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Hi friends hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Busy, busy over here with our warehouse move. Anywho, with all that is going on, I nearly forgot to announce our Summer Love Contest! I have done this for the last three years and we always get in so many amazing entries. I have included some from years past which are perfect examples of the quality of the shot as well as giving you some ideas for your own.

Anything that means summer love is eligible. It could be trip highlights, the beach, your new pool, kids playing in the sprinkler, your dog enjoying summer, nature,etc..

Please read over the rules below before sending in your entries-

  • Email 1-2 pictures to [email protected] (max 2 pictures per person)
  • Pictures must in some way be related to summer
  • Be sure on subject line to put the words CONTEST so we can identify your email as an entry
  • Be sure your email includes your full name or first name and last name initial
  • We find the best pictures involve natural light, flashes and bright lights do not make for good pictures
  • We are taking submissions today through Aug. 24th or until we have reached 80 pictures (we fill up fast)
  • If your picture(s) cannot be accepted we will email you and tell you why and offer for you to resend
  • There will be 2 rounds then a final Showdown round, from which the winner will be selected
  • PLEASE look at the pictures below as a barometer of the quality your pictures should be
  • There is a cap of 80 pictures, once we receive 80, we will not be able to take your pictures
  • No former pictures are allowed (if you submitted pictures for a previous contest those are not allowed for this one)
  • Questions? Feel free to email or call us 800-804-9565 or email [email protected]


Here are a number of great  examples of what a good picture looks like (from last years contest), preferably taken in natural daylight, at least 400 x 600 (bigger is better), crisp colors, in focus and no glare or reflections.




One grand prize winner will win a surprise box of an assortment of Enchanted Home goodies!

Wow these are pretty enough for a book!! So, now its your turn to show your pictures, as long as they exemplify summer! Please end 1-2 submissions to [email protected]. On subject line put “contest”. That’s it. You will receive a confirmation email telling you that your epicure were accepted(or not) and if we cannot, we will tell you why.

Renumber we cap this contest at 80 pictures. Thanks for stopping in and being part of the fun. Cannot wait to start getting in your pictures. Until tomorrow……

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Great job with the warehouse and the colors selected! I’m so happy for you! Best wishes for a productive future in your new environment.

I love the new color of the home of The Enchanted Home warehouse! I am also in love will all of these photos!!!!! So pretty.

Hi Tina I live in Callawassie Island, South Carolina and notice your home in Palmetto Bluff is on the market. Are you selling that beloved property? Love the home and all the efforts you employed building it.

Oh my gosh, you made me smile. One of the examples of pics from last year is my grandson on the lily pad in the water with our friends dog Sampson?

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