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Hello friends! I have been waiting a long time to share our 2020 holdiay gift wrap collection with you, it is breathtaking if I say so myself. Our holiday gift wrap shipment will be here in just about 12 days and our first official holiday presale of the season starts today!!

This collection of our new gift wrap and tissue is exquisite, and by far my most favorite yet. Carrying on with the topiary theme this beautifully collection (artwork by Giddy Paperie) features such elegant, beautiful papers that are all interchangeable. Love collaborating with Giddy.

Let’s face it, with the year 2020 has been, I am looking high and low for things that make me happy aka pretty distractions  and this certainly fits the bill!

One of the best parts about this giftwrap that makes it beautifully unique? These gorgeous papers are all reversible too, so they are as beautiful to unwrap as they are to give. It’s like getting two papers in one. We sold out of some of our best selling patterns last year so this is a great time to guarantee your order while getting them at special presale pricing.

We are also getting in the fabulous satin, velvet and gingham ribbons that were such a hit last year. These will be here by first week of Nov. If you spend over $200 you get 10% off and if you spend over $300, you get a free ream of holiday paper!

We will hold our ornament and gift topper presale sometime next week or the following. Just a few rules to read over before placing an order-

  • You can only email or call your order in, these are not yet online
  • Call 1-800-804-9565 (9-5 EST) OR email
  • If you email, you MUST include- name, address, phone number in addition to your order
  • We will then send you an invoice that is payable online (all payments due within 12 hours)
  • This sale is on for four days and will end Sunday, Oct. 11th
  • All sales final
  • We ship internationally, you would need to contact us for a shipping quote
  • Every purchase over $200 gets an additional 10% off!(it’s like getting free shipping)
  • These papers are due in on or around Oct. 20th
  • Velvet ribbons due first week of November
  • Shipping is extra
  • Wholesale? Contact
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565



OK now onto the best part, our exquisite papers!! Here is a little photo shoot I did so you can see just  how exquisite they are all wrapped up!



Our high quality beautiful reversible gift wrap! Every roll is reversible and these all mix and match together beautifully.  This is like getting two papers for the price of one. Each roll measures a generous 8 feet by 30 inches.

When you really love a pattern, the reversible reams are the way to go to insure you never run out! These are a steal at $90 and each ream measure 204 feet by 30 inches (limited numbers of reams)

Specify styles when ordering

Navy jars with holly  trellis

Green topiaries  with trellis pattern


Red jars with holly and berry trellis

White topiaries with trellis topiary

Mossy green jars with Swiss dot and berries



Our fabulous ribbons. We are bringing back the incredible double faced satin, luxurious velvet and fun gingham ribbons to put that finishing touch on your holiday gifts!

For sale this, you can only purchase ribbon with a gift wrap purchase.

They will be added to the shop site at a later day.

ITEM 2A Our beautiful double faced satin ribbon is offered in four colors- moss green, navy, gold or red Sold in rolls of 55 yards (1.5″ thick), $22.00

Specify color when ordering


ITEM 2B The velvet ribbon is ultra luxurious and is sold in rolls of 25 yards by 2″ . Each roll is $30.00

Specify color when ordering

ITEM 2C And finally the beautiful and fun gingham ribbon goes with eber6thing! Blue and white gingham is sold in rolls of 22 yards by 2 inches $19.00 a roll



Our beautiful tissue! These are generously sized and super high quality thick tissue paper, which measures 30″ x 20″. Each pack contains 25 large sheets. Comes in all patterns, what a way to present a gift!

Specify pattern when ordering

Patterns below-

Red jars tissue

Mossy green jars tissue

Navy jars tissue

Trellis topiary tissue

Green topiary tissue

White topiary tissue


The Giveaway-

One lucky winner is going to win 4 rolls of our beautiful 2019 holiday giftwrap! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite pattern from our new collection and why you are looking forward to the holidays. I will choose a winner on Sunday!


