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Hi friends and happy Friday! So  a month or so ago I did a post on an assortment of my favorites, everything from drinking water to pens to moisturizers. Anything goes! Everyone seemed to enjoy it (including me).

Today I am continuing with another list and will do these whenever I have a new list to share. I love the exchanging of information, tips and recommendations with my readers and have discovered many new wonderful products through you too, it’s a two way street!

So without further ado, lets get started on this round-


FAVORITE COFFEE This is a dead even tie between Starbucks and Peets. I will skip coffee altogether if I cannot have one of them. I love French Roast and Sumatra. Yes, you figured right, I do love a strong cup of coffee. Go big or go home. No weak coffee for me. I used to drink a lot more coffee, now limit myself to 2 cups a day but I cannot imagine a day without it!

FAVORITE DEVICE Of course I cannot live without my phone but my iPad is my favorite because I love that I can take it with me to bed at night and can easily read emails, prowl Instagrams, Pinterest, even do photo editing. It could makes a  good argument for staying in bed all day:)

FAVORITE FALL FLOWER Definitely white mums. I use white mums every fall. I love the look of white crisp mums against the richness of greens and fall colors. Works every time!

FAVORITE OLIVE OIL A few people asked me this. While I do not have one single go to favorite, below are a few that I buy regularly. Extra brownie points for the first one for that fabulous bottle that I use over and over!

Bon Appetit Magazine rated this one as a very good buy and it’s under $10.00!


FAVORITE APP I am not big on apps so probably not the best person to ask but I don’t think I could live without Waze. It gets me where I need to go and always circumvents heavy traffic, alerts me to stealthy police or any other disruptions. A game changer as far as I am concerned.

FAVORITE SERIES I am. a little out of the series (hard to keep up as there are so many new ones) loop but my three favorites are Downton Abbey, Bloodline and Homeland. We also are really enjoying Yellowstone (magnificent scenery to0)!


FAVORITE CLOTHING LINES I had a number of people ask me this. I like so many but there are a few staples. I love Theory pants and have bought them for many years. Maxmara makes gorgeous coats for the winter and for more casual jackets I love from Herno.  . I have some great pieces I use year to year from Vince, I like their simple clean lines and beautifully constructed basics.



I have a few cashmere wraps and sweaters from White and Warren. They make an incredible travel wrap that I have owned for years. Click here

You can get great deals on lightweight cashmere sweaters and cardigans at Banana Republic, beautiful handblocked dresses and tunics from Dascoli. The prettiest most feminine tops from Zimmerman. Of course labels like Chanel and Oscar de la Renta are the ultimate and I am lucky to own a few pieces which I treasure and cherish.

I love Tory Burch (some seasons more than others) but fell in love with this sweater cardigan which I just ordered…love it! Click here

A brand that is not readily available in the U.S. (Gorsuch carries their line, where I got a beautiful jacket) thought you can find the label  in a few places. This line, to me has some of the most beautiful clothes, meet Edward Achour. SUPER talented, I own a few of his jackets and they are spectacular! I could do a post on his exquisite line alone! Click here to see his line

FAVORITE COFFEE TABLE BOOKS Wow, too many. But here are a few recents I am really enjoying!

A few all time favorites- anything from Carolyne Roehm and this book from Charlotte Moss is exquisite! I constantly look at these for inspiration:)

FAVORITE DESSERT Oh boy this is another tough one but I think my choices prove I really am a southern girl at heart:) I think I need to say Key lime pie is my all time favorite. A really good one, it has to have a super thick buttery, nutty crust.

Am I am making you hungry yet? Believe it or not the very best I ever had was at Paula Deen in Savannah, unfortunately cannot say the same for the food but the dessert totally redeemed teh entire meal.

A close second a tall, moist creamy coconut cake…yum yum! The Peninsula Grill in Charleston makes possibly the best one I have ever eaten, click here to order (they ship nationwide)

And vying for the two spots above would be the most sensational Green tea cake from Lady M, incredibly delicious but super light. Made of paper thin crepe layers..heaven!


And that’s my favorites for today!! I hope you enjoyed the post and would love to hear some of your favorites or if you have suggestions for the next post. I am all ears, always love hearing from you. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and smooth end to the workweek.

Want to see the last post on favorites? Click here. Until next time…….

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Sara on

I love your blog. You have such great taste and style.

Elizabeth on

Thank you. We share a number of favorites. Enjoying the pens from amazon which are new to me. What size iPad do you like? Mini?

Carmella Tully on

What about that green tea cake from lady M NYC you brought me ????? My favorite with all the crepe layers. Wow

Try carissa in Amagansett

Melinda on

If you have the coconut cake mailed to you, the cake must be room temperature to tase good. Do not be tempted to eat a slice while it is cold. Trust me.

Patricia Diane Dixon on


Susan Hayes Long on

So enjoy your favorites. Totally agree with the Peninsula Grill’s coconut cake, absolutely divine. Thanks for sharing the books too. Can’t wait to see More Beautiful, as the first one was fabulous. Am loving A Home For All Seasons by Danielle Rollins right now. Want to savor every page, especially the summer ones.

Carol on

Love this! Will be buying some white mums from the garden store this afternoon! Thank you for the great tips!!!

Jo Shafer on

Of course, anything by Carolyn Roehm is a must have for coffee table browsing, or opened on a drawing room hassock by the fireplace. Passion for Blue is my all-time favorite of hers.

Jo Shafer on

What I’d really like is a coffee table book like The Enchanting Home. Is there one?

Jan Carol Stubblefield on

Love Edward Achour. All my pieces I adore. Hard to find, only boutique shops,
“Chanel” look without the high price!
Netflix series Hartland, kinda a night time soap opera, but a sweet family show. If you like horses and Canada, you will love the scenery and beautiful horses.

Jackie Shelhorse on

Just recently bought that olive oil because of the bottle! Happily, it’s the most delicious oil I have ever tried!

Annette on

Always love your posts! I am really enjoying Chanel’s Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue lip wear, stays on all day, does not feather out and no need for a lip pencil. Also nice that it does not leave any marks on masks. Cashmere ponchos by Claudia Nicole are always a favorite, I have 5 colors, perfect for our coastal weather and they are not so big and oversized. Velvet pumpkins in an assortment of colors is always charming at this time of year and Mark Sike’s new book is great!

joni cohen on

love the cake from the peninsula. i have had it shipped it feeds a huge crowd.

Anne on

Love this! I have gotten so many good ideas from you. I also love Maxmara and bought a Henro coat last year, they are so lightweight yet warm.

Thank you for the olive oil suggestions, I love cooking so I’m going to give those a try and agree cannot live without my iPad!

On skincare I love and swear by the Dr Grossman line of skincare products.


Great post, love your timeless taste and your beautiful clothing picks! Edward Achour is very special.

Susan on

OMG!! The Edward A hour line is everything I’ve ever dreamed of wearing!! Love, love, love his designs!! Thank you for sharing!!

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