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Hi there! I did a few of these “favorites” posts and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. One part I love about my blog is getting to connect with people from all over and sharing and exchanging out ideas on a whole host of subjects.

Hope everyone is doing well. Our warehouse is buzzing like a Santa’s home accessory workshop and we are getting orders out fast and furiously. Finally settling in and getting into a rhythm. Meanwhile, my own Thanksgiving plans change daily with the unfortunate,  “out of control” virus, it is quickly putting an end to what we thought was a well laid out plan. I am sure I am not alone! I will be more than making up for this next year, fingers crossed:)

So periodically I post on favorites on a random variety of subjects, hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear some of your favorites too! Let’s get to it…..


Favorite Christmas song, has to be I’ll be home for Christmas….just love it:) Especially when sung by Michael Bublé! Turn it on and turn it loud as you finish my post get you in the holiday mood!

Favorite high/low purple shampoo for highlighted hair.  Truth is, I cannot say one works far better than the other. I keep reading about the  Kevin Murphy shampoo so bought the tiny bottle for $40, I didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t lather but I would choose preserving my highlights than a good lather so I shampooed on. Then I tried the L’Oreal, truth is I think they are both good but there’s about a $32 price difference:)

I only get my hair highlighted 3x a year so these are a must have!

Favorite new skincare product This one was easy! I LOVE these power glow peel pads, if there’s a buzz word on skincare in 2020 its definitely exfoliation…there is a reason this product continues to win so many awards. My skin glows right after I use these. To start its recommended 2-3 times then you can gradually use more often.

Favorite cocktail If I go out or am a party I will almost always go for a gin martini with a twist of lime, the original way! I love wine but have to be really careful as they can trigger migraines which stinks because nothing as good as a nice glass of a good red:)

Favorite hotel? Can I choose two? It would be a tie between George V in Paris or Vila D ‘Este in Lake Como……both sooo dreamy! I literally dream about returning to both of these incredible iconic hotels. For now my memories will have to do:)

Favorite stomaching to satisfy a sweet tooth. Unless its a decadent dessert, I have always have a soft squishy spot for gummy bear and Swedish Fish. Sometimes I keep them in my car and have only a small handful, its just enough. Not just any gummy bear has to be Haribo!

Favorite sheets/bedding- I LOVE Home Treasures. Their products are so wonderful, and super high quality cotton. I have sheet sets tfrom them that I have owned for 14 years! They get better with age:) I was going to offer the line on my shop but as everything is made to order its kind of hard to offer this. If you have any interest, just email us at

Favorite new item for winter I actually have a few but one that I will literally be living in is this incredible sweater/coat. It is so soft, almost looks like mink sweater but has stretch, it is heavy enough as a coat but snuggly and warm like a sweater. Simply amazing! Click here to find out more about it. You will thank me:)

Favorite healthy meal My own kale cesarean salad (super delish) click here for recipe and my lemon/dill salmon. Both very flavorful and guilt free.

My favorite holiday flowers For fall it would be white mums and for Christmas time either white amaryllis or paper whites. Love them and always have them, and yes I do love my white flowers:)

Favorite decadent meal Ahhh, such an easy choice…..pasta of course!!! I love pasta.  An amazing carbornara or a vongele white clams sauce perfectly done very al dente makes me a very happy girl:) I also had an most amazing pasta with truffles and lobster last year that was out of this world.  Of course this meal must be accompanied by a really nice bottle of red wine, preferably a Pinot Noir of Cabernet.

Then if we can finish it off by a decadent carrot cake, coconut cake or key lime…..that might just be a perfect meal:)

A favorite new recent coffee table book So the real standout as of late is Aerin Lauder’s new book, Entertaining beautifully. It is so beautiful from front to back, great gift idea too! The kind of book I will go to over and over again…..


A few favorite foreign movies?. I have to say those Europeans really know how to make movies that speak to our emotions. They may not overdo it with the special effects, gore, etc….but they knock it out of the park when it comes to the gift of really allowing us to escape into a movie and becoming invested in the story line.

Both of these are brilliant examples of this type of film making (my personal favorite kind). Such compelling story lines, beautiful music, scenery…..two of my faves that I have seen over and over and over!

My favorite ginger jar from my collection? While there are so many that I love, our jumbo grand raised dot jar is a true showstopper. I have two in my home (click here if you want to find out more)


And those are  some of my favorites this tome around. How about you? Want to share a few of your favorites of these categories? Do tell, love hearing your suggestions too and have found out some great new products thanks to you all! Your turn! Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a great day. Stay safe out there and wear those masks! Until next time……..


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Charlene on

Great showing here of your favorites!
Mine right now is the huge chunky ginger jar I received recently from your Enchanted Home! It’s divine?I ordered it during the mega ice storm we had here, just before losing power for days!

Jenny Luken on

Love this post. IT’s always fun to see what someone with excellent taste thinks are the best products and recipes.

Rosella DiPede on

Thanks for sharing. Wonderful favorites. As of now I enjoy a beautiful cup of tea with my English Renaissance fine chine cup and saucer with the beautiful teapot daily. Until we can see more family and friends and entertain and travel, We enjoy our beautiful homes!! Rosella

Jane DeMouy on

Is there a recipe for the lemon dill salmon? Looks like lemon, garlic and dill?

TheEnchantedHome on

If you click on blog on top of page then when you are on that page on search bar on right type in salmon or fish/recipes it will take you to the posts where the recipe was shared. Thanks.

Kathleen Hurder on

Can you please send the link for absolute favorites part 1 and 2? Thank you!

Franki Parde on

Awww….thanks, again, for all of the above!! franki

Deanna on

Love to see what people’s favorite things are. I bought the book based on your recommendation! Thx. And I think those raised dot ginger jars might fit in my home.

Joan on

Hello all!
Favorite Christmas Carol hands down (and I am biased as son was a member of The American Boychoir) is ‘This Christmastide’ which was written for the late Jessye Norman and the American Boychoir for PBS Christmas Special. At the annual AB holiday concert at the Richardson Theatre on Princeton U campus, all Boychoir Alumni were invited to come onstage and sing this carol with the choir. You can find the video on YouTube, and I dare you not to tear up, it is such a beautiful carol.

Kathy K Forcum on

Beautiful post, as always

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