Now if this doesn’t get you in the holiday mood, not sure what will:)  It sure has me craving a little Christmas spirit right now, cannot wait to have an excuse to start decorating  and wrapping gifts even if it won’t quite be what it normally is.  One thing is for sure,  I will be giving the prettiest gifts in town. You can email or call your order in-


Thanks for stopping by, what a fun way to usher in the season. I am so ready for it. We will hold our ornaments/gift toppers presale either next week or the following. Stay tuned. Wishing everyone a wonderful day, until next time……


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Peggy Calhoon on

Love the wrapping paper and have purchased some in the past–my friends are wowed when they see their gifts. I especially like the new trellis sides, which gives a great option for a guy’s gift.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Trellis topiary my favourite!

Kim on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the navy jars paper and tissue! Bring on the cute Staffordshire spaniel and topiary toppers, too! Can’t wait to see what you have this year.

Jackie on

White topiaries with trellis topiary is my favorite as it looks fresh plus I love the red berries. I’m most looking forward to slowing down during the holidays and enjoying gatherings with friend and family – especially this year after feeling so isolated. Thank you, Tina, for your lovely posts!

Anne on

All so pretty but I am a blue and white girl always — love the blue and white jar paper and would like to use it with the gold ribbon. Looking forward to the holidays for cozy, homey celebrations !with family.

Gary Jones on

Beautiful ribbon and papers like this, and at this value, elevate your gifting to the next level!

Sandy W on

They are all so pretty, but I especially like the navy jars with green trellis paper. Our holidays will certainly be different this year, but hope to have small family get togethers.

Daley on

I especially like the new trellis print. And the ribbon is the best!

Sherry B on

Navy ginger jar with holly trellis! Love it!

Susan Yuditsky on

My favorite paper is the green topiaries with the trellis and I would pair it with either the red satin or velvet ribbon. I must say that I love the idea of a paper that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside! How special! While Christmas is smaller this year (family units staying home to shelter together) I plan to make it just as sweet as every other year. I certainly have the time to plan each detail and we are planning a big Houseparty to sing carols together! We can do this America – and we can do it beautifully!

Susan Seymour on

Each and every one is exquisite. I love that you have brought in more colors, like the blue and green backgrounds. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but if I have to choose one it is the navy jars and holly trellis. I can’t wait to start wrapping and decorating – the 2020 Christmas season is going to start early at our house this year!

Christine on

I am listening to Christmas music already…on my computer at work just this morning, and now this lovely paper…It’s all beautiful! It’s not too early for me, I need this. Thank you

Cheri on

Love them all but since have to pick – green topriaries.

Mary M on

My favorites are the white topiary and the navy jars! Will be buying more wrap and tissue this year ! Love the gift toppers too!! Definitely need the topiary toppers!

Joan on

My favorite pattern is the red jars with holly & berry trellis on reverse. This pattern will blend beautifully with the red toile wrapping paper I use during the holidays.
I don’t believe in wishing the days away given that Covid has made it very clear that life can change for the worst in a matter of weeks, I think many of us are looking for 2020 to be over. This holiday season will be a time when our family will count our blessings, as so far everyone is healthy.

Marilyn on

I am in love with the new gift wrap collection! I wish I had enough gifts to give to use them all.

Mary Casey on

Favorite pattern is the green topiaries. Whimsical and classic. Thanks

Robin on

Just beautiful! My favorite paper is definitely the navy jars and holly trellis! Love, love, love! I have been ready for the holidays since September! I am hoping the holidays will bring a little bit of peace to this overwhelming time we are in right now!

Sharon LaRoe on

Love them all but my favorite pattern is the navy jars with holly trellis (and blue gingham ribbon). I’m obsessed with the mini blue and white staffordshire dog toppers too!! I can’t wait for Christmas so I can have my children home for the holidays and cook all of our traditional Christmas dinner dishes!

Jane on

Where are the little ceramic tie-ons? Are you selling those?

