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Good Sunday morning, back home in NY, back to work and back to the frenzy:) We have suddenly had a  cold snap and I am suddenly dreading winter. My limit is 50 degrees:) I really have come to loathe it, give me fall, spring and summer and I am happy.  On a chirpier note if things go my way, by the time you are reading this my tree will be up!! This is a first as I have never done it this early, but why the heck not.

With 2020 unfolding as it has, I will do whatever brings me a little happiness and joy.  Seems its going around as many have already decorated for Christmas from what I have seen on Instagram. No parties, no big gatherings this holiday season which will be very different, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still create that treasured holiday magic inside.  I think at this time more than any other we need to find things that make just happy and give us joy and Christmas definitely is one of those things.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Onward to today’s post-


1 AN AMAZING HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA. We are nearing the cutoff for our custom house tray orders to guarantee delivery by Dec. 20th. There are few things that could rival the gift of a custom hand painted house tray! These are incredible and beautifully painted by a crew of talented artists. Done on an ivory tray with gold piping, these generously sized trays are amazing for display or every day use. Today either size is $140, offer ends tonight then these go back up their regular selling price.

Click here to find out more


2 WHITE MUMS IN FULL BLOOM Coming home to see my white mums in full bloom was such a beautiful sight. They took a while but were so worth the wait! I love all colors but white is just next level (to me). I find them so elegant.

Some people ask why they start to turn a soft purple, I have read it happens as they age in addition to that process accelerating with the colder weather. Either way, love them!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST The magic of the holidays is definitely alive on Instagram, as we transition from one season to another which this weekends post reflects. Just a beautiful mix of holiday, interiors, cuteness and beautiful foods.


4 COMING SOON You are always the first to know about whats new and coming. Lots of beautiful items coming this way! Our chinoiserie tole container arrives this week and orders will start shipping out sometime later in the week.

This gorgeous round of the scalloped tea tables were such a hit, we sold out and a new batch is just about done (added pink too)-

Just got in the most darling wicker ginger jars and pagoda ornaments, these will be online tomorrow.

New planters, a small version of our popular fretwork planters which are coming in a 8″ and a 10″ size will be here in December! Offered in 5 fabulous colors. Presale will be held in a few weeks.

Three gorgeous new colors, pale blue, navy and mossy green!

Excited to get these beautiful scalloped planters in two sizes and six fabulous colors. So elegant for orchids, holiday florals, etc….


Our wicker line has been a huge hit and is growing. How pretty is this wicker urn on a pedestal! I love it, could also see it being used for events/ weddings, etc….

I would sell the two pieces separately. Thoughts?

Would love your take on this skirted wicker table and console as well. I personally love it and would offer it in a 38 and a 44″ inch size. Thoughts?


5 ALL TIME FAVORITE MASCARA I have tried others and one at a lesser price point came in pretty good  but I have decided that this Thrive mascara is worth its more expensive price tag. Nothing actually can compare, it has these little micro fibers that make your lashes instantly look so much longer/thicker, haven’t really found a mascara like this, their patented formula is a game changer if you ask me. You can only get it through their website, would be nice if I could buy it locally so now I buy them in 2’s to be sure I am not without:)   Click here to find out more


6 PRETTY PAPERS. I hate when I start looking for wallpaper for someone else, it leaves me going down a rabbit hole and wanting to redecorate:) Found these beautiful papers in blue/green which is what she wants for a large powder room. She has narrowed it down to two (#2 and #6 in case you are curious),  love this colorway. So fresh! I am thinking about redoing one of my own powder rooms in this colorway.

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So we went out to dinner with good friends, the restaurant at the time we booked it was offering outdoor seating but due to the cold weather, its now only indoors. I went reluctantly, but was so looking forward to getting dressed up and seeing our good friends, that was the driving force.

