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Hi, first I want to announce the winner of the Tabletop Love contest. Congratulations to Rosa for submitting this beautiful picture-

Please email us your info so your prize can be on it’s way! Thanks to all for participating and voting. Such fun…stay tuned for other future contests:)


Meanwhile, hope this finds you well. SO excited to finally present to you, our magnificent new collection of porcelain Staffordshire dogs. They just arrived on Thursday and we could not be more thrilled.  This was a long, long time in the making but so worth the wait! As in about 8 months from conception to finish. Then add an additional 6 weeks because of the pandemic, but they finally arrived and we could not be more excited. I cannot choose a favorite color…can you?

So nice to have some exciting things happening (finally). We always hold an arrival sale for our new arrivals which will be in for 3 days (ends Sunday night). Even more beautiful in person, these are amazing! Please read over the rules before placing an order-


  • You can email your order in OR call our office on Friday only. If submitting an order on the weekend, you will need to email your order in
  • If calling in on Friday, please call 800-804-9565 between 10-2:30
  • If emailing your order, please email, you must include your name, address and phone number
  • Be sure to include your order with item number and size
  • They are sold as a pair and come in a white Enchanted Home gift box
  • These are in our warehouse and will start shipping out early next week
  • Any order over $300 gets 10% off
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • International shipping? Please email
  • Wholesale? Please sign up for a wholesale account by clicking here or email



ITEM 1 The pale pink, soft pink with white accents and a gold charm collar. I mean, is this not the sweetest!! Offered in medium and large. Comes in white Enchanted Home logo gift box, ready to gift!

Medium 6″ x 8′ $85.00

Large 6″ x 11″    $98.00

ITEM 2 Pale blue, beautiful soft blue with white accents and collar with a gold charm. So pretty! Comes in white Enchanted Home logo gift box, ready to gift!

Medium 6″ x 8′ $85.00

Large 6″ x 11″    $98.00

ITEM 3 Pale green is only available in medium, this soft beautiful green dog is a beauty. White accents with gold charm, such a pretty color. Comes in white Enchanted Home logo gift box, ready to gift!

Medium 6″ x 8′ $85.00

ITEM 4 Ivory/gold Our classic ivory/gold is back with some added gold detailing and color, a classic! Comes in white Enchanted Home logo gift box, ready to gift!

Medium 6″ x 8′ $85.00

Large 6″ x 11″  $98.00


One lucky Staffordshire loving dog lover will win a pair of medium dogs! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your most favorite color and how you would use them. I will announce the winner on Sunday morning:)


Thanks for stopping in everyone! If you want to order your dogs remember you can email or call 800-804-9565 (Friday only). If submitting an order over the weekend, you must email your order. We will begin shipping these beauties as of next week! Stay well everyone, until next time…..

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Judy Nelson. on

Classic White and gold. I’d snuggle them in my bookcase so they can look at me all day ?

Elizabeth Florence on

My favorite color is white and gold. I would use the Staffordshire dogs on the buffet in my dining room. They will be a perfect addition looking over the dining room and watching the front door.

Alice Genzlinger on

Pink pink pink pink pink. You are so right and I have fallen in love. If I should be so blessed they will not be used in one spot in our home but will move around much like my sweet puppy that’s in my lap at the moment.from mantle to book case to skirted round table in the den to the foyer and who knows where . In this world as we know it presently, a beautiful gift to lighten our day. Many thanks.

Peggy Wilkins on

My favorite Staffordshire dogs are the creamy white with the black noses. They’re just too cute. I’m trying to figure out what breed a Staffordshire dog is….golden retriever? Spaniel? Whatever the undisclosed background is, they sure are cute!

Emily on

These are simply spectacular, the prettiest I have seen!

They are all beautiful but I’m torn between the light green and the light pink! Great job.

Suzanne on

I love them all but that pale blue is calling my name and I think I need a pair or maybe even two??

Jennifer S on

The classic ivory and gold would fit in nicely on a shelf with my blue and white pieces!

Marcia on

Love them all, but my favorite are the traditional ivory !

Susan K on

Love the pink dogs the best. They would be a lovely touch on my dining room table next to my crystal punch bowl and silver candlesticks!

Glenda Rogers on

The gorgeous white & gold! These would be show cased in my living room so that everyone (eventually we will be entertaining again) can admire them!!
Thank you???