Patricia Greene on

What a great way to start the day looking at holiday gift wrap, tissue and ribbon! Wrapping presents is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays! Although it was hard to choose, the white topiary pattern is absolutely my favorite!

Kathryn on

Tina, You are SO right- these designs are your best yet. These holidays are going to be unusual, but I am looking forward to decorating and entertaining on a much, much smaller scale. Just seeing this post helped put me in the spirit!

Kathryn on

Tina, You are SO right- these designs are your best yet. I especially love both designs with the holly trellis! These holidays are going to be unusual, but I am looking forward to decorating and entertaining on a much, much smaller scale. Just seeing this post helped put me in the spirit!

Ginybel Belgira on

My absolute favorite pattern is the Red jars with holly and berry trellis gift wrap.
It’ll go well with the red and green motif that I invisioned this year! The Red jars for me represent something to be discovered inside and the holly and berry trellis entertwined with the wrappings of the holidays! Perfect!!!
So looking forward to the holidays because now I found this favorite gift wrap pattern to present my multitude pre loved special vintage gifts items and now can’t wait to start working on it. There’s no better happiness than the gift of giving and having a lot of fun in the process! Thank you Tina for the inspiration!!!

Kathy Chandler on

I love them all, but have always had a ¨thing¨ for topiaries, so my favorite is the white topiary with the reversible trellis!

Eve on

Honestly, you can wrap an empty box with these fabulous papers, and it would be gift enough!

Del on

Love the green topiaries with trellis pattern. How festive tied with any of the colorful ribbons! Looking forward to the arrival of the ornaments.

Mariae on

Making this Christmas bright with these beautiful gift wrap and tissue papers!!!❤️

Susan on

I love the green topiaries with trellis pattern! That green is fabulous and so refreshing! I am looking forward to the holidays as my family will all be together. We also have a new granddaughter which is simply the best!

Susan Fulkerson on

Beautifully wrapped presents under my Christmas tree are like “the icing on the cake”. Last year I wrapped all my presents with one of your fabulous gift wrap papers and it transformed the entire room where the Christmas tree was. When we entertained, our guests would admire the tree and always comment on the fabulous wrapping paper on all the gifts. I could never go back to regular store bought paper. With each gift that is wrapped, I consider it a work of art and my family really appreciates the extra attention given to their gifts. I love that your paper is reversible and comes with the tissue and ribbons to make it all so beautiful. After the stressful year that 2020 has been, I look forward to making the holidays a special time and your beautiful tree ornaments and wrapping paper elevate all my holiday decorating.

Dianne Kropp on

Oh my gosh, you could give me an empty box wrapped in your paper and ribbon and that would be fine with me!

Deb Harris on

I love the navy background with the navy jars! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I start decorating in mid November if company isn’t coming for Thanksgiving!

ruth on

I love the greens and can’t wait to start wrapping empty boxes and using them in my Christmas Decor?

Marcie on

The white topiaries were my favorite until I saw how amazing the navy ornament paper looks on the packages. Would love to win this and then splurge on ornaments.

Stevanna Wolfard on

My favorite pattern is the red jars with holly and berry trellis, but they are all gorgeous. I’m looking even more forward than usual to the joy and hope of Christmas since this has been such a difficult year. I can’t wait to see Christmas lights and decorations everywhere.

Ann on

I love the new Topiaries with Trellis Topiary. Green is my favorite color! I am really looking forward to this Christmas because it will give me something positive to focus on besides the virus. It is very disappointing to not be able to socialize as in years past, but we are fortunate to be able to celebrate with our only daughter and her sweet family. … and I feel that’s all that really matters.

M C on

I like the green topiaries with trellis pattern best, but all of the patterns are great! I’m looking forward to Christmas because it is a time of beauty, hope and peace. Wishing everyone well!

Faith on

What an amazing collection! Something for everyone! In love with the green topiaries with trellis pattern. The holidays this year will be different, but this gift wrap gushes goodness and happiness. Thank you for bringing beauty and cheer at a time we all so desperately need it.

