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Hi friends, hope you are doing well.  One thing that has really caught my eye lately is wallpapered spaces.  I mean I have always loved it, but lately I find its on my radar just a bit more. Every time I see a space with a fabulous wallpaper that catches my eye, I immediately start brainstorming about where I might be able to use some in my own home.

One area I would love to paper is my bedroom. I have thought about this for a few years. The walls have a large tray ceiling so its a little trickier than just simple straight walls. It’s also a very big room so will need a lot of paper, so I have to really love what I put up. Like so many things I thought of doing, that kind of fell to the wayside.

Then we toyed with the idea of downsizing but my husband really wants to stay and truth is we both are attached to this house (often happens when you built it from the ground up) So as of now we are staying here, which has me once again considering some of the previously abandoned ideas.  I thought it would be fun to do a post on wallpaper, a lot in bedrooms because that is an area I am seriously considering it for but throwing in other spaces too taht I think make a strong argument for how wonderful a wallpapered space is.

Then I want to know your thoughts on the matter!


Great looking bedoom McCann Design Group

Great impact here with this foyer/hall wallpapered space in Bali Hai by Mark D Sikes

What a beautiful statement for wallpaper! One of my favorite designers, Cathy Kincaid

A pretty bamboo paper was installed in this kitchen by Amy Berry

Love a soft smaller pattern for a bedroom as sometimes bolder patterns are just too much, Burke Interiors

Love this pretty, soft palette Mohindroo Interiors

Pretty soft blue toned paper in this elegant bathroom, Cathy Kincaid

The ultimate in wallpaper is a beautiful hand painted chinoiserie….in any room! Rugs TK

Beautiful case in point of how subtle papers can create impact such as this elegant pink paper in this pretty room, Amy Berry

A favorite room (in my favorite colors) love the subtle blue paper and how cozy it makes this master sitting area feel, Ashley Whitaker

Instead of a traditional tile or marble backsplash, Clary Bosbyshell chose this beautiful Peter Fasano cherry blossom paper

Love everything about this, the rich green with the blue and whites, so fabulous. Amy Berry

Meg Braff uses wallpaper a lot, her spaces always feel so bright, happy and welcoming. Case in point in this fresh yellow and white bedroom

Always loved this paper, interesting to paper a breakfast area, Hailey Hinley

Great space by Ashely Whitaker showing the impact of a well selected wallpaper

A pretty and very soft paper was selected for this elegant room, Julia Amory

This makes a pretty case for wallpaper in a bedroom, so intimate, cozy and beautiful Cathy Kincaid

Pretty in pink, Amy Berry

Why not make a laundry room a beautiful and happy space! Sarah Bartholomew

An iconic bedroom and one of my favorites, who wouldn’t want to sleep in this dreamy space! Cathy Kincaid

Pretty bathroom, love the paper by Scalamandre, Lulu and Georgia

How about this pretty dressing table area, the wallpaper really adds the wow factor, Meg Braff

Love the way this pretty and cheerful paper ties together all the wonderful colors in this master bedroom, Ashley Whitaker

Wallpaper can be gorgeous when used tonally for a subtle addition of pattern as is the case in this beautiful dining room, Amy Berry


Putting this post together has me in the mood more than ever to wallpaper my room. Now to find the time to start looking for possibilities….definitely the fun part but very time consuming. The only places I have paper is in my powder rooms. How about you? What are your thoughts on wallpaper in general?

Do you have a favorite room/space where you  like to use it? Favorite manufacturers? For me, Schumacher, Thibaut, Scalamandre are just a few that I often source. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…….

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Annake van Coller on

love all of it !

Marsha on

Love, love, love wallpaper! More, please.

Denise on

Love! the images. Thank you!

Susan K on

Makes me happy to see these beautiful rooms!

Catherine Gershman on

Thank you for all of the beautiful photos.

I think that that wallpaper can add so much to the warmth of a room. In a couple of my rooms, I also have padded fabric on the walls.

