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Hi friends, hope you are having a great weekend. I am visiting my parents this weekend so planned this ahead of time. Hope it cooperates and posts when I scheduled it to! This summer is suddenly fling by..anyone else feel that way? As in way too fast so trying to hold onto every summer day, hard to believe only had one lobster roll all season! That has to change!

Normally we have a trip to look forward to (was supposed to go to France in April and Spain for a destination wedding) and now it feels like it will be a long long time before we can even think of a trip like that again. The world right now feels so fragile, someday it makes me want to stay home and honestly never leave!

Thankfully throwing my energies into my business has been a lifesaver as it allows me to focus on something pretty, productive and inspiring. After all helping people to make their homes more beautiful is serious business! Moving on with this Sunday’s post-


1 ONE TALENTED STATIONER/ARTIST I found Mary Catherine on Instagram and was an immediate fan upon seeing her beautiful work and aesthetic. Such talent as a watercolor artist, calligrapher and southern gal with a fabulous aesthetic! And what she does to champagne bottles is pure genius.  Someone worth sharing, because she certainly makes the world a much more beautiful place!! Click here to visit her on Instagram.

2 NEW PRODUCTS HEADING THIS WAY!! So this coming week is a big week, we have the second container of our tabletop items coming in, our small porcelain shipment (includes fishbowls and large tulipieres), more Provence planters and some silver all arriving….will be exciting to see these long awaited beauties.

Then we will have another round of fabulous things coming in August and shortly after that the holiday hoopla begins. Here is some of what we are looking forward to-

Here are the gorgeous finished handpainted tole wastepaper baskets, cannot wait for them to arrive (will be offered in pale blue, pale pink and pale green)

Our very popular fretwork planters will soon be back in stock-

One of my most anticipated new arrivals has to be the new wicker ginger and these fabulous new wicker planters ( 12″,14″ and 20″). I have plans immediately for several of these!

Here is what I visualize using them for

Ginger jars will come in a 12″, 14″ and 16″ size

So excited over getting these beautiful new additions!

And will be getting in a huge shipment of our magnificent etched glass pieces, different bowls, three sizes of hurricanes and so much more!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beautiful instagrams, many depicting the very best of summer and overall beauty found in so many places.

4 SOME HUMOR TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD I had done my nightly funnies during the quarantine which ended up being so. popular, people were very sad when I stopped. Little did I think I would still be talking Covid in July so for old times sake posted another round to lighten the mood. They were too funny to not share here, definitely gave me good and much needed laugh. So here you go-

5 NEW FAVORITE DOCUMENTARY/SERIES I have always loved and been fascinated by medical documentations. If I was 20 again I would be in medical school. My fascination continues so I couldn’t wait to watch Lenox Hill (incidentally where my first son was born in NYC).

I binge watched this and finished the series in 2 nights…yes was up until the wee hours of the morning. Not for the faint of heart and if you don’t enjoy this genre, I do not recommend it but for those that do, Lenox Hill is well worth a late night! Cannot wait and hoping for a next season-

 6 THE PRETTIEST FACE MASK YET COMING SOON! Like it or not, face masks are here to stay. These fabulous Italian cotton hand embroidered masks will be here by mid August, not a minute too soon as far as I am concerned. Who knew we would talking about face masks as being an actual fashion item….

When I featured these on Instagram, the response was amazing…so we are now offering these beauties for a presale. Offered in a soft beautiful baby blue Italian cotton with hand embroidery featuring a beautiful white floral pattern. They are also machine washable. This makes wearing a mask a real fashion statement:) Click here to view


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So as we (once again) adjust and readjust in some cases to our new norms in so many different realms of our lives, I find myself getting used to many things yet still having to get used to others. One thing I really miss is getting dressed up to go out and meet friends in a restaurant.

Though NY restaurants are for the most part now open (with many new measures in place) I am just not yet comfortable going. Possibly eating outside though even that makes me leery. Several of my friend feel the same, and I am curious across the board as to how you all feel? Since so many of your are spread out around the country/world, thought this would make for an intersecting question this week.