Ann M on

I love everything, of course, but the red jars reversing to the trellis are so festive! Every one of these items is more beautiful than the next.

Janet Vendetti on

Absolutely love the trellis design! These patterns are very beautiful and make gift wrapping a joy!! Love your creativity!!

Bonnie on

The navy jars are so pretty… class and elegance personified….

Mindi Webster on

Goodness- so hard to choose! The navy jars win my heart though- classic and beautifully understated Christmas. Could be used all winter! While some may not appreciate the wrappings, I believe that the first sight of a gift should be a gift itself with the receiver pausing and to not want to unwrap quite so fast.

Marlene on

All of these holiday papers are so pretty. The navy ginger jars with the trellis. Holidays with family and decoration our homes make it so special.

Heather McCormick on

Tina – you have definitely surpassed yourself with this gift wrap. They are all beautiful – all of them are favourites. What I would really love to see is some of them as wallpaper – perfect!

Marie K Ketchersid on

Beautiful papers and ribbon! It is hard to pick a favorite as they are all so complimentary to each other. I am dreaming of a white Christmas already!

Laura Koning on

Prettiest Wrap Yet! It makes me happy!

Susan Kayden on

Impossible to decide on a favorite, the new wrapping papers are just fabulous! And the ribbon is delicious! I’m really looking forward to decorating my home for the Holidays.

Deb on

These wrappings are beautiful and not only for the Christmas holiday use. They will look great for any special occasion gift wrap with just a little twang here and there!! Love it!!

Anna Monroe on

Love the navy jars with trellis pattern. How beautiful under the tree with the green satin ribbon!

Jane Wooster on

The White Topiary is my favorite, it will look so beautiful under the green tree with glistening red ornaments. Our home is filled love and laughter as children come home from across the country and it means so much to have everything decorated just so. Your beautiful wraps and ribbons will contribute to the warmth and glow.

Sally Cain on

I admire the “Red jars with holly and berry trellis” the most, but all of your papers put a smile on my face! Looking forward to the Christmas season in the face of so much sorrow during this pandemic. Thank you for cheering us up in anticipation of the holiday season!

Deanna on

Absolutely LOVE the green topiary and white topiary paper! Yea to colorful and cheery! Christmas is always filled great memories, family, music, and baking. We “dress” with greenery, ribbons, flowers, candles, ornaments, and lights. Sounds perfect to me.

Tim F. on

Love the navy jars w/ holly trellis.

Lin on

I love the holly pattern paper in the above photo, bottom left. It’s versatility is limitless….from so many different colored ribbons that could be used with it, to uses not just limited to Christmas.

Janet Mogensen on

Loving it all but the navy jars and that gingham ribbon had my heart?

Sharon Foster on

The navy ginger jar/holly trellis is definitely my favorite. I really want to make the holidays special this year for my family, especially my only grandchild. We have all felt the incredible stress in our own way. I want to do many extra things to celebrate our togetherness and blessings, and the true beauty of the holiday season.

Beth Tefft on

My favorite pattern is the white topiaries with the trellis topiaries. I am especially looking forward to the holidays this year because all of our children and their families will be able to come home and celebrate the holidays together. I so love having all of our family together at this special season!

Anita. on

Love the ribbon and all the trellis papers. Looking forward to the diversion the holiday will bring. We can use some of the cheer and goodwill that comes with the season.

Jo Stewart on

Love the White topiaries with trellis topiary with green or red satin ribbons. Looking forward to the Holidays to celebrate family and the fact we are almost through the year 2020!!

Jackie C. on

Oh the Navy and Holly gift wrap, with beautiful believes ribbon. Anyone who would receive a gift wrapped with this, would realize the wrapping is the gift! Beautiful.
Looking forward to the holidays to donate to different charities, knowing in these times, we can help others that need, not only donations, but the realization that others care.