BT on

All I can say is BE CAREFUL! I once papered an entrance hall in what I thought would be wonderful…A tone on tone stripe. All I could think of was a man’s shirt. I hated it. Ended up removing it within a month for a dark green strie . Even though it was a fairly small entrance hall, the effect was beautiful. It was so easy to accessorize with blue and white Chinese export. As I’m sure you know, so many times what looks good in a sample doesn’t translate to the room. I tend to like vaulted ceiling bedrooms in a toile paper. I love the paper in the elegant bathroom by Cathy Kincaid. What ever you do I know it will be fabulous. Your home is beautiful and I love everything you do!b Can’t wait to see the final results!

Cindy Hummel on

I too love wallpaper! I would use it in a heartbeat in our newly constructed home, which, while beautiful, is a bit bland at this point. What is stopping me? The cost! Wallpaper used to be somewhat affordable when I last put it up (2010 I think), but has since become prohibitively expensive, at least to a mere mortal like me. Alas, I will just have to use paint and artwork to achieve my “look,” while I continue to drool over wallpapered spaces I see in magazines and on line (sigh….).

Barbara Gaston on

I prefer wallpaper be used selectively, if at all, in smaller rooms. The posted photos look cluttered, overdone and dated. Simpler furnishings or simpler wallpaper but not both at the same time would be key to achieving a tasteful, less overwhelming effect.

Regina on

You just made my date I have always loved wallpaper and have shied away from it because of negative reactions.
However I am still in love with my Sanderson wallpaper and draperies in my living room. I have had it there for years. It never ceases to please me when I enter the room.
Looking forward to your choices.

Eileen on

I love the idea of a small area in wallpaper as I’m in an apartment. I have seen removable wallpaper just for apartments and am really intrigued about decorating a bathroom or the laundry area in wallpaper. The photos are really inspirational. Thanks.

Marvin on

I like wallpaper. It adds richness to any room and comfort to a bedroom

june on

I love wallpaper, but the problem is finding someone to properly hang it. There are very few people who hang paper anymore.

Charlene on

Love the rooms shown here! I have wallpaper in my dining room and both bathrooms, along with the entry way! Live on beautiful papers and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your bedroom?

Arlene on

Lovely post! I need to wallpaper a room.

Alice Genzlinger on

Love love love the foyer by Mark Sykes and anything by both Mark and Cathy Kincaid. I too love wallpaper but it can become to much if not chose carefully. And how about the textile on the love seat in Marks’ foyer? Be still my heart. We’ve recently put down new wood floors in the family room and black and white tile in the foyer, and laundry. And breakfast room and kitchen. The love seat in the foyer is worn so it’s the perfect time to use your post to chose the new covering. Just wonder how much the Mark loveseat textile would cost. Will definitely check that out.

Susan M. on

What beautiful examples of wallpaper! I love putting wallpaper in bathrooms and I had a guest room done in red on cream toile. Lately, I’m using some Thibaut and Schumacher papers.

Norma on

What a gorgeous post!! Thank you so much! I loved all the rooms.

joni cohen on

I love your selections. I do love some wallpaper de Gourney and Gracie studio. Aerin Lauder has pretty wallpaper in her dressing room.

Sherry on

I never tire of beautiful non trendy wallpaper. Go for it!

Deborah on

Love wallpaper and chintz Fabrics

Norina on

I love wallpaper. Every room in my house (except one) is wallpapered, including 2 bathrooms. I especially love my bedroom.
It’s a baby blue moire, pinstripe ribbon pattern. There’s a sense of serenity every time I enter the room.
It can be a daunting task to search for wallpaper that you love, but, once you find it, it will make you very happy.
Besides, wallpaper can last a long time, whereas a painted room needs to be redone after a few years.

Amy E Chalmers on

Tina this is a great post and put me in the mode of thinking about where to add wallpaper to our lake house! thank you!

Patricia Freeman on

I love mural wallpapers in a dining room or entry way/hall.Art for the walls…… says it all.

Joanna Callander on

I love wallpaper there are fabulous ones around. I have 3 in my home, a Zoffany Jaipur in green which has elephants and tigers on, a Timorous Beasties London Toile and my garden room has a beautiful bird wallpaper. They sound over the top but aren’t overwhelming and add interest. Go for it?

