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Good morning hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far. Very busy one here, coupled with us getting the hurricane and still four days later having no internet, TV, phone, etc…..downed trees and lines down everywhere. They clearly didn’t see this one coming!

On a brighter note, the work has officially begun on our new warehouse which is very exciting, they have started the painting and “it’s coming to life”. I am starting to visualize all of our products there and what can I say, it’s the highlight of my summer:)

Have not done a whole heck of a lot this summer, its been pretty underwhelming with many canceled plans and events, limited get togethers,etc…..Especially since I am not really comfortable being out and about, it just doesn’t feel worth it, with the social distancing, no handshakes, hugs and deliberate measures which of course have to be implemented.

I thought this would be one of those fun, frivolous types of posts. So often,  I use something and think about how there is simply no other. My personal favorites and my bests. We all have them…..this is a wide variety of odds and ends from household cleaners to skincare to my favorite paper towels:) Hope you too will chime in with a few of your favorites via the comment section as I love learning of new things to try! Here we go….



FAVORITE CANDLE I have two. One is our own signature scent, which took my breath away when I walked into the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans years ago,they had them burning all over the hotel and I was hooked. So we found the candle maker and now have our own vessels filled with this delectable scent!! Click here to see our candle collection

The second is from East Hampton Gardens, it’s their signature scent and is pure heaven, I have to admit I am kind of addicted to this candle, a beautiful blend of freesia, lily of the valley with a light musk. Love this candle! Click here.

FAVORITE NIGHT AND DAY CREAM This is one of my luxury must haves, La Prairie just works for me. It really agrees with my skin and I love using their products. They are expensive but we only have one face, so I feel I am worth it:)

FAVORITE HOUSEHOLD CLEANER I love liquid Soft scrub. It gets out everything! Its perfect for stubborn marks on marble countertops, on cabinets and just about anything else you need a little but gentle abrasion for. I use it in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else I may need it!

FAVORITE LIPSTICK I have used Mac’s Angel lipstick for years. I buy it by the 4’s and 6’s because they are often out of it and God forbid they ever discontinue it, I am in trouble! Its a perfect soft pink with just a hint of color, great for daytime but I use it a night too. I also really like the consistency.

FAVORITE HAND LOTION This is my all time fave. Nothing like Gold Bond hand cream….. I have tried many but none as good as this. I will also slather it onto my feet, put on a pair of socks and sleep with them, my feet wake up baby soft. I always, as anyone who knows me, will attest have a tube of this with me wherever I go.

FAVORITE BRUSH The wet brush all the way. I literally cannot use any other brush. I have a super sensitive scalp and this makes brushing my hair (wet or dry) bearable and painless. No other brush will do!

MY FAVORITE CHIPS/INDULGENCE How I wish I didn’t love Cape Cod chips so much….there are many imitations but none in my book even come close. When I need a salty indulgence, there simply is no other!

FAVORITE WATER I love Poland Spring, I have tried nearly all of them and this is my favorite water hands down. We get them delivered to the house and its definitely my go to drink of choice.

FAVORITE PAPER TOWELS- I am life long Bounty aficionado but during the pandemic, one day when I could not find any paper towels of any brand,I was at a store that was just getting a shipment and lo and behold I scored a giant pack. of Viva.

I had not heard of them but something great happened- I discovered another brand that I really liked. I still tend to buy Bounty but Viva is a super close second, I like that they feel more like a cloth than a paper towel.  Silver linings!

FAVORITE NAIL POLISH I do not really get my nails painted just my toes. I keep my nails short and clear of polish. most of the time but always get pedicures which are a treat. I love Essie polishes and my two favorite shades are Ballet Slippers and Fiji, here they are along with two other very simliar shades. Essie polishes last and are my go to polish.

FAVORITE LAUNDRY DETERGENT I am a Tide girl all the way, always have been and suspect I always will be:) I used to use the liquid but now almost always buy the pods. Tide girl for life:)

FAVORITE SILVER POLISH Like many other things I have used for years, Wright’s Silver polish cream is another must have. I love this stuff….I actually really enjoy the act of polishing silver. There is such a satisfaction watching things gleam and come back to life. Wright’s makes it easy and is very gentle, comes with the sponge so it’s easy peasy.

FAVORITE MASCARA So I am including two, a high and low, both really good.