Lindsay Nelson on

They are all stunning but my faves are the navy jars and the trellis topiary ❤?

Carol Montoya on

Such pretty gift wrap! The red jars and holly is my favorite. While this Christmas will be so different for all of us, being able to decorate & wrap pretty presents will help us continue with our holiday traditions.

Peggy Wilkins on

My eye is favoring the navy blue ginger jars and green trellis. So classic and timeless. Our holidays are going to be different this year, no gifts (other than for our one grandchild); just quiet time with family; we’re taking the pressure off gifts this year. We just want to enjoy each other’s company and food together. <3

Catharine on

Love the white topiary paper and all the tissue papers you have! Can’t wait to get wrapping!!!

Carol W. on

Green topiary with the trellis pattern. With the satin ribbon. So Christmassy!

Maureen on

They are all gorgeous. Love the White topiary

Stormie on

The white topiary pattern is my favorite, am so excited to receive them, so pretty!

Nancy on

Loving all the new colors and gift wrap patterns, esp. your new green topiaries with trellis pattern. It made me happy thinking of all the color choices of ribbon(s) that I could coordinate with the paper!

Jennifer Perry on

My favourite wrap is the blue jars ….. but then I do love the red too !!! They will complement my living & entry way as these areas are decorated in blue & white jars & vases. Parcels scattered around in these delightful wrappings will make such a perfect addition to the Christmas season.

Colleen on

Really like all, and love the trellis, but if I had to pick I would say the red jars with holly and berry trellis – would be lovely with green ribbon. Best regards!

Dawn Sumner on

This is like having to pick your favorite child! Lucky for me I have just one child! Blue jars or green jars are my two favorites but I am ordering almost all of the papers, ribbons and tissues. This will be my first Christmas in a new home and these will make my Christmas so beautiful! I also want all the toppers when they are available.

B. Woodring on

Having a hard time choosing between the green jar paper & the red jar paper?

B M on

How lovely are these new choices with the toppers. Love that they are double sidded, infinite options!

B. Woodring on

Forgot to put why I am looking forward to the Holidays. Celebrating at our daughter’s family’s new home. She is so excited to be hosting.

Beth Kennedy on

Beautiful the navy paper is gorgeous and will look beautiful under my tree. I sue the reverse side for gifts for others outside our home and the blue side for gifts that will be opened Christmas morning so it’s easy to find a gift when someone stops in to visit.

Rosemarie Giardino on

I love it all! Hard to choose, but I’m going to go with the Navy ginger jar wrapping paper and tissue. Lovely little happy escape just scrolling through these items. These patterns are the perfect image to “put a lid on” the 2020 year. That’s what I am looking forward to.

Margaret Schutrumpf on

I really like the navy jars and the holly trellis wrap! I like adding green to my blue chinoiserie tree, and adding real holly and boxwood to the wrapped presents! Can’t wait, Christmas is just around the corner. I am not on the Christmas house tour this Christmas but I have added so much to my collections thru Enchanted Home I should be. Merry Christmas!!!

Eileen on

The green topiary tissue is just beautiful…so different and fresh looking. You’ve outdone yourself….again!! Thanks.

Vicky P. on

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps with two family weddings just getting canceled for the fall. You just cheered me up and made my day! I’m making my list and suddenly I have visions of beautifully wrapped gifts to give my family members, you really knocked it out of the park with this collection. Great job!!

Rosalie on

The navy jars paper is the best! I can see it with either the green or blue satin ribbon. So festive.

Andrea on

All of the patterns are so pretty and unique. My favorite are the white trellis. I also like the how the Christmas ? Ornaments match each pattern. It is a nice added touch. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family enjoying each other’s company.

Beverly Rowntree on

I love all of the papers, but I would choose the white topiaries with trellis. I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family, which includes 11 grandchildren.

Dawn Wilson on

I am so excited to get these. I have bought a few Christmas Presents already and have been waiting to wrap them. These papers will delight the eyes under the tree.

