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Hi there, haven’t had one of our club meetings in a while but suffice to say my love (infatuation) with blue and white still rages on. A most classic combination that works beautifully with just about any color.I don’t think many need any convincing of that.

Every time we do these I like to focus  on using blue and white in a specific way. Today I want to look at the use of blue and white garden seats. Perfect indoors or out, they can be used very casually or even in a most formal room. Would love to know your thoughts and opinion on the matter. So let’s get started-


An outdoor room I had done a few years back, love the addition of the two garden seats instead of end tables, so much  more interesting!

Beautiful sunroom that belongs to Tory Burch with a pair of garden seats as seen in Vogue

My own living room, shows that garden seats absolutely have a place even in very formal rooms

A longtime favorite image, the garden seats tucked under the console is a favorite look, Ashley Whitaker

So love this fabulous space with addition of the blue and white, the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise neutral palette Phoebe Howard

My own mini pool area makeover included adding a garden seat next to each chaise, like this so much better than an end table!

Interesting placing a pair on either side of a bench at the end of the bed, I like it! Chinoiserie Chic

I love them tucked under consoles and furniture that has room for one or even a pair, Pinterest

Garden seats come in handy to act as little side tables for drinks, books and yes, flowers:)

Garden seats indeed belong in even the most formal spaces like this foyer, Mark Sikes

Always liked the look of a pair under a console, Pinterest

I have my share of blue and white garden seats in Palmetto Bluff too, they work beautifully there

My own bathroom, I practice what I preach!

Love this neutral room by Mark Sides, and it’s amazing,  the impact of the single blue/white garden seat!

Love this outdoor room by Phoebe Howard, so inviting!

Great space by Meg Braff

I personally prefer a garden seat over a small end table in a room setting like above, Emily Condon

Never thought of having a garden seat a dining table, Furlow Gatewood…..why not!

A more modern take on a garden seat in this pretty bathroom, Traci Rhoads

Beautiful accent next to this pretty delicate chair in a foyer hall, Sarah Bartholomew

Love a garden seat next to a tub in  a master, Marcus Design


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And there you have many good and gorgeous reasons why a blue and white garden seat works truly in just about space in the house, both indoors and out! How about you? Do you have garden seats and if so where do you like to use them? Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a great day!

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helen johnson on

The square garden seat in one of the photos is very interesting…why not do one?

Cathy on

Hi Tina,

Please consider designing miniature (between 10 and 12″ tall) blue and white garden seats to use as a plant riser or decorative accent on a console table or buffet. I search for them online and rarely find any really pretty ones. Thank you, Cathy

Maureen O on

I have a garden seat (which I purchased from you! ) next to my sofa ! The garden seat complements my new blue/grey drapes ! Just love my garden seat!

Susan K on

I use them at the corners of my dining room table to hold drinks and snacks while we are playing games.

Lisa P on

Love garden seats and have one in my bedroom, two in my living room and four outdoors on our patio so yes I am a fan!

franki parde on

The first photo & your Pool…gorgeous!!! franki

Barbara on

I have a garden seat next to my husband’s chair in the library. It holds a cordless phone and a small basket
for all the tv gadgets. Love all the photos.

Kathy M. on

Love the garden stools, one can never have to many, you can always find a spot to tuck one in ! In doors or outdoors.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Blue and white, Gorgeous! The garden seats look beautiful. Love them indoors. ?

Donna on

Love all of this

Louise Gorham on

You made my morning! Never tire looking at your gorgeous pictures…always feel inspired. Thanks ever so much.

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