Thrive mascara did live up to the hype, but it’s not cheap (about $24) With even one application, you see your lashes really lengthen, its good! I really like it but you can only buy it from Thrive online and its pricey. Click here

L’Oreal fiber lashes is good, very good. you need a few more coats than the Thrive but essentially just about the same results for less than half price.

FAVORITE TOILET TISSUE- Again there’s one brand I buy, Charmin. Nothing softer. If they are out I will buy other brands out of necessity but I have yet to find a brand I like as much as Charmin, it’s the best IMO.

FAVORITE TANNING LOTION/CREAM This is out of all those i have tried, my most favorite. I use it on the face and body when I need a litlte color. I have wised up over the years and know now, to stay far away from the sun, or at least in it with good protection (because it feels soooo good). This tanning milk/cream is super natural, not orange and has a really nice creamy consistency. It often wins beauty awards for  reason.

FAVORITE FLOWER I could not choose just one, that would be like choosing a favorite child. But tied for first place would be peonies and hydrangeas. Both such exquisite flowers that pack a lot of punch per bloom.


FAVORITE WRITING PENS You think a pen is a pen. Think again….I found these by accident but seriously do not want to write with another pen. I buy them by the box on Amazon, they make my writing as good as it can be. Love these pens, you can thank me later!! Click here to see them on Amazon


I think I could have gone on and on with this as I guess I have more favorites than I realized, so I will have to do another favorites post in the near future. I tend to be very loyal, when I like something and it works for me, I stick with it.

That said, I will try new things otherwise how do you know that there’s not something even better out there! So I am all ears and look forward to hearing your favorites too. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a happy Friday and smooth end to you week. Until next time…..

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Sharon on

How about where your beautiful table cloths come from.? They are always outstanding

Eve B on

Love Brawny and Kirkland Brand (Costco) paper towels.

Linda Cashman on

I use Skinceuticals CE Ferulic religiously and their anti-aging moisturizer, as well as LaMer’s face oil. I have always used VIVA paper towels. I use Scott TP because I live in the Garden District in a 116 year old house and sewer pipes are old — all the plumbers recommend Scott and say NEVER to use Charmin because it is too thick and strong it clogs pipes. My signature perfume is Chanel No. 5. Many perfumes give me headaches but it doesn’t. I always get told I smell good when people get close to me. I don’t think your perfume should enter the room before you.

Suzy on

This was such a fun post! I can’t believe how many of the same products we like. Next time, ingredients and kitchen products! Thanks for a nice opener for Friday.

ML Coolidge on

We share many favorites….but may I suggest one to you? Jose Andre’s fabulous potato chips available at Whole Foods among other places. They are truly wonderful. Yes more expensive BUT all profits support his World Kitchen charity. It feeds soooooo many people in disasters, including our current Covid disaster.

Megan Bobbitt on

Love these post!!
Will be fun to see your new warehouse taking shape!

Jane on

I’m with you on Tide and Essie! I have olive skin and dark hair (the color analysis folks of years past dubbed me a “winter” who looks best in saturated color, never muted tones.) Revlon’s “cherries in the snow” lipstick has been my go to for literally decades. Timeless color, a blue-red, not orange-red.
I was a Bounty person until I bought Costco’s Kirkland brand. Comparable quality for less money, in my experience.

Jane on

I too share many of the same likes as you except I love Quilted Northern and Bottega Veneta perfume, Sisley skin products.
I too would love to know the source of your table cloths, favorite olive oil and Champagne Vinegar and Balsamic vinegar brands.
Have a great weekend.

franki parde on

I enjoy these..especially, I suppose, so many are the same as my favs. franki

Pam on

Neat post! Thank you!

Alice Genzlinger on

I use many of the products you do. I am a Clarins girl all the way. Their products are expensive but because France has much more stringent guidelines on what their products can have in them, I prefer them and I absolutely love their serum. Keep doing this as I learn something every time. I love violets, roses, peonies, lilacs, gardenias and freesia. At Christmas I love to fill the house with the smell of freesia.

Jo Shafer on

Most of those brands are my favorites, too!

Barbara on

Yes to so many of the same products you love. Especially Wright’s silver polish. All my cookware is copper and hangs from a large pot rack over my island so I always want it clean and shiny. I order both the silver and copper polish by the case from Amazon as they are not always easy to find.