Suzanne on

Such spectacular papers, the prettiest I have seen! Why I love each and everyone the red, green and navy ornaments paper is particularly charming. So clever that you did a reversible coordinate on the other side, Brilliant!
Cannot wait to place my order.

Marilyn S. on

Trellis topiary is my favorite

Anne C, on

This beautiful post is the tonic I needed today. Our world feels like its falling apart and I needed to see something beautiful and uplifting! Would love you to do a gift wrap tutorial one day, perhaps you have and I missed it. I am so bad at wrapping gifts but always admire beautifully wrapped packages.
Every single pattern is so beautiful. My favorite is either the green ornaments with Swiss dot or white trellis, but all are amazing.
Thank you bringing such uniquely beautiful products into our homes.

Jane on

I love all the new papers. I look forward to Christmas to lift my spirits after an awful year.

Charlene on

OH yes to the inspiration you’re offering is incredible!
Love them all❣

Lindsey Crawford on

So beautiful and I love that these will mix and match with the Christmas papers I bought at the end of last year! We need all the “happys” we can get in 2020!

Marilyn on

Trellis Topiary Tissue is my favorite. Looking forward to a quiet cozy Christmas with my sisters.

Karen Vogelsang on

Such a beautiful collection of gorgeous papers! My favorite is White Topiaries with trellis topiary, but it was so hard to choose… can’t wait to present Christmas blessings in these perfect wrappings!

Deborah Fisher on

Love the classic look of the green trellis with red ribbon.
Will look good for all age recipients and beautiful under the tree. Oh and presents going up the stairs! I can’t wait!

Ann on

I love ? the new holiday papers. My favorite paper is the navy jars and holy trellis. I will use the gingham ribbon with it but will be looking for a touch of hot pink to work in the bow. Maybe I can find something if I start looking early.

Christmas is a time to be share extra love and kindness not only with family but others as well. It warms the heart to reach out to others maybe left out. Grace shared is a gift in itself not only to the recipient but the giver as well.

Ms. Tracey on

The navy jar paper is just precious

Rebecca on

The navy hat with holly trellis is my favorite. The gingham ribbon is a must! Really, all of the patterns are wonderful. I’m eager to embrace as many holiday traditions as safely as possible. They bring me great comfort and delight every year and 2020 is certainly not going to rob me of holiday joy.

Juawanna Schuller on

I LOVE the white topiaries with trellis topiary. I just redecorates my great room and have touches and blue and white. I can’t wait to decorate a new themed tree and place the gorgeous gifts underneath it. Now to chose who gets the pretty paper and bows. My mom! She will always have a beautiful gift and only the best for her. ?

Juawanna Schuller on

I LOVE the white topiaries with trellis topiary. I just redecorated my great room and have touches and blue and white. I can’t wait to decorate a new themed tree and place the gorgeous gifts underneath it. Now to chose who gets the pretty paper and bows. My mom! She always gave a beautiful gift and only the best for her. ?

Nancy on

The papers and ribbon are beautiful! As my boys get older and outgrow the sweet fun of Santa, these fun and pretty papers help me get excited for special, yet different holidays.

Amanda on

The blue and white is my favorite! And I’m so looking forward to decorating my tree!

Cindy G on

Tina, you’ve thrilled us again with your papers! Such gorgeous designs! I love the green topiary paper with the white topiary tissue. And your ribbons are such great quality, I love them. This Christmas will be bittersweet after losing my precious mother, but having our wonderful sons with us makes every holiday, and every day, special.
Thank you for the beauty you bring to our lives.

Dana Munoz on

My favorite is the Mossy green jars with Swiss dot and berries! Will try to make to best of the holidays this year without my husband, who passed away in July. He loved loved loved decorating for Christmas

Sylvia on

I love the richness of the green Topiary paper with the beautiful vivid red velvet ribbon! Gorgeous!

