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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Prepared this a few days ahead so hope it posts on time. We are in the full throes of fall and I am so loving it. My favorites temps hovering in the 60’s and 70’s, just enough for a light sweater but not too cold that you need a jacket.

I cannot get over though that it’s November, though I am more than happy to say goodbye to 2020. I think I must have a lot of company:) We have lots going on at the warehouse, many new shipments, the holiday crush is starting and it makes for a fun chaos. Definitely keeps me on my toes! On we go with this weeks Sunday post-


1 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NEW DOCS FOUND ON PRIME AND AMAZON I am a bonafide docaholic. Yes, created that name for those of use who watch documentaries incessantly. I love them and I appreciate a very wide variety of subjects.

Biographies, nature, cooking, travel, entertaining, political, you name it…except for sci fi and anything having to do with violence I love them all. So I watched quite a few lately that I wanted to share. Many which I watched until the wee hours of the morning. Lots of good ones and with the hibernation season coming (winter) I plan to delve into many more. Here are the recent ones that I highly recommend-


I was so excited to see this, have read a lot about these infamous gardens at Frank Abbott’s pastoral home in Quebec named Les Quatre Vents . He, a passionate lifetime gardener had sought to create a garden on 20 acres that would last forever, he started his quest 75 years ago and the result is nothing less than breathtaking and transformative. He opened it up to a film crew for the first time and the result is this breathtaking documentary! This is on Amazon.

Slim Aarons does not need an introduction. Just a photographer know to snap attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places:) This was fabulous and super entertaining. A bygone era that we will never see again, one that I wouldn’t mind being able to escape to:) This is on Amazon.

If you love Italy you will binge watch this until the last episode… best thing to getting to take a trip:) I stayed up until 1am being totally swept away by the beauty of Italy. This is on Amazon.


Love good food? This was fantastic! Own Samin’s book and was thrilled to discover she got her own show on Netflix. Her philosophy is that there are 4 simple touchstones for excellent food and this show proves it beautifully (and deliciously) Netflix


I love flowers as I think you  might know by now and only have watched 2 episodes but wow what these creatives do with flowers will blow you away! Plan on continuing this weekend. (Netflix)


This too I have only see two episodes from but these bakers are truly off the charts talented, takes baking to a whole other level. This is on Netflix

I binge watched this till the end too, the McGees started the business like many do without a master plan, just decorating their own home. Soon others took notice and they now have a booming business based in Utah and the icing on the cake, a new Netflix series!


2 FALL IN PALMETTO BLUFF Nov is a beautiful month to be in PB…..well, almost any month (maybe except July/Aug. when it is super steamy and humid). While you do not have the degree of foliage changing as you do up north, the air is crisper and slightly cooler, and its just a really nice season to be here.



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beautiful instagrams to share this week, a little fall,  delectable treats, flowers, gorgeous interiors, just a healthy dose of all that is beautiful!

4 A FASCINATING VIDEO THAT I COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER.  think most of us love and recognize the beauty of gorgeous marble…nothing like it. But seeing how it is literally extracted from the earth is nothing less than fascinating. I had to share this video, its incredible!

I will be doing a post within the next two weeks on marble as I still get lots of emails/questions on it…stay tuned:)

5 DUKE! Several of you have asked to see more pictures of Duke and I am only too happy to oblige. Only downside to this visit was that I have had an ankle injury (small fracture) and its been very limiting with riding. But have done the best I can and enjoy my daily bonding time with him:) I must say I love him!

6  MORE AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS! I am just amazed at the talent of my customers and honestly, few things make me happier than seeing products I have created in your gorgeous homes. So thank you. I periodically share them and here are some of  the latest, just beautiful and so inspiring!

If you have a picture to share featuring our products please send to

Absolutely love the creativity this customer used when creating her own custom gift tags to match our holiday gift wrap, so clever!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Keeping it nice and light this Sunday. I think we all need a breather:) If you could completely redo your house soup to nuts, would you change the style, feeling, mood, etc… or would you just update a version of what you already have? Check all that apply.


Thank you for stopping in. Always love hearing from you, did something here particularly resonate with you?  I still can’t believe its November!! Our Thanksgiving plans keep changing but we are hopefully going to figure it out and when I know where I will be, I will start planning though I think we are going to be smaller crew than usual.

One day at a time, is what I keep telling myself. Meanwhile we are already in the throes of the holiday season with our gift wrap and ornaments in….which is all very exciting!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, until next time……

PS An unannounced gift with purchase today and tomorrow. Spend $75 or more on gift wrap and/or ornaments and you will receive a box of our incredible ginger jar gift toppers! No code necessary.

