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Hello everyone, hope this finds you well. First I want to announce the winner of our 2020 Fall Love contest! Congratulations goes to Susan for submitting this fabulous picture. What a beautiful representation of fall. And congratulations to the runner up as well, another fabulous fall shot.

Thanks to all for their submissions and to everyone for voting. Love this 2020 winner!

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So, its been months since I did a Bluff Diaries post. And today is a big day because I have a BIG announcement to make. Ready? This is a bittersweet announcement, here it is………………………we sold our PB house. Now let me explain…..

When we built this house 3 years ago we set out to build a great family vacation home that was on a small lot and one that would mean minimal maintenance. This house did not disappoint, it came out even better than what we could have hoped for and in fact far surpassed our expectations. Walking into that house is like walking into a breath of fresh coastal air.  It is such an easy house to lock up and leave and we have really grown to love PB so much, always anticipating our next visit. But there were times that we had wished to be on a larger property and now that Duke is in the picture, it started turning some wheels, let’s just say.

So I chalk it up to serendipity when as Covid was just starting in March, we were in PB for several weeks and one day driving around and exploring, we spotted this absolutely beautiful horse farm. We had no idea there were even lots that big there. Next to this gorgeous horse farm was a huge open lot. My husband immediately vowed to see if it was for sale.

True to his word he did and we were told PB had been in the process of subdividing that lot to several smaller lots but Covid happened and everything was on pause. At that point, we made an appt to see it with our broker who we have worked with before, fell in love and took a plunge,  made an offer for the entire lot. A few days later we had struck a deal! It all happened so fast and effortlessly that it just felt meant to be. When things happen like that and the stars align, you need to assume there is a reason.

Could my “owning a farm” dream finally be happening? Yes! Years ago I did a blog post about me wanting to build a farm with 3 little cottages (one for each son and their eventual families), a house and a stable (unfortunately that was in 2015 when I built our new website so we lost all the pictures on that post but the post is still there and it’s no accident that 5 years later that dream is becoming a reality, (click here if you want to read it).

In fact on the very top of that post, I wrote this below, ironic but oh so true!

And that’s what we are doing!! I am very excited, a little nervous and fully ready to begin. We put our house on and almost right away got an offer but waited on the right situation since we don’t want to move out until Dec. initial plan was we were hoping to rent back our home from the owners but anyone who offered wants to move right away.

So the right person came along and a deal has been struck though Dec was as long as they were wiling to wait. Kind of hard to believe that this house that I love so much is sold,its  hit me harder now that I am here and enjoying it so much.

Mixed feelings, if I am to be honest. You know the saying, be careful about what you wish for? I started feeling really anxious about it. I SO love this house. But then my husband keeps reminding me that we will get to create something we have always dreamed of having, something to be able to share with family and friends on another level. Who knows maybe even one day host one of my sons weddings there! You know me, a hopeless dreamer and for the record,  I am not giving up on that dream either:)

So wanted to let you know whats happening, as several people have emailed me having heard rumbles of my selling this house. I thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures from the listing, that came out so pretty and one last picture of our eventual farm (the property ). We are gathering ideas and I am hoping to get built right away, one of the cottages and the barn, that way we can stay there as the project continues. We will see, so a whole new other project is born. Of course I will be sharing the journey as it begins,  as that’s the fun part for me and I can hardly wait! Onwards to pictures of this wonderful home that has given us so many amazing memories the last 3 years-




And here is our future farm! Just a blank canvas right now, but I promise we will be sharing every step with you, a brand new and very exciting adventure.

Love this picture of my husband imagining his future farm….he always has such a great vision

A big open canvas

Lots of possibilities lie beyond that fence!

