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Hello and happy Friday afternoon to you! I for one, am looking forward to the weekend, going to go see the foliage upstate, dinner plans and my son’s birthday on Sunday. I have told him since its getting cold to go outside and eat at his favorite restaurant,  I will make any meal he wants and his favorite dessert. Waiting on the meal choice but he has asked for a homemade carrot cake. Unfortunately I too love carrot cake:) So I look forward to a weekend of fun, a litlte work mixed in and some down time.

From here on in, we are getting busier and busier and our warehouse is shaping up just in the nick of time!

Just got in the chioniserie tole (looking fabulous), porcelain coming in on Monday, then gift wrap and ornaments later in the week. The following week, our tabletop and wicker ornaments arrive. So no rest for the weary and I need to take advantage of any downtime that I can get. Onwards to recent happenings around here, the good and pretty only:)


Really taken with these wicker ginger jars (about 4″) will be here in about 2 weeks!! We will be holding our ornaments presale within the next week or so

House starting to finally feeling a litlte fall-ish

The best mail day! Got in the most amazing shipment from Weston Famrs. NO ONE does magnolia like them. Most spectacular fresh magnolia, they ship daily. Click here for info

Who says only expensive flower can go in a beautiful silver planter! Love the way the mums look here in our pierced silver planter.

Before I started experimenting with the new green/white tulipieres……

This might be my favorite fall decorating trick of the season. I bought two potted mums ($8 each) cut them into 6″ stems and filed them in my beautiful mint juleps…created the prettiest little vignette for my hallway chest.

All I did was add small white pumpkins and voila!

Step inside my little think tank aka my office:) Where I keep a treasure trove of beautiful samples. Its coming together slowly but surely, cannot wait for my murals to go up!

It is serious gift wrap obsession this week. Got in a small shipment and our presale on our AMAZING holiday gift wraps is going on now (ends Sunday)

Received the most amazing collection of cake pops that I have ever seen. The artistry is unreal! From Pop Peddler, click here to see her on Instagram. I cannot get over how talented she is and best part she ships all over the country. Can you believe thees!!

The level of detail is incredible. Plus they were heavenly good!

Gorgeous flowers friends brought over!

A beautiful fall day on Long Island:)

Had friends over for a cozy dinner at home, have a feeling we will be doing this a lot this fall/winter!

Fruit to start (before the indulging begins)

I swear I could live on a cheese platter, morning, noon and night!



So those are the highlights of the last few days over on this end.  Thanks for stopping in, love hearing from you and hope you have a great end to your week. Until next time….

PS Our incredible presale on our fabulous holiday giftwrap collection is now on! Click here to see.

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Such a beautiful post. I think cutting up the mums and placing them in mint julep cups is a brilliant idea! Thanks for the beauty, and I hope your son has a very happy birthday!

Been meaning to send you a comment on the amazing mixing bowls (with lids, no less!)
I am loving all the various sizes with lids!!, Did I mention that?
They are cute for serving in and I have used them a lot since receiving a few weeks back! Thanks again!

Everything is so pretty! Love the giftwrap and that table setting is sublime! Agree about eating a lot more at home, with the temps going down our eating out days are coming to an end. So sad for our country to see where we are. Thanks for helping us to at least be able to create a happy and beautiful place within our homes! Have a nice weekend

I love seeing your beautiful home. It is very special and provides a lovely palette for showcasing all of the accessories that you sell.

Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Would love for you to share your carrot cake recipe as carrot cake is my favorite. I have been making Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis’ carrot cake and it’s divine but it has chocolate in it and I can no longer have that.

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.
A wonderful birthday to your son.
Have a fantastic weekend.

your presentation of the fruit and cheese platter is amazing! Makes me want to jump right in and eat! Have a wonderful weekend, and happy birthday to your son! (my youngest son’s birthday is Tuesday, but he’s in London, so I won’t be making him a dinner and dessert anytime soon lol!)

All I can say this post is absolutely beautiful post! Please comment on where I can purchase that beautiful blue/white dragon bowl on your foyer table you pictured with the white pumpkins inside. Thanks!

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