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Good morning, the mega clean up continues as we start with part 2 of our warehouse sale. Posting a litlte later for our West Coast readers as many have asked, so it’s only fair:)

So many amazing finds and incredible deals today. Only once we started really digging into our warehouse did I realize how much we have to go through……such a huge undertaking but a fun one at the same time (except when our air conditioning is broken) it is not such fun:)

We will likely have to divide this into 4 or 5 parts as there is a lot to sift though. So today is part 2, lots of fabulous finds all at incredible prices. Best part? Getting a deal with no parking hassles, not having to wear a mask, be in public…etc! Worth its weight in gold for that alone if you ask me:)  You know the drill, please read over teh rules before ordering if you are new to these.

  • There are only two ways to place an order for the warehouse sale- call or email.
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email (office hours 9-3:30 EST Monday through Friday)
  • Calling is recommended as things move fast
  • If emailing your order– YOU MUST INCLUDE- your name, address, phone number and the item numbers of what you want to order
  • Please be sure you include item number NOT item descriptions (unless specifying a color or style)
  • Very limited numbers of each item so subject to availability
  • Only a paid invoice guarantees you an item
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours
  • We do not hold items and these are final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally (email or call for a quote)
  • Everything shown is in stock and ready to ship
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


Every order over $250 gets a free tulipiere robe!!

Or you can purchase one for $45.00 with any purchase (subject to availability)

ITEM 1A  Found 5 of the 3 tier round and 2 of the two tier rectangular wooden servers, amazing for all kinds of things- antipasti displays, sandwiches, desserts, seafood towers, sky’s the limit. I use and love mine.

Measures 20″ tall

3 tier round $110

ITEM 1B 2 tier rectangular $95.00

We do not have a picture of our two tier but its exactly this one below except its two tiers (bottom two tiers with center rod)


ITEM 2 Last of these fabulous and super elegant handpainted chinoiserie tole planters. Only 1 or 2 left of each. Hand painted stunning large planter resting on four delicate gold feet. Amazing with orchids, greenery, fresh flowers, and more. Many use theses for mail, magazines, towels….lots of possiblities!

Measures 18″ x 11″ x 7″


Ivory with blue trimmed in gold

Black with gold


ITEM 3 More reams! These are a steal if you know the price of high quality gift wrap These are 204 FEET by 30 inches, this way you will never ever run out of spectacular gift wrap!

Measures 204 feet by 30 inches

$75.00 any style

ITEM 4 We are down to the last few of these stunning fretwork planers, offered in black or blue. I have two on my kitchen island filed with boxwood. They are prefect for boxwood balls, topiaries, flowers, hydrangeas and more. They are very substantial and are made of metal.

Measures 11″ x 10″ x 11″

$75.00 either color (blue or black)


ITEM 5 We have several silver items that were used for photography and have been out in the warehouse so need a little TLC. Nothing a good plish will not take care of. These are below cost and are a steal, just requiring a little elbow grease!

ITEM 5A This trio of mint juleps features two large embossed and one wreath mint julep


ITEM 5B This includes two large embossed and one acorn mint julep (the large make the best bud vases)


ITEM 5C This two tiered pierced silver serve is so elegant perfect for appetizers, fruit, cheese, sandwiches, etc…just needs a good polish!


ITEM 5D This set of four assorted mint juleps is a steal. The large and medium work beautifully as bud vases. Two large embossed, one  medium acorn and one small beaded square mint julep


ITEM 5E We have two of our best selling stag deer wine coasters in need of a good polish.

$35.00 each

ITEM 6 We have three of our incredible swag and garland hurricanes (includes glass plate on bottom). There are super minor defects, two have micro ships and one has a scratch. You would really have to look to find the flaws,

$50 each or all 3 for $135.00

ITEM 7  Some of our fabulous handblocked linens are up for grabs today, these are a steal if you know the prices of handblocked linens! We are down to the last 1 or 2 sets of each of these incredibly gorgeous patterns. Beautiful items to really make a table have the wow factor, indoors or out! All are 100% cotton and handblocked.

