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Hello, busy busy week. Got back to back shipments, our chinoiserie tole and porcelain in so we have been busy little elves getting orders out. Today I am here to pay homage to my absolute favorite season….fall! Every season we host a contest featuring your beautiful photos. Our Fall Love contest is officially open to entries as of today through Oct. 25h or until we get 80 pictures (whichever comes first).

 We always get so many incredible pictures, and its such a thrill for me to get to host this contest celebrating this majestic season. A few rules below. As always, I like to include some past entries that exemplify what a “good picture” looks like. Before you send yours in, look at it next to the quality, size and clarity of those below.If you think its comparable, please email your entries to us. Here are the rules-

  • Please email 1-2 photo entries to
  • Please be sure the words Fall Love or contest is in the subject line
  • Please be sure these are your pictures and not taken from the internet
  • Please do not send pictures previously entered in our previous contests
  • As long it’s related to fall, it’s welcome!
  • Al pictures must be at least 400 x 600
  • Clarity and sharpness counts!
  • Ideally natural light, pictures with flashes are not ideal
  • Make sure your pictures are cropped, we do not adjust, edit or crop your pictures
  • If we cannot accept your entries, we will email you to tell you
  • Accepting pictures today through Oct 25th
  • There is a cap of 80 pictures
  • The contest will start on or around Oct 26th
  • There will be two rounds and one grand prize winner
  • The voting is to be done by Enchanted Home blog readers



OK, now that we got the boring part out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the fabulous previous entries which exemplify beautifully what a Fall Love entry should look. Remember it can be kids, nature, your pets, a beautiful tablescape, your favorite fall meal, anything having to do with fall!

General guidelines (please check over this list prior to sending in your picture)

Quality of photo is very important, it should be crisp and bright

Natural light is best

Flashes and/or night shots generally do not work well

Has to be at least 400 x 600 (we do not crop of edit so please do not send pictures that need touch ups)

Anything having to do with fall is eligible

If we cannot take your picture we will let you know and will let you know why

Please use these pictures below as a gauge and confirm the quality is comparable to those below-



One lucky winner will win three months of Enchanted Home goodies. Every month for three months, they will get a special delivery from us!

Such beauty and so inspiring, thank you I need this!  What’s your favorite season? To me, none hold a candle next to the beauty and magic of fall. OK, so now it’s your turn to got there and take your best shot, or maybe you already one:)  You have the next 10  days to send your entry in (though we will cap it at 80 pictures). Thanks for stopping in and being part of the fun! Until next time…..

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Elizabeth on

WOW, there are so many stunning photos here, a few of them should be in magazines!!!! I love seeing all of the creativity of your readers.

Elizabeth Geise on


Michele NeJaime-Barry on

I spy Preppy Empty Nester’s beautiful home!

Dina on

These are just the most gorgeous fall pictures. Amazing. If we don’t all feel blessed by the beauty of the world, children, pets and whimsy I would be baffled.

Eileen A on

I love autumn the best as well. So beautiful.

Sunita R on

Very nice

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