Janet on

The ivory/gold pair would look perfect on our living room mantel. The
neutral colors are versatile and would look great in other rooms, too.

Karen Carter on

The pink!

Kay Carson on

I love the blue and white Staffordshire dog. I would use it to decorate my granddaughter’s room. She has Rett Syndrome ( a mutation of the X chromosome) and spends lots of time in her room. She loves dogs very much and her service dogs looks a lot like the Staffordshire dog. That you for this opportunity

Rachel Powell on

I would love a pair of the white and gold… perfect Mother’s Day present 🙂 LOVE

Belle C on

They are ALL just beautiful, Tina. I would definitely go with the classic white and gold and I would display them in my mantle for the world to see. ❤️

Belle C on

Correction…… Ivory and gold! ❤️

Mary Santangelo on

I love Lenox ivory and gold-trimmed pieces. These elegant Staffordshire dogs, in the ivory and gold, placed on my living room mantel, would blend beautifully with my Lenox lamp, vases, and tea service. 🙂

Patti S on

ivory and gold are my favorite! would put them on the book shelves in my office so I can look at them while I work!

Kate Maurras on

Pink or blue I can’t decide. I have a pink living room and a blue bedroom. How fun to have choices.

Tina on

I love these cuties! I would love to showcase them in my library !

Cheri P on

Would love the pink and would display in built in-in my great room.

Victoria Taylert on

These dogs are beautiful! It would be a pleasure to own a set, but how do you decide on a color or size, they are ALL so gorgeous!

Emily McNeil on

Love the white and gold! We are renovating now and they would be oh so perfect on the new mantel that my husband built ❤️

Pam on

Love them all but white with gold may be my favorite!

Michele Rathbone on

These new Staffordshire dogs are a great twist on the traditional dogs, plus the soft pastel colors lend softness and a quiet, feminine elegance. How beautiful would these be in a gorgeous white setting? Or visualize them in a lovely, quiet reading nook, or even set on a bridal table would be enchanting. Anywhere they are placed, they speak soft elegance – and a bit of Southern charm as well!

Eileen on

I think the pink is the prettiest, by far.

Dana Munoz on

These are all so pretty! I love the pastel colors!

Cindy Bakeman on

I would love the pink ones. I have a black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Layla. I collect these because of her. I would display these in my master bedroom.

Heather on

The pale green!! Would look adorable on my fireplace mantle.

Janet on

Classic Ivory and Gold….I would place them on a separate black wall pedestal on each side of the gold mirror in the foyer to welcome guests. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Dianne Kropp on

The Ivory/Gold beauties would be so happy and look gorgeous snuggled in amongst my collection of Staffordshire pups!! Just what I need to complete the collection!

christine e on

All the colors are lovely, but the blue is so charming and goes so well with my table setting!

Renea Gregory on

They are all beautiful and I keep changing my mind about my favorite–For now, it is the classic ivory and gold.

Ann Peace on

Bravo, these dogs are wonderful. Somehow you keep coming up with new iterations of classic favorites. If pushed to choose I would select the white and gold dogs you can’t go wrong with any of them though.
Thank you

Suzanne Johnson on

I love them all, but my favorite is the ivory and gold. They are all so beautiful!!!

Nancy on

The dogs bring back so many childhood memories of my Grandmother’s mantel, where she proudly displayed her pair of faux Staffordshire dogs. They bring many childhood memories of our visits to her beautiful home. I love the blue as it was her favorite color! I would follow her lead and proudly display on our family room mantel. Thank you for the memories!

Marcia Moorhead on

So beautiful!

Glenda Hurley on

My favorite pair of Staffordshire dogs is the pale green or ivory. My home is decorated in soft shades of green. I would make an arrangement for my dining room table to include the little dog. The arrangement would include texture, different heights, fresh greenery and placed on a rectangle tray. Can visualize now! Fun and adorable!

Tim F. on

I really like the classic ivory/gold. I’d give them to my friend for her mantle.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the pink dogs. Would put them in my office on sconces!

Sherry on

These dogs are adorable! I believe the white ones are winking at me! ?

Lisa Herzog on

I love the light blue dogs. Prettiest eyes!