And that’s a wrap everyone. Hope you enjoyed this Sunday post, putting them together is always a highlight of my week. A fun and very relaxing cathartic little escape from me, especially now during this very fragile time in our world. Those types of activities mean more than ever! Thanks for stopping by and making TEH part of your Sunday routine. Enjoy your day, until next time……

PS Our entire figurine collection is 20% off until tonight, includes all of our newly arrived figurines, emperors and our entire Staffordshire dog collection, use code save. Click here to see our figurine collection


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Eve B on

Love the new wicker collection, especially the ginger jars!

Donna Dowd on

In our new normal, face masks ARE here for a while. Love this blue one, and will be ordering it!

Susan P on

That wicker collection is incredible, so excited about it! And own a few of the etched pieces and love them, they are exceptionally beautiful!
Never thought I would get excited over a mask but now I am- and those champagne bottles are beautiful.
We do lots of take out but not interested at this time going into restaurants, not worth the risk. Love the funnies, we need to laugh now more than ever!

Sherry Lewis on

The results of the survey aren’t able to be seen after the asterisk – so we don’t know which questions got what percentage if the statement begins with the same few words. Can this be remedied by numbering the options?

Fran W. on

Great post! Enjoy your visit with your parents. Those moments are so precious.

mary on

I LOVED Lenox Hill (and most medical docu/dramas) and really hoping for another season!

Piper B on

Loved seeing your items used in such lovely settings on Instagram, Tina
Yes, also binge watched Lenox Hill. NYC! What dedicated Doc’s ( What culture shock for that TN couple! lol)
Crazy how the atmosphere changed when COVID hit 🙁
Right, not for everyone. Reaffirmed my respect for the archangels in the medical field.

Susan on

We watched Lenox hill as my husband is a cardiologist and we were anxious to see it- we both loved it.
Your new products are so beautiful! You are knocking it out of the park and love how beautiful and unique they are, not seen everywhere!
We really don’t go to restaurant, we’ve been to a local restaurant twice which has distanced outdoor seating but even then I was not 100% comfortable. We are doing a lot of cooking, grilling and takeout! It’s a new reality for all of us but I think that new mask you have coming in could make it a little more bearable, beautiful!

Mary on

Enjoy your visit with your mom and dad. Hope that she is doing well. Have not eaten out. Every meal has been at home since mid-March. The upside to this labor of love is that I have challenged myself to try new recipes and have been able to hone my cooking skills. We look forward to eating out at some point, not quite ready. Looking forward to your upcoming products as we approach holidays in a few months. Summer lasts forever where we live! Have been enjoying your blue and white original melamine dishes on our deck. Thanks for a lovely post.

Jane on

Very interesting results. Actually makes me feel good that some people are taking this serious.

Patrick on

Good day Tina,
How’s about a mask for the guys?…Something more masculine, say black cotton with a Greek key pattern?

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Cant wait to get a wicker ginger jar!

Ayra Asher S. van Labache on

Oh my god! I am a french girl married to a belgian and we live/work in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Here everything is already opening, and in no way i feel safe to go to many places, how much more to take the mask out and eat something that a waiter takes from the kitchen, has come walking through the restaurant, arrives my table with many other occupancy tables… No. i cannot eat out. Another day almost died from thirsty wanting a juice, and here with so many options of tropical fruits giving out a juice is insane, but i didn`t have the courage to take the mask out and take a cup to the mouth kkkkkkkk Who knows after a vaccine? All best!

Mary Judith on

I look forward to seeing all the new beautiful pieces I can picture in our home! Thanks for all your posts, they brighten my day! Stay well!

Sherry T on

Can’t wait for the rattan ginger jars to be available ?

Linda Ewald on

Hi I have written several times to Mary Catherine to find out how to order monogrammed bottles of champagne as seen in this post, with out an answer. Do you know how to get in touch with her other than her email,, she has not answered me back several times???? Thank you Linda Ewald

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