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Benesse on

I am frequently tweaking my home–from wall color and upholstery to accessories and small pieces of furniture and art work. It is not a drastic but enough to keep me happy.

For a more dramatic change, which I would welcome, I really need an additional place where I can start from scratch. There are so many things I love about my present home including the interior architectural details that set the stage for the rest of the furnishings that I wouldn’t/couldn’t change. But there are so many other styles I like as well and the only way to implement them is to just have another place.

Linda Cashman on

I have been watching the Great British Baking Show since the first season. I really like it, but it was the best when Mary Berry was on it. We had show horses (thoroughbreds, Arabians) for 25 years. It was great fun for our daughter growing up, but I got to the point in my mid-50s that my back could not take the jarring motion of riding and I had to stop (2 instances of herniated discs).

Lisa P on

Fantastic post as always. Definitely the highlight of my Sundays!
So appreciate your documentary recommendations I love them too and as I am recovering from minor surgery I’m going to check all of these out today.
Duke is magnificent, congratulations! I can understand why you are so in love with him and happy that you are enjoying him. They really are magnificent animals.
We will be in Palmetto Bluff for Easter and cannot wait it really is such an incredibly special place. Our friends from Greenwich just bought a house there and we will be there with them for Easter in 2021.

Ann on

Love love your home! Use to live on HHI and it would have been so dreamy to ‘live’ in your escape. (Private school teacher in early 20’s= scrappy, making it work month to month. 😀

Margaret E. Ekena on

It is always so nice to read your blog on Sunday and escape real life for awhile. From the pandemic to politics, life is a bit much at times. I love the selection of documentaries you chose, especially the gardening video. I love anything to do with flowers and plants, so I will definitely watch that one!

Your horse, Duke, is beautiful! And, his eyes are so sweet. I bet you miss him terribly when you are away from him. Palmetto Bluff looks so dreamy with the Spanish Moss dripping from the trees. Can’t wait to see what your new home will look like for you and Duke.

As always, the Instagrams don’t disappoint, especially the puppies in the refrigerator! So adorable and cuddly!

Enjoy your weekend and wishing you a speedy recovery on your fracture.

Mari Harter on

Duke just puts me over the edge, I’m thinking of moving to PB from Hilton Head!!!! Maybe he needs some blue and white accessories!

wendy on

samantha_snow on IG has unbelievable photos of nature. You should check it out.

Patricia Carpenter on

Hi, I called & tried to order candles left my # never heard from your company?!

Catherine Gershman on

I am in the process of redoing a bathroom after broken pipes necessitated it.

I am waiting for my new living carpet and fabrics in an attempt to make it more casual and brighter. It represents my need to get a lift during COVID.

franki parde on

Oh, I DO appreciate your “screening” docs, movies, etc. Being rural…little internet…NETFLIX, AMAZON ARE appreciated…ev3n though their monopoly is…questionable. Luv Duke!! franki

Catherine B. on

Hi Tina. I love the white diamond marking on Duke’s head!! He is so handsome!! In your last post you mentioned you would post the recipe for baked brie. Please include that recipe in the near future as the picture of it looked divine and I would love to make it. Thanks!!

Belle on

I absolutely love this post! It made me feel so peaceful . I can’t wait to watch “The Gardener”. Thank you Tina for sharing with us.

Jules L on

Always enjoy the variety you offer! Duke is magnificent! Grew up riding and showing horses as did my daughter. Horses are like big dogs! Enjoy!! The low country AND riding!—- a dream come true!!!

Sue on

I am very excited to be building our forever house. As I was looking at pictures on Pinterest, I kept seeing blue and white photos that I was drawn to from your blog. I can happily say that my new house will be more transitional blending both the styles of the east and west coast styles where I have called home throughout my life.

Eileen on

Love the photos as usual and Duke, what a gorgeous horse.

Theresa on

Loved it all, Tina! And it was so fascinating to see where our Carrara marble countertops came from! Wow!!!

Nancy Greco on

Thank you so much for not saying a SINGLE THING about the election!

Sally on

My dearest Tina
I have only just seen the very sad news that you have lost your beloved Grandmother. I really am so sorry for you and your family, and send my very sincere condolences. Please forgive me, I dont have instagram and feel that a comment here on your blog is better than sending an email at this sad time, when you need your privacy.
I know you will miss your Grandmother and loved her dearly, as she loved you. What a beautiful, sweet and stylish lady she was ( all passed down to you darling ) and to reach such a great age is remarkable, you will always be able to cherish your many happy memories.
I am thinking of you so much
and I send all my fondest love

Laurel Macdonald on

I also love documentaries! Check out Ballyfin and The Inn at Little Washington.

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