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Hello and happy Friday. Well, this was some contest with nearly 8500 votes and too many amazing entries to count. we have ourselves three finalists to celebrate Summer Love! These were not easy choices and truly so many were winners.

I cannot thank you enough for sending in your pictures, they made me have such an appreciation for the joys of summer whether its was your children, nature doing what it does best, appetizing foods, travel or your precious pets…all were fabulous.

So now that you have voted, we have one finalist from each round and today is the showdown round. Tomorrow I will crown an official winner of Summer Love 2020! So here they are, one vote only. Good. luck to all.





OK time to vote!


Thank you for stopping and for all the enthusiasm over this fun contest. Start thinking about fall because  sometime in October we will being our Fall Love contest:)   Wishing everyone a great day and smooth end to the work week. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Until next time…..

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Lisa D on

Such great pictures, I love all three but number 2 and 3 are exceptional! Love summer!

Elizabeth on

All three photos are beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend Tina! Love the pumpkins.

Deanna on

They are all great photos of summertime, so it was hard to choose just one!

Dorothy Freeman on

I lived on the sea coast in NH for 40 years before moving to Florida 2 years ago. I so miss weekend drives along the coast up to nearby Maine visiting lighthouses and snapping pictures of them. Number 3 is one of my favorites, the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth Maine. Breathtaking!
All the photos in this contest are beautiful but this one is personal.

Jan Hargrave on

Love your incredible posts; everything is always so beautiful. Thank you for teaching us all these wonderful decorating secrets; awesomeness!!! Keep up the good work;, can’t wait to see your future posts!

Jennie Murphy on

Such a hard decision. I wanted to vote for all three.

Charlene on

So love this Contest! Two of my choices are in this final 3 ???

Judy on

All lovely but picture three is unbelievable!

alexandra on


alexandra on

The first one is pure art with wonderful lines streaming all over the scene. The colors are serene and refreshing, and it feels cool.I can almost hear occasional bird song.

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