I will have to come up with a cute name for the series as it gets underway. So now my big surprise is out of the bag! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great day and smooth end to you week! Until next time……


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Debi Timmerman on

Dear Tina,

So excited for you! PB is such a special place and you need another project so you can keep on sharing all of your terrific ideas! I do have one question for you as I am renovating a house in Florida myself right now. Would you put marble countertops in the next kitchen you build or would you use on of the manufactured products like Caesarstone or quartz? I put marble countertops in my North Carolina home when I renovated the kitchen last year and they are gorgeous but do require a lot of vigilance. thanks!

Cayce on

Oh my goodness, congratulations! I can’t wait to follow along on this new adventure!

Eileen on

Wow!! Congratulations on this big news!! Dreams do come true!! I’m excited to travel along with you on this blog as you create another wonderful vision!!!!

Robbin on

Oh my goodness!!! I must say I am VERY SURPRISED!!! But SO EXCITED to watch you build again!!! I love going through the process with you. You always share every step and I love it!!! How exciting for you, Tina!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Have a blessed day!!!

Fran W. on

Congratulations! Can’t wait to follow along as you embark on this new project! ?

Patti S on

how exciting, congratulations!

Marvin on

Congratulations Tina! I am so excited to follow you through this project. I am inspired by your outlook, your enthusiasm, your willingness to move forward. Can’t wait to copy some of your fantastic ideas as this projects develops into a dream come true. Best wishes!

Cecilia on

Congratulations! Thanks for including us on your journey. I can’t wait to see this new dream come true.

Barb on

Lovely photos and good luck with your new project. In Canada ??, many holiday properties are sold with the furniture included. Is this your case or do you just put it in storage for your new home?

Ms. Tracey on

How absolutely fabulous. I’m still new to the blog Tina. I’m guessing PB might be Palm Beach? Very excited for you and your new chapter. Change is good. All the best.

Chris Roberts on

So happy for you . Can’t wait to see your new home , know it will be beautiful !!??

Lynne on

Congratulations Tina,
I am happy for you and am excited to follow another build. You always do everything well.
I think your plans sound good because I can tell your family come first in all you do and this will be a special gathering place for years to come and probably your boys and their future families will stay close and make many memories at the new farm.

Jeannine on

Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful property. I cannot wait to see what your plans are for your farm. This is exciting news for us, all your followers.

Sue Yuditsky on

Wow! What an exciting undertaking! We will be watching all of the way and hope for “votes” to help!!!

Christine on

Wow! Congratulations! Yes I never realized that your home was so close to the next, but what a beautiful home it is.
Ok, so I’m excited to see how you build the next, I love that you include “us” in your thoughts, ideas and …choices.

Judith Phillips on

How very exciting for you!!!! Can not wait to see your posts!! You are a natural at building projects!!

question?? you posted the brand of the invisible blinds on the back porch! But I can not find which post it was in. Would you share that again!!

Decorative Interiors on

So excited for your new ‘Farm’ plans!! Thank you for sharing your pics of your lovely PB Home that you so lovingly built & furnished!
Lucky new owners!
But, onward & upward with new designs, new adventures & more fun with The Enchanted Home! ????

Amy Cunningham on

Congratulations! Building a beautiful farmhouse is a dream of mine so I’m very excited to live vicariously through your blog! I can’t wait to follow along on your journey!

Kathy M. on

Congratulations, very exciting! It will be fun to follow along with your new project. Wishing you beautiful memories in your new home.

Patti on

Wow I didn’t see that coming! I’m so excited to follow this project! Could it be that you might build your Provence house right there in that field? When you said 3 buildings and a barn it made me think of those French countryside homes that are added to over time…

Amber Cooley on

Wow! Congrats Tina! I just loved your house in PB but I know your farm project will be just as spectacular. Love all your blogs.