Mickey H on

My favorite is the navy ginger jars paper — so cute, I am looking forward to having all of my grown children home for the holidays.

susan on

the best this season

Susan on

I love your style and your decorating tips. We all live very differently and have different budgets to live by but your tips for decorating resonate to all budgets. You bring elegance to big and small scale living! And the golden retriever picture on this post is so precious! My golden Sadie is Turning 6 years old soon!❤️

Karen F. on

Loving all these patterns and especially the Mossy green jars with Swiss dot and berries this year!

Alissa S on

The navy jars with the holly trellis paper is my favorite. We are hoping to travel to see family this Christmas. We live far from extended family, and have seen even less of them due to the pandemic. We are blessed with a wonderful family, and we hope the holidays will be a time to celebrate God’s blessings with them!

Susan Roche on

Love the high quality of everything Enchanted Home sells!

Lisa on

Love the navy jars with green trellis! I am looking forward to the holidays to try and capture the joyous feeling that been missing from 2020! ? ?❤️

Christina Edwards on

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. The enchanted home has the most elegant wrapping paper I’ve seen in many years. I love that it’s double sided and that you have so many choices! My favorite is the white topiaries with trellis topiary, but I love them all. My family used to put up 8 trees, but now I focus on the smaller things like making a tasty baklava or finding the perfect wrapping paper:) Good luck to everyone!

jan on

I always have a hard time choosing when you offer the new patterns. My family all joke that they feel bad ripping into their beautifully wrapped presents so they’re very careful about it and try very hard to make it reusable for themselves! Looking forward to wrapping gifts again this year.

Susan on

Hi Tina!! I look forward to your blogs, they’re the highlight of my day!! Anyway, I absolutely love the White topiaries with trellis topiary paper! It combines the classic beauty of the topiary with a touch of Christmas red… perfect!! I’m so looking forward to the holidays this year (I’ve been without a kitchen for almost a year due to a contractor stealing our kitchen money, but hope to have my new in kitchen by Thanksgiving), to be able to cook with love and happiness for my family and the joy that that brings!! 2020 has been a tough one for us all and I’m especially looking forward to the New Year!! Thank you!!

Jill W. on

While the navy jars w/holly trellis might edge out the others as my favorite, I have to order one (or two) of each. This is my first time ordering from you and finding you couldn’t have come at a better time. Most of this year has been full of ugliness and uncertainty but after seeing your designs, I am now determined to make this holiday as beautiful and special as possible. I know it may sound silly to some, but your wrapping paper was THE spark and inspiration for me. Merriest Quarantine to all!

cynthia campbell on

Lovely lovely!! I can’t wait to adorn my gifts with your wrap and ribbon! My favoritisms pattern is probably the berry trellis although all are beautiful! I am looking forward to the holidays as a sign of hope, and we all need during these times.

Nancy L. Salyers on

My fav is the navy jars. Last Oct, I had fallen and broke both ankles. The left one one place and the right one in 3 places. Had to have surgery on the right one. Due to the injuries I could not have Thanksgiving or Christmas at my home because I could not live alone at that time. I missed having my family at my table, especially, the great grandkids who make my heart sing. This year I am 100% recovered and can hardly wait to begin decorating and planning my meals. What a blessing this holiday season will be.

Julia Whitsitt on

Love, Love the trellis topiary paper! The new papers will make presents even more festive this year! We all need a bit more “Festive”!

Erin Henry on

Love the White Topiaries…actually I love them all! Can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas…holiday decor just makes me happy!

Martha on

Trellis topiary is my favorite !!! Love love love!!! How about lining drawers with this fabulous quality paper!?

Liz on

Tina, the best yet! Love the trellis pattern and that velvet ribbon is incredible!

Racheal Smith on

Love the trellis topiary pattern!

Victoria Taylert on

Oh how beautiful these papers are! A prettily wrapped gift just adds to the presentation, and I can’t wait for the holidays to use one (or more) of these beauties.

