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Hi friends, this past weekend, I went on a rare outing. Yes, we really don’t go out like we used to without exaggeration. But we ventured to a wonderful small show house at Caumsett Park in Lloyd Harbor. If you are in the area, it’s worth going to.

Its not a huge place hence the name “Summer Cottage”  but it was very charming and frankly it was just so nice to be out! Spearheaded by renowned Andrew Giambertone of CT. this historic home/cottage underwent a significant renovation and was then turned into a show house for approx 6 weeks.

We went on a picture perfect fall day and went right when they opened so it was just us and a handful of others. It was very nice and then we took a walk around the grounds. I thought it would make for a fun post to share the highlights because I know we all love and appreciate good design, not to mention any kind of beautiful diversion from what’s going on in our world right now.

I really enjoyed it and of course had my camera handy. I had fun noticing a lot of details which I tried to get pictures of. Here are the highlights, hope you enjoy seeing them, next best thing to being there.

If you are in the area, click here for information. I believe its on for another 4 or 5 weeks (but do check before going).


Upon entering the intimate foyer, you are greeted by this stunning mural and beautiful dressed center hall table

The beautiful living room is a wonderful mix of old and new

A pretty and fresh feeling sunroof located between the living and dining room

The paneled dining room, love this vignette below!

You just know I love this bedroom….so pretty!

Another very elegant bedroom done in soft tones of gray and silver

With a beautifully coordinated bathroom

A pretty little vestibule done in  soft steely blue

Even a laundry room deserves a little TLC, love the open shelving with drawers underneath

A beautiful little sitting nook, with  Gracie paper

This was a small breakfast room off the kitchen (my battery died by the time we got to the kitchen)

Details, details!


A few last parting shots

This vignette reminded me to be on the lookout for another bust. I had a beautiful alabaster antique bust from my other house and it broke during our move, I was so upset. Note to self- be on the lookout for a replacement pronto!


Any particular room get your attention? Which was your favorite? I think overall it was really nicely done. I love the feeling of a stately and elegant older home getting reinvented with fresh modern touches. I think the juxtaposition is just beautiful, but it’s sad that at least around here, it seems no one really wants the older homes anymore. They have a really hard time selling, think the upkeep and maintenance is just too much.

Thanks for stopping in, click here if you want more information on this show house. Wishing everyone a fabulous day, until next time……

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Looking forward to going to this showcase. So glad there is one this year. Was so disappointed there wasn’t one in the Hamptons this year. Thought of you when I saw the blue and white bedroom!

I will add my support for those who were disappointed that you did not wish the President and his family well. This omission is not in keeping with your past posts in acknowledging famous people.

What a beautiful show house, I wish I was closer but seeing that it’s a good three hour plane ride don’t think it will happen 🙂 so thanks for taking us there! My favorite room is the blue and white bedroom, love all the shades of blue and the patterns mixed together. Gives me some good ideas!

Your reader Sharon needs to get a life! How dare she come on YOUR blog and voice her dismay over your not recognizing our horrendous president who happens to be responsible for almost 212,000 deaths!

Thanks for giving me a break from his name!. Just love your blog, thank you for the break of beauty!

The entire house is absolutely gorgeous but the blue bedroom is exactly what I have been trying to do with my bedroom. Thank you for showing us the pictures of this cottage.

Maybe Tina didn’t acknowledge him because, at this point, he’s regarded by most as more infamous than famous.

Sharon obviously is uninformed and frankly neither educated nor principled. why doesn’t she reserve her warm and fuzzy feelings for the legions of those who have suffered instead of the sadistic and insane creature she defends.

The front foyer was my favorite, but any room could be a favorite. Thnaks for the lovely virtual outing.

That Blue & White Bedroom! What a beautiful, inviting, and calming room! And, I was envious as well of the organized laundry – kind of something different to be liking, but I’ve never quite gotten the laundry area to look neat. The mural on the entry was unexpected and compelling – Visitors must be drawn right on into the house.

It looks like the house is located right on the water – right? I would love to see it. Thanks, again, for a lovely visit to a very pretty home!

Hi Tina,
What a beautiful house! Thank you for sharing all the photos. I think I like the entryway, love the wallpaper!
Have a wonderful week.

Sharon Roberts, if you would like to wish your President and his family well, then please do it on your own blog. He is an embarrassment to your country, and the world is laughing.

The blue and white bedroom with the folded cobalt blue blanket; the bathroom with open shelving for folded towels, hand lotions, other bath essentials; laundry room. When is my move-in date available?

I will add that I am disappointed that you omitted wishes for the First Family during this time of their illness as you have previously for other famous people

So many beautiful details to ponder over and enjoy, to learn from, to dream about. My spirit is lifted. Thank you, Tina.

How much fun it was to tour this beautiful show house, my favorite space is the foyer, the sunroom and the gray bedroom. Got some good ideas!

Thank you for keeping politics and the name Trump out of your blog, I visit your blog for a respite from the madness. I cannot believe that anyone would come here and critique you for not wishing him well. Politics ate so personal and I applaud you for taking the high road!

So much evil with these elites that I’m sure are considered WHITE Privilege by the liberal left. You live in your million dollar plus homes in the Hamptons and spew your hatred. I’m off this blog.

Everything was just beautiful. Glad you were able to have a nice outing. Its needed sometimes. I loved the wallpaper and the bathroom. Charming home

Beautiful show house. What a wonderful way to spend the day. I love the foyer and the blue and white bed room.

Two comments:
I am in love with that dining room chandelier. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s definitely a showstopper.
It’s your blog. Say whatever you want to or don’t want to. You do you.

It is very sad that Sharon Roberts was beaten up by her benign comment-to bad there are so many haters enjoying this beautiful blog…

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