Gloria Bartlett on

Dear Tina ~ Your email today touched my heart. I just had to send this personal note. Your current home is truly beyond stunning!! My heart goes out to you, however, I’m over-the-moon with happiness for you hearing about your new adventure that awaits re “The Farm” and cottages for your sons. Your country property surrounded by Mother Nature will no doubt bring you and your family immense serenity, joy and happiness beyond your expectations. Even though you will take with you heartfelt memories from your current home ~ your new “dream location” will also bring lifelong memories ~ this is your dream coming true! You truly have a magic touch! Everything will be beautiful. I look forward to your exciting new updates. I love to receive your daily emails that include beautiful room ‘n table settings, as well as articles, pictures ‘n recipes. You have on occasion highlighted a lovely table setting showcasing “Woodland Spode”. it warmed my heart as that is my china. I wish you the world of happiness as you move forward with future plans and ideas for your beautiful “country farm estate”!! Keep well and safe. Gloria (Ontario, Canada)

Pat on

What a great surprise. Looking forward to your posts on The Farm build.

Teri Tobey on

Congratulations. That seems like a dream project. I can see an Italian farmhouse out there. You will make it magical.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Loved seeing the photos! Congratulations on your next adventure!

Joan Richards on

Congratulations on dreams realized! Very happy for you all! Family is where we are most happy.

Lisa P on

Wow cannot believe this news, this is so exciting! My brother-in-law and his wife built a beautiful equestrian facility in Millbrook and they say their only regret was not having done it sooner (they were NYC residents for 10 years) I love the idea of the little cottages for your children and their eventual families, I suspect you are going to have so much fun with this project and will create many lasting memories there. I am so happy we get to follow along.

Your current house is just perfect and I am not surprised that it’s sold right away hopefully they bought all the furniture because I can’t imagine anyone being able to top the way it looks now! I can imagine that it will be hard to say goodbye, I keep one eye on the prize of what lies ahead?

Susan Moore on

So excited for you. Can’t wait to see your vision coming to fruition. So glad you will be sharing the journey.
Whoever bought your home was so blessed. It is beautiful, as will be the farm.
Happy for you and family.

Ginny Bates on

So gorgeous! Every room! Would you tell me where you purchased the lovely white sectional with the two long bench seats and one arm? We are looking for a new sectional. What kind of fabric did you choose? How well is it holding up? Thanks ever so much. Stay safe and well.

Karol on

Wow! Just wow!

Debra Hultquist on

I am looking forward to seeing what you do there! My daughter lives in Lexington, Ky and we are always interested in houses with a barn. Can’t wait to see your ideas.

Robin on


Elizabeth on

Congratulations! Very exciting news> I cannot wait to see and follow along on the adventure. Have a great weekend. Tina.

Marilyn on

Congratulations on your new dream. Can’t wait to see Your plans.

Elissa Cron on

Congratulations! Sounds like the beginning of a very exciting adventure!

FiveFabulousFrenchies on

Congratulations! Beyond happy for you! Dreams do come true!❤️

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Congratulations and best wishes looking forward to following you on your new journey.

meg on

Congratulations on your new venture! So exciting! PB is such a unique and beautiful place and I hope all your big dreams come true.

E, Ferrell on

You know, life is short! You and your husband have worked hard, your business has taken off like wildfire, and if you and your husband want this, then good for you! It takes a LOT of work to build and decorate and evidently you have a lot of energy and great taste, so ENJOY!!!! Congratulations!

Donna DeMarino on

project name, Operation Duke!

Deanna on

I am so happy for you. I saw the PB property had sold and wondered if you had decided to travel the world. This is so much better! All that land for your family will be wonderful! We bought two farms and have never looked back. Enjoy building your ranch and home for Duke! I’m so excited for your whole family.

Suzanne on

Tina, I’m so happy for you. Looking so forward to following along!!

Requi on

Congrats Tina! Here’s to big dreams!

Evy on

What have I missed ? Who is Duke ? And —- Congratulations!

Karen on

I am so happy for you!!! You are going to love having your own farm with your horse right outside your back yard. Let me know if you have any questions when it comes to building a barn. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Deborah Castillo on

How Fabulous!

Barbara on

What a wonderful adventure lies ahead for you and your family! Congratulations!!
Could you please share exactly which knobs and pulls you used in your kitchen? Thank you.

