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Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week, they are flying by as is this entire summer!  Some of you might know that there was a home on the existing properly when we bought our home. We tried,  for about 8 months to work around the house as it was quite charming, but the unusual butterfly plan (plus other dated architectural elements) made it very difficult and in the end, both our very trusted builder and. brilliant architect both recommended we take it down.

It was not an easy decision and we tossed and turned over it many nights. It was not what we had in mind when we initially bought this. Fast forward four years later, we were moving into our newly built dream home. Was it worth it? Absolutely…but would I ever build anything on this scale ever again. No! The property, which is very mature and filled with many old specimen trees was a big part of what drew us to this special place and still brings me much joy today, 9 years later!

One thing that was unchanged was a small fairly nondescript pool house and a pool, which had nice bones but had not been used in a very long time. It was not a big priority at the time and we always thought we were going to relocate the pool, closer to the house. It’s removed from the house, very different from how they are done today (typically right outside the back). On one hand, it’s nice that it feels like a refuge but not as convenient as having it right outside your back door.

But before we knew it, we had three young men who were flocking the nest and the “little pool project” never materialized. It was mostly my fault as my husband was very anxious to do it, I just didn’t think we used it enough to justify the expense (and headache)!

So last month he decided to give it a very simple little makeover. He had all the original blue stone lifted and then put back, regrouted and power washed it no and it literally looked almost brand new, huge difference. He had some of the very overgrown shrubbery and greenery removed and replaced with clearer looking hedges, another big difference. Gave it a fresh coat of paint and ordered new cushions for patio furniture we have had a long time. He had the coping redone on the pool and we converted it from chlorine to a salt water pool.It was starting to really shape up nicely!!

So after seeing these changes, I decided I needed to put my own little mark on things (translation- a little blue and white). So had a bunch of my favorite porcelains delivered one afternoon and went about fluffing things up. Now the thing is, because its a trek from the main house, we cannot bring a lot down there. We have to think practically too! I would love to have a bar cart there but that may have to wait till next summer.

Waiting on boxwood balls for my straight fishbowls so it’s a definite work in progress but I am very happy with how it’s coming along.  In the meantime, let me show you the few small changes that we made, included resources for as much as I could as many always ask-


Nothing makes me happier than to unwrap boxes of blue and white porcelain!

Our open field chunky ginger jar series (left) is one of our best selling jars , click here

The fabulous floral straight fishbowls with lion rings are my favorite midsized fishbowl, in stock now- click here

So many asked about this jar above, my all time number one favorite! Its our grand raised dot jar, which we are often out of. Just got them back in,  click here

And of course I had to bring down the melamine, it’s beautiful and just so easy in every way!

Placing the garden seats next to the chaise lounges, these are our village scene hex garden seats (click here)


These fabulous midsized pagodas are not on the site (we only have 5 left) but you can call or email for info as a few people have asked about them

How pretty is the new tablecloth, blue phlox…..perfect color of blue (click here)

Would you believe if I told you the white impatiens are faux:) I needed something I didn’t have to worry about watering and love how they look in our antiqued pheasant bowl

And our beautiful figurine and floral melamine with the pheasant bowl as a centerpiece

Always loved the idea of big giant jars around a pool but it’s not going to stay as my son goes there with his friends and let’s just say I know how a group of boys are! I will be putting two fishbowls however with large boxwood balls where the ginger jar is right now.

Brought pillows down from the patio and added a bunch of jars on the back console (pillows from Studio Tullia- click here)

Love this angle

Blue and white always does the trick:)

Added my Chiang Mai pillows from Schumacher (click here)  to the chaise lounges and our hexagon village garden seats (click here), made such a pretty difference


This sure was fun (and cathartic) doing this little project made me realize that it’s been way too long since I took a fun project like that……kind of missed doing things like this.  And there are plenty of others that I could delve into… my family room and ordering a new bed and nightstands for my bedroom.

On second thought with the holiday season (for us) soon starting, those may have to remain on the back burner a while longer, I am trying to get better at not taking on more than I can chew.  Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a great evening. Until next time……

PS Our warehouse blowout sale is in full swing click here to visit

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nancy on

Pool looks wonderful and very inviting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beansie on

Do you have a kitchen in your pool house..?

Deanna on

Your pool looks wonderful! And salt water too. I love what you’ve done with the space, and it looks very inviting. I never wanted a pool, but now I do!! Plus you have all that blue and white deliciousness going on. Btw, your home in Palmetto Bluff looked incredible in Southern Home.

Norina on

Love the poolside patio and its ambiance ! It’s a beautiful haven to escape to when needed. ENJOY !

Ann Bailey on

Good for your Hubby. It’s fabulous. I would be there every day. Don’t you have a little kitchen down there? Next project?

Dianne Dudney on

Stunning outdoor living !

aimee rizan-english on

What an amazing space love love love it

Roxanne on

It’s so hot here in GA that I would dive right in! Fabulous transformation! Thank you for sharing!

Peggy Wilkins on

It’s all so beautiful. You all did an amazing job and of course, love the blue and white…..everything!

Charlene on

You so have the right touch?Beautiful terrain!

Judy Walters on

Such a comfortable, inviting, and beautiful relaxing retreat right there “down a ways” from the house!
You never cease to amaze me! Wishing I could come abide-a-while one weekend afternoon!

Joan on

Kudos to your husband for taking this on. What a lovely spot! You might want to put in an order for a custom painted golf cart with a blue & white awning to make dining by the pool a bit easier. Just load ‘er up and get all your food and supplies to the pool house in one trip!
Love the simplicity of the new plantings, allows those fabulous garden stools and pillows pop. Enjoy!

Janet on

Love this! I think a pool that’s a little secluded from the house is a real advantage. I’m not sure I’d want to look out on it in Dev & Jan, plus, it keeps the pool party a little further from the house.

Beth Christoff on

Tina, you have such influence in social media land… I’m so happy to see you post about improving what you have and making it even more fabulous. The pool, to me, is even more beautiful because it isn’t situated “right outside the back door”. Now – go enjoy it!!!

Kathy on

Tina, this is so refreshing and inviting! I would LIVE at that pool during the summer months. What a difference just a few of your beautiful “touches” make! Lovely.

cheryl p on

Your husband did a magnificent job, and you added the magic! Just stunning transformation. Enjoy it all this summer!

Susan Moore on

The pool area is simply elegant.

Stephani Clough on

I love that your pool/pool house it a little removed from the main house! Especially when you start having grandchildren visiting…. Always love your posts!

Linda weaver on

I love seeing your daily posts! All of the blue and white makes me smile during these uncertain times?

Lucia Donahower on

Love how your pool house turned out! Such a great inspiration.
Thank you for the sources.

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