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Good Sunday morning to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Enjoying fall immensely here in PB. Though some days it felt like summer:) Best part is getting my daily dose of Duke, despite my ankle injury which stinks. Its such a beautiful time of year to be in Palmetto Bluff, and I must say the low country agrees with me more and more:)

If you missed my very big announcement 2 days ago, click here. On we go with this weeks post-



1 A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY HOME  Always love beautiful interiors and enjoy picking apart the rooms for my “takeaways”. This charmer certainly has many! This elegant french styled home by Courtney Giles is festively decked out with holiday decor. Beautiful timeless interiors are a perfect backdrop to this festive decor. Actually makes me look forward to holiday decorating even if its just for me and my little family:) No parties this year! Click here to read the entire article over at Atlanta Homes Magazine.


2 LOOKS WHAT’S COMING! We are not only only about blue and white! Look at some of the stunning new goodies coming this way soon. I love the rich reds and greens accented with gold.

How pretty are these pagodas!!

Rather smitten with the pagodas in this elegant dark red/gold

New place mat samples in the process-

Our amazing heavy brass bamboo easels will be here in about 3-4 weeks, perfect for our fabulous new 2021 desktop chinoiserie calendar (click here to see our amazing desktop calendar, they just arrived)!

Thrilled to finally be getting a beautiful assortment of our best selling chinoiserie mirrors in several colors-

Can’t wait for these lamps to arrive!

And our stunning fretwork planters now in 2 sizes are coming back in stock in 5 fabulous colors~!

White, navy, mossy green, pale blue and black

Stay tuned:)

And of course we are doing it in white

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Certainly never at a loss of beautiful instagrams to share this weekend is no exception!

4 A MOST SPECTACULAR FALL MANTLE The minute I saw this I fell in love with the beauty and luxuriousness of this fabulous mantle by uber talented Sharon Santoni of French Country Home fame. She has such a beautiful eye and has a unique way of bringing the outdoors in, in a very organic sense.

She gathered leaves from her yard put up a sheet of chicken wire and went to town weaving in the leaves and branches….brilliant! I just love this effect, I am going to have to copy this next fall! She has a beautiful account on Instagram, click here to follow it.

5 A DELICIOUS AND SUPER EASY DISH. This is super flavorful, very easy and can actually be quite elegant. I have made this in small individual ceramic dishes that go right into the oven and served that way. It is a wonderful, casserole type dish which pairs great with a simple salad (I like this with a homemade Dijon dressing) and a crusty baguette loaf. Satisfying but not “too much”.

I will bake it in a large casserole dish and then use a small bowl to make individual molds with the rice, invert them on a dinner plate, add a few shrimp around them and it’s really quite elegant.

Originally there was an entire recipe just for the mushroom part then I decided to substitute it with cream of mushroom and it tasted, dare I say even better and it was sooo much easier! Here is what you need-

2 cups white rice (I like paella or sushi rice)

1 large bell pepper cut small

1 bunch scallions thinly sliced

Salt and pepper

approx 1.5 lb deveined large/extra large shrimp

1-2 cups can of mushroom

1/4-1/2 cup of sherry

1/2 stick of butter

Worcestershire sauce

Cajun seasoning or make your own (click here for easy recipe)

My favorite is Tony Cachere’s, you can order on Amazon (click here)

In a saucepan, melt butter then saute onion and bellpeppers until soft. Set aside. Meanwhile, use a rice cooker to cook your rice (or the old fashioned way). Mix in the cream of mushroom with the onion/bellpepper mixture. Gently stir until well blended.

Add salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and cajun seasoning to taste. Then fold in the rice until very well blended. Cook shrimp in salted boiling water until just pink. Drain and rinse with cold water. Once cool stir into the rice mixture gently and season accordingly. Add entire mixture to a baking dish that has been lightly greased with butter. At this point I normally pour a little sherry over the entire dish and finish with a dash of the cajun seasoning.

Bake in a  350 degree oven (preheated) for approx 25-30 minutes (covered with aluminum) Last 5 minutes or so, remove aluminum and let cook until just started to turn golden brown around edges. Remove and sit on top of oven. At this point I normally dress my salad and serve immediately. I often will use a little dish of some sort to create a “mold” for the casserole and put in center of plate, gives it a little fancy touch:) Yum!


6 COVID INFLUENCED COMMERCIALS THAT MAKE ME CRY I am a sensitive mush, always have been. Commercials, music, pictures can make me cry….don’t get me wrong often happy tears, if I am remembering something that made me so happy but sometimes sad tears too like missing someone who is no longer here.

There is no denying that the vast majority of commercials out there have been dramatically influenced by the pandemic and some really pull at those heart strings. And yes you may need a tissue:) Something about the first one in particular.


7  SEVEN ON SUNDAY OK, This is kind of Covid related but not totally:) I know it’s all we hear about.  But this has to do with something I have heard and read a lot about. Covid induced depression, overall lack of excitement over life, feeling down, etc…Obviously here are certainly wide and varying degrees of these but even friends of mine have said life feels super anti climatic and the future (near) does not look so great.

