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Hello and happy Sunday, our first official Sunday of fall! Fall is my most favorite season so I for one, am totally thrilled! The weather is getting notably cooler and is my absolute most favorite weather of all.

Unfortunately I tore a muscle and am on bed rest this weekend so my weekend plans were canceled. “Weekend plans” tend to be very low with Covid but generally getting together with friends or family, really not going into many public places. I am most comfortable at home or my office.

Hope you are having a great weekend. The highlight for me was eating a half box of Wheat Thins for dinner and watching four documentaries back to back on my Sat night with my ankle elevated and iced.

This is a very chock full post, so sit down and take 15, grab an extra cup of coffee:) Let’s get started with this weeks post-



1 SAY HELLO TO DUKE! I have been chomping at the bit (no pun intended) to tell you the exciting news that I got a horse!! Say hello to Mr. Duke (a stunning bay thoroughbred). I rode when I was younger and always loved horses, never outgrew my fascination with them. So my getting one ties into a project that I will share with you in the near future.  I happened to have a friend who is an accomplished dressage rider and when I told her if in her travels she came across a horse that I should. know about, well…..the rest is history.

One day she called from a show and said I may have found a really good one. He spent a week “on trial” at her beautiful farm and we finally met. It was love at first sight. He is not only beautiful but a wonderful mover, super responsive and very kind. I will not lie, those first few days after riding, I could barely walk but it was worth it! Right now he is still in PB, but I am considering bringing him up here for a few months OR he may stay there and I will bring him here in spring. If he stays it will give me more reason and incentive to get down there more often:)

2 AMAZING CUSTOMER PICTURES Another sensational round up of amazing customer photos! I cannot get over the amazing talent of my customers…always blown away by these pictures! Have some of your own? Email [email protected] We love sharing our customer photos!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a great roundup, definitely very telling that fall is in the air, and I love every minute of the beautiful fall inspiration! A little bit of everything today-

4 SHOP NEWS So much happening it almost makes my head spin, we just got in half of our tabletop container and I am thrilled to say all of our etched glass pieces and wicker hurricanes are back in stock! Not for long though, they are going fast. Click here for the etched glass collection and here for the wicker hurricanes.

Speaking of etched glass thoughts on this new style I am considering introducing-

Just got in our  beautiful new enameled cherry blossom flatware, how pretty is this, can’t wait to set a table with this:)  Love the shape! It will be added on the shop tomorrow.


Look at what just came out of production, all of our stunning new painted hurricanes, so in love with all these!!

Our incredible new ornament collection will be here in 3 weeks! We will offer our first presale on these in about 2 so stay tuned.

Love these new flat tops in 2 sizes and 3 colors, so elegant

We will offer these fabulous assorted topiaries in pots in four sizes

And how cute are the 3″ gift toppers!

And last but not least how exquisite is the new 5.5″ inch exact replica of our tulipiere!! It will be offered also as a gift topper

How gorgeous is this new fishbowl? I love it (will be arriving early to mid Nov)

Measures 17″ x 19,5″

I am flipping over these new lamps which are on the way, we will hold a presale in the next week or so on this entire container, LOVE!

Offered in pale blue, ivory and pale green!

A sneak peek at some of the new chinoiserie murals coming in, these beauties will be here in about 4 weeks and we will, as we always do hold a presale.



5 NEED YOUR HELP! So I am finally getting (by my own doing) the office I have always wanted and felt I deserve:) At home, my designated office became a guestroom for an overflow of family one Christmas and never got turned back to my office so I work off a desk in one of those rooms (not an actual office).

At work since I knew we were. moving, I never did anything to really spruce up my office knowing I would put my efforts into the new space. So right now its four white walls, a white desk and a white file cabinet.

I will soon have a small conference table with 6 chairs and am doing the most fabulous chinosierie murals (Paul Montgomery)!! I cannot wait, I have narrowed it down to a few rugs. I am leaning towards a blue because I like the way it pulls the blue from the mural. Would love you to weigh in and I will be sure to keep you posted!


6 WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN ALL MY LIFE!! I just got these after reading about these cult favorites seemingly everywhere, known as the product that is sold every 5 seconds.  I only used them twice so far but I can tell this is going to be my new favorite skin care product. With the year 2020 has been, even the smallest things that can bring me joy are important. So far loving this! I swear its like I woke up and my skin really glowed….I am seeing what all the fuss is about!

You can order them at Blue Mercury click here


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Going light this week and staying away from the C word (Covid)….I think we hear it enough. This is about a new product I am considering introducing to my growing line of hurricanes. Just got the samples back and think they are beautiful.

Would love your take. I am torn as I love all three styles but was thinking initially to order 2 styles to begin with, as large quantities need to be ordered when you manufacture something. Would love your take!

So here are the three styles so far on these brass based hurricanes (15.5″ tall), these are not professional shots but you get the idea-

Vertical Leaf

Greek key

Swag and garland

OK your turn to weight in!


And that friends, is a wrap for this Sunday. I hope you enjoyed the post and always appreciate you spending your Sunday morning with me! Sundays wouldn’t feel the same without starting off with my Seven on Sunday. It will be another day of rest over here, to get better and gear up for the busy holiday season at our doorstep.Wishing everyone a great day, until next time……

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Thanks for sharing. Love your horse. Happy autumn! Take care and rest your foot.

