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Hi friends, hope this finds you doing well. Enjoying some time at PB and really loving the time I am getting tp spend with Duke. l look forward to having the good fortune to see him every day while I am here, a definite highlight of every single day! Working remotely as we have a lot happening over at Enchanted Home.

We got our second tabletop shipment in yesterday, Mimi vases arrive today, silver coming later this week. Its like Christmas in Nov! With the craziness of our world right now,it is the simple pleasures in life that make me happiest. Cooking, Duke, bike riding, watching a favorite movie, etc….its been a crazy week, month and year! One for the record books:)

I am sharing life through my iPhone in the last week or two (pretty and positive things only), so here we go…..



Driving around PB and seeing the moss draped oaks always takes my breath away

This charmer is my friends old home, isn’t it beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful homes, spotted this new build, gorgeous!

Coming soon, this fabulous solid brass easel, perfect for the new desktop calendar, a small painting, plates, etc…love it

One of my favorite things to do is sit on my back patio and watch the little boats go by….something so therapeutic about, like a scene right out of the Notebook:)

And speaking of The Notebook,  decided one morning to have a lazy morning, curled up with my favorite blanket and watched The Notebook (never ever gets old, only better)

Stopped into the charming smaller Paris Market (the big flagship is in Savannah) that opened in Palmetto Bluff….super charming, hey have a very talented merchandiser!

How cute is the new ice cream shop in PB (below)

Duke at the barn….if I were to come back as a horse in my next life I would like to come back as him and live in this gorgeous barn!

Election and Covid woes? Nothing a baked brie cannot cure:) I will post recipe on Sunday,very easy!

Son took these the night before Halloween, definitely catches the Halloween vibe!

The Halloween scene in PB was happening…everyone on their golf carts. PB set up a very organized protocol for trick or theaters, it was what Halloween should be, felt like going back in time (if only I could)

Front porch at PB searched high and low for these Cinderella variety of pumpkins, found them at a wonderful nursery in Bluffton, Garden Gate Nursery

Creating a fall vibe at PB, proof blue and white works with every color, had limited things to work with  but did my best:)

Love the vibe of this Halloween table, set with our beautiful orange/blue pagoda melamine (click here)

Beautiful Montage Palmetto Bluff at dusk, such an elegant place

Only thing better than our fabulous new holiday gift wrap? Having matching pjs, robes and aprons! Sneak peek, coming soon!


Today is our last day of the amazing tabletop sale including our newest brass footed hurricanes, painted pagodas, large bowls, etched bar ware and more! Click here to see the sale.


Thank you for stopping in! Wishing you a wonderful day, stay safe and sane. These are crazy times for us but we will get through it and come out even stronger. In the meantime, just look to find joy in whatever makes you happy. That is about all we can do, hang on for the ride. Until next time…..

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Marsha Cannon on

I was in PB over Halloween too! Loved seeing all the trick or treaters and yes it definitely had that back in time feel!

Rose on

Oh, to live in PB! Such a beautiful place. I am where I am, though. Upstate SC is beautiful this time of year. I could certainly live in worse places. You know the old saying, ” Grow where you’re planted.”

Corinne on

Duke is a beautiful horse. Lets see some pictures of you riding him. Would love to see him all dressed up in full dressage gear.

Lisa P on

Barely slept last night, so two big cups of coffee and this post is exactly what I needed to try and get my day started!
Palmetto bluff is so beautiful, we were there once about two years ago and are planning to go back again in May for a wedding (hopefully)!

Duke is magnificent I’m so happy that you are getting to enjoy him. I love all of your fall decorations and your pictures are beautiful, may I ask what phone you used to take them?

Totally love the matching gift wrap prints on the appare, it is so pretty can’t wait till they’re available- The fun way to welcome the holidays.

Jackie C. on

Beautiful pictures. The Bluff is our Camelot. The world goes away and only beauty, peace and calm arise.

Debra Hultquist on

I love Duke and I love his name!

Franki Parde on

Every year I ask Santa for a pony…..franki

Carmella Tully on

Love that duke

Norina on

What an absolutely magnificent looking horse! Duke is beautiful and looks so gentle–a true gentle giant!
Enjoy him as much as possible and take lots of pictures.

BJ on

You did brass footed hurricanes, please consider doing the mini lamps in brass, please!

Malinda Blackshaw on

What was the product you recommended for sealing marble.

Dana Neil on


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