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Hi friends, can you believe its the weekend before Thanksgiving! We are coming off the heels of what has by far been our busiest week of the year so far. I am resting up because I know we have more ahead….tis the season.

Another piece of news is we have just begun the process of developing a brand new website! It is indeed a process and I know far better than to say or even guess when it will be done, but I promise it will wonderful when all is said and done, much faster, with many of the modern day functionalities of the latest technology because as we know, its a very fast changing landscape. So stay tuned:)

So, where has time gone? Crazy, how fast its flying….always happens this time of year. I can’t believe Christmas is in 6 weeks. With the year 2020 has been, I am only too anxious to finish out this year if I am to be honest. I have resigned myself to the fact that the holidays will be vastly different and I have accepted it because I love my family way more than I love the idea of us being together.

It is so important to keep everyone safe.  Our plans have changed literally daily this last week, given these uncertain times, you cannot be too careful. Onward we go with this Sunday’s post……..



1 MY BAKED BRIE Many of you have asked about this lately so here it is again, sharing this recipe is always a good idea and it’s perfect for around the holdiays! This is one of those tried and true “go to’s” that is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Everyone loves this. Only downside is there is never leftovers the. next day:) It is very easy to make which is a win/win. You can do these using the whole brie or I often make “brie bites” which are mini baked bries.

How to-

One brie round

Pastry Dough


Brown sugar

Chopped pecans or mixed nuts

Cranberries and/or diced apples (optional)

Egg whites

Take your brie wheel and cut  as much of white rind off the brie as you can. You can bake whole or do mini brie bites. Either way the process is the same- spread out the dough and use a rolling pin to roll it out flat with a little bit of flour. On top of brie, add a few pats of butter, a generous amount of brown sugar, generous amount of pecans or mixed nuts. Options are cranberries and/or apples.

Gently fold the dough around the entire brie and twist it to “seal it” Get your egg whites and brush gently all over the brie. Once done put parchment paper on a baking sheet and put into a preheated 350 degree oven. Bake for approx 30-35 minutes or until you see it starting to turn golden. At that point I will turn oven off but leave in oven a few extra minutes. Take out and let sit for a few minutes, I like to serve with simple water crackers which allows the baked brie to take full center stage!



2 HOLIDAY FLORALS! Now is the time to start thinking about decking those halls, I think we have all earned the right to start our holiday decorating way earlier than usual:) I know that’s been the case for me! Our holiday florals are amazing if I say so myself. We often get customers who will call just to tell us how excited they are over these, one of those things that are even better in person.

People are often in disbelief that they are not real. Really exceptional and double the wow factor planted in our gorgeous containers. They are going fast, here are some I have placed in my own home and a few new arrivals that I am smitten with:)

The real beauty is they are always in bloom, no falling pine needles and no water required. Click here to see our collection.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A  bevy of gorgeous pictures, interiors,holiday related with a few gorgeous food pics thrown in for good measure.

4 MICROGREENS  I think how you display your food is nearly as important as how good it is. Something beautifully and artfully served just automatically tastes a little better:) One really easy way to do that is to add elegant micro greens which I have been doing a lot.I pick them up at a local market and/or Whole Foods.  I love the effect of using them on almost anything, salads, fish, vegetables. I used them on a cheese board and it looked so pretty. Just a simple little something “extra”…..

They make everything look prettier!

5 TULIPIERES AND MASKS!! We were supposed to do a porcelain presale for our late Nov porcelain container last week but we were so busy, that it just didn’t happen. We hope to hold it this Tuesday. Among many new arrivals are the much anticipated red and green tulipieres….these were a long time in the making.  So excited to get these, we will get two styles of each color in all three sizes.

How perfect is this mask for our customers?! So excited to get these, we are getting a one time shipment of 300 of these fabulous navy/white masks. Beautiful hand embroidery, might as well look good while wearing a mask since I think we will be wearing them a while:) I can’t wait for these to come in (first week of Dec). As of today you can now preorder this stunning mask. We should have it to us by Dec. 7th.

Click here to preorder yours….think these will go fast!


6 AN INSPIRING STORY I so love this story, it shows us the very best side of humanity. I knew the minute I read about it, I had to share it on my blog. These incredible heroes stayed inside their warehouse for 28 straight days, ate, slept and worked inside the building for one month straight, producing millions of pounds of raw PPE to do their part in the raging pandemic. I read this story first in the Washington Post (click here to read article). A truly amazing sacrifice from a group that shows us the very best of America! Inspiring to stay the least….



7  SUNDAYS’ SURVEY Thanksgiving is just days away. Our plans have changed three times in the last week. Finally we are heeding the warnings and staying home to celebrate with just my immediate family, the five of us.

Now that I have accepted we will not be able to be with my entire family as we normally spend it,  I am looking forward to a cozy day at home, watching family movies, maybe a few rounds of ping pong and of course a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Almost everyone I know has curtailed their plans as well…..sign of the times.

If everyone does their part, we can stop this out of control path the virus is on. Have you too had to change things on your end?



And that friends is a wrap. Today I am staying home, will continue to do a little holiday decorating (tree almost done), two of our best friends are coming over tonight who are moving out of state (sadly) and we are having a small dinner for four. So looking forward to a relaxing day at home:) We have a crazy busy week ahead so gearing up for busy days ahead.  Hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful weekend, and please stay safe and wear those masks.  Until next time…..

Until tonight if you spend $75 or more on ornaments, you will receive a box of our best selling gift toppers! No code required.

