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Hi everyone, hope this finds you well and safe. It is a troubling time in our world in so many directions. I am trying to keep my blog as my one happy place where I can go to create and share beauty, things that make me happy and inspirational ideas.

So on that note, need a lift?  Our long awaited porcelain presale is on! Haven’t had a porcelain presale since January so we are due.  Getting in a spectacular 40 foot container of the most beautiful porcelains within the next 2-3 weeks! Many new pieces along with some of our customer favorites making a comeback.

We are having a porcelain drought and are very low on so many things so this is a welcome sight for sore eyes in more ways than one. It is so nice to have something to be really excited about between the Pandemic and what is going on all around us. Gives me something beautiful and positive to focus on.

We hold presales on all of our items before they arrive for a few days. When they arrive we will generally hold a one or two day arrival sale then they get put online. This is a terrific time to get what you want before something sells out (which many do) and get it at it’s lowest price, the presale price.

When the shipement arrives in a few weeks, things will ship right out and you will have a wonderful surprise delivered in a big brown box! I suggest sitting down for this one as there is a lot to see here and you might even need a pen and paper. Take 15 minutes and enjoy seeing all the pretties coming this way very soon!

If you are new to these, kindly read over the rules before placing your presale order and of course feel free to call with any questions-


  • There are TWO ways to  place a presale order-  you can either call or email your order in
  • You can call (Thursday and Friday we will be in the office at 10am- 2pm EST) at 800-804-9565
  • If ordering after Friday 2pm, you will need to submit your order via email
  • If emailing your order in,  please email [email protected]
  • For email orders- to fulfill an order and send an invoice which you can pay online,  you must include your name, address and phone number in addition to your order request
  • When ordering, please use item numbers only not descriptions- ITEM NUMBERS ARE ON THE TOP OF EACH PRODUCT
  • This sale is for items arriving on or about June 15th and will ship at that time
  • Subject to availability, there are limited numbers of each item
  • Final sale
  • This presale will end on Saturday, June 6th
  • Any order over $500 gets an extra 10% off
  • Shipping is extra
  • We can ship some items internationally, if you need a quote please email [email protected]
  • Questions? Call 800-804-9565 or email us
  • Wholesale? Click here to register for an account or email [email protected]


Every order over $350 will receive this beautiful 8″ bud vase

ITEM 1.  Two of our top selling garden seats, a fabulous sand intricate village scene offered in both a round and hexagonal shape.

Both measure 18″

$145.00 (specify round or hexagon when ordering)

ITEM 2 One of our best selling planters, this fabulous floral  and trellis square planter includes the matching plate underneath. Perfect for orchids, boxwoods, flowering plants of any kind.

Measures 8″ x 9.5″ (includes planter and plate)


ITEM 3 These magnificent new large  jars are some of my new favorites. They are very large and truly spectacular. Gently antiqued, love the tones of the blues, they will mix and match into any existing vignette or use them to start a new one.

Measures 19.5″ tall

$150.00 (specify cherry blossom or bird) or a pair for $290.00


Cherry blossom

ITEM 4 This incredible large pheasant bowl is coming back. A new piece for us, this is a beauty! Perfect size for coffee tables, center of a kitchen. island, dining room table and more…

15.5″ round at it’s widest point


ITEM 5 Our stunning very large village scene centerpiece bowl has been sold out for a while but we doubled up on our order to be sure we will have plenty! Measures 15.6″ round, this is a large scaled bowl and perfect for center islands, console tables, the middle of a dining table and makes a great container for a large scaled orchid arrangement.

Measures 16″ x 8.5″


ITEM 6 This chunkier pagoda is such a great size, they work everywhere. These are extremely versatile and easy to work with. They add so much to any existing vignette. I move them from indoors to outside as they are fabulous out on a patio or on a outdoor table.

Measures 16″ tall.

$165.00 each OR $320.00 for a pair


ITEM 7 Our new soft blue village scene garden seat is coming back, such a beautiful piece. Have two in my bedroom…the soft blue is beautiful. Measures 18.75″

Measures 18.75″ tall


ITEM 8 And look at what is finally coming back after months of waiting. Our incredible gold tipped handpainted cache pot. These are gorgeous very classic, beautiful with a topiary flower or nothing at all. Very special, beautifully made pieces. I use mine with fresh flowers, orchids and they are exquisite filled with holiday flowering trees during the holidays.