Ellen Hennessey on

I just discovered you via another Instagram site and you’ve made my day!
I am in love with the cream and gold Staffordshire dogs.. classic, understated and just so darn cute! I collect Herend China and would love to mix these adorable pups in with some of my Green bouquet and Rothschild birds plates and teapots. The backs of my bookcases are painted black so they would stand out like the champions they are! Thanks for bringing so much beauty and joy to my day!

Susan Bonfield on

Blue, blue, blue always! I would them around the rooms in my apartment.

Alice H on

I am enamored with pink right now! Just painted the guest bedroom in the palest of pinks…love it!!! So would have to choose the pink pair. They would live in my downstairs powder room, because why not have a bit of pink everywhere!

Barb on

Have been waiting for these to arrive—-happy, happy, happy. Love vintage, but these are perfect!

Ann R. on

This is such a beautiful collection! The classic ivory and gold are my favorite!

kathy bunge on

The pale blue dogs are lovely! I have been collecting antique & vintage English Mantle Dogs for many years, but these would be a lovely addition to my collection. Would probably place them in our master bath. Happy Mother’s Day to you & all the other moms out there!

BRay on

Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful, but tugging at my heart are the classic ivory and gold – just stunning! They would be such a lovely addition to my living room!

Paola on

I love all of them, but the pale pink is adorable for my daughter’s bookshelf.

Ricci on

White ! With Gold ! On my TV stand . ?

Marsha Sprague on

Hi! All are beautiful, but I still like the classic gold and white. I would use them either in my bedroom on my dresser or in my living room where I have some beautiful sconces to put them on!
I have been in love with these classic spaniels for over 20 years. I have made many trips to London and close by and have always wanted to purchase them. However, the prices on originals was out of my budget!
I even have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Winston, because I am so crazy over these beautiful creations!

Jenni Toebben on

The pretty pastel pink pups would look awesome on gold brackets in my bedroom!

DSJ on

Love the ivory with gold. They would be perfect in my foyer.

Dotti on

Tina you have done it again! These are so gorgeous and the colors unique to Enchanted Home. My favorite are the pink dogs. The perfect gift for my grand daughter!

Courtney Ryan on

The pale green and pale blue are so pretty! I would use these to spice up my office decor. I love creating a space that is just mine since I’m living in a house full of boys/men! 🙂

Ali Kelly on

I absolutely adore the ivory or pink. I lost Mason, my beloved cavalier King Charles spaniel almost a year ago 🙁 The staffordshire dogs look so much like my sweet boy. He was with me for 12 years!

I would style the ivory on my bookshelves, or pink dogs in my daughter’s nursery. They are stunning!!

Karenann on

I love all the Staffordshire dog colors, but my favorite is the ivory and gold dogs.

Jackie C. on

Oh the Classic White and Gold. My grandmother had a set and it went to my mother. Now my sister has them. Seeing these reminds me of such sweet childhood memories. A lovely time to have them on Mother’s Day weekend. Thank you for bringing those to me.

Judith Foltz on

I love the Ivory/Gold dogs and I would place them on my fireplace mantel in front of a large gold mirror.

Anne on

I love the ivory/gold! They are the perfect neutral for my mantle or maybe to jazz up my work from home desk. ?

Charleen Cross on

I love all – thinking how cute the pink would be in my granddaughter’s bedroom, but if I won, I’d love the classic cream and gold on my mantle!

Natalie H. on

Love the new light pink, lovely on an end table with a beautiful floral arrangement!

Caroline on

I absolutely love the Ivory/ gold and think they would look just perfect on my mahogany sideboard. ?

Francine on

My favorite are the pink, so adorable. I can picture them on my dining table or living room mantel.

Joyce Ward on

Oh my goodness, they are all gorgeous, but the white and gold Staffordshire dogs win my heart! I can use them in my living room, dining room or bedroom. This is so exciting…..
Thanks so much Tina!

B M on

Love the pale green to mix with the withevand blue porcelain. Great color new choices, will buy a pair for my niece who loves pink.

Mickey H on

It’s a close call but I think the cream ones are my favorite.

Marilyn on

I like the pink dogs.

Barbara on

The classic ivory and gold are just so cute. It is just so hard to decide. I have a special place ready for them to come home!

Sandy w on

I like the pale green. Would use them in my bedroom.

