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Hello everyone,  hope this finds you doing well. Had prepared this ahead of time so I hope it posts on time. This will be my final round of quarantine funnies. They started on Instagram and when I realized and continuously was told how much people enjoyed them, decided to share them on the blog too and keep up with them for most of the quarantine period. We are still not out of the woods here in NY, but things are admittedly starting to feel “less Apocalyptic” lol. Though it’s a different world now,  and I don’t go anywhere without a mask. Actually hardly go anywhere,  come to think of it, so that settles that 🙂

They certainly served a purpose and I am so happy I was able to provide a little if very temporary comic relief as a break from the stark reality of what has gone on since March. Still surreal to me as to how life has changed so  much in the course of 3 months. So as I have continued to phase out of posting them on my Instagram, so too will I do it here. I am anxious to fully get back to doing what I love and recognized that this was a most unusual time for all of us so the funnies were much needed though such a departure from my typical posts:)

Hope you enjoyed them and hope you don’t forget to find the humor (and beauty) out there as we navigate a new norm. When things get tough,  seeking those things are practically a survival method for me to get through something. And here we go…



And here’s a funny video with hilarious signs people have cleverly come up with to end this round of comic relief!


Hope these gave you a laugh and think we can all agree starting a day with laughter can only be a good thing. Funny how  the meaning of a Friday leading into a weekend has kind of lost it’s luster, normally weekends meant dressing up for dinner plans, seeing friends, a party, celebrations, etc…now it’s just another day.

Hopefully it will be  nice weather weekend so we can plan something outdoors even if taking a ride to the ocean, which is always so therapeutic. Still can’t believe Memorial Day is done and behind us…time is moving fast! Thanks for stopping by, until next time….

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Mickey on

Thanks for doing your part in keeping us sane. Look forward to your posts everyday and always feel a little lifted after. Take care❤️

Elizabeth on

Good Friday morning to you Tina, it is hard to believe Memorial day has come and gone. Soon it will be Fall! I hope that you enjoyed your time with your mom and dad. Have a wonderful weekend.

sandy on

Love this. This has brightened my day. I was going to plant my lavender but someone stole my “dig-me” I left in my flower-bed.

Faith Boggio on

Thank you Tina for finally making me laugh for a change! You are the best!!

Susan K on

I definitely enjoyed you and your wonderful humor. We also are not out of the woods, we are in California and it’s closed down except for supermarkets etc..Local beach ended up getting closed last weekend because of people not adhering to the rules in place which is unfortunate.
It’s going to be a very strange summer, we have had to cancel our travel plans which is very upsetting but will look to take part in simple outdoor pleasures.
Thanks for your blog!

Eileen A on

I’ve enjoyed these posts so much. We all need a little humor in our lives. Thanks so much.

Rose Lee Josephson on

Dear Tina,
You are so very dear to keep up our spirit with your humor blogs. I must admit that I have not got laughter in me at this time. The death of a handcuffed prisoner was too much. Then our office of the president was again besmirched with his hateful tweets. I am a Californian and I so vividly remember the violent protests of the ’60’s and suddenly being afraid of Blacks as they walked down the sidewalk in the opposite direction. I had never felt that before. Those riots frightened me and I have paid close attention to my inner voice as I read the newspaper and watch TV today. It’s so easy to buy the rioting as only mob rule. It’s true, but not the whole truth. Thank you for reading this, Tina. I’ll understand if my words are too heavy for your blog.

P.K.Eastman on

Thank you! Best part of this Sunday

MaryE, McKellar on

A while ago (during a sale) I ordered a ceiling light from you. In your blog you commented that shipments from China had arrived and your company would start filling the orders. I have not heard from you nor have I received my light! Do you have any idea when it will ship? Please reply and than you for your help. Mary E. McKellar

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