Rose on

I have a lovely blue and white wallpaper in my bedroom. It has been up for quite some years and I have never tired of it. It just makes me happy every day to see it.

Alexis Powell on

Love seeing wallpaper become increasingly popular again, these are beautiful and timeless..
I never stopped loving the wallpaper in my breakfast nook and powder room almost twenty years .

Karen on

I had a gorgeous French style wallpaper in my master bedroom. Only the wall behind the upholstered bed. When we put our home up for sale, our realtor suggested we paint over it, which we did sadly. I still miss that wallpaper.

Tina on

Hated to learn that you have listed your lovely home a PB…
Always loved the PB updates and hope that you have found another area to build!
Best of luck!

Kathryn on

A wide striped wallpaper transformed our upstairs sitting room with peaked ceilings and the adjacent wide hall. I love it! On the other hand, we saved a large sum by having a set designer paint our dining room – it was much less than the wallpaper and looked just like it!

Susan on

So many choices Tina! Thank You!
I believe I’m a Cathy Kincaid kind of gal. Fell in love with the happy green and brown floral. Perfect for our powder room but I could see it having application in many locations! The huge white coral mirror also caught my eye. It has inspired me to use up my shell inventory and create one. And the Cathy Kincaid blue and white bedroom you referred to as “iconic” is a strong consideration for redoing our blue and white master bedroom. Pleasant scale and the background white lightens up a room.

Mark Edlow on

Nice article…I’m a professional installer and after 40 years on the job still get to stand back at the end of my day and admire the transformation of a room!

Jan Carol Stubblefield on

Wallpaper; Cole & Sons; Cowtan & Tout, Clarence House, Brunschwig &Fils; Ralph Lauren

Ann Marie on

I have my dining room wallpapered in a red toile and my powder room is also wallpapered. The nice thing about a small room like the powder room is that I can change it easily if I want..
I don’t go overboard with wallpaper.. A little is just enough.. The rooms I have wallpapered become a special area instead of just part of a sea of wallpaper throughout the house.

Candace Sullivan on

I grew up with a landscape mural in our diningroom. The space always felt elegant and grand to my child’s eye. Murals are still my fav…they elevate a room to sophisticated, heirloom-like art. I’ve drooled over Susan Harter’s Muralpapers for quite a few years. She’s created custom, handpainted Delft blue landscape designs, that are what dreams are made of. I do appreciate the beauty of dramatic colors/prints in wallpapered rooms… but I prefer living with subtle airy, designs. It’s a huge splurge with designer wallpaper …and it’s such a personal choice, that won’t always appeal to the masses for resale…so I’d say, plan to live and enjoy your papered home for many years.

Barbara on

When we downsized from our large, traditional family home to a more contemporary one, I painted every room except the master bedroom. It is quite large with a sitting area and fireplace so I wanted to create a more cozy setting. I chose a Schumacher striped wall paper with a cream moire ground and grosgrain-like stripes in teal/green. It has worked for 26 years and looks wonderful with whatever pattern is mixed with it.

Karen Tortorella on

Sadly, though beautiful, I am old enough to have wallpaper make me feel like I am at my grandmother’s house!

susan on


Ruth on

I love wallpaper but my husband does not, so the only public space I have it is in the powder room. I also used it in the walk in kitchen pantry and it makes me smile every time I open the door and see it. I also used it in my craft/sewing closet – totally pops (in a good way!) when I open the doors to my creative space.

Ann on

Wallpaper really makes a space more interesting & just a couple of spaces, goes a long way w/out overdoing it.

Karen Purdon on

I love the soft, airy floral by Mohindroo Interiors for a bathroom, It also gives several options for towels, white, aqua, or soft green. Wallpaper seems to be making a comeback. I particularly like it in powder rooms, as I feel that It gives those rooms more softness & character..

Jo Ann White on

I painted my back entry in a gingham check pattern. Everyone thinks it is wallpaper, and I love it. It took nine rolls of frog tape and a lot of time, but I was able to get the exact colors I wanted. I used paint left over from other projects so my only cost was the frog tape.

Rebecca Robinson on

I love the dark side, the ones with a deep base colour and exotic prints, could you maybe do a version of some of those sexy walls? Thanks!

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