Measures 8.5″ x 6.5″


ITEM 9 Our beautiful  fishbowls are coming back just in time for planting season, these midsized fishbowls are perfect  for either indoors or out. I have seen them filled with big palms, boxwods, large hydrangea bushes, and so much. more. They are super versatile and can even be moved from indoors to out. Love these!

9A Dragon fishbowl with lion head rings

Measures 17″ tall by 17″ wide


9B Our incredible new floral straight fishbowl with lion rings is one of my newer favorites. Such an elegant piece, love the floral design and lion rings accent. Gorgeous indoors and out.

Measures 17″ tall


9C Our beautiful  straight fishbowl with lion rings with the figurine pattern is another beauty  Gorgeous indoors and out.

Measures 17″ tall


ITEM 10 Our new top selling flat top jars previously sold out are coming back and we doubled up on the quantities. Available in four different designs, love the idea of creating a vignette with mixing and matching these gorgeous jars. They are a slightly softer blue which I love mixing with jars with darker blues.

Cherry blossom, floral, dragon or bird

Measures 9.5″ x 9,5″

$75.00 (specify style when ordering) OR $140.00 for a pair (can mix and match)

Cherry blossom




ITEM 11 NEW! Another newer item, our stunning trio of sitting emperors. How great are these? Perfect for chests, atop books, consoles, etc… Comes as a set of 3.

Stands 11″ tall

$115.00 for the set of three men

ITEM 12 Not to be outdone, we are getting our standing set of three emperors back. Very regal and grand they stand at almost 17″ tall. Sold as a set of 3.

Stands 17.5″

$120.00 for set of three emperors

ITEM 13 NEW! Introduced this beautiful new footed planter a few months ago and it sold out almost immediately.Getting them back in, in both shades of blue. A richer vibrant blue and a softer, paler blue. Both stunning and ideal for orchids, boxwood balls, floral arrangements.

Measures 10.5″ x 8.5″

$130.00 (specify lighter or darker blue)

ITEM 14. Our amazing floral scalloped and pierced large planter is coming back. An all time favorite, this is exquisite planted with orchids, a big fern or even with nothing at all!

Measures 15.5″


ITEM 15 Our beautiful round scalloped pierced planter, measures 14.5″ round. Such a perfect planter for a center console table, on top of a foyer chest filed with orchids or flowers.

Measures 14..5″ round


ITEM 16 Mini foo dogs are coming back in soft green, soft blue and navy!

Pair measures 4″ x 6″

$42.00 for the pair (specify pale green, pale blue or navy)

ITEM 17 NEW! Another new gorgeous garden seat, this a beauty the bird/floral design. This beauty features an elegant bird and floral design.

Measures 17.5″ tall.


ITEM 18 Possibly my all time favorite jar of all time is this enormous majestic raised dot jar dep8icting a beautiful classic village and floral scene. This is a very grand piece, looks like a special heirloom jar. Very special!

Measures an imposing 26″ tall

$310.00 or a pair $595.00


ITEM 19  These stunning chinoiserie garden seats are so pretty, love the all over chinoiserie design. Offered in soft green, ivory and soft blue.

Measures 17.5″ tall (specify green, ivory or blue)


ITEM 20 Our elegant pair of bird ginger jars is coming home:) This is a beautiful pair that is idea for chests, consoles, even beautiful on a kitchen island!

Measures 17″ tall

Pair of jars  $265.00


ITEM 21 So happy to see this elegant braided handle village scene fishbowl coming in, we doubled up on what we normally order. This is a beauty for fresh greens, a big orchid arrangement, hydrangeas and so much. more. Features beautiful “braided” handles

Measures 18.5″ L x 9″ W x 8.5″ H


ITEM 22 Our top selling mid size hexagon paneled planters are a must have, now offered in two fabulous styles!  This works for so many things and in so many places. Great gift too!

