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Hi friends, how are you? I am doing pretty good, have a lot of balls in the air right now. Mostly good ones but dealing with a parent with dementia is another matter altogether. Very fluid, some days better than others. I am grateful for those easy days where things seem to be OK. My business and finally starting to get in a lot of our orders has been a beautiful diversion and is keeping me very busy.

As you know I  periodically post via pictures of my life’s happenings. One day I will look back on these and be so happy I did this, it will be fun being able to go back and see various highlghts from month to month, season to season and year to year. This is a little of everything, Palmetto Bluff, New York and life in general lately.  Let my iPhone take it away….


Many peaceful moments at Palmetto Bluff

Ate outside almost every night and the last few nights found pleasure in setting a petty table

Favorite room in the house….the porch!

Last morning there and my morning coffee:)

Even to this day, the moss covered oaks still take my breath away every time I go on my bike ride

My most favorite garden, this is the stuff garden dreams are made of (Palmetto Bluff)

Driving home the roads were eerily quiet

Meanwhile back in NY was thrilled that my favorite nursery was open, so grabbed my mask and drove over there as fast as I could! Found the pretties azalea and hydrangea topiaries!

A happy sight….a trunk full of flowers:)

I have been enjoying mixing and matching my melamine lately…so many pretty combinations

Forgot how good this is, a simple pasta with a lot of garlic, olive oil and broccoli rabe..yum!

2 planters being planted, many more to go:)

So nice to see my patio coming to life, brought out the cushions, things are turning green…it’s a very welcome sight

My sons were with us for a while with the pandemic happening (not wanting them to go back to the city) so I made sure to keep them around as long as possible by making them whatever they wanted, good old spaghetti and meatballs to the was sooo good.

And then forgot how amazing fish tacos are! Will post this recipe on Sunday, a keeper:)

Having so much fun mixing and matching my melamine patterns, this is my new favorite way to use them!

Topiary season is here! Was so excited my nursery was open….grabbed my mask and drove right over. Picked up these beautiful hydrangea and azalea topiaries. Thankfully have a wonderful collection of blue and whtie porcelain planters:)

Anyone from our neck of the woods knows of the infamous decadence of the fruit pies from Briermere Farms. What can I say? Worth every decadent calorie and bite:)

First two of many planters, planted. Shown here is pretty alyssum, love how full they are.

So nice to see everything turning green and blossoming here in NY after a pretty underwhelming winter (not even any snow). Spring has sprung and I am loving it!


And there you have the pretty highlights from the last week or so….trust me there were plenty of things that did not make the “cut” 🙂 Sorry if I made you hungry, just going over this and realizing it’s probably not the greatest post to read on an empty stomach, LOL.

 Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Trying to get back to some semblance of “normal life” but recognizing it is different now and slowly I am adjusting. I am happy to see businesses taking this seriously, we all need to do our part. And though I do not like wearing a mask, it is the responsible thing to do until we have this under control and I would not think to not wear one. Please stay safe everyone, thanks for stopping in! Until next time…..

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Beautiful! I really love your topiaries in their blue and white planters. Just so lovely!

Love the the scent of sweet alyssum! my favorite annual! like honey! Is that your garden in Palmetto Bluff or a public garden! wishing you health, joy and Peace

Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers and happenings. I am now going to our nursery….mask and all! 🙂

I’m very curious about your outdoor throw cushions at PB. I love the soft look of them. Are they outdoor fabrics? They look like soft cotton and with what are they filled?They look like down filled, which I love however, I don’t feel like I could use in coastal NC. I’m very curious since I’m in the process of redoing all my outdoor cushions. I have followed your blog for 6 years now and enjoy it immensely.

Hi Tina… I have always loved the pictures of your beloved Golden Retriever at the conclusion of your emails ❤️❤️❤️!
We lost our 4th Golden 2 weeks ago, ????. It never gets easier. But I’d rather go through this pain and spend the past 14 years with my beautiful Golden Chamois. Spell dog backwards, and what do you get? Same kind of unwavering devotion and love. I would never trade that.
I LOVE your bed fabrics for your Golden! Would I be able to get the same in a slightly different color???

A lovely break this morning to look at all that beauty in both places, North and South. Thank you, Tina. Very cheery! 🙂

Your home is absolutely gorgeous!
Not sure how you came into my life, but I am thrilled with every one of your posts.
Loved the mixing of your patterns (the Melamine). I have inherited my grandmothers Haviland and Phoenix. I have been debating about using them together and you have encouraged me to try. Thank you .
Janet Raymond

Tina..I am so sorry about your parent with dementia.. That is so hard…and with everything else…..I shall say a prayer for you…

Thank you for letting me escape the real world for a bit. It’s always a pleasure reading your posts ?

Beautiful start to your planters. Have not even gone out to our nursery. We are having a veranda built . Lots if rain too causing delays. Stay safe and well.

Hi Tina,
Such a pretty post. Can’t wait for the fish taco recipe!
I just love your patio with the wicker furniture. We are redoing
our pool house and pool and have been looking high and low for the right wicker..
Could you tell me the brand.
Thank you!

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