Susan Kayden on

I love checking all these favorites out – I think I need those pens! My all time favorite lipstick is YSL Rouge Volupte Shine. I like shade #6 Pink Safari, a beautiful deep pink (not too bright), but they have every kind of shade. It is a very creamy and moisturizing, and it smells sooooo good! Even the tube is beautiful.

Sue on

Love all these..nice to get ideas!

Fran W. on

I’m with you on the Essie ‘Fiji’ nail polish. I also like Tide detergent but prefer the Ultra Stain Release Fragrance-Free version. For natural stone, I use Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner, but I also love Soft Scrub. My go-to mascara is Clinique High Impact. I’ve used a lot of brands and always come back to this one. Oddly enough, my favorite facial cleanser–and I’ve used dozens over the years–is a drugstore buy called Vanicream. It’s fragrance free and good for sensitive skin. I also like Vanicream’s Moisturizing Skin Cream. When it comes to pens, I’m a fan of Uni-Ball Gel Grips, but I’ll check out the Office Depot brand. I hope you’ll do more posts like this one. Sharing favorites is always fun!

PiperB on

Those of us who are sooo lucky to have a septic system (not!), really have to think before we buy toilet paper. Who knew, right? I heard Scott was a “safe” brand, but after 20 years of babying my septic, I’ve found Angel Soft to be the best brand. It won in my break down test ( just run water over the TP if it breaks down quickly, you’re good). And depending on the size of your family, amount of showers, use of clothes washer and dishwasher, the septic should be pumped every 18 to 24 months! No tampons!!
Tina, thank you for posting the mascara choices. I’ve been using Thrive for about 2 years. It is very good, but the $24 and shipping gets costly. I’m picking up the L’oreal option today:)

Norina on

Great post! Keep it coming with favorites.

Ann on


Barb on

What a fun post! And, we share many of the same brands as favorites!
You got me hooked on MAC Angel lipstick… not that I wear it as much, since we wear masks instead! I still put it on, along with mascara… just for me. We have to take care of ourselves.

caron gibbons on

Love your posts! I am a fairly new follower. Your settings and products are stunning and I look forward to viewing them. A beautiful,”enchanting” pick me up! Thank You

Betsy on

If you have not tried Miele detergent & their dishwasher tablets you’ve missed out on the absolute BEST!

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina,
Great post! I also share some of the same products you like. Love Kirkland (Costco) paper towels.
Can’t wait to hear and see photos of the warehouse. Waiting to hear when you will be getting the pencil holders. Love to use them for flowers vases.
Thank you and have a great weekend!

Donna on

Love this post…. so fun! And it’s always good to hear others add in.
I too use the same products. My ADORE buying natural cosmetics from Credo. Great site to check out. I love their facials oils and creams. I have been using a lot of their Josh products.
Favorite flowers: hydrangeas and tulips.
Favorites to add next time: coffee, sheets, bedding, recipe, animal, resort, cruise.

Had fun seeing all the comments.
Stay safe everyone.

Ellen on

Just loving this post…thank you for thinking of it! I use a detangler hairbrush called CRAVE that is similar to your fave. You can find it on Amazon. Great on wet on dry hair. And I use Twinkle Silver Polish. The company also makes polish for copper. Both come with handy polishing sponges. You can usually find them on the bottom shelf on the aisle with the Tide. ?

Beth H on

Great post! I always love seeing your favorites! In case you’re in a situation to buy a different product, I love Persil Oxy detergent (smells amazing) and CND Vinyl Luxe nail polish-it wears so long and is much easier to remove than gel polishes. Another “can’t live without” is blue Dawn!
Share your favorites anytime-wonderful ideas!

Catherine Gershman on

I love the blue and white salt and pepper shakers. Who makes them?

Coconut cake is my favorite dessert. The one that I lust for is from Magnolia Bakery.

Thank you.

Katy on

Tina…please continue with your “favorites” posts. We share many of the same. Love Thrive mascara. Agree that it is pricey so I try to wait for a free shipping code. I had the same breathtaking experience in Ritz Carlton in New Orleans regarding the wonderful fragrance. Which of your candles have that scent? Eagerly awaiting more postings of “favorites.”

Paula on

With you 100% about Clarins tanning milk, amazing. Not greasy or sticky, gives you a soft warm glow and no orange. Use their exfoliating body scrub first for perfect even “ tan “. Don’t buy the gel, just tanning milk! I have turned soooo many onto this!

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