Measures 6.5″ x 10″


ITEM 19A Darker village scene

19B New softer village scene

ITEM 23 NEW! Say hello to our three smiling great are these! Wonderful to add to an existing vignette or to start a new one. These are so elegant.

Measures 10.5″ x  4″ (each figure)

$130.00 for the set of 3 men

ITEM 24 NEW! Fabulous new dragon bowl, isnt this pretty!  I love the dragon motif and this size bowl is such a great size for so many purposes. I could see using it for my daily mail:)

Measures 11.5″ x 6″


ITEM 25. NEW! Elegant new square mid sized. vase, perfect for those weekly market flowers you bring home!

Measures 10.5″ x 4.5″ square


ITEM 26 NEW! Love these new smaller round wide mouthed jars. Ideal for a big spray of fresh flowers, I could see hydrangeas, sunflowers and more. Perfect size for your weekly flowers.

Measures 10.5″




ITEM 27  Our stunning pastel flat top jars were an instant hit, they are quite spectacular with the raised white cherry blossom detailing. Very special!

Measures 8.5″

$90.00 or $170.00 for a pair (specify color- pink, blue or green)

ITEM 28 Our chunky jar series are classics and a customer favorite. Getting back in the phoenix, figurine and bird styles.

Measures 17.5″ tall specify style when ordering.

$140.00 OR $270.00 for a pair





ITEM 29 Our amazing large wine/ice bucket with removable bamboo handle is coming back. This is the ultimate entertainers piece to have for summer entertaining. Holds 3-4 bottles comfortable and I have seen this used as a fabulous flowers vase too.

Measures 11.5″ x 10″


ITEM 30  These darling bud vases are a must have. Perfect for nightstands and end tables, smaller spaces or atop a stack of books with a few fresh blooms.

Measures 8.5″

$35.00 each (specify figurine or landscape)

This wonderful vase is free with purchase of $300 or more



ITEM 31 Our darling mini pagodas. These the perfect finishing touch to an existing vignette, looks great atop a stack of books and makes a wonderful pair of bookends. The top comes off which makes for a clever little “hiding spot”.

Measures 4″ x 6″

Sold as a pair $50.00

ITEM 32 NEW! Adore this gorgeous new jar, which has become a popular piece. I own two and love having them outside on my patio, the blues really pop against all the green. In the winter, I moved them indoors.  The rich blues make this a real standout that works beautifully with other tones of blues.

Measures 17″ x 11.5″ at its widest

One- $120.00 or pair $230.00



We always celebrate these presales with a fun giveaway. One lucky winner will win this beautiful  lion and floral small ginger jar. Perfect for mantles, filled with your favorite fresh flowers  or atop a stack of books…a beauty! Simply leave a comment telling us your favorite item(s) on this post and we will announce a winner on Sunday!

Now, that is what I call a spectacular array of porcelains! Something for everyone…cannot wait for them to come in. If you know someone who loves porcelains/blue and white, then tell them about the sale:) See something you must have? Simply email or call, please read over the rules on top before you do. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day. Be safe out there. Until next time…..


[email protected]



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Such gorgeousness! That wine/ice bucket is great for summer on the porch, and year round!

Usually I know exactly what I want; this time there are just too many choices. Will really have to do some thinking this time. I love everything the garden stools are calling to me and the simple shaped new vase and the flat topped ginger jars. So many choices! Love everything!

Gorgeous collection! Love the garden stools and think they would make a great addition to my screened porch!

love all the new blue and white! so hard to pick a favorite, but I love item 5 and 21. what great values you have on everything.

Happy that one of my favorites the square vases has returned. Now I can enjoy a pair in another room. Love the bud vases too. They make excellent hostess gifts.

Your green garden stool reminds me of our ASIA trip last November. Luckily we were home before all the problems started and have wonderful memories of the people and places we visited.

Oh I really love those garden seats that are soft blue, cream, or soft green. Honestly, I love everything listed, but I’m really drawn to those. <3

love it all !!!
I have so many of your items already ,it is hard to choose just one !!!
Thank you for offering such a beautiful variety of Blue /White porcelain !!!