We had a very nice time as we always do but I must admit the entire time, Covid was on my mind. I tossed and turned the entire night thinking about if someone. had it there, what a sitting duck I was. We went early thinking it would be less crowded and because they have a toddler and wake up early, but it was fairly busy. Now that in NY, restaurants needs to close at 10, people will start by default going out earlier. I have to say I think it’s going to be awhile before I go indoors again.

I just felt so nervous (but a martini helped the nerves temporarily). I think I am going to have friends for dinner or we will go there, just not comfortable going indoors, curious where you stand on this? I hate it, because I love the experience of going to a restaurant, socializing, etc..and of course local restaurants need our support during these tough times more than ever, but think my support will come via takeout at least for now.




And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing everyone a wonderful day, hope you are staying safe. It is pretty scary what’s happening around the country, makes me want to hibernate in my house all winter long and not leave!

Wearing a mask is our moral responsibility to protect ourselves and others more vulnerable, it should not be a choice in my personal opinion. If it saves lives, the answer seems clear. Having known people who have lost loved ones to Covid and others who have been very sick, I feel strongly about this. OK getting off my soapbox, thanks for stopping by. Until next time…


Last day of our Vagabond House event, so many fabulous gift ideas and beautiful goodies for your home during the holidays.  Click here to view.

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Jo Stewart on

Will you share the names of the wallpaper – particularly #2

Teresa Hatfield on

So much to drool over! By the way, I will not go inside a restaurant. It is not worth the worry.

Marion Spark on

Love your emails

Susan on

In these trying times I certainly look forward to these lovely and informative posts so thank you ! And, I absolutely love 3, 7 and 8 for wallpapers!! Stay well Tina!!

Linda Cashman on

I think it would be good to offer the wicker table in colors also:
white,red, light blue, navy blue, black, green, and would look good with the painted
chinoiserie mirrors.The natural wicker is nice but the painted would be more appropriate for more formal sunrooms, etc. and could look like fabric. I eould offer it in the natural and painted finishes.

Caroljo Creighton on

Hi Tina! I wondered if you were offering the beautiful little calendars that sit on the stands. I love mine for this year. Thanks

Susan on

I love the 2nd wallpaper also. Do you mind sharing what it is?
Susan Tetterton (Susan Brady Interiors, LLC)

Jane on

I love the Wicker table. We have not dined in a restaurant for 9 months, plenty of take out though. At 75, I just can’t take any risks. We do curbside pick up for our groceries and lots of e commerce. I miss the daily personal interactions that were my life before Covid and mostly miss my grandchildren. Be safe!

Heather McCormick on

I agree with the comment about offering the wicker tables painted. If I ordered one I would have it painted – they are awesome!

Debra Hultquist on

I wish the planter came in cream. I love the design.

Janet on

Love your growing tole collection, especially when it’s offered in black (which I like to add in small touches in every room). We have not eaten out in a restaurant since March, tried outside a few times but too nerve-wracking. Curbside pickup works fine. I don’t have others in my house or dine in theirs either (so will really miss porch season.) Sounds harsh but we are 70, my husband is a recent lung cancer survivor (a startling diagnosis for a non-smoker) and it’s just not worth the risk. When you are inside with others you are exposed to everyone they have been in contact with.

Patricia on

I had to comment on the new wicker products you are offering because I had a good chuckle. I “absolutely” love them BUT I have cats. The cats would destroy them….thinking they were cat scratchers. If I could have a room for “things I love”, and never let the cats in, I would fill it with wicker! Love all your products. And, I love your blog. Read it every day.

Linda Wheeler on

Good morning. A few weeks ago you prepared Brie and said you would share the recipe with us. I waited eagerly for the post, but it never appeared. I wanted to fix for Thanksgiving. Would you please share? Thank you!

Maria on

Thank you for endorsing mask wearing. It can’t be said often enough! “Pretty is as pretty does” is a classic for a reason.

