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Hi friends and happy Saturday morning. Trudging along just wanting and waiting for all this to be over. But no end in sight, NY has been extended to be quarantined until mid June. I just don’t see this summer being any ordinary summer. I realize it is different in other areas of the country, may just be a good reason to spend more time in PB!

Everything feels so anticlimactic with all of our fun summer plans canceled, parties, weddings, travel….thank God I have some exciting shipments to at least look forward to! Going through this also makes me find not only the beauty but also seeking humor. Laughter just  makes everything better. So I continue with my sporadic humor posts because apparently a lot of you agree:) Here is my latest round-



And there you have my latest round of funnies. True, this is so not what this blog or brand is generally about. But let’s face it, these are unprecedented times. This is temporary but knowing (and hearing) from so many of you how much you enjoy these, figured why not keep them going just a little longer? Cannot wait until I can get back to “business as usual”…..believe me! Until next time….

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Too funny- love these! I agree life has gotten very boring! We have had everything canceled which is so sad. Hoping for things to get better soon but think it’s going to be awhile. Take good care of yourself?

I loved the one about the 6 phases plan. It sounds just like the politicians when they speak!

Love the funnies and always love your blog but wonder why almost all of the photos have the urn with the P on it ? Dislike that it covers part of the picture and words and is very distracting. Thought it might be to mark Pinterest clippings but it was on Instagram shots also. Can they be eliminated ?

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