Donna C. on

Oh, the pink is precious! I love pink, and it is in every room, so the pretty dogs will find themselves moving from room to room. The one I have in mind right now is the downstairs guest room. They would be the perfect addition?

Charlene on

You’re so right! Hard to choose a color as I love them all?Being so fond of blue & white I’m drawn to the blue dogs with pink as a close second because they are so unusual. Either color would be perfect on my Grandmother’s antique table in our dining room?

June R. Alison on

They are all so beautiful. I just know the blue would look amazing on my silver leaf dresser. Love everything you do.

Earlaine Bujtas on

I would place those lovely green babies on top of the China cabinet in my dining room. Those dogs accentuate the aqua and white wallpaper I have in that room.
The dogs, Ivy and Clover, would act as a reminder to all who dine within those walls that fun fills a room with green and white Staffordshire dogs!

Mary on

The soft blue is definitely my favorite! Staffordshire dogs are the perfect decorative item to place on the fireplace – making a beautiful and welcoming statement.

Kelley Novak on

These staffordshire dogs are fantastic. My favorite color is the pale blue. I would proudly display the pair in my foyer to welcome my guests.

Dolley on

Oh, I would love to place the darling Ivory- Gold-Medium sized dogs on the corbels in my family room which are on either side of a pine, Chippendale mirror. I think they’d be very happy there.✨ Thank you & please take care.

Judy Manus on

Oh My! They ALL are BEAUTIFUL! I would love the pink ones. They would be perfect in my bathroom or bedroom! Absolutely love them all!

Margaret Cristall on

I would love the ivory and gold for our mantel in our small condo. They would compliment the blue and white pieces I have from you.

Annie on

I love them all! So hard to choose! I would pick the green and place them on the buffet in my dining room.

B. Woodring on

The gold/ivory are my favorite. I would really use these as bookends in my office. Fitting because I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ?

Ginger C on

Love all the colors! Would use the lovely pale pink in our nursery … coming this fall! Will coordinate beautifully and make for an enchanting display to lookout for baby girl!

Sharon Foster on

The Staffordshire dogs are just too incredibly sweet. We decorated a bedroom in our home for our granddaughter (and our only grandchild). It is done in, of course, pink and black/white toile. The pink Staffordshire dogs would be a perfect accent. Happy Mother’s Day and please stay safe.

Cathy Ahmed on

PINK! I’m so happy these are now available!! They would look amazing on my foyer table??

Abigail Langer on

I would love a pair of these sweet pink doggies! I love to use decor like this on my dining table or in our master bedroom, both with blush and soft pink accents. My sister and I like to be silly and make up pretend aliases for each pair and discuss their personality while setting the table for the holidays 🙂 Our husbands think we are crazy—crazy for Staffordshire pups!


Love them all but I think I’d’ go with classic ivory/gold.

P.S. Love your nightly funnies 🙂

Anna Garrett on

These are so elegant and beautiful it is hard to pick but I would choose the classic ivory and gold! I would nestle them into our bookshelf so I could enjoy them all the time!

Deborah on

Blue! It’s the color of the year and would go great with my blue and white home.

sharon Medlock on

I would love the ivory and gold. Redoing my condo, thanks to you and all your ideas!!! My husband would be so happy if I didn’t have to buy something. It would brighten both of our quarantine lives immensely!!

Terri Winfied-Story on

my favorite is the white and gold. I want to use them in the sunroom…..which I mainly have white and beige with a touch of beige.

jenny speiser on

I love the ivory ones for my mantle. I had ivory ones with gold polka dots on there and decided to clean the mirror over the mantle…. it was leaning and then it started falling…and I was trying to hold the mirror… and the poor dogs fell… well, crashed… and then I had to clean it all up…. sad, sad day. So replacement doggies would be a treat!

Lee on

I’m definitely a traditionalist, love the ivory with black and gold.

Donna D on

I was wondering if the ivory and gold could come with the same nose as the other colors? I think it would be so cute if it were smaller. ??

Victoria Coffman on

I would love the Ivory/gold Staffordshire dogs. They remind me of my white/golden retriever dog named Annie Rose who has worked as a therapy dog for nine years. She will be retiring soon and is will be my husbands therapy dog as he battles a serious disease ..

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