Stella on

Who makes #6 wallpaper?

cheryl p on

love the wicker table. It is a classic design! And yes, please everyone wear a mask. I work in healthcare, and studies show it DOES make a difference in limiting the spread of this virus!

Franki Parde on

Those mums of yours are worth shouting about!!! GORGEOUS!! franki

Erin on

Please share the source for wallpaper #2! Thanks very much.

Elizabeth on

In FL…we are low-to-no risk and go out at least weekly. Same for my parents in their 60s.

Sue on

We are fortunate to live in California where we can eat outdoors all year long. I feel for those that don’t have that opportunity. We have not been able to eat indoors at restaurants at all during Covid and it has become a new normal. The restaurants have gotten very creative in how they set up, use heaters, space tables etc. Some restaurants in our area are thriving because they now have even more seating (outdoors) than before Covid.

Annette on

Regarding your Sunday Survey, here in Northern CA restaurants have been closed indoors since March so we do not have the option, its going to be very hard for them to survive as winter approaches. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Linda Murray on

Health experts said the highest number of people will die from Covid in the month of December due to Thanksgiving gatherings! They simply can’t pass up the family tradition but how many will never ever be here for Thanksgiving again?

Mary Weinberg on

I find myself enjoying “chatting” w you, sharing opinions, having a respite from encroaching dark, cold, short days.

Norina on

I enjoy reading your posts. We love dining out, however, we have not dined indoors or outdoors since March.
Some of our friends, not all, have done both. We just decided it’s not worth the risk. We do take out from various restaurants and lots of online grocery shopping. Also, we do not have anyone visiting us socially at home, nor do we go to anyone’s home. I’ve eliminated all anxieties re that part of my life. We have our books, music, phone calls, emails, cooking to keep us busy and take walks outdoors in our beautiful yard and garden. My husband does play golf, a sport not involving crowds. Stay well and be safe.

michelle l oleary on

Love the scalloped tea tables. Also love wallpaper. You will have lots of rabbit holes to go down when you build your next dream home on the land you aquired!

Deborah on

I understand your uneasiness about the dining indoors, it would keep me awake as well. We get takeout, I have dined outdoors once and haven’t been to an indoor restaurant since last February! I too enjoy getting dressed up and going out to eat but it is simply not worth the risk.. We social distance and wear our masks always. It is going to be a long winter but it could be worse, at least we are still here. We will get through this. I get outside as much as possible, the fresh air and nature make me feel better!

June Duke on

Thrive mascara is the only one I use! I love it! You can now buy it at Ulta stores, too!!

barbara on

Love the selection of wallpapers, could you share the manufacturer I think one of those would be perfect for my small powder room.

Thank you.

Karen Murphy on

I so agree with you about Thrive Mascara! I just received my second one. Am kicking myself for not having ordered two at once … They really do have the secret to success for satisfying the wish for the best looking lashes you’ll ever have. That’s a promise!

D O’Meara on

Love the new wicker, would LOVE to see it in white!!

Theresa on

I particularly love the skirted wicker table.The Queen’s Ann lace wallpaper is so delicate and beautiful in every shade.You really pick up my spirits,Tina.Your taste and humanity are a gift and blessing.Thank you.

Ms. Tracey on

Covid freaks me out too Tina. I get take out less than 1 a month. I have a really good coupon. I do driveup pickup. Go right home and enjoy my meal that way. I haven’t been inside a restaurant since March. I’ve really have been cooking at home much more and loving it. I even bought a new pot set and this 8-1 Ninja AirFryer oven. I have a new juicer and blender on the way as well. My office is still closed, we are working from home. I just don’t want to go out. My lungs are impaired anyway so I’m just not taking chances.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Loved all the photos! I’m in love with the scallop green Cachet pot. I’m thinking of using more green in my living room and this green is beautiful.
Have a wonderful week.

Linda Murray on

I loved the wicker but I have seen the table other places with a matching ottoman, will you be offering those?

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