ITEM 7A The green/white handblocked floral is a favorite and I use mine all the time.

Set of 4 place mats $30.00

Set of 4 napkins $30.00

72″ round tablecloth $38.00



ITEM 7B Same beautiful pattern in blue/white, a beauty!

Set of 4 place mats $30.00

Set of 4 napkins $30.00

72″ round tablecloth $38.00

ITEM 7C How about the gorgeous palm trees and pagodas! Such a fun combination of pink and green at it’s prettiest.

Set of 4 place mats $30.00

Set of 4 napkins $30.00

ITEM 8  We have an assortment of our fabulous aprons. Not only these among the prettiest aprons I have seen but they make such a great little gift too! Perfect hostess gift.

$24.00 any style (specify style when ordering)

Ginger jar and tulipiere

Lemon topiary

Palm and pagodas

Green and white handblock

Blue and white handblock

ITEM 9  Pleated lampshades, last of these. Incredible deals if you know the prices of pleated lampshades!

Measures 13.5″ tall x 17″ at its widest point (bottom) x 13″ narrowest point (top)

$65.00 any shade!

ITEM 9A We have three left of this yellow/white handblocked print

ITEM 9B One left of the same print as above but a slightly softer yellow

ITEM 9C One left of this buffalo check in a yellow/tan/brown check

ITEM 10  We got a batch of our top selling solid pink cherry blossom jars with the prettiest raised cherry blossom detailing but one batch came in with a slightly darker pink. We have 5 up for grabs!

Measures 18″


ITEM 11 Last three of these exquisite multi colored handpainted vases, a real beauty with such amazing details. Really beautiful quality! Such a beauty for fresh flowers, cherry blossoms and branches.

Measures 16.5″

$110.00 each or two for $210.00

ITEM 12 Our best selling bird/floral ginger jar is missing a lid. This is a beautiful piece and looks fabulous with blossoms.

17.5″ tall


ITEM 13 Foo dogs anyone!

ITEM 13A Our little foo dog was separated from his mate, so we have one left, a perfect piece to use atop a stack of coffee table books.


ITEM 13B Was surprised to find this pair of turquoise/aqua foo dogs from last year….they are darling! Also makes great bookends which I have in several areas of my home

Measures 4″ x 6″

Pair $45.00

ITEM 14 We have three of these beautiful silver etched pitchers left, they could use a good silver polish and will look perfect. Super elegant on any table,

Measures 10.5″ tall

$45 any style

Pitcher on left is style 1 and pitcher on right is style 2

ITEM 15 Have four of these gorgeous oval engraved shell encrusted planters resting on four elegant feet. Gorgeous with fresh flowers, plants and orchids, even pretty with nothing at all! All they need is a good polish!

Measures 10.5″ x 7.5″


ITEM 16 Calling all holiday early birds!! So we are starting to prepare, crazy as it might sound for our new holiday arrivals (end of summer). We have some of our amazingly gorgeous blue/white ornaments up for grabs! Talk about making a major blue and white statement for the holidays!!

Sold by the 4’s.

Two styles of 5″ balls (normally sell for $13.00) today they are $6.00!!!



Village scene

ITEM 17 We have 5 of these fabulous white pagodas left, these are so gorgeous and are not on the site. They are fabulous anywhere and I move mine around all over the place, indoors and out.

Measures 16″ tall


Here they are in a “real life” shot

ITEM 18 These mid sized umbrella stands are gorgeous, very substantial. Once we we were sponsoring a local fundraiser we used several of these for very large floral arrangements and they doubled beautifully as a large floral vase in addition to being one stylish umbrella stand!  This is a discontinued item and we have 6 left. Beautiful bird ad floral scene, handpainted on entire body of jar with elegant Greek key border, amazing deal.

Measures 16.5″ x 8.5″



And that’s a wrap for part 2 of our awesome warehouse sale!! See something you must have, then simply email or call your order in-



Thanks for stopping in! Until next time….

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sarah seelye on

I am very interested in item 17 (white pagodas). What is the height? I would like to order 2 if they work for my table.

Kimberly Wells on

When is Part Three?

Nancy on

I want the dog!

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