Click here to see our incredible ornament collection (all colors are sub categorized on left)

Cutest Santa’s elf ever!

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Happy holidays. Yesterday, I received lovely boxes of incredible pewter-topped serve ware; along with beautiful plates and incredible silver pieces. It is by far some of the most lovely serve ware that I have ever seen. The quality is unparalleled.

It will just be my sweetheart and me for Thanksgiving as we are loving our friends and family enough to mitigate additional risk of being tigether. Like so many of your patrons,, we too will miss our families. However, will have the most incredible table! The flatware is incredible as well. I will use some of the silver pieces to, with the help of my hydrangeas, roses and and a few lemons, I will make a lovely arrangement.

We are moving in a few weeks to the home of our dreams, so it in the last year in the sweet home that we have in the San Francisco Bay area,, Even with all of my beautiful majolica, this year will be my prettiest table. Thank you so much For making the last Thanksgiving in this home, one of my happiest. I’ve rambled on and I’m writing this on my small iPhone but I just want say thank you for reminding us that beautiful things are still beautiful, even when they are smaller.

All of you, please be safe.. Let’s all wear our masks.

Your baked Brie looks so yummy! I haven’t had it in years, and it’s so easy to make. You have given me an idea for Thanksgiving. Your artificial flowers and greens are truly beautiful. I bet they surprise many people with how real they look. I, too, have my house all decorated for Christmas. I don’t usually decorate until after Thanksgiving but we had some very warm weather days and decorated the outside of our home and slowly Christmas crept into the house! Your face masks are beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Always love your items and tips. Thank you so much for sharing. However, as a fairly new customer, I have a question. I placed an order over Columbus day weekend and have not received it yet. I was told this is unfortunately normal this year due to the pandemic shortages, but they are doing their best. Although I have received orders placed after that one, so it seems funny, and I’m getting worried. Also, I have received 2 other orders with wrong or broken items (all smaller items) and those have not been resolved either … after many contacts with CS. Hope you don’t mind me inquiring here. Again, thank you for your lovely blog, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tina thank you for the baked brie recipe. I always thought it was an expert level creation. I see it’s not so complex at all. I’m excited to try it??

Definitely on the brie!! I use parchment on bottom &…there will certainly be cranberry compote galore!! franki

Tina, 34 of 626 people responded to your Covid at Thanksgiving survey, saying they see no reason to change their plans. This is 5% of people surveyed that have no respect for others or the seriousness of this Pandemic. As long as 5% of people feel this way, we are never going to recover. It will take years for the economy to recover, our children’s education is already suffering and worldwide people are dying or suffering irreparable damage to their health. It’s not political, it is not an infringement on our rights, it is about respect and caring about others. Please everyone, social distance and wear a mask. Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have made your baked brie and can attest to how divine it is, everyone gobbled it up!

Love your holiday florals and just received two that I ordered last week, they blew me away with how gorgeous they are!

We normally get together with my large family and we’re typically anywhere between 16 to 20, this year we were all in agreement that everyone would stay put in their own homes so it will just be my family of six (4 kids) and my husband and I.

I was sad to see that some in your survey said that they do not agree with the restrictions. This completely stumps me as to how people can be so ignorant of the science and data. My husband is an emergency room physician and comes home daily with stories with tears in his eyes, so it infuriates me when I see people who will not listen!

I am so happy that you have made the responsible decision that you did, I know your family must love you for it.

As a former nurse I am stunned that there are still people who are stupid enough to not listen! Anyone who disregards the warnings of every doctor, and every scientist and goes and puts their family at risk not only doesn’t care about themselves but more importantly doesn’t care about their family. That makes me sick to my stomach.

Tina thank you for the beauty of your blog, it is always a bright spot om my Sundays! I love your beautiful take on the world and your kind heart shows through.

Do you have any plans in the near future to put your belljars on sale. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy the day and stay safe.

Hi Donna we are not specifically having a sale on belljars but will have a site wide sale on Friday for Black Friday (one day) belljars included:)

Thanks so much for all the beauty and ideas you bring to us. I’m making your Brie for Thanksgiving. Wishing you all the best and stay safe.

i try but normally email people with the answer, is there something you wanted to ask?

Am I the only one who finds it a bit hypocritical that you’ve clearly been traveling up and down the east coast (to your home in SC, family in VA, etc) and yet come across as somewhat judgmental in many of your posts regarding *other* people traveling, gathering, etc.

Sorry, this is a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate. Our in-town family (of 14! The horror) will be gathering as normal for the holiday. We will eat, drink and be merry. With a deployed husband and young children, I am not cutting myself off from our loved ones, nor do they want to do that, either.

Great post today! Love the holiday florals and just ordered the new mask, love it!

Thanks for the Brie recipe, definitely trying it. I thank you for being so considerate of others. I am amazed that despite 255,000 dead Americans that there are those who are still skeptical!

I am very pleased to say however that we picked our daughter up from the airport today and I have never seen it so empty, it made me feel that people are finally taking it seriously.!

Take care of yourself Tina happy Thanksgiving week!

Happy Thanksgiving! Tina, the baked Brie is beautiful, but just to be sure…did you mean to say parchment, not wax paper? It’s my understanding wax will melt. Parchment is made w/ silicone and can take the heat. Non?

Wonderful post Tina!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Astounded that a number of your readers don’t believe in science, or maybe don’t care about people other than themselves. Please, social distance and wear a mask! If not for yourself, for the many others who are vulnerable. I don’t know what is happening to our country, that we are becoming so ignorant and selfish. Wishing everyone a happy, safe Thanksgiving!

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