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Good afternoon, friends.  How are you? Hard to believe we are in the second week of Nov. I had a lovely time in Palmetto Bluff but it ended with the passing of my beloved Grandmother. Always hard to say goodbye to someone who has left such an indelible impression on your life. At 103, she was luckier than most and what is more remarkable was that she lived a life literally free of any health complications.

So I took off a few extra days to be with my family, of course Covid complicates things, but we are planning a big memorial for her in late spring/early summer. Her life was one we should all be so  lucky to have. There are people in your life that really have a huge impact of who you are and who you become and she was one such person. I feel blessed.

Ahhhhh,  2020 has not been a great year and I am so looking forward to turning the page literally and figuratively! The sooner the better to get this year over with! Though I realize things will not  magically disappear in 2021, I feel more hopeful for the new year.

Hope this finds you doing well on your end. Is everyone getting busy preparing for Thanksgiving/holidays? I think I may just put my tree this weekend! Why not, it makes me happy and I will take little snippets of happiness wherever I can find them. I have seen several on Instagram have already done that.

Just a little photo recap of life in the last few weeks, and here we go…..


It was nice to come home to see my mums in full bloom…..was a sight for sore eyes:)

Fall foliage around here is at it’s peak and its beautiful! Just wish we could skip over winter!!

And look at this trio who greeted me, made my day!

In love with this new bag from J McLaughlin….so chic!

A lovely lady in PB sells gorgeous fresh flowers from her porch, such a treat!

Bought these while in Palmetto Bluff, not sure what variety rose this is but wow one of the most beautiful I have ever seen!

Miss this house!

One of my favorite hats from Peter Beaton (click here)

And another batch of flowers that I waned to freeze in time:) Love these….so fresh they last so long!

My friends dreamy barn!

Where you know who gets to stay:)

Halloween/fall ala Palmetto Bluff

Where blue and white is alive and well

The dripping moss literally takes my breath away…

Two highly recommended new coffee table books! Nice  holiday gift idea too:)

Are these the cutest! Just arrived, our darling 4″ wicker ginger jar and pagodas ornaments. Kind of obsessed with them:)

Talk about a slap of reality….getting things out fast and curious. Sleeves rolled up and back to work!


That’s a wrap. Busy busy days and weeks ahead. Taking it one day at a time but we are catching up fast and furiously.  Thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a wonderful afternoon. Stay safe!! Until next time….

PS Our Vagabond House sale starts today!! On for four days, this much anticipated sale features a beautifully curated collection of my absolute favorites. Incredible gift ideas too in case you are looking to get a head start!

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Tahani on

Gorgeous everything I love this so much beautiful

Janine on

The roses I believe are a David Winter old fashioned rose. They smell heavenly. My favorites. Love your blog, so sorry about your grandma, but 103 is remarkable. My aunt passed 3 weeks ago at 100. Good genes.

Norina on

So sorry about your grandmother. At her age of 103, I’m sure there will be so many special memories of her for you and family to cherish. May she rest in peace.

Eve on

So very sorry to hear of your Grandmother’s passing.
When will the wicker ginger jar ornaments be available? I remember a while ago you mentioned a wicker wrap pitcher. Will these also be available soon?

Sandy Krug on

Tina, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. She sounds like a lovely lady.

Susan Reniff Gannett on

I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your dear grandmother. She will always hold a special place in your heart. May you know the peace and comfort that only comes from our Heavenly Father.

Joan on

I am so sorry for your loss, Tina. Hopefully we will all be able to gather with our far-flung families to mark these important occasions before summer.
The rattan ornaments are darling! The deer on my front lawn always make me smile as well. Have a very handsome buck that passes through with his harem late afternoon. Keep hoping he’ll drop his rack on the grass, have been wanting to find a nice shed pair, would rather get them this way than via hunting.

Fran W, on

Condolences on the loss of your grandmother.

Marlene Horner on

Beautiful photos. Thank you.

Pat on

So very sorry for your loss, Tina. You were fortunate to have your grandmother for so long. You will have so many wonderful memories to keep. Its never easy losing a loved one. My deepest sympathy to you.

caroline engelhardt on

Hi Tina,
Sorry to hear about your grandma . May she rest in peace . Her memories will live on forever ! Love , Dr. Caroline Engelhardt

franki parde on

Lovely tributes! Your weather is better than ours…boathouse galley flooded, piers under water and it rains…still. What a year…* sigh* franki

cheryl p on

Sorry for your loss. May you have wonderful memories. What a life!

Catherine B. on

I am sorry about your Grandmother. The hot pink roses are beautiful!! I had them for my wedding bouquet. My bridesmaids wore hunter green and carried stargazer lilies and hot pink roses. I know you are really busy so whenever you have a chance, please include the recipe for your baked brie in one of your posts. Thank you 🙂

Norma on

I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful grandmother. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy your post.

Deanna on

I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother. She must have told you so many wonderful and wild stories. I hope you find comfort in the memories of her. And I agree with you on fall being beautiful, but could we please skip winter? Maybe just on Christmas Eve? We can all dream. Thx for the beauty. It’s much needed here.

Ms. Tracey on

Deepest condolences Tina to you and yours.

Debbie McLendon on

Praying for you and your family! Your Grandmother sound like a Beautiful Angel ,may Peace and Strength be with you all!

Laurie Ward on

So sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. My mother past away this summer. We can be grateful for the loving memories! Thank you as always for sharing such beauty. Fall has always been my favorite season!

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