Alice Genzlinger on

Wow, what a dream come true. Hope it comes to fruition . We are renovating our home and everything is delayed. Every vender says it’s due to covid until you want to say they aren’t being truthful. Hope you don’t have that issue. Looking forward to seeing the reveal. A horse farm!!!!!!!

Kelly on

So very excited for you ! I have loved seeing PB transform and can’t wait to see what you do with the farm. Love everything you do! Kelly @kjmonograms

Linda Mansfield on

Congratulations to you and your family!! It will be exciting to watch the progress of your new farm and watching your dream happen! Linda

Robin on

Tina, congrats on the purchase of your new farm! Get ready – lots of mowing. Tell your husband he may need to buy a tractor! Can’t wait to follow along and watch you work your magic! Was fun to also scroll through the pictures of your current home. Best wishes as you embark on this next journey!

Andrea on

Congratulations Tina! All the best!!!

Looking forward to your future posts on it!!!

Diane R. on

Congrats on your long awaited dream come true! An inspiring journey to follow; for sure, it’ll be wonderful to see the progress of development as it unfolds. Thanks for sharing!

Jody on

Hi Tina, Just a thought – what about building a one story home for yourself and husband that is handicapped accessible width in hallways and throughout the master his and her bathroom (it doesn’t have to look like it, just has to function that way for future if ever need be) so that you can stay here forevermore should you wish to? You never know when crutches, a walker or a wheelchair can come into play as we age, and even though you think it will never happen, it’s always great when you planned ahead with reinforced walls for grab bars in showers and turn around spaces in toilet rooms for wheelchairs, and wide hallways, etc.
You did a beautiful job with the PB house, and hopefully the buyers were smart enough to ask for it fully furnished!
Enjoy your new design and build. Having 1,600 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bath separate cottages with small kitchen and laundry room for each of your sons and their future wives/babies for when they come visit – or something like COIVD happens again – is a fabulous idea.
And, oh, do build a fabulous light filled barn for Duke! With a chandelier overhead, and fans for ongoing air circulation, and gorgeous wood and wrought iron stall doors he can see over, and easy floors to hose down, and a comfortable tack area with undercounter refrigerator drawers if he ever has to have medicines or cold packs for an injury, and a recirculating water trough, and lots of thick straw for his clean bedding every day!

Kathy on

Wow! I loved spending time at PB during March via Instagram! It is even more beautiful than the Southern Living Idea House. I am excited to follow along as you build your dream farmhouse!

Jane on

I actually gasped out loud when I read that you sold the house and I don’t even know you. It will be different but equally beautiful I’m sure

Charlene on

Congratulations to you on your beautiful dream coming true???

Joan on

Congratulations on the purchase of your future horse farm!
We are in the same position, looking for vacation property that will be handed down and hopefully be kept in the family. I suspect we will either be leveling a bare-bones cottage on a great lot or buying a great lot and custom building a new ‘old’ house.
Debi; while I also love my white marble island countertop, my next kitchen (in a future vacation home) will have Caesarstone or Quartz. I think it depends if you like to see the wear show over time (even with cleaning and sealing) or not. I am a ‘from scratch’ kind of cook so my island gets daily use. Read how Meg Ryan will paint tomato juice on her marble island and then wipe it off to give it ‘instant patina’. To each her own…

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

How very exciting! We are planning to visit PB in 2021, looking to downsize from a “farm”. Actually, it is a large estate property with a barn, hen house, several out buildings and a big main house. Thinking about doing just the opposite from you! But you will create something so unique and special there. Congratulations

Joanne Kotz on

Hi Tina. I’ve spent the better part of the last two days trying to find out which white paint color you painted your house at Pine Bluff? I found the shutter color which I believe is Nantucket Fog. I’m planning to repaint our home on St Simons Island and wanted to go for a creamy white with blue shutters. Did you ever publish the name of your exterior paint? I fell in love with your house years ago.
Thank you and Happy Post Thanksgiving!

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