Kathryn on

Beautiful! I have some left from last year and everyone raved about it! Looking forward to purchasing more of that beautiful ribbon, also…

Arell on

I love all of it this year! You have really come up with the most beautiful wrapping paper. I love the tissue and luxurious ribbon as well.

Patricia (Trish) Hopkins on

Love your blog! The papers and ribbon are perfect for the holidays. I am a ‘package’ gal …no bags for me.

Diane R. on

Love the navy jars & looking forward to the holidays for some cheer to end this year!

Peggy Stein on

They are all fabulous, but I must say, the White Topiary w/Trellis truly makes my heart sing!

Judith Presgrove on

I can see my pkgs now! Green topiaries, white trellis pattern! White topiaries tissue inside! All tied up with the beautiful Red Velvet ribbon!!
I love Green, Green and more Green! So seeing these new patterns fill me with joy! I know it’s just wrapping paper but just the “little things” can sometimes bring great happiness!
Thank you Tina!!

Cindy on

I have never seen wrapping paper like this! It is absolutely gorgeous! You can see the quality in the pictures! Thank you for creating such a wow product!

Carole on

The navy jars are my favorite but they are all amazing. I love the dog ornaments. Christmas is a time to show our love for each other. Hoping to have the whole family together. Ready to start another after all the unrest in 2020.

Marcia on

Love all of them, so pretty ! Think my favorite two are the white topiaries and trellis topiary, will look lovely with the green satin ribbon !

Carmen Mouchacca on

Love Love the Green Topiary wrapping paper – can use all year and for any occasion!!!

Marilyn loftus on

Trellis topiary with matching tissue my fav.

Sabrina on

Love all the pattens…but especially the red jars with holly- So beautiful!!

Maya on

I love the blue jars paper. So pretty!!

Pamela Hart on

The colorful white topiaries paper is my favorite. Nice change from traditional holiday papers.
Having lost me father this year, family is more important than ever. The holidays are full of memories both old and new. We need to share love more than ever now❤️

Lee on

Love the new navy jars papers! How perfect tied up with jar toppers! And I am so looking forward to the holidays this year so that I will have my family all together again. ?

Rose Ann Hancock on

Love your wrapping paper. My favorite it the stripe with topiary and white background. So pretty and will look great for lots of occasions and with many different ribbons!

TT Tippette on

Good morning!
My favorite is the mossy green jars and Swiss dot berries,That color is awesome.
My family is looking forward to the holidays with much hope and peacefulness.

Mary on

Absolutely love them all, but my favorite is the white topiary w/trellis topiary. This year I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with our daughters and their husbands. Our older daughter will be 8 months pregnant then and we haven’t seen her since early August!

Marilyn S. on

My choice of wrapping paper would be green topiary. Wouldn’t that be beautiful in my new home decorated throughout with touches of green?

Mary Judith on

Good morning! Just finished reading your blog, look so forward to reading it, to start my week with beautiful ideas! Love all the beautiful papers and ribbons! Thank you for sharing, hope all your readers are well as well as your family!

Ann on

Beautiful paper selection. Love the topiary trellis pattern. Cue the Christmas music & let’s start wrapping!

Donna Goldberg on

Your Christmas gift wrap is alway so beautiful, I only wish is was more neutral and I could used it for Hanukkah, Hopefully, next year your gift wrap will include a Hanukkah option. Thank you

Pam W on

My favorite is the white topiary tissue

Stephanie Daniel on

I love the berry trellis!! Beautiful job on this collections!!

Ann Mennel on

The red jars with the holly trellis is the best!! A perfect combination of traditional Christmas with the trellis but bringing in the design element of the jars. Love it!!

Jen on

So looking forward to the holidays! Welcoming some joy to end 2020 with!

Jennifer on

So looking forward to the holidays! Welcoming some joy to end 2020 with!

Ashley Carmichael on

White topiaries is my favorite if I dare try to choose. I can’t wait to wrap my gifts. I have already shopped, so wrapping will be my first holiday event

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