Duke is beautiful! Congratulations, I also rode up until I was around 40 then we moved to the city and my riding days were behind me!
Your new products are just beautiful, I love so many of them! The murals, lamps pagodas and everything else for that matter?
Your new office will be beautiful, can’t wait to see!
Always enjoy your Sunday posts and hope your foot feels better. Sometimes it’s not so bad having to stay in and rest!

First let me say how handsome Duke is…wow!!Love the new ornaments & the new hurricanes with brass….elegance!

Your horse is beautiful!!!!!! I hope he has a friend where you have him in PB I would leave him there, I think, but being away from him would be hard?However, you will be down there more especially Jan-March which is so cold where you are. You are blessed, he is a beauty!!!!!!!?

Happy Sunday!
Wishing you speedy recovery.
Congratulations on your horse❤? My daughter (9yrs old) absolutely loves horses, just fell in love with Mr.Duke ?
Wishing you the best!
Sofia M

I love your chinoiserie panels and have been eagerly anticipating their arrival. I need two to hang in my bedroom in a new apartment to go along with 3 watercolors I cherish.

Sorry to hear about your injury. We don’t have time for that! But sometimes it makes you step back and focus on other new ideas.
Your new family member is very handsome.
Love having you share your blogs. I have shared them with Augusta friends.

What a great post- one of your best!
Duke is gorgeous…you are both lucky.
Riding is such a good sport and will keep you young.
Your new items are incredible! How exciting to be getting I do many pretty pieces. Love the murals and the ornaments! Nicely done Tina.
Also think the new hurricanes are a winner.

What a lovely horse. I’m new around these parts thanks to Mrs Shockley showing her blue lace mask on IG. I rushed over and ordered my own set. I adore your style. Hope you feel better soon.

Duke is beautiful and how wonderful you get to indulge that passion as a wonderful balance to your busy, busy business life.

Congratulations and happy Sunday Tina! I suspected after seeing Duke on Instagram that you have gotten a horse. How wonderful to revisit a favorite hobby/pastime/pleasure I am sure that you will enjoy every minute with him.
I think you should leave him in PB, as you said more reason to spend lots more time there and perhaps set up the winter headquarters of The Enchanted Home!

Thanks for sharing all of your fun finds and new products. I hate to say this because people are very opinionated but I am putting my tree up November 1! My birthday is in november and this is my gift to me after these long months of covid. I love my home but I love it more in the Fall and Winter, especially with the glowing lights of a tree.

Have a great day! I hope your visit with your parents was great.

Congratulations on welcoming Mr. Duke to the family! I love the murals and wonder what size they’ll be?

I AM OVER THE TOP ABOUT YOUR NEW COMPANION, “DUKE!!” He is magnificent!! I “used to ride in my youth”…cattle ranch. Many “Happy Trails!!” franki

When I first started reading I thought you were going to say you had gotten another dog so I was surprised by the horse. He is beautiful and I hope you enjoy him!

I almost thought you might have found a new dog to love, and it turns out you have a horse! So fun!! Hope you are feeling much better very soon.

Take care of that ankle! And you will have the prettiest skin in the barn… ?? Thanks for all the pics and tips!

Beautiful photos. Hope you are feeling better. God Bless. Prayers fro a complete healing.

Hi Dear Tina,
I prefer the new brass bottom to the hurricanes, because they would be less chips than from the bottom square bases. I have never favored the square glass bases, and am thrilled with the brass. Also they are prettier.
I hope your torn muscle heals fast, and you are soon up and about in your indomitable fashion.
Rose Lee

By the way, the blue & white porcelain containers I’ve collected from Enchanted Home through the years contrast beautifully against the rich fall colors of leaves/twigs/berries/pumpkins. I enjoyed putting all these elements together Saturday afternoon, and now I’m down with a strained back! Too much heavy lifting. But it was fun.

Duke is a beautiful horse!

Love the new ornaments, lamps and murals!

Your customers are talented and you get my vote on the brass footed hurricanes, the Greek key is my personal fave.

Hi Tina,
Beautiful horse! Sorry to hear about your ankle. Love all of your new products, especially, the new glass hurricanes.
Have a great weekend!

Can’t wait until the upcoming pre-sales. The choices are amazing…!

And the horse is so sweet.. Riding is great exercise.. When I rode, I was in fantastic shape..

Horses have the ability to change your life forever for the better.Congrats on chosing a TB .They are forever loyal to their owners.

Please take care of You!
All items are beautiful and can’t wait for the ornaments?
Oh! Your horse is gorgeous?

Congratulations on bringing Duke into your family! He’s beautiful! And….I love the picture of Teddy at the end of today’s post❤️

Your mural is going to look great in the office But since it is the focal point. I would NOT choose the rugs with the strong geometric patterns. Those straight lines would overpower the softness of the mural. I would want to let the beautiful graceful curve take me on a journey (almost feel like the birds are singing)
So please think about rug #4

Hi! I am wondering if you have the chinoiserie murals? Are you going to have the presale or have I missed it?

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