do these contests. They are my favorite ❤️

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