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Good morning friends. Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and enjoyable July 4th weekend.  Hard to believe it’s over…feels like a good half of summer is behind us. Yikes. Being in PB was a real treat, kind of like stepping back in time and getting back to the simple pleasures in life……so needed and very much appreciated.

So a few months ago I started a series of designing a virtual dream house together, so far we have tackled the kitchen, extra rooms and dining room. Click here if you missed those. Today is all about a special bonus space. That could be something different for each of us but for me that bonus space would no doubt, be a large cutting/floral room. I would have so much fun, I just may never leave. I love flowers and my laundry room currently doubles as my “cutting room”. Let’s just say, it doesn’t quite cut it:)

We occasionally toy with downsizing  every now and then so every time  I want to begin a new project, I put the brakes on it, thinking to save the idea for the next place. But it looks like we are not going anywhere, my husband doesn’t want to sell and truth be told, we are both attached to the house more than we realized. Building something form the ground up for nearly 4 years does that to you!

So I may look to get some of the projects I had put aside back into gear (family room redo, master bedroom redo and maybe even a floral room of some sort)! In the meantime, I will have to virtually dream about it so here we go-


OK as long as I am dreaming I am going all the way…..this is my absolute dream cutting room/garden “shed” Be still my heart!

What a charmer! I could see myself in there early mornings until late at night:)

Inside I see both of these above and below as the feeling of what I would love, soft colored woods, plenty of open shelving, ample sunlight

How beautiful! I love the green painted cabinetry, another detail to consider!

How utterly charming is this!!

Something above would be so simple to build

Love how lush and nestled into nature this one above feels

The cutest one!

I love the idea of reinventing a huge unit like above and using it as storage/display in a floral room

So charming love how this garden shed is in an actual garden, so charming

I imagine tables frequently filled with big beautiful buckets of flowers!

Everything I want is right in this picture:)

Isn’t this soooo charming! I love it!

Love the idea of a great big wide sink with counterspace on either end and storage on bottom…perfect set up

A big farmhouse sink, hidden cabinets, counterspace ad open shelving all things I would want and need:)

Another charmer….

Just pretty!

This sink above is amazing, would love to have a huge sink on pedestal like that. Would probably add counterspace on either side though

Like the idea of ample open shelving for containers, planters, vases and materials

Aren’t these big open windows wonderful? Lots of sunlight is a must and this room above fits the bill!

Definitely like the idea of wallpaper, adds something extra to this space

Love hte idea of a small unit like above but would make mine refrigerated

The rustic beauty appeals to my senses, some might see clutter, I see infinite possibilities~

How pretty is this- love the idea of having a small indoor/outdoor space like above right off my garden room…..such a great space


Ahhh putting this post together has me dreaming big time. I see vaulted ceilings painted white with lots of sun coming in, expanses of open shelves holding all kinds of beautiful containers, a great big sink with ample counter space and big giant baskets filled with beautiful flowers. See, I have it all planned out! I think it might soon be time for me to move beyond the laundry room and have a designated space of my very own for my hobby of flowers…life is short after all!

Particularly with such a crazy world, I look for small refuges like these and wish more than ever I had a place to retreat to like a beautiful little garden shed/cutting room….dreamy indeed. So now I turn the question to you, what would your “bonus room” be? Can’t wait to hear all about it, thanks for stopping in.  Remember if you missed the other virtual rooms in this series, click here. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

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Michelle on

You have me dreaming now! We owned a beautiful Georgian home from turn of the century (last house) which had a small greenhouse off the breakfast area. I loved that space so much, I grew orchids and enjoyed many many hours there I really miss it and hope to eventually build one in our new house! Love every one of your ideas. Fun post.

Megan on

This latest post is a keeper. I’m a plant nut and anyone of these garden rooms would be a dream come true. I have to incorporate as many of these ideas into what infrastructure I have already to have all that beauty around ME. This is one of your most outstanding posts!

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

Hi Tina, you have some wonderful ideas for your garden/flower room. I love the idea of lots of sunlight with windows, plenty of shelving, and the big farm sink with a pot faucet. Time to put your dreams to action. Add that personal touch/signature with floral wallpaper. Don’t forget your famous monogram. So fun, taking your virtual tour. Love to see the finished product. Happy Tuesday??

Carol Reynolds on

Perfect timing on your blog!! I am drawing up plans for a huge boxwood / perennial garden as we speak with a potting shed at one end; I need all these fabulous ideas for it!!!

Patti on

After your intro I was going to suggest that you build your own potting shed on your beautiful property then at the end that sounded exactly like what you’ll do! What inspiring pics! I love the rustic, utilitarian feel of most of these. Not fancy white conservatories. Thank you!

Afn on

Loved this post. Such enticing ideas. I had a wonderful potting shed in Florida when I lived there.
Arizona Presents a different challenge. But it has got me thinking I could have a mini space in my garage.
Thanks for sharing all the fun. ?

Susan on

Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this! I am dying for a greenhouse as flowers are my hobby also. Hoping for my 45th birthday my hubs will surprise me!!

Lori on

Agree with Megan. One of your best posts ever! Amazing ideas and endless possibilities. Made the day! Please consider reposting in mid-January 🙂

Eileen on

This is probably one of my favorite posts, right there with your photo contests!! I think that if you are prepared to stay where you are in your beautiful house, you should walk around and view the property from all angles and then make your dream space just as you want it. You are right, life is short. Make your home exactly the way you want it. Flowers are such a big part of your life. Just make sure it’s comfortable during those New York winters.

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

How fun to dream spaces with you! I have a potting shed which is the first floor of our 3 story well/water tower (a historic structure). Since the walls are at an angle, I have struggled with how to put up shelves, but this post has given me so many ideas! Thanks for sharing! I will need to re-examine the space and see how I can improve upon it. Currently it has an original porcelain 2 basin sink, a tub to bathe the dogs and lots of counter space. More to come!

Kathi on

Oh what a treat to see all of this inspiration!

Sherrie on

I have collected wooden diamond paned windows, antique door with two arched windows, a cast iron sink with drain boards on both sides, and two large turquoise chipped iron brackets for my soon to be greenhouse. It has been three years of collecting and we are just getting started. Like you I have dreamed of it for a long time. ❤️

Nancy Olmsted on

I love this series! Has me dreaming of my own perfect home….which would be very similar to yours. 🙂

FrannieB on

My bonus room would be an Art Studio with a corner seating area for my artist friends to come in and visit. I would need small refrigerator, (for wine, of course) mini Keurig, and sink as well. Lots of shelves and drawers for all of the paints,brushes, etc. Light bright and white with blue accents, of course. I can dream, can’t I??

Margaret Cristall on

We have downsized BEYOND….. We love our little home, but are sorely lacking closet space. I would love some sort of “little house” for off season clothing and maybe a sitting area. Any suggestions?

Karen Tortorella on

OMG!!! I want them ALL. What a place to spend the day!

Crosland on

I’m in the process of creating a project studio…just at the beginning. Love these pictures…would live a floral room, but probably in another life. 🙂

Elizabeth on

Don’t forget LOTS of drawers for sticks and shears and floral tape, floral foam, fertilizer, pots, soil, gravel, moss and etc etc etc. I love drawers. The more the better! ?

Cher on

Love, love, love this post. So many inspirational ideas for a potting shed or outdoor potting zone.

Brenda in Virginia on

OK, I have a greenhouse/potting area but it’s obvious I need to up my game!!! Loved this post. Even for non-gardeners, it’s wonderful eye candy.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Lichy on

Hello, I can’t find scalloped tabletops , could you help me please? ?

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