A virtual feast for my eyes with my morning coffee! The garden stools call to me. Their versatility in decorating (garden, bath, living room) makes them an essential piece to have!

Beautiful! Love everything , especially the wide mouth jars and the bud vases. Your suggestion with hydrangea would be perfect for any setting.

Well, it’s hard to choose a favorite, since there are so many wonderful things, but the soft blue village scene garden stool is really pretty. I also like the wine cooler, which would be great for summer entertaining. Lots to love here.

Hi Tina, what a beautiful batch of porcelain. A feast for the eyes. I can’t help but “oh and ga” over the ivory chinoiserie garden stool. Thanks for sharing.

Love the dragon bowl, raised dot jar and all the wonderful emperors. What a beautiful collection. Thank you for continually the generous give-a-ways.

“SPECTACULAR ARRAY OF PORCELAINS”, I agree. I love all the blue and whites. I received my Blue and White chargers that I purchased from Enchanted Home and the quality was lovely. Living in Canada ?? it’s an extra expense (Weight, shipping, Duty etc) The weight of the porcelains would be costly for me to purchase. Maybe someday I will love to order the blue and white salt and pepper shakers. (Light in weight for mailing expense) Love, love, love your beautiful white and blue pieces.

Tina, Another lovely collection of porcelain. While my collected blue/white pieces are mostly the darker shades of blue, I am drawn to the softer tones. My favorite is the pastel blue garden seat. Thank you for the chance to win!

I could have easily written every number as pieces that I liked so much but I narrowed it down to numbers, 1,2,5,9C,10 floral,14, 25 and 32. Really beautiful pieces!

I love all of the items but I have to say that the three smiling men stand out to me right now. I think we could all use anything smiling at us during this challenging time and the fact that they are blue and white just makes them even more perfect!!!

What eye candy! The trio of emperors sitting on the garden stools are one of my favorite~!

What a collection of beautiful pieces. The bud bases are so useful any time of year to add joy.

This shipment contains blue and white heaven. The large village bowl remains a favorite!!

I’m in love with the dragon bowl, wide mouth jars and chunky jars…decisions, decisions!

Oh my, so many beautiful new pieces to choose from! I absolutely love the planters, but, I am in love with the newest ginger jars!

My first favorite is the mini pagodas! But I can’t resist having a second “favorite” – the 3 Emperors! Thanks so much for all you do.

I think your garden seats are great. I would put them everywhere from the patio to the bathroom.

I am new to blue and white and am loving all of it!! Particularly loving all of the ginger jars!!

Hi Tina,
I’m happy to see your Post, so Very much so ???!
Loved viewing all of your new pieces.
Your Night Funnies have truly been the best medicine—— Blessings , for sure.
I can imagine how special the time spent with your parents was. Especially your Mom.

Loving the pastel flat top jars! Beautiful soft colors with the lovely raised cherry blossom detailing! ?

You made my day by bringing back the wine bucket! Stunning and I love the removable rattan handle. It has so many uses! I missed out the last time you offered it but not this time!

Too many beautiful choices! For those who have commented on the ice bucket, I own it, and it’s even better in person. Especially at this price — go for it! For me, I am not sure I can stop myself from buying one of the fish bowls this time around. Or the beautiful gold-tipped hand-painted cachepot (#8), or the dragon bowl (#24), or if I had unlimited funds, the 26″ tall ginger jar (#18) or or or!

What a collection! My favorites are all the beautiful garden planters and the charming ice bucket.

I loved every one but the 3 smiling men put a smile on my face during these unsettling times. Had a calming effect.
Thank you.

Love everything but my favorites are the new smiling emperors, the wide mouth vases and the chinoiserie garden seats. Thank you for this little ray of sunshine in my day!

All of your new items are beautiful. But I am particularly fond of the straight fishbowls!

My favorite item is the giveaway item. I’ve never seen a ginger jar with a lion motif! I agree with you, it is “a beauty.”

I love the round scalloped pierced planter. I can see it fitting in beautifully in my sunroom!

The ivory color garden seat is
Very elegant and would go beautifully in just about any setting!
Love it!

The #17 garden seat is beautiful! I also love the ice bucket. They would be perfect for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

You had me at item #1, the blue & white hex garden seat! Would be the ideal addition to my screened porch. Crazy about the entire collection. Thanks!

My favorite is the beautiful gold tipped hand painted cache pots…. The gold, blue, and white colors with the delicate florals and gold line bordering is perfect!

Love the floral scalloped and pierced large planter. Perfect year around with seasonal flowers.

I love every single tiny thing and almost impossible to narrow down! I’ll choose to mention what I am in need of most at this time – the hexagon stools – Twill be ordering several other pieces I’m sure!! Thank you for such beautiful selections as usual.

I love the chunky jar series…. Phoenix or Bird. Either would be a wonderful compliment to my existing collection of blue & white

I love the long fishbowl village scene. I would love to put some hydrangeas in there!

I was so excited to see the mini pagodas today and have already sent in my order request. They are just perfect for one of my groupings. It just made my day! Thank you so much for the beautiful objects you find for us.

The blue and white item #3 magnificent large cherry jars with the bird on the top represent beauty, peace and harmony. I think we could use some beauty,peace and harmony in our lives now. Thanks Tina !!

I love the hexagon village garden seats! A couple of those would look splendid on my patio beside my blue and white umbrellas.

Oh, by far the braided handle fishbowl! Filled with beautiful orchids, breathtaking! The whole collection is fabulous.

Wow! So much to love! My favorites are the chunky ginger jars, dragon bowl, and wine/ice bucket.

I am over the moon with this collection! So many fabulous choices. Especially fond of the mini foo dogs and love the garden seat to use as a small cocktail table.

Loving the new dragon bowl! I think I am going to have to break down & finally get that ice bucket?

The phoenix ginger jar is my very favorite. Love the pattern. Two of them would look beautiful on my white fireplace mantel!!!!!

I am so excited for item #5 – the large Village Scene Bowl – it is going to look fabulous on my dining room table!

I can’t stop admiring the navy blue foo dogs. Such a rich shade of blue. As always, there are so many stunning choices 🙂

So many favorites! The one that really caught my eye is 9B. I have been looking everywhere for tall planters. I love the floral design.

How fabulous item 32 jar’s deep blue background will look with my red-cushioned patio furniture! You keep ” besting” yourself with each new collection!

All itens are beautiful, but I am very found of the trio of sitting emperors, they are a must.

Love the 26” matching jars! It’s so hard to find that size at such a great price! Getting my credit card out now?

Everything is just gorgeous! Especially the garden stools…wonderful variety to choose from!

Ugh, so hard to choose! Adore the hexagon planters…as I am in need of a couple for around the home. Lovely and timeless products!

Can’t decide between that gorgeous light blue stool (item 7) or item 9a!!! So many beautiful items.

Ice bucket please. Just told my honey to please gift me with it for our 20th anniversary. He took the info so I’m excited to receive it knowing it will hold a couple of bottles. Yeah and thank you for working so hard to offer the porcelains to us.

Can’t pick just one! There are so many beautiful items. Lovely variety. Items 29, 15 and 1 are at the top of my list.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the garden seat in green, but there are so many wonderful items to choose from!

I love it all! ? I think my favorite is the beautiful fishbowl (I favor the floral pattern) with the lion rings, very elegant!

Wow…such a truly amazing selection…am beyond excited to receive the pale blue flat top jar I just ordered…
BTW…. your gal taking my order was so sweet…

I love them all and DR has instructed me to get several large ones For atop an armoire. . If I had to pick, I love the raised dot (18) but they are all beautiful! Love the garden seats too.

So many gorgeous pieces! My favorite is the round garden seat. I need this addition for my living area

Any blue and white porcelain is a classic but I can’t help but love the classic hexagon planters!

Love the garden stools and all the planters they would definitely dress up my patio this summer

All. Beautiful – loving garden stools! Downsized no room- actually if I was a fab decorator I’d be able to find a spot ?

Loving the pale green foo dog bookends! Perfect for some subtle color on a shelf or bookcase!

I love the entire collection – so happy to see the phoenix chunky ginger jar back in stock! Can’t wait to receive it!

So hard to choose! I’ve always loved your garden stools — blue and white as well as chinoiserie. But my hands down favorite is the floral straight fishbowl with lion rings. I need the perfect pot for a Meyer lemon!

Both planters number two and eight are awesome.
Love nineteen in green.
And, bamboo wine bucket.
Something to make me smile.

Especially love the village scene garden seat. The soft blue color and delicate painted trees are so unique.

Love the new dragon bowl! I just may have to add it to my beautiful collections from TEH!

Thank you for offering such lovely pieces, and at such reasonable prices – my forever fave is the chunky bird jar!!!

With everything looking so amazing and at tremendous savings to boot, it is extremely hard to narrow down my favorite item. But if I had to ,I would say #28 the chunky jars . Out of all the chunky jars ,I would have to say the bird chunky jar is the one that always brinks a smile to my face. But , you could not go wrong with any of your items !

Love the new 17” straight-sided planters, with the lion knickers. Classics!! Can’t decide between the options of print, all so very pretty. No wrong choice but which one…!

I am in love with the foo dogs, mini pagodas wine bucket and the item 32 ginger jar. I love the smaller items for shelving decor. Love your products and site. It’s my eye candy in my inbox! Thank you!

Seriously the best part of this post was Dollar Hydrangea. I’m in love!! Secondly I am over the moon with the two large coffee table bowls (#4 & #5). They are hard to find and the bigger the better in my opinion!

Hi! I LOVE the mini pagodas!! Really, I love everything! My mom gave me a pair of sconces. When I saw the lion and floral small ginger jar, I knew I had to have them. I would love to win the giveaway and purchase another jar. The Enchanted Home blog posts, Instagram, and perusing the website always makes me so happy. Thank you!

All of your pieces are beautiful! I really like the ice bucket as well as the mini pagodas. Anything that is Blue Willow pattern reminds me of my grandmother: I inherited her china of this pattern, which I absolutely adore!

With everything going on I can’t wait to start having friends over for drinks in the arbor – that wine/ice bucket is so unique – just a statement piece!

So kind of you to have a giveaway during these unusual days. I’m in love with all the blue and white you offer.

Love, love, love your blue and white porcelains! My favorite item is the elongated planter.

There are so many beautiful items! I love blue and white! This time my favorite is the 19.5 bird ginger jar. Love them!?

Wow! I love the dragon fishbowl with the lion head rings! Beautiful shape with many functions.

I just love the floral scalloped and pierced large planter! Also love the ice bucket! Might have to spurge on both before the presale ends today??

Good morning Tina, I cannot pick just one favorite! I love the garden benches, the large bowls the pot with the bamboo handle. There are so many beautiful pieces. Have a great weekend.

Hi Tina,
Everything is beautiful! I love the bird flat top jar.
Frankly, I love everything.
Thank you

Good Morning Tina,
Item 2, the planter, a beautiful, versatile piece. Would love to have this one! Also looking for more tangerine colored pieces and over all colorful porcelains to show up on your website. Thanks for your faithfulness in posting throughout all the dilemma surrounding us.

I need the large ice bucket before it gets really hot here. Come to think of it, I need it no matter what the weather is. It is lovely and I love the rattan handle.

I love the pastel flat top jars featured in this post. I only recently discovered your website, and though I have not purchased anything (yet!), it is a happy place I love to visit. The Corona situation put a hold on my plans to transition into a senior apartment; your website allows me to dream of a beautiful future home.

Always hard to choose which items to purchase, They’re all so beautiful. I love my garden stool. Feel I should buy another but those gold tipped cache pots called to me!

I really love the soft blue village pieces. Especially the garden seat and the hexagon planters. I ordered them both.

I am SO excited for my bird and floral garden stools! They are so pretty and will bring me joy as I sit on our new porch with my new baby!

My favorite is ITEM 14–the best-selling planter! It will look stunning on my coffee table as the centerpiece of my living room with a fresh, white orchid in it to add height, dimension, and a beautiful natural element!

The square, gold-dipped cache pot is simply stunning stunning though I could never narrow my favorites down to one or two!

So many beautiful items! I love the dragon bowl and the village scene centerpiece bowl!

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