What I hear many say is that its depressing to not have anything really exciting to look forward to (like a trip, a wedding, a party,etc…) and I get it!

I can understand how someone could get into that slump. In the beginning I felt it a little myself, but because I am so busy with my work, its been a savior in keeping my mind super active and very busy. I did this very poll about a year ago and am so curious to see the results this time around, to see if there is a profound change since pre covid. Your turn to weigh in and out of curiosity,  I put up the survey results from when I asked this very question about a year ago, underneath.



PS Yesterday started our 3 day holiday candle event. This is the only one we will have prior to Thanksgiving/Christmas. So its a good time to think about grabbing a few before they sell out. Always a big hit, they are so beautifully packaged, no gift wrap needed! They are going very very fast.  Click here to see the sale

And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time……

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Terry P. on

Love the new placemats ! Please stock some in ROUND sizes, too – for those of us w/ round tables.

Blessings –

Ms. Tracey on

I’ll be making that rice dish for sure. Looks tasty? Glad you mentioned what PB stands for. That is a lovely part of the country isn’t? I’m about an hr east of Atlanta. I’m a native New Englander myself but I must say the south has many charms about it. Excited for your new journey Tina?

Mary on

Can’t wait to take the next home building E-journey with you!!! And feeling pretty confident you’ll be able to host a wedding or 2 there! Question….would you/could you consider making the darling calendars bigger to have space to fill in events/appointments on the date? Be Well!

Lisa P on

That shrimp dish looks amazing I am definitely going to try it and so happy you found a shortcut- I am all about Shortcuts!

Your new products are just beautiful, I love seeing what’s coming in and I’m the proud owner of many of your beautiful wares.

I agree with you that mantle with all of the leaves is just beautiful, what a great idea to be able to incorporate some thing that most of us can find in our yard.

My level of happiness has definitely gone down since we’ve been so affected by Covid I would’ve said a solid nine last year but this year I’m hovering between a six and a seven. Hoping to get back up to a 9 next year!

Love your blog!

Eileen on

Thank you. I look for forward to your posts. Survey was interesting.

Kelly on

Happy Sunday! So excited for the new trays and pagodas!! I bought a green planter from you this summer and I really enjoy the colors in my new kitchen. Both the red and green will be lovely in my home!! I will be on the lookout for those to go on sale, for sure!!

Congratulations on your new farm lot! It will be so lovely- for that I am sure!

Beth Christoff on

Sharon Santoni’s fall mantle was so over the top! Reminded me of the 80’s/90’s. And to that I say BRING IT ON! 😉

Anne on

So looking forward to seeing how your new farm grows! Now, you’ll have to get a dog or two!!

Linda Cashman on

That dish looks good. Today I am making Shrimp Margery.
I think that mantle is a bit too over the top. I like a more traditional design. Perhaps it appeals to some and that is what makes life interesting.

Cindy P on

I found the poll very interesting especially comparing it to the results from last year. I would give myself between a 7 or an 8 which is that I’m reasonably happy I’m just not happy with the direction our country is moving in.

That fall mantle is unbelievable, I think I’m going to try it although I’m not crafty at all, we are hosting a small Thanksgiving family dinner and that would look so pretty!

In love with your new mirrors, lamps and darker pieces those really speak to me. The holiday house is also beautiful and like you I cannot wait to start decorating, anything to get my mind off of everything swirling around us!

Marguerite on

I LOVE the new placemats, but I’m concerned that the plates will cover your beautiful embroidery, that is why I’d love a cloth with the embroidery or perhaps a rectangular placemat so could see the embroidery around the plate.

Amy on

Those commercials are fantastic and that Etsy commercial brought tears to my eyes!!

Love the mirrors, The shrimp casserole looks delicious!

Teresa Hatfield on

Lovely post, Tina!

Jenny on

Please post pictures of Duke!! I am a horse and animal lover as well and would love to see a Duke posting like you did PB. What a special life he will have and I bet he will need friends !!

Rosella DiPede on

Hi Tina, hope all is well with you. You posted a lovely picture of an ottoman with lovely legs with castors. I am actually looking for something similar. Do you or anyone know of any companies that make the ottoman legs with the castors??

Sally on

My dearest Tina
A very happy Fall to you and your family, and so many congratulations on your lovely news. I am so thrilled for you to have purchased your farm and have this to look forward to in beautiful Palmetto Bluff and for your horse, Duke. He is just gorgeous! My parents had racehorses for years and I know how much he means to you.
How exciting for you and your husband, I know it will be another wonderful home, another masterpiece.

I always say that a good thing will come out of bad situations ( the current crisis ) We still have so much to be thankful for. And every day of this lovely season, the season of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ Im reminded of you. How you inspire me!
Sending love as always to you all, from across the golden pond
Sally xxx

Fran W. on

Thanks for sharing the recipe for the shrimp and rice dish. Now that we’re dining at home all the time, I need some new ideas!

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
I love your Sunday’s posts. Many beautiful photos and thanks for the recipe. I always look forward to the recipes you post here.
I really think you should do a book with your table settings and recipes